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Toyota Fortuner - High Hopes - Disappointing attitude

By for Toyota Fortuner from Gurgaon, Haryana 2009-08-10 18:32:04.0
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Pros : I love this car.

Cons : Attitude & understanding of indians by Toyota

Today I have spoken to Toyota Bangalore, according to them dealers have started taking bookings, I asked for specs & to my HIGH disappointment, I was told this much awaited SUV would be launched with Manual Transmission, mean lowest end model available (Model name - 3.0 G M/T) in Thailand (None of the other markets of South East Asia has manual transmission except Thailand). In Thailand this model is available on road at 10 Lac Bhat (Rs. 14 Lacs) considering FTA with ASEAN countries, means no customs on auto parts imported from there, and Toyota Fort. being assembled here in India (With quite a few parts sourced locally like tyres, Dash Board & probably manual transmission of Innova & many other Innova parts) premium charged by Toyota of whooping 43% approx on Thailand prices is really like looting, which every car maker specially Japanese are doing. I really love this car & have driven many times in Thailand, latest in Feb 09 in Phuket & really dying to buy one for me but with launching of lowest end; it is just like insulting choice & buying powers of Indians. I was ready to shell out upto 22~23 L for model 3.0 V A/T, but finally I am really heart broken & disappointed with Toyota's attitude

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  • gulfstream |11 Aug,2009 08:42:34 AM

    same here. some of the dealers are doing a non refundable booking adding insult to injury. They have no specs on interiors and mechnaicals.

    Konark |21 Nov,2014 05:16:33 PM

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    Konark new |21 Nov,2014 05:22:00 PM

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    Commented by raju

    ffg |21 Nov,2014 05:42:05 PM

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    Konark new |21 Nov,2014 06:05:18 PM

    Hi gulf. How r u

    ila |24 Nov,2014 11:35:47 AM

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  • Harsh |18 Aug,2009 05:00:25 PM

    If company like toyota does booking without giving any details of Fortuner which seems very disappointing. They should launch atleast two variants M/T and A/T.

  • Neel |20 Aug,2009 05:06:43 PM

    Why price for FORTUNER is 20 lakhs when international market price is 10-12 lakhs? This is not justified why INDIANS are targetted and exploited are we still slaves of Multi National Companies which will exploit INDIANS for ever and our government will be party to them???

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:39:40 AM

    Indians are exploited bcoz we let them by many ways for eg- by electing corrupt politicians on there wealth basis and by suffering exploitation.

  • lp shukla |21 Aug,2009 05:56:49 AM

    agree with other friends ,,, indians were taken granted by toyota car maker in fortuner priceing ,,,, attitude of car major as low competituon ,, hope to see new powerfull mathing asthetics tata safari in near future ,,,, ,, day will come ,,,

  • G.S.Gill |28 Aug,2009 11:54:23 AM

    Reading at the comments , i am really disappointed . 1. why it is priced so high. 2. Why there are no clear sepcifecations available with the dealers.

  • kuldip singh |02 Aug,2010 02:42:44 PM

    Sir i do not agree with these comment only i faced one problem when i purchased my fortuner i paid full amount and i got my car after one month i have to pay interst one month from my pocket i did not got correct reply on this line when i told sale people at kotla showroom.

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:43:40 AM

    The beauty of car will be revealed very soon, be ready to face the song of Fortuner [which will let u pay another 2-4 lakhs in maintaining and repairing. Fortuner is really very worth less product of toyota. Market me pakad banane k liye hi ye policy nikali gayi hai. B'coz toyota is nowhere in the competition in INDIAN Market in automobiles.

  • Mahesh Lekhi |02 Aug,2010 03:35:12 PM

    Dear Kuldeep, Consider this: - Gear shifter lever shakes like you must have seen in any local Ashok Leyland Bus. - Interiors are exactly same as of Innova

    Nitin Bose |14 Jun,2012 05:42:35 PM

    The gear lever shakes because the engine is a long stroke type engine which inherently has vibrations. Long stroke engines have higher torque at low rpms and are capable of providing the instantaneous torque. This type of engine is used in the fortuner as its supposed to take 7 people through rough terrains. On the other hand, a skoda, ford etc., use short stroke engine. These are revv friendly, capable of the instant pickup. however, this type of engine suffers more wear & tear than the former.

    ila |24 Nov,2014 12:24:08 PM

    Commented by raju

    ila |24 Nov,2014 12:12:17 PM

    Commented by raju

    ila |24 Nov,2014 12:18:51 PM

    Commented by raju

    ila |24 Nov,2014 12:22:27 PM

    Commented by raju

  • dubey |08 Aug,2010 09:27:23 AM

    Indians beeing fleesed. Not worth buying.Bycott the product. Toyota wud get the message.

  • rajiv j narang |11 Oct,2010 10:46:12 PM

    i would like to share some things regarding the fortuner diesel version which is shocking, the suv has got many complaints like the clutch pedal make lot of sound when u leave the clutch slowly, the inside seat belts have lot of sound when u drive the car , it hits the plastics inside and makes irritating sound, brake are worst , bur still whenever i tell the company they have only one answer that the barke have been rectified but this is not true , they are the worst in case of immergency brake a person will definately bang his suv , coz this suv cannot put a emmergency brakes. the engine sound is also very loud they should change the air filter which is paper element type to foam type so that they can reduce the cars sound. i had to sell my fortuner in 45 days as i had gone to the company for 9 to 10 times for rectification , but the service centre of toyota is useless. after giving so many complaints toyota has not even once contacted me or mailed regarding the problems. I'm ashamed of toyota

    Ayan Borkotoky |09 May,2015 06:35:58 AM

    I absolutely agree with you. I have been the owner of a Fortuner since 2009. Though the engine gives you thrills, the brakes give us chills. I mean, when you have nearly about 170ps on your right foot and hands controlling a over 2 tonne Monster, the brakes doesn't seem good at all. Forget high speed braking, even at low speeds the brakes doesn't do well. You slam the brakes too hard and the tyres skreeeeech like anything with the ABS hardly working. Hard braking at high speeds makes the car dance like anything. I mean what is Toyota doing??? These brakes seem enough to stop a Maruti 800, not a Fortuner!!!

  • mathura |12 Dec,2010 07:06:41 PM

    i am plannin to buy in next year before march 2011 any idea if the automatic version is comin ?i was really shocked that it looks exactly like innova inside as i already own a innova,jus dissappointed .

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:37:39 AM

    Never buy Fortuner , Innova is better than that and automatic is not since next year, whoever told u, lied u.

  • mahesh |13 Dec,2010 04:44:02 PM

    Sincere advice - look for Santa Fe, Yeti, Captiva with much better feature making it a proper SUV, not just vehicle with only 4 wheel drive. For SUV, traction control, Stability control are important feature, without this there is no vehicle you can call a SUV.

  • anurag |01 Feb,2011 03:49:37 PM

    indian sentimental fools, Companies encash these property of indians. for instance if you have to sell a cheap product at higher rate : only hurt the sentiments of indians saying that 'tum nahi le pao ge, jao yaha se ', then the person will take this as a ego and will sell his house to buy that and the probability of that person being an indian will be 99.9%

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:33:00 AM

    Sahi bola ek dum sahi hai. Fortuner is not worth buyin. very cheap features.

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:34:48 AM

    Indian are obsessed to beauty n looks they are blind for other features of car or women.... :) Which are far more important than false looks.

  • pawan |27 Feb,2011 07:53:25 PM

    pl. send regarding information

  • Rampramukh Reddy |04 Apr,2011 07:37:51 PM

    i dont know what u ppl r coming to tell about this car...wthr its a good one or worst one. pls guide me, am in the plan to buy fortuner

    Rahul |02 Jul,2011 03:02:42 PM

    U rammapukaram reddy. U dont seem rich enough to buy a foturner. Get out and buy a tata nano or any other small car in this segment.!

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:31:50 AM


  • Mahesh |05 Apr,2011 11:51:55 AM

    Compare Santa Fe, Captiva & wait for couple of months for Mahindra's new W201 & Rexton, worth off. Fortuner could be good but not at 21L, it is not more than worth 15L.

    Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:31:18 AM

    U are right.

  • Aj |06 Jul,2011 09:29:57 AM

    This car is good for nothing. Oho no it has looks to be good for. Fortuner is waste of money no extra feature than innova and low in techno than SCORPIO and SAFARI. U are A smart man I just say never buy it for looks DIKHAWE PE MAT JAO APNI AKAL LAGAO.

  • rupesh |16 Jul,2011 09:21:30 AM

    hello friends i agree to what is being said. After sales response add to the injury. finally managed to sell the car in extraordinary reduced price. finally out of it.

  • vinodpillai |22 Aug,2011 07:57:50 AM

    The new model looks cute though.Have they improved the performance!!

  • Nimish soni |01 Oct,2011 05:58:01 PM

    I test drove the Fortuner yesterday and simply put it was a huge disappointment. I drove the SantaFe right after and the difference is a few decades apart. Toyota either has become crap or it is selling crap to Indians. Fortuner is slightly better than Qualis.

  • Peter Kany |09 Jan,2013 03:08:59 PM

    Its not only in car. We are being insulted and humiliated in everything made abroad. So what I am planning to buy Mahindra XUV 500 even if it is inferior to Toyota fortuner by a bit.

  • Varghese |22 May,2014 09:29:45 AM

    I heard that the Fortuner is very Bumpy as this has a pick up suspension and shock absorber . Any comments on this please?

  • Arun Singh Shekhawat |07 Jul,2014 12:30:36 PM


  • ffg |21 Nov,2014 05:43:17 PM

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    ffg |21 Nov,2014 05:45:37 PM

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  • Shweta |12 Jan,2015 07:04:46 PM

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    Rakesh Rathod |24 Mar,2015 04:55:55 PM

    I m confused between sanyong rexton or toyota fortuner With whom should i go please my genuies friends help me out...

  • Naveen |08 Nov,2015 10:33:34 PM

    Which Brand Tyre Suits Best for Fortuner

  • Sirtaj Ahmad Khan |23 Jan,2016 03:29:58 PM

    Seats of this suv is uncomfortable

  • heera ram |19 Feb,2016 04:10:15 PM

    I m using toyota fortunar and i m not setisfid with this product of toyota i have driven 55000 km only. Its very poor poduct of toyota in india. Tast week i was in mumbai i had service in mumbai of my fortuner in showroom. When i was coming back to rajasthan on the way on highway there was a problem in my fortunar in driving. Cluch plate and sapirting part both r not working. I called at showroom but they did not proper reply. So i sujes to not buy fortuner any more. And it is not a trustable product of toyota.

  • yash |08 Mar,2016 12:21:46 PM

    there is less milege

  • yash |08 Mar,2016 12:23:32 PM

    in automatic variant there should be 11 kmpl of milege

  • anil |04 Jun,2016 10:48:30 PM

    Dont buy...hell of cars.

  • gagan |07 Nov,2016 02:59:44 PM

    New fortuner is too pricy with diesel price of nearly 28 lakhs,why the person dont by audi a3 and audi q3 with the big brand name as compare to toyota so company not have to think about themselves but for their product success in comparative prices t their rivals like trailblazer and endeavour

  • jayachandra krishna |05 Dec,2016 08:10:16 PM

    This is the words of Sri. Kundan Prakash, Hyderabad, India Over priced. Toyota fortunner top end modl is cheaper in South Africa than ford endeavour, but in India its way more expensive. True, Toyota trying to loot Indian customers. Stop Looting Indian Customers!!! Buy Innova or Ford Endeavour, its value for money is it has any true?

  • sandeep |23 Dec,2016 10:05:42 PM

    Guys can any body suggest me ,fortuner or endavour ?

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