Toyota Etios Liva diesel, one of the best options in small diesel cars

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Pros : Power, style with good fuel efficiency.

Cons : Some interior cosmetics are missing.

Look and Style Toyota Etios Liva diesel is a sporty hatchback, it is availabe in almost all color options. It is an attractive and well-balanced car with it's long wheel-base of 2460mm. I think it looks stunning with it's small lights and tame bumper with tiny fogs. The back side of the car provides an ample boot space. Both the interior and exterior of the car makes it stylish and different with other cars of same segment. Comfort In my opinion Etios Liva diesel is one of the best small car with it's comfort level in the hatchback segment, as the driver gets a spacious headroom and legroom. But the driver has to adjust with it's footrest and the car lacks climate control feature. It provides a soothing experience while driving as it adorns features like power windows, remote central locking which provides total control on car door and windows. The rear seats of the car can be folded as it is an add-on in the list of its features . Pickup Liva diesel is not a very speedy car but surely provides enough power and performance while driving. Mileage  With this power and performance the Etios provides an excellent fuel efficiency of 23 km per litre. Best Features Toyota Etios Liva provides a good pick-up with huge safety features. It's exterior and interiors both provide a stylish look with power and comfort. Needs to improve The car lacks climate control and the manual driver seat adjustments needs to improve. Overall Experience  With this price tag I think Etios Liva is an excellent car for the car buyers. It provides all the features and performance which a car buyer wants in his or her car.

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  • shailendra |14 Sep,2011 11:48:13 PM

    get me price list of all models of liva diesel

  • RAJESH |16 Sep,2011 11:55:04 PM

    i want dieses liva

  • yashwant |17 Sep,2011 12:37:49 AM

    i am planning to buy diesel hatchback ur reviews will help me to select best cars available. can any one suggest which one to buy and why?

    nirmal singh |06 Apr,2012 08:22:03 PM

    dear i want to purchase best diesel car please guid me

  • Rajeevan |19 Sep,2011 04:55:30 AM


    Rajeev Vashistha |13 Sep,2015 11:57:21 AM

    Go for swift vdi

  • EK |22 Sep,2011 01:43:16 PM

    am impressed with all the features of liva diesel. seems like a really good buy

  • shankar |22 Sep,2011 10:19:21 PM

    which is best among new swift and liva diesel how about pickup and speed

  • kumar |23 Sep,2011 09:28:53 PM

    Liva Diesel is an amazing car , Interior space , Comfort of seats, stunning fresh looks, Cockpit style dash, Chiller Glove Box, Amazing driving comfort for long drives and city traffic. Above all undboutful mileage.

  • kumar |23 Sep,2011 09:31:24 PM

    Except for the Dash board, LIVA is a true winner as against Swift . Swift still cannot make 5 people comfortable and the boot space is too bad. Liva mileage is far ahead of Swift .

  • arun kumar batte |28 Sep,2011 03:45:21 PM

    i think liva above the all

  • rajkumar |02 Oct,2011 02:29:11 PM

    which one is best among swiftor etioes liva in deseale

  • Shailesh Ram |16 Oct,2011 02:21:20 PM

    Can anybody, who is having a etios liva top end diesel model, post overall practical experience of this car; especially abt the interiors, pick up, safety, comfort, boot space, ease of driving with compare to ford figo diesel titanium??? Please send your valuable feedback thru SMS on my cell no. 91 990 900 9907.

  • abhishek |16 Oct,2011 07:55:53 PM

    Somebody pl. tell me, whether taking liva diesel or liva petrol with CNG be better. Toyota also provides warranty with CNG as well because they are installing the equipment for the CNG.

  • bnrao |28 Oct,2011 12:51:31 PM

    please inform your experience with ETIOS LIVA Diesel. Thanks

  • mandeep singh dhillon |29 Oct,2011 02:17:57 PM

    i experience diesel liva ...n frnds its damm good....all cars are fail in front of this car..max space no car campare wid this

  • pankaj katole |02 Nov,2011 10:15:24 AM

    I am purchasing Liva Diesel in the month of December.This is my fst car could you tell me about milage and highway comfort of this car..

  • Ravikishore |28 Nov,2011 10:41:02 PM

    Hi frnds iam planning to buy hatch back car ...So pls tell selecting this is good or not

    jerry |22 Dec,2011 03:28:37 AM

    you know Toyota very well for the past 10 years. so the same will be taken with the liva too without any dent. so go for it. TD today you get a view of it. if you need to TD many cars do all the same day with the list you want to check with them. you will understand what is good with what.

  • RAGHVESH RANGA |19 Dec,2011 01:21:21 AM

    looks good over all i like .camper 2 swift and skoda

    jerry |25 Dec,2011 12:14:09 AM

    swift, premium car low maintenance cost. after sales is good. the back bench is too cramp and potholes will be felt. extra gadgets will add extra maintenance and head ache on a long run. Liva premium car very low maintenance cost, good after sales service. good space, good suspension, good mileage and overall a long term ownership is possible. also it gives only what you use frequently, essential and daily gadgets, though it look old (since all are manual rather than automatic) which means low maintenance and highly durable, it is meant for daily and rough use by a middle class people without burning pocket.

    Anoop Das |26 Dec,2011 07:36:27 PM

    Jerry be a marketing executive for Liva. Let the Liva come on the roads. It just been 3 months after the launch..Lets wait and see.

    jerry |28 Dec,2011 03:53:27 AM

    thanks anoop while i get my liva i will take you a drive to understand about liva and me not a marketing guy. :)

  • P PRASHATH |28 Dec,2011 01:53:47 PM

    I am planing to purchasing Liva Diesel in the month of February 2012.This is my 3rd car could you tell me about mileage and highway comfort of this car & compare it with Toyota Etios.

  • jerry |09 Jan,2012 11:02:39 PM

    Toyota etios to get black interiors. has anyone checked the new interior. as i am in outside india i cannot visit a showroon. please anyone say about the etios's new interior.

  • Vinay |18 Jan,2012 12:02:36 PM

    It would be my first I need a help about the car which I am planning to buy next month. I ask u all and give ur ans. from bottom of ur heart....I have only two options and i want to know that which car is the best 1-Swift, 2-Etios Liva???? Plz say truth....God will always help u...if u ppl honest about the said cars.thanking u.

    jerry |19 Jan,2012 12:21:50 PM

    both are good car on its own perspective. Liva a family car. Swift a youth car.

  • Ashey |20 Mar,2012 09:12:32 PM

    I've been driving a Maruti Zen for last 8 years and sold it last month. I am sure that the quality of Maruti is unquestionable. When I wanted to move from a small car to big hatch back (suitable for middle class people like me), I was impressed with Beat, Figo & Swift. But just because a Toyota showroom was closer to my office, I decided to do a test drive of Toyota Liva Petrol and with my experience with Maruti Cars and other European Cars (my brother owns one), I found that the quality of Engine and other engineering (suspension, Power steering & ABS) were of the highest quality and even was better than the Swift other cars that I mentioned above. Though initialli, i was planning to go this car later i test drove the diesel car in Toyota Liva and found engine to be of similar quality to that of all other diesel cars but the surpise part is this car comes with more space, ABS & Air Bag which other than Figo & Beat no car will be able to give at this price. Since Figo's ground clearance (in Bangalore bumps) is higly questionable and Beat's a 4 seater car, I preferred to go with Liva GD SP in-spite of obvious cost cuttings in interiors (though exterior is really better than most of the Hatches simply because of the siling grill in front combined with the T badge that the car carries). Now the car is 4 days old and i can say proudly that I get clear feel of driving really a bigger hatch.

  • Abhishek |10 Apr,2012 10:46:34 AM

    I want to buy new Etios liva .Its my first car .I heard that its noisy inside cabin .is it true ?

  • uday |11 Apr,2012 07:12:29 PM

    I own a Liva diesel GDSP and have driven long distances in it. A long drive through TN and Trivandrum from Bangalore and return to Bangalore ( Over 2400 km) consumed exactly 99 liters of fuel.But I drive for economy though on long stretches I was doing a steady 110-120 continuously.In all I have driven nearly 6000 km and have found the overall quality excellent. I face only one problem: sometimes the front left window does not go up after it has been wound down. This has happened three times since purchase in November 2011.Every time the switch would work after stopping and restarting the engine.Will report for rectification at next service.A lot of people complain about the spare interiors.I have driven all sorts of cars since I was 16 which is more than 45 years ago and find the following useless pieces of equipment; Tachometer: No one looks at it a few months after buying the car. A good driver knows when to change the gears instinctively.Similarly though somewhat inconvenient the lack of electric orvm is not felt at all if one adjusts the mirrors once it is enough. Interior plastics: they look and are very durable. The foot-mat under the driver seat has strong fasteners and does not ride up under the brakes clutch and accelerator. The Liva is a great and lively car of compact dimensions and very broad inside.The cooled glove compartment is brilliant as also the excellent large single wiper. The brakes are the best I have seen in any car. There is absolutely no rattle anywhere even on the worst roads. The A/C cools very well even after the car has been kept in the sun for long. i had checked out the Figo,VW,Skoda Fabia, Ritz,Tata and Swift - none matches the Liva. The Figo especially is a dated design which the company attempts to distract by offering so many gizmos and even alloy wheels for a price less than the Liva GDSP.The VW and Fabia are simply too overpriced .I however found that the only serious competitor the Liva has is the Ritz.That is an excellent and only serious alternative but the rear seats are very cramped made more uncomfortable by a central hump while the liva has a near flat floor at the back. I am happy I went in for the Liva and am seriously considering buying another for my wife.This is a car custom built for India like no other. Shortcomings: 1. Toyota has been cheap not to provide brighter headlights. 2. There is only one weak reversing light. 3. The rear of the car is dark even with the interior lights on.I sorted the problem by buying two self adhesive led lamps operated by three AAA cells and fixing them to the foot of either end of the rear door-beam. Works brilliantly without tampering with the cars electrical. Similarly I fixed one inside the glove compartment and the rear boot.Total cost for five lamps including cells is less than Rs.250. 4. A rear wash wiper is necessary and wonder how I can have one fitted. 5.Too many places for water bottles - the space on the doors could have been more imaginatively planned to enable better use of a cooled glovebox. Uday

    Gayotry |22 May,2012 01:50:30 AM

    Thanks thanks thanks a ton, I ws jst lookin for a review like this..:) What is the average mileage in city??

    uday |22 May,2012 12:21:59 PM

    In response to Gayotry - I get between 15-17 km in town with A/C normally. now this has dropped due to the removal of the sunfilm.Mileage depends on a lot of things _ drive mostly on 4th and 5th gear and rarely go above 60 kmph in town. But also depends on tyre pressure and the diesel provider - most bunks cheat even today.

  • arunachalam.a |19 Apr,2012 10:03:12 PM

    Dear Mr Uday, Thanks for such an elaborate reply. I am going for a Toyota Etios Liva. Arunachalam

  • prabhu |23 Apr,2012 08:29:46 PM

    Dear Uday, Thanks for such a elaborate reply, More or less i also started to drive at the age of 15yrs, which was 18yrs ago! we have changed cars many times, but my dad goes always with my wish! Now i am planning to buy one for my personal use, n was so confused looking at the reviews posted abt Liva, I have decided to test drive the new swift, Liva ! will decide at the end looking through each n every part of engineering and listening to all the marketing gimmicks they use to sell the car ! Any idea abt the tht marine blue? i love tht colour!

  • sriram |11 May,2012 12:27:17 PM

    it is more disappointed toyota fans lack of minumum features cheap interiors low mileage

  • Shri Prakash |03 Jul,2012 08:47:41 AM

    I am planning in August for Liva D. Impressed with its feature.

  • neeraj |29 Mar,2013 01:20:45 PM

    Planning to by Liva Diesel , need expaet advise for the same

  • sarfraj |21 Nov,2013 07:33:35 AM

    i am planning to buy liva xclusive, plz suggest me.

  • AW Xavier |16 Jan,2014 10:30:22 PM

    I am planning to buy a compact and trying to shortlist in terms of value, resale value, appearance, features, driving comfort, safety, fuel mileage and low maintenance cost. Can I have your opinion on either petrol or diesel versions which falls in Livea class is alright.

  • Debabrata Gupta |23 Jan,2014 09:35:31 PM

    Etios Liva Top Model on Road Price with Mileage.

  • dhjd |08 Dec,2015 06:20:38 PM


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