Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 Price

` 2.5 - 3.7 Lac*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
4.0 / 5based on 40 reviews
Maruti Alto 800 Pictures
  • Colors
  • Economy
    30.5 km/kg
    Service cost
    3,577 /yr
  • Performance
    796 cc
  • Comfort
    Power Steering
  • Safety
    Central Lock
    Brake Assist
  • EMI
    5 years


Aug 18, 2015: Maruti launched the ‘Onam' Limited Edition of the Alto 800 . These cars were delivered on the auspicious occasion of the first day of Malayalam month 'Chingam'. The Onam Limited Edition Alto 800 comes loaded with 15 additional features like reverse parking sensors, music system with speakers, power car charger, Onam graphics and decal, embroidered cushions, designer seat covers etc. This package will be offered to the customers for Rs. 17,350 which is 26 percent less costly compared to the original package cost.

Maruti Alto 800 Price List

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  • Variants
    Ex-Showroom Price
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    Variants Ex-Showroom Price Select to Compare
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `2.5 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `2.9 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `3.1 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `3.3 Lac*
    LXI Airbag
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `3.3 Lac*
    VXI Airbag
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 22.74 kmpl
    `3.4 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, CNG, 30.46 km/kg
    `3.7 Lac*



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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Maruti Alto 800 Color Options

  • New Forst Blue

  • New Granite Grey

  • New Torque Blue

  • Silky silver

  • New Blazing Red

  • Superior white

Maruti Alto 800 Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
STD Petrol Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
LX Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
LXI Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
VXI Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
LXI Airbag Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
VXI Airbag Manual 796cc
17.0 22.74 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm
CNG LXI CNG Manual 796cc
28.29 30.46 47.3bhp @ 6000rpm

Maruti Alto 800 Review


The competitively priced Maruti Alto 800 hatchback is one of the successful units that this car maker has produced. Since the time this car was launched, it has been appreciated for a lot of things including the maintenance and mileage as well. The model is designed in a way to possess all the necessary elements that a hatchback needs and yet is affordable for the masses. Winning a lot many accolades over the years, this model does have a lot more to it when driven than seen as an on-looker. It is present with an efficient petrol drive-train and is also offered with a CNG option for the buyers to select from. It additionally is in compliant with the Bharat Stage IV emission norms, which adds to the benefit. Apart from the cost of ownership, even the fuel economy is impressive in order to make the cost of maintenance too quite economical. Its petrol mill delivers 22.74 Kmpl on highways and the CNG option has an impressive fuel economy of about 30.46 Kmpl. The after sales services as well as the spare parts are also very economical, making it one of the most sought after car in its segment. The handling is very intricately designed to offer nothing less than perfection. The flawless performance of the drive-train does owe its goodness to the cable type gear shift mechanism that is mated to it. When it comes to describing its external appeal, the chrome painted front grille and a very stylish looking front bumper makes the frontage appear very trendy. The front windscreen is wide and has a couple of intermittent wipers along with a washer. The sides are sleekly done up with well rounded wheel arches, further enhanced by robust steel wheels covered with good quality tyres. The rear end has a bright tail lamp cluster, which has side turn indicators that add to its overall exterior style. The interiors too compliment well with each other and has all the equipment needed in the compartment. The cabin is layered with a combination of black and brown key color scheme to look trendy. A lot of storage space is allotted in the cabin, and the boot compartment too has a capacity to hold about 177 litres, which can be further increased to a larger volume by folding the rear seat. An impressive wheelbase of about 2360mm enables a spacious internal seating. It is made a safe drive with the benefit of many advanced mechanisms within it. The company has provided a warranty of two years or 40,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier. This can be further increased at an additional cost for another couple of years, which is called as extended warranty and is available at all the company's authorized dealers. The company has a lot of service stations spread across the country and also by far us known for its standard and efficient after sales service to its customers. On the whole, it is a modest mix of all the aspects needed in an entry level vehicle, which is also inexpensive and helps in the very purpose of daily commuting.

Maruti Alto 800 Exterior


The image is made to have an elegant appearance by applying a lot many attractive elements onto its body. The frontage has a grille that is wide and this is given in a unique design. This grille is painted in chrome to make the front view a lot more brighter. The bumper too stands out, body colored for a polished appearance. The side profile too has its role in the overall pleasing look and has been blessed with a wavefront design. In order to add to the already stylish side picture, the outside door handles too are layered in the body color. A strong and robust set of steel wheels adds to the exterior demeanour. The base and middle trims have hub caps, while the others have trendy looking full wheel covers. This feature does make a positive difference to the picture of this model from the sides. Furthermore, the side moldings can only enumerate the defined image. There are outside rear view mirrors on both the sides and these can be internally adjusted. This feature is offered only to the top end. Whereas, the LXi model has an external mirror fixed only on the right hand side that can be electronically adjustable. The rear view too is quite compelling to take a look at as its bumper too is painted in the body color to stand in unity with the rest of the body. A sporty looking spoiler at the rear end adds to the trendiness that this model tries to achieve.

Exterior Measurements:

It is offered with dimensions that are very well designed to offer the appearance as well as make room for spacious interiors. The wheelbase of 2360mm definitely works in that direction and the overall length of about 3395mm does give a decent size. A total width of 1490mm without side molding and 1515mm with the moldings is offered to this vehicle. It stands at a good height of about 1475mm which is quite good. Its front tread is of 1295mm and its rear tread is about 1290mm. It has a minimum ground clearance of 160mm and has a minimum turning radius of 4.6 meters which is good enough.

Maruti Alto 800 Interior


Editor's take : The interiors of the new Alto800 are leaps and bounds ahead of the previous Alto, and have more space also. However, it is still basic when compared to competition and even the space isn’t sufficient.

It has seats that are quite spongy and at the same time are good looking as well. The base version is covered with vinyl material and the others are covered with fabric for the sake of comfort as well as for giving a trendy appeal too. The seats are well arranged which have a lot of space between each other at the front and the rear seat is wide enough to accommodate three passengers effortlessly. These seats can be adjustable as per personal preference, which is of a great advantage to the occupants. A floor carpet helps in maintaining a clean look in the cabin. The c-pillar on the inside is molded to improve the look even further. As a standard feature, a light is present on the cabin roof which has three position facility to it. The theme of the interiors is in a combination of grey and brown and this looks very attractive on the inside. The door handles on the inside have silver accents, which makes the cabin appear more richer. There is a speedometer made available which is also layered with silver accents that adds to the already polished frame. The top end models are graced with fabric inserts to the doors. There is a steering wheel which has three spokes and has a metallic finishing over it.

Interior Comfort:

The manufacturers have put in a lot of effort to make it comfy and roomy. The driver's amenities consist of features such as a responsive power steering, which is offered to LXi and VXi models alone. This works its way through in making the driver's effort far more lesser than what one has to put in, in case of manual steering. The tailgate can be opened at the comfort of the seat itself, which is very convenient and then the fuel lid opener too can be regulated by the remote. These top end is additionally provided with features such as power enabled windows. This is a sure comfort to the driver as well as the co-passenger. All the passengers including the front passenger too have assist grips for further aid. There are a couple of can and bottle holders also for the sake of the occupants. A coin holder is there for the benefit of the driver or otherwise. The driver side is provided with a storage space that can take in quite an amount of handy stuff. Additionally, the driver side door is with a map pocket for utilization. While on the other hand, the passenger side in the front too is offered with a utility pocket which is very resourceful. And then, there is a digital type climate control that is incorporated in the cabin for greater benefit of keeping the compartment regulated at all times. There is an air conditioning unit for the ambiance of the cabin. A dual trip meter gives readings on the trip details and a speedometer as well in the display for extra assistance to the driver. This speedometer display has a digital clock too available within it. A fuel consumption indicator too is embedded into the instrument panel.

Interior Measurements:

The insides are arranged in a way to accommodate all the five occupants with ease. This is made possible by the large wheelbase that the company has offered. Therefore, there is a generous legroom that avoids any inconvenience. The shoulder space too is good enough, which reduces friction between the occupants. The head space enables tall people to have convenience as they sit within.

Maruti Alto 800 Gear

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's take : The acceleration of the Alto 800 is at par with other A/A+ hatchbacks.


It has a motor that is mated with a proficient five speed manual transmission gear box. It enables it to deliver a great performance. It can breach the 100 Kmph mark in 15 to 16 seconds from a standstill. It also has a potential to reach a top speed of around 140 to 145 Kmph. On the other hand, the CNG version can breach the 100 Kmph mark within 17 to 18 seconds.

Engine and Performance

Editor's take : This is the same three-pot Suzuki engine that is being used for over 25 years and is one of the most tried and tested mills in the country. Improvements are made to it and even the carbon footprint has seen a reduction.

This model comes with a motor that is very proficient in delivering an appreciative performance. The petrol models are armed with 0.8-litre, F8D mill that has a capacity to displace about 796cc. It can generate a maximum power of around 47.5bhp at 6000rpm and has a potential to produce a peak torque output of about 69Nm at 3500rpm. It is based on multi point injection fuel supply system that can deliver a mileage of around 17.0 Kmpl in the city conditions and around 22.74 Kmpl on the highways. It has three cylinders and twelve valves that are based on a double overhead valve configuration. It is further mated with an efficient five speed manual transmission gear box. And additionally, it is in compliance of Bharat Stage IV emission norms. Whereas, under CNG mode, it can manage to have a mileage of about 28.29 Km/Kg in the cities and about 30.46 Km/Kg on freeways.

Maruti Alto 800 Mileage


Editor's take : Engineers at Maruti Suzuki have worked to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


It is supported through a multi point injection fuel supply system that is efficient in delivering a better fuel economy. The petrol versions have a mileage of about 22.74 Kmpl on highways and 17 Kmpl under city conditions. On the other hand, the CNG option ones can squeeze a mileage of around 30.46 Km/Kg on freeways and about 28.29 Km/Kg in the cities.

Power of Maruti Alto 800

Editor's take : The power produced by the Alto 800 is decent, but it is the power delivery that has been improved.


It is incorporated with three cylinders and twelve valves that are based on a double overhead camshaft valve configuration. It has a capacity of generating about 47.5bhp at 6000rpm and can churn out a peak torque output of about 69Nm at 3500rpm. This 0.8-litre mill has a capacity to displace about 796cc.

Stereo & Accessories

Editor's take : The Alto 800 gets power steering, power windows and also aftermarket music system in the top of the line version.


The base model has a sun visor on the driver side. Whereas, the others come with sun visors both on the driver as well as on the co-driver side. There is an audio unit that is present, which lacks a CD player but has a USB and Aux-in port along with a radio tuner. There is an antenna for the roof for support as well. This unit is accompanied by two speakers at the front of the cabin which are of great quality and has good sound distribution. The top end has an accessory socket provided, which can be utilized to charge electronic devices at the comfort. There is a parcel tray at the rear end of the cabin, which has a capacity to accommodate a few things. The rear bench seat is present with headrests for further comfort. As a standard feature, there is an inside rear view mirror by the cabin roof. The buyer can further customize the car with a lot many accessories at an additional cost which can be availed from authorized dealers.

You can now buy Maruti Alto 800 accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Editor's take : The ride on the Alto800 has been improved over the previous Alto, but the 12 inch tyres do not help much. The handling isn’t something to boast about as the Alto800 is now more of a tall boy design.


The braking and the suspension systems are very well addressed. The front axle is fitted with a gas filled McPherson strut with torsion roll control device. On the other hand, its rear axle is integrated with coil spring and gas filled shock absorbers with three link rigid axle and isolated trailing arm. The front wheels are rigged with solid disc brakes and its rear wheels have standard drum brakes.

Maruti Alto 800 Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Editor's take : The Alto 800 offers a single airbag as optional. ABS is there on the higher spec model.


Every vehicle is expected to have a strong safety section. It many functions that has created a strong immunity against all the possible threats. The very build of this car itself is based on strong steel in order to avoid penetration by any collisions or intrusions. This itself avoids a lot many possible injuries. There is an engine immobilizer to keep theft related worries at bay. This mechanism is designed to freeze the engine when it detects any kind of unauthorized access to the model. The top end is offered with a driver airbag and this too is an optional feature. Additionally, it has a central locking system that is of great advantage and a safety feature as well. All the the models have tubeless tyres that are much more sturdier and give lesser scope of getting punctured during the journey. The steering wheel is collapsible which avoids any injuries to the chest during the crash. A pair of intermittent wipers and washers are present on the front windscreen which is very necessary in order to have a clean and clear screen and therefore a clearer visibility which avoids flaws. The rear screen comes with a high mount stop lamp which will serve to alert the other vehicles about the presence of this one even from a very far off distance. The headlights at front have a leveling facility to them that can be regulated from inside. Seatbelts are offered to the rear seats too for better protection of the passengers. The solid disc and drum brakes that are incorporated to the wheels will additionally provide a greater control over the drive and hence reduce possible risks.


Available as standard is a set of strong steel wheels of size 12 inches. These are further covered with a good quality radial tubeless tyres that are of 145/80 R12 size.


1. Available in petrol and CNG options.

2. Safety quotient is well addressed.

3. Quite a lot of comfort features are equipped.

4. Internal storage space is well established.

5. Price range is very reasonable.


1. External appearance can be improvised.

2. Airbags can be offered as a standard feature.

3. Absence of alloy wheels even in high end trim.

4. Ground clearance is not impressive.

5. Many more notifications can be added to the instrument panel.

Maruti Alto 800 Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
2,52,583 2,72,379 2,73,065 2,64,981 2,65,592 2,67,327 2,75,677   Get On Road Price  
2,89,114 3,09,526 3,11,342 3,02,186 3,02,787 3,04,480 3,13,181   Get On Road Price  
3,11,635 3,28,671 3,33,988 3,24,713 3,24,772 3,23,404 3,36,333   Get On Road Price  
3,25,229 3,42,506 3,48,269 3,38,548 3,38,637 3,37,239 3,50,306   Get On Road Price  
LXI Airbag
3,31,378 3,48,709 3,54,655 3,44,781 3,41,058 3,43,472 3,52,776   Get On Road Price  
VXI Airbag
3,43,564 3,64,924 3,67,533 3,60,995 3,57,339 3,59,686 3,69,154   Get On Road Price  
3,68,690 3,90,506 3,93,941 3,86,577 3,82,977 3,81,483 3,94,992   Get On Road Price  

Maruti Alto 800 Expert Review

Alto 800 vs Alto K10 Comparison Review
Alto 800 vs Alto K10 Comparison Review Expert Review
The Alto brand needs no introduction. Peep outside the window, chances are there?s one parked in your building or at your office. If not, wait for a couple of minutes, it?ll pass by on the main road. Yes, it is as abundantly found in India as the housefly. The Alto is amongst the few cars which has managed to sell 20,000 units in a single month. To put that into perspective, that is 667 cars per day and roughly 28 cars in a single hour! That is one car every second minute.These are figures few companies can?t match in a quarter! And why would it not register such high volumes? For it has a near perfect recipe: digestible looks, a huge service backup and cheap spares and needless to mention - stellar fuel economy. All of this, combined with the Maruti Suzuki brand name is enough to have the first time car buyer set his foot inside the Maruti Showroom and leave with an Alto. [read more]

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  • Surprise pack
    By Samuel Devadoss| February 05, 2013 | 16467 Views
    Look and Style Excellent, side view A-star, Look is better than eon. Comfort Driving comfort is world class. im 5'10 and 110 kgs.  Pickup Good pickup. but when u switch on ac dont expect any pickup Mileage Highway good milege. yet checkup. since only one week old. Best Features   Needs to improve Bit on suspension.  Overall Experience Worth for money.  After searched for many small cars starting from Spark, Eon, ... Read Full Review
  • best in class- no doubt
    By satyam| February 04, 2013 | 8543 Views
    Look and Style - front needs to improve - back is fine Comfort- nice Pickup- good Mileage- great Best Features-value for money, mileage Needs to improve- a bit work on looks Overall Experience- best buy for small family   if you are looking for a small hatchback and confused between alto-800, eon and spark then this might be helpful to you. spark is out of the race because of high maintanance and next to zero resale value, eon is a v... Read Full Review
  • Good Value for Money Car for City Driving (can be parked anywhere easily,and enter narrow lanes)
    By Ram| July 20, 2013 | 9193 Views
    Look and Style : Decent looking car,better than its predecessor.Many would prefer Hyundai EON because of its looks (even I wanted to buy Eon) but the fact is,EON is not stable at medium and high speeds because EON has fibre body and ALTO 800 has full metal body so ALTO 800 handles high Speeds very well (I personally have driven ALTO 800 to speed of 140 kmph with 3 persons in it)  Comfort : Good ,but not for long drives,but then this car is... Read Full Review
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Maruti Alto 800 in News

  • Alto 800 Onam Limited Edition Launched by Maruti
    Posted On | August 19, 2015 | 4727 Views
    After Volkswagen, Maruti also seems to be dipping in the festive pool with the Alto 800. They launched ‘Onam’ Limited Edition of the Alto 800 and also delivered 3,000 cars of various segments in one day. According to a Maruti official, out of these 3,000 cars, 1,000 units were of the Alto 800. These cars were delivered on the auspicious occasion of the first day of Malayalam month 'Chingam'. Read Full News
  • Suzuki Releases Images of New Alto
    Posted On | December 18, 2014 | 11472 Views
    The Japanese automaker Suzuki Motors which retails its cars with the brand name Maruti Suzuki in India, has officially released the images of new hatchback Alto Kei. The car will first be launched in Japan on December 22, 2014 and then will make its way to other parts of the world. In terms of design, the front fascia of car gets kind of retro look with flat front and trapezoidal headlights. Read Full News
  • Get up to INR 55,000 off on Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Alto 800 and K10
    Posted On | December 06, 2014 | 6020 Views
    Its the year-end and every car manufacturer in the country is offering the best of deals and offers to clear-off its remaining stock. Even India's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki has announced discounts of upto INR 55,000 on its entry level car line-up for this month. A total discount of INR 55,000 can be availed on the company's smallest offering- Alto 800 and the tall-boy Wagon R. While the recently-refreshed Alto K10 is being offered with benefits of upto INR 35,000. Read Full News
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