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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited has launched its amazing electric car named Mahindra Reva i. The Bangalore based company was earlier known as REVA Electric Car Company. The company is specialised in designing and manufacturing world class electric vehicle and it has made a notable success by making world's best selling electric car, Reva i. The producer of Reva i electric car is a joint venture between Bangalore based Maini Group and USA based AEV LLC, finally this company was overtaken by Mahindra Group of India in May 2010. Reva i made its debut in 2001 on Indian grounds and then in 2004 it was launched in London. At present the company is supplying its electric cars all over the global market with unmatched technologies and supreme safety features. The little car is priced between Rs 3,49,705 - Rs 4,28,419, Ex-showroom price New Delhi. This car is actually the future of automobile market, as the environment concern is increasing day by day, people are looking forward for good substitutes. Mahindra Reva i gives the first efficient substitute to the fuel cars.

Reva i price list (Variants)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price    
Standard  (Discontinued)

48 cc, Automatic, Electric(Battery), 80.0 kmpl
Rs 2.88 Lakh
A/C  (Discontinued)

48 cc, Automatic, Electric(Battery), 80.0 kmpl
Rs 3.5 Lakh
Classe  (Discontinued)

48 cc, Automatic, Electric(Battery), 80.0 kmpl
Rs 3.76 Lakh

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  • Reva i A/C
    Lakshmi on 04 Aug, 2012
    Look and Style Excellent (i like it)   Comfort ok   Pickup excellent 5*   Mileage 60kms full charge   Best Features cannot compare to other cars, has its own limitations (space,steering)   Needs to improve head space definitely   Overall Excellent to drive, has more power than I thought, power wise can take 4 people(Avg 70kgs) like any  ... 14
  • b
    bharat on 07 Aug, 2011
    Look and Style good Comfort nice Pickup fine Mileage   good Best Features   eco frindly Needs to improve    price is more for india Overall Experience   not popular in india as high price... 11

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Reva i Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Electric(Battery) Automatic  80.0  km/full charge 80.0  km/full charge

Reva i review

The company is known for making environment friendly cars which are designed to give superior performance in Indian Auto market.  Mahindra Reva i is a beautiful car which works on electric recharging engine and in simpler words it can be called as the environment friendly car. 

The two door hatchback is designed to give efficient performance on Indian roads. The company has taken up all initiatives to make Reva i the best option for Indian roads. The car bears all good safety features like dent-proof ABS body which keeps the car safe from sudden jerk and minimizes the effect of accident on car. Reva i comes with dual breaking system and a steel space frame which further ensures high safety quotient.

The beautiful car is embedded with intelligent technologies like onboard computers which helps to keep an eye on vehicle analysis. Mahindra Reva i though looks compact but it is still blessed with spacious interior which ensures good comfort in it. The rear seats of this little beauty is made foldable which helps in increasing space for extra luggage. The engine used in Mahindra Reva i is 48 V lead acid battery.

The two door hatchback is a fun to drive as it keeps you free from complicated clutch or confusing gears. This is probably the best part about the Reva i as you now don't have to struggle with complicated driving rather you can travel inter-city distance with great ease. One can simply enjoy the drive in this little wonder without hassling in tough driving, it gives control over drive owing to its compact size.  The seats of the Reva i are raised up so that outside view is made clear and distinct. The doors are also large enough to make its entry and exit comfortable for older people. The car can accelerate to a maximum speed of 80 Kmph with a maximum torque of 52 Nm. The battery of this superb car can be charged back with the help of 220 V, 2.2 kW, requiring a 15 A socket.


The exterior of Reva i is something you will admire in first view because of compact and funky looks. The car is given a retro look which somehow turns people's head when goes on road. Mahindra Reva i is a car you can use with great ease on busy roads and inter-city ways. The car will act as your friend as you will nowhere find difficulty in handling the little beauty. The little car is given a squeezed look which is made far more attractive with just two doors. The use of two doors makes its visibility unique in market thus giving it a patent look. 

The backside of Reva i is built in a compact manner and will give you a feel of old days where a small window is fitted on the little wall. The company has made all possible arrangements to keep this car easy to drive. Is Mahindra Reva i is driving in front of your car on road, you will surely point out the missing tailpipe on its back as it is a zero emission car. The tailpipe missing from back view of Mahindra Reva i gives it a unique look and discriminates the car from others. The Reva i not only prevents air pollution but also noise pollution as the car operation makes barely audible hum. This continues even on high speed and the car assures good peaceful ride. The size of this car being very small makes it convenient to drive on high traffic roads. 

Coming to the front of this beautiful environment friendly car, the head lamps resemble small eyes which are embossed in the front. The looks resemble a toy-land car and with interesting colors availability one can really experiment with this little wonder. The looks of Reva i is made in such a manner that you cannot compare it with any existing cars but the looks can be traced from past only thus it makes a niche in Auto Market.

Exterior Measurements

The beautiful four seater car (2 adults + 2 kids) is built in a compact way but still assures decent space for passengers. The length of Mahindra Reva i is 2638mm with a height of 1510 mm. The width is also kept as low as 1324mm only in order to make it the best option to drive on busy roads. The car is apt for off roding as well with its good ground clearance of 150 mm. 

The basic looks of Reva i are very subtle and calm and with a wheel base of 1710 mm the car looks more delicate yet powerful. To further assure easy drive, the car is blessed with a turning radius of 3.5 m. The curb weight of this beautiful environment friendly car is just 700 Kg which helps the engine to smoke ou better power without loosing excess energy. With this small size, the car is best option for comfortable parking as it will take least space for it.


The small electric car from Indian manufacturer, is given comfortable interior. Reva i is given broad doors so as to give its passengers convenient entry and exit from it. The seats of this four seater car (2 adults + 2 Kids) is lifted high so that the passengers can enjoy a clearer view of road. All necessary steps needed to keep the passengers safe and comfortable, are considered while designing this small electric car. The front board is loaded with two computers which keeps you updated with the vehicle analysis and quick services.Reva i is apt for a small sized family where enough space with safety features is provided on the back seat for children and front seats give good space for two adults. The back seats are made foldable which gives an option of bigger space in case of carrying bulky luggage. The seats are good enough to be added in a hatchback. The interior of Reva i is overall kept simply with little detailing. The interior does not bear any hint of luxury but still gives a spacious cabin to enjoy inter-city distances.

Interior Comfort

The headrests are made adjustable which ensures good comfort in car. The headrests can be adjusted according to height and convenience of the passenger. The seats are spacious with decent leg room. But the Reva i lags in case of boot space but foldable rear seats solve the purpose. In case of heavy luggage, the rear seats can be folded but that will restrict the number of passengers in the car. 

The raised seats assures comfortable and straight posture with which you can sit for long in car without affecting your back.

Interior Measurements

The interior of Reva i is made decently spacious. The car is given foldable back seats which helps in creating sufficient space for extra luggage. The interior of Mahindra Reva i provides prominent facilities like Remote hatch release, 4 speed blower and adjustable Head-rest. Moreover the car is blessed with comfortable boot space and head room to ensure enhanced drive even on busy roads. Though the overall size of the car is very small as compared to other hatchbacks but still it ensures decent space inside it.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Reva i is embedded with a powerful 48 v lead acid battery which is built to give effective power and acceleration. The pick up of this car is made effective with 0-40 km/hr in just 7 secs. This the best in class figures offered by Mahindra Reva i.

Engine and Performance

The battery used in Mahindra Reva i is 48 v lead acid battery which is best in class and assures high performance and steady supply of energy to the car. The car works on electric battery and keeps you free from fuel expenses. The powerful battery gives an efficient Range of 80 km/charge. The charging of this battery is as simple as charging your cell phone. The battery takes 2.5 hrs to get 80%c charged and in case of 100% charging, the car will take a total of 8 hrs. With one full charge the user can travel maximum of 80 Kms and a display screen will depict the battery status and other necessary information. The motor can give a peak torque of 52 Nm. It is also blessed with a 350 Amp microprocessor based with regenerative braking which helps in effective controlling of this car. 

The 48 V lead acid battery is charged with the help of 15 A socket and the battery management is possible through a Microprocessor.


When it comes to average and fuel efficiency, an electric car can make the best option as the chargeable battery gives it a fuel free life. The environment friendly car is loaded with 48 v lead acid battery which is common among all variants and this engine is capable of giving the apex speed of 80 km/h. 

On one full charge of the battery, Mahindra Reva i can take you up to 80 km without any compromise in performance all through the drive.

Power of Reva i

The Eco friendly Reva i is built in a manner to not just keep environment happy but also the user. The company has paid good attention on the power of the car so that users have to compromise least in terms of performance of Mahindra Reva i. And this is very essential to build a strong electric car market in India. The car is blessed with powerful 48 v lead acid battery which is the powerhouse of this car. The battery gives a peak torque of 52 Nm with peak power of 48 V, 200 Amp per hr.

The powerful battery can be charged up to 85 in just 2.5 hrs and to charge it completely, one needs complete 8 hrs. And in return one complete charge will take you 80 Kms.

Braking & Handling

The beautiful car from Mahindra Reva assures great handling of the car with its dual-braking system which helps a smooth and safe drive even on slippery roads. The car has taken due consideration of safety features in car and has made all possible additions in order to keep the passengers safe and comfortable. The Reva i is give effective Disc brakes the regenerative breaking helps to put energy back to battery thus better power output is assured in it. 

The handling of the Reva i is going to be the best ever in automobile industry. The driver does not have to deal with complicated gears or clutch. The size of this car is so comfortable that you can carry it on congested roads or busy roads. The car is apt to make a way around the busy inter-city roads thus assuring best handling of the car. Moreover the Reva i is given a low turning radius of 3.5 m which further improves its handling.

Safety & Security

The Reva i is blessed with many safety features like a dent-proof ABS body panels which keeps you free from worries related to car. The side impact beams are also placed on the car which helps you further for a safe drive. The dual breaking system assures great control on the car and the low centre of gravity of Mahindra Reva i will further make it the best option in its segment. 

The handling of this car is also easy and interesting as two onboard computers keep you updated with vehicle analysis and prompt services.


Reva i, the four seater electric car from Indian manufacturer comes with special tubeless tyres which will enhance the driving range and will improve the grip on road while driving on slippery roads as well. The wheelbase of this little wonder measures 1710mm and that aligns with the over all designing of this car.


Very economic, environment friendly.


Speed is very less, space and load carying capacities are limitations

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Reva i in news

Mahindra Reva Receives Prestigious IGBC Platinum Rating

Manufacturing plant of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. has become the first one to receive the IGBC “Platinum” Rating in India. This rating has been awarded to them by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). IGBC was established by the Confederation of Indian Industry to enable the construction industry to be environment sensitive. Credits are awarded for sticking to mandatory requirements, site selection and planning, material conservation, occupational health, indoor environment quality, innovations and design process. Read Full News

Posted On | July 26, 2012

Mahindra Reva joins hands with SBI for vehicle funding

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd, is a part of the giant group of Mahindra and Mahindra, who has now joined hands with the State Bank of India, better known as SBI for providing vehicle financing. According to the CGM of SBI Mumbai, Mr. R N Mehra, the bank will finance about 85% of the on road price of Mahindra Reva electric vehicle along with a term of seven years and a low interest rate of 12%. Mr. Mehra also mentioned that under this particular agreement, the EMI on the loan of Rs. 1 lakh for a time period of seven years would be just Rs. 1,765. Read Full News

Posted On | January 20, 2012

Reva cars to run on solar energy in future

Electric and hybrid engines apart, Mahindra is testing the waters to develop the cars driven with Solar energy. Mahindra Reva is the car being tested for the solar energy project by its Mahindra Solar One wing for feasibility conditions. However, Vish Palekar, business head of one of the Mahindra’s partners has clearly mentioned that the new project is still at the initial stages. They are still working on how to convert the solar energy to power the Reva cars. The new technology is likely to come into effect from 2014 in the Reva cars. Read Full News

Posted On | December 06, 2011

Reva to roll out electric vehicle based on M&M platform

Mahindra and Mahindra has plans to launch its new electric vehicle in the next 18 months based on the existing model in collaboration with Reva electric vehicle company. As informed by Chetan Maini, the Chief of Technology and Strategy of Reva, the technology fitments for the upcoming electric vehicle is already done and is currently in the testing phase. However, Maini hasn't revealed any details about the model on which the electric vehicle is going to be rolled out. M&M had made its intentions well-known about rolling out its electrically operated Mahindra Scorpio, after which the company hopes to introduce the electric fuel option on its other models as well. Read Full News

Posted On | September 07, 2011

Reva-i launched in India for Rs 3.10 lakh

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Ltd. (MREVL), the electric car manufacturer in India has launched the all new plug-in Reva-i car model in India with a price tag of Rs 3.10 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune). The Electric car maker has ventured with Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian auto giant's finance company Mahindra Finance which has planned a unique financial scheme for the new electric car. Read Full News

Posted On | December 13, 2010
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