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  • Economy
    18.9 kmpl
    Service cost
  • Performance
    1598 cc
  • Comfort
    Cruise Control
    Sun roof
  • Safety
    Parking Sensor
  • EMI
    5 years


October 23, 2015: Mini is all set to unveil its latest Drop-Top in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. To increase the excitement, they have released pictures of the convertible before the launch. This Mini will go on sale in the U.K. from March 2016 and is expected to arrive in India later that year. The highlights of this car are its fully electric roof which is largely improved from the previous model and an advanced rollover protection system with single-piece roll bar which has sensors that detect a possible rollover to keep the occupants safe.

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    1598 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 18.86 kmpl
    `33.9 Lac*
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    1598 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 15.6 kmpl
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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Mini Cooper Convertible Color Options

  • Chili Red

  • British Racing Green

  • Kite Blue Metallic

  • White Silver Metallic

  • Spice Orange Metallic

  • Midnight black

  • Lightning Blue Metallic

  • Highclass Grey Metallic

  • Iced Chocolate Metallic

  • Pepper White

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Mini Cooper Convertible Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
1.6 Petrol Automatic 1598cc
11.23 18.86 122bhp @ 6000rpm

Mini Cooper Convertible Review


British manufacturer BMC, British Motor Corporation, was among the most acclaimed manufacturers based in Britain. A hugely influential brand, it was a national icon in the country until it ceased operations a few decades back. However, the company's most definitive and acclaimed model, that survives upto this day, is the Mini. It was launched in 1959, and over the course of half a century, it has progressed to the top spots of iconic vehicles in the world. Its early on success resulted in attention from around the country. The model caught the eye of the well known formula one and rally car builder, the Cooper Car company. The Cooper Car company and British Motor Corporation collaborated to bring out the Mini Cooper, a compact vehicle. Today, the vehicle is owned by the automobile giant BMW, and has seen a fair share of innovations in its design. It now commands a massive share of the compact vehicle segment, with a new production released very frequently. Among the variants, the convertible is also a prominent one. The small and compact appearance of this vehicle hides the power lying beneath its hood. The Convertible variant is loaded in with a great engine, having a displacement value of 1598cc. It is capable of developing a maximum power value of 122hp, and a peak torque of 160Nm. All put together, these figures lay the platform for astounding performance from this vehicle. When taken to the streets, this vehicle surges to a top speed of more than 200kmph, while climbing from naught to 100kmph in about 7 seconds.

The exterior design of the vehicle is greatly soothing. The overall formation gives it a miniature, petite look. It comes with a low structured profile that matches to that of a sports cars. Its humble build is, nevertheless, a reserve for a great deal of luxury. The front of the vehicle has a uniquely designed grille, shaped with a downward U formation. Propped over this is its own special emblem. On either sides of the grille are circular headlamp clusters that add style to the vehicle's appearance, while at the same time, protecting the lighting function.

The overall structure is free from the sensual curves and slenderness that more upto-date vehicles are made with, and instead takes on the more clean cut, conventional formation. Hoisted right above the roof is a radio antena, short and swept backwards. The side of the vehicle has tinted windows for better appeal. The bold, colored fenders, along with the alloy wheels, together provide maximum visual pleasure. The side scuttles feature a black checkered finish, and have white indicator direction lights. Going alongside this are black checkered exterior mirror caps, altogether enhancing the side profile to its finest sporty appeal. The rear of the vehicle has a boxed formation, with the tail lights situated on either side of the trunk space. A single additional light sits below the trunk, and a circular exhaust pipe is featured at the corner of the rear. The inside of the vehicle has all the elegant necessities that vehicles of the day have. It has plush floor mats, ranging in their make from all weather make to cosmopolitan. The footrests and pedal pads are made of stainless steel. It has exquisite Mini Cooper doorsill finishes, with personalized lettering. The gearshift knobs are of hot chocolate leather, for additional beauty to the cabin's inside. The handbrake and the gaiter are also of hot chocolate leather, meant for budding luxury within the cabin. All of this and more together ensures that the driver behind the wheel of this ride is treated to the most expensive ride atmosphere possible, one that can be brought forth by this car alone.

Mini Cooper Convertible Exterior


It is a compact vehicle, and it serves its purpose with a greatly low and trimmed profile. It rises to a height of 1414mm, which is short enough to pass as a sports car itself. The two doored model is lesser in its width and length as well, meant for saving space. The front grille has a downward facing, 'U' formation. And on either side of the grille are two circular headlamps complete on all visual necessities. Bi-xenon headlights are present for maximum power of the light beam, and this is further raised with a headlight beam thrower control and a headlight washer system. The windscreen is sloping forward, giving its conventional appearance a modern touch. Propped over the front of the roof is a short antenna, also swept back. The side profile is enhanced with the alloy wheels, and the large fenders curving about them. The distinctive design of the side is further upgraded with a black checkered finish on the side scuttles. The exterior mirror caps are also of black checkered make. The rear of the vehicle carries a parking distance control feature, situated by the corners. The tail lights on either side are complete with LEDs, turn indicators and courtesy lights for the best illumination provided. The rear profile is wrapped up with the small, circular exhaust pipe at the corner, building the looks to its most intense level.

Exterior Measurements:

The machine has a perfected exterior structure. Its miniature size reflects in all measurements, from its height to its width, length and wheelbase as well. It rises for a height of 1414mm. Its length is 3723mm, and its wheelbase is 2467mm. Its width is 1913mm.

Mini Cooper Convertible Interior


Ed's take : The interior styling of the Mini Cooper is unique and the locations of buttons is different from other cars. It has switches like an aeroplane cockpit.

The inside carries a host of features meant for elevating the ride to its finest quality. This includes a premium upholstery, along with numerous added features for elegance and beauty. The upholstery is present with a range of customization options, all of them in premium leather. The colors take on a range of variants, meant for the best personalization for the passengers. Attractive chrome detailing gives the steering wheel a more elegant look. The inner ambiance is raised with lights that are present in areas such as the elliptical door rings. The gearshift knobs, the handbrake and the gaiter are all of hot chocolate leather, bringing the best feel of luxury to the cabin's inside. The interior surfaces have brushed alloy for additional elegance. Additional options in the interior design bring a leather steering wheel, and a leather upholstered interior panel. The center console has a good new design, and is incorporated with numerous features. As for the stereo and music needs, the cabin has an Alphine HiFi system. This is further aided with an AUX connector cable, a CD changer, and a dual USB charging adapter.

Interior Comfort:

Despite being a small vehicle, it has a cabin that is equipped with many features for enhancing comfort and convenience. The seats are built on ergonomic discipline, large and comfortable. Furthermore, the cabin room is aided with the presence of a plush leather upholstery. Customization allows for numerous options to further refine the cabin aura. The steering wheel is present with a leather option, and so is the instrument panel. The cabin has accents of brushed alloy for better luxury. The gearknobs, the handbrake and the gaiter come in hot chocolate leather. Floor mats are available in a range of types, from Velon to all weather make. The foot pedals and the floor rests are made of stainless steel. Sun blinds are present over the windows for a cooled environment inside the cabin. An automatic climate control equips the air conditioning system. Beside all of this, a large range of options are made available through customization, for the best personal touch from the passengers.

Interior Measurements:

This is among the smallest vehicles made. However, it offers a reasonably good space for the passengers optimum comfort. The cabin has space to accommodate tall, hefty and broad shouldered men. It also provides a large trunk space.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Ed's take :The acceleration produced by the Mini Convertible is decent, however it doesn’t have acceleration like the Cooper S.


It is among the most raw performers of its segment. It has been featured as a chosen vehicle for numerous test drives and races, and this does not go without reason. The timid vehicle can soar to a top speed of around 200kmph. Furthermore, it can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph within around 7 seconds, and this is undoubtedly a massive engine capacity commandeered by this vehicle.

Engine and Performance

Ed's take : The 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine has decent performance and the automatic transmission is also sluggish. This makes the movement of the Convertible a bit lethargic.


It has an engine with 1598cc displacement value. It fires a maximum power of 122hp, and a peak torque of 160Nm. All of this is funneled through an efficient, 5 speed manual transmission that provides easy and flawless gear shifting.


Ed's take : The mileage of the Mini Convertible is about 8-9km/l for the petrol. Though not many of the owners will be worried about it.


This convertible version is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol mill that is capable of delivering an average mileage of approximately 15.6 kmpl. However, for its segment and build classification, this is beyond ordinary.

Power of Mini Cooper Convertible

Ed's take : The power produced by the 1.6-litre turbo petrol on the convertible feels inadequate most of the times.


It guarantees a great drive experience, with elegance and luxury welded together with high speed and great performance. It has an engine that has a displacement value of 1598cc, truly amazing for its class. This mill has the ability to pump out a peak torque of 160Nm, and a maximum power of 122hp.

Stereo & Accessories

Ed's take : The Convertible gets an inbuilt music system with steering mounted audio controls.


It has an advanced Alphine HiFi musical system. A host of features equip this stereo system. It has an AUX connector cable, a CD changer and a dual USB adapter. Infrared stereo headphones are present within for the best sound quality. Going beyond usual bounds, the vehicle also provides an iPod interface, and a media adaptor for apple iPods and iPhones. A micro USB adapter is also prevalent within the cabin, along with a mini holder for the apple iPad. The crown of the inner sophistication is the tablet DVD system that is present in the cabin, giving a truly overwhelming entertainment quality to its passengers. A Bluetooth hands free kit with USB audio interface brings the best connectivity to the cabin.

You can now buy Mini Cooper Convertible accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Ed's take : The handling of the Convertible isn’t phenomenal as it is softer than the regular Mini Cooper.


It has an advanced braking and control system, ensuring that luxury and speed are guarded with good handling and stability as well. It has four disc brakes, and the braking is further upgraded with numerous techno features. This includes the conventional Anti-lock braking system and the electronic brakeforce distribution. An optional Dynamic traction control feature also exists, along with a a Cornering brake control. All of this is shielded with the presence of dynamic braking lights, ensuring maximum safety always. As for the suspension system, it is guaranteed quality with the presence of a single joint, single strut front axle, and a multiple control arm rear axle. A rack and pinion steering is present to tighten the steering responses. All of it put together, this is a ride that guarantees stability of all features.

Safety & Security

Ed's take : The safety features on the Convertible are airbags, ABS with EBD and ESP.


Made with the collaboration of two major automotive brands, this vehicle is sealed on the safety front. It is fulfilled on standard features. It has airbags shielding the passengers, and tight seatbelts strapping them in always. In addition to this, it has an active roll over bar that grants protection to all the occupants. It has a greatly small deployment time, approximately 150 milliseconds. Beside all of this, the braking system is fulfilled on all grounds. It carries numerous aids, including the anti-lock braking system and the electronic brakeforce distribution. It also has a cornering brake control feature, and an optional dynamic traction control. The suspension guards the ride stability, with a single joint, single strut front axle, and a multiple control arm rear axle. The lights are wide and made for optimum visibility. All of it brought together, this is a vehicle made with a tight guard of safety on it.


It has alloy wheels offered in a range of choices. Among them, there is a set of 5 star spooler light alloy wheels, and a set of 5 star twin spoke light weight rims as well. Also, there is a 6 star twin spoke design rims in high gloss black are available as optional feature that gives the best look to the side of the vehicle.


1. Greatly attractive outer build and body format.

2. It has loads of features within it, enhancing ride quality for the best.

3. Presented with a great range of aids for boosting handling and stability.

4. Excellent performance for its segment.

5. Technologically fulfilled on all features, from comfort to braking and safety.



1. It does not offer a lot of space on the inside.

2. Not as luxurious as some other models of the day.

3. Lacks the capacity to seat many people.

4. It is a rather expensive model for a compact car.

5. Low ground clearance.


Mini Cooper Convertible Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
33,90,000 37,88,325 37,88,325 - - 37,88,325 -   Get On Road Price  

Mini Cooper Convertible Expert Review

Mini Cooper Convertible Expert Review
Mini Cooper Convertible Expert Review Expert Review
“It looks interesting, but when can we see it in India?” were my thoughts when I saw the Mini Cooper Convertible getting unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The response to that was immediate as BMW announced the launch of Mini brand in India in 2012, making it the 100th car market for Mini.   [read more]

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