Might Of The Titan: 10 Best Armored Vehicles Of The Indian Army

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Indian Army is one of the largest armies of the world. With such a large army always ready to protect its citizens, it takes a special fleet of automobiles to guard the guardians.

Here are the top 10 most ferocious armored vehicles of the Indian Army responsible for keeping our soldiers safe.


The Arjun Main Battle Tank (MBT) was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) specifically for the Indian Army. It has been named after Arjuna, the supreme warrior in Mahabharata. It was developed in the Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) laboratory.

Arjun MBT is equipped with a lot of arsenal like an anti-personnel 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, 12.7mm machine gun for aerial defense alongside the main turret on the top. A 120mm main rifled gun with high-explosive squash head (HESH) and armour-piercing discarding sabot (FSAPDS) ammunition. 

Indian army had place an order for 124 Arjun tanks in March 2000 and has now received all of them.

The Indian Army also placed an order for 124 Mk-II Arjun tanks in 2010.

2. T-90S

India bought the T-90S tanks from Russia in 2001. A total of 310 tanks were ordered out of which 120 were fully assembled, 90 semi-assembled and 100 were unassembled. The T-90S was ordered as it was a direct improvement over the T-72 that India already had which made maintenance a lot easier.

India was forced to order the T-90 due to delay in production of the home grown Arjun MBT.

3. BMP-2

The ‘Sarath’ (Indian name) or BMP-2, (Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty) is a Russian made amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Approximately 1900 BMP-2/2K are in service with the Indian Army and are expected to stay operational till 2017.

BMP-2 is equipped with a 2A42 30mm auto cannon. It also has a  9P135M launcher which can fire 9M111 as well as 9M113M rounds.


NAMICA is the missile carrier for the Nag missile. It is the land version of the missile. Targets are acquired with the help of a thermal site and are then assigned to the nose-mounted IIR seeker. The NAMICA is a 'lock-on before launch' system, where the targets are first assigned and then the missile is launched.

5. NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle 

The Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV) developed by the DRDO and VRDE. It uses point detection (Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer (CBMS) and Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS)) to detect contaminations in its local surroundings of both chemical and biological nature. It collects data and sends warnings through its Mission Command System.


The Casspir, originated in South Africa Is a Infantry Mobility Vehicle which specializes in landmine protection. 

It has a capacity of 14 soldiers including the driver and co-driver. The Body is made out of thick steel and has been raised high above the ground. The V shape hull below the body deflects the impact of the mine which keeps the occupants safe.

The Steel also protects the occupants from small arms fire making it useful in high tension areas. 


The Hydrema 910 MCV mine clearing vehicle is equipped with 72 chains with hammers at the ends and a rotating tale. The chains digs into the ground and the mines are either torn apart or are detonated.The body of the Hydrema also protects its occupants from blast impact of upto 10 Kgs TNT and mine fragments.


Aditya MVP is developed in Andhra Pradesh based Medak ordnance factory. A total of 1400 Aditya’s have been ordered by the Indian Army.

The MPV ‘Aditya’ was initially displayed when Army Chief General J J Singh visited the convention of infantry commanders.

The vehicle can withstand a blast of TNT and has 7.62mm MAG remote control weapons to keep the foe away.

9. WZT-3M

Produced by Poland-based Bumar and Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), WZT-3M is an armoured recovery vehicle (ARV). It is also called ARV-3 in the Indian Army. The primary function of the WZT-3M is to recover main battle tanks (MBTs), tracked armoured vehicles and heavy vehicles which have been damaged in the battle field. The vehicle can also perform repairs and earth moving tasks ahead in the battle field.

10. FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor

The FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor is an amphibious specialist armoured vehicle. it  can protect its occupants from external fire. The FV180 can perform tasks such as construction of barriers, recovery of vehicles, set river banks for vehicle crossings etc.

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