Tata Nano is failure on road

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My brother recently purchased Nano. Due to heavy amount of smoke coming from the car my brother stopped the engine to prevent the car from burning. The company took the car repaired it and returned in 2 days. Again after 2 days the same problem occurred in a crowded place of the city. My brother swiftly stopped the engine to save his and his family's lives. The company has not given satisfactory reply to this continuing problem. It is not a fit car for driving more than 10 km. There is risk to your life by driving it. In stead of wasting 2 lakh on this tin box, better buy any other proved and branded car.

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  • pradeep kumar jain |22 Jun,2010 05:45:18 PM

    nakhre delivery ke, aish public ke paise ki, quality bhagwan bharose ...

    ash |16 Jun,2011 11:12:16 PM

    better by a second hand bicycle.

    Mohamed Buhari |27 Oct,2011 07:12:07 PM

    I object the the word Nano failure,I have purchased a Nano LX in the end of Jan 2011,ThE next week I drove the car to Kodaikanal from Tuticorin as a tour along with my friend, its realy amazing, very good pick up on hill climbing, we feel good comfort on continuous driving with A/C about 268 Kilometers up.The next day we have returned the same kilometers and the overall mileage is approx.19 kms/litre our average speed is 70kms/hour.Now We used to go to Madurai from our home city once in a month. Really we feel very happy on buying this Nano Car. My Moto BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN

  • Dandpani |24 Jun,2010 08:03:47 AM

    Tata nano is not a Rs 1 lakh car as commonly believed. With accessories, road tax ,insurance,A/C etc its cost goes up to over 2 lakhs. So it is no cheaper than other proved and more reliable cars available in the market.

    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:38:43 AM

    tata nano base was supposed to be 1 lac car, not the LX... if u buy any car with accessories it will cost more... if u compare the top end model.. i guess it is still a lac lesser than the next cars top end model!!! dont be prejudiced against indian brands...

    MOHIT |25 Jul,2011 02:41:13 PM

    Nano Base Model is above 1.5 lakhs. You are talking about LX, it is around 2.2 lakhs, Alto LX is around 2.9 lakhs. Alto is 800cc while Nano is 600cc Alto has much more powerful A/C Alto has much more space At least, battery in Alto is kept inside bonnet not under the driver's seat. Alto has a better boot space. Finally, all the tire of Alto are of same size. If you ever face a rear tire puncture in Nano, you can install the stepny but your speed should not exceed 40kmph. Again, you must get the tire changed at the nearest service station. This is written at Tata Nano's website's FAQs. At present, a person would like to opt for 800 A/C rather than Nano LX. At present, 800 is considered to be rolled-out vehicle but still it's sale is around 42,000 units an year. Nano, a great car, it's sale is around 70,000 units an year. Alto, another bad car with a sale of around 2,00,000 units an year.

  • ARUN KUMAR DASS |01 Jul,2010 03:20:58 PM


    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:42:54 AM

    haha... we will see when the indian brands like mahindra and tata will be all over the world... tum log bas foreign brands ki chaat-te raho...

    MOHIT |25 Jul,2011 02:45:23 PM

    Maruti Omni had a burning record better than that of Nano. Car burn is due to usage of non-genuine parts i.e. the parts not authorized by company for use. People feels that genuine parts are costlier because of company's dictatorship & not of quality. Just to save a little, people use non-genuine parts & the result is in front of you.

  • t bhumalingeswar rao |01 Jul,2010 03:34:25 PM

    My friend bought a sun shine yellow Nano LX model on 5th june 2010 at Bhubaneswar,spending about INR 2.2 Lacs, after few kilometers journey , it caused fire , passengers and public all became terrified,passengers rescued from burning .Nano car of tata is an explosive machine like a petrol bomb, difference is :it is not sounding like bomb during fire . Nano car should not be allowed to be used by innocent Indian citizens , Govt of India should withdraw the permit/licence of distribution of Nano Cars from Tata Motors .

    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:47:00 AM

    i havent seen any news of tata nano burning in june!!! how come??

    kkmalhotra |23 Feb,2011 03:46:39 PM

    my nano has completed 9000 Km in six month without any problem. I have driven nano 400 KM non stop at 60-80 km speed. fire incident are occering in all brands of car causing lot of death.If you fit unautorise accessry all this will happen.nano is wonderful in all respect.

    MOHIT |25 Jul,2011 02:48:33 PM

    I am agreed with KKmalhotra with an exception, he had mentioned unauthorized accessory. You can fit non-genuine accessory but always use genuine parts (Spare parts) In all respect, Nano is a wonderful car.

  • S. Prabhakar |16 Jul,2010 02:07:02 PM

    Very poor mileage of 10.5 Km per litre I had purchased a Tata Nano LX Sunshine Yellow on 9th November 2010 and to my utter dismay found that the car gave me a mileage of just 10.5 Kms per litre in Chennai traffic. I have tested my car on six consecutive occasions and each time the mileage obtained was around 10.5 Kms per litre (the data recorded in the attached excel sheet is self explanatory). I have sent any number of mails to Tata Motors but they are just not willing to accept that there is problem with the engine of my car. Initially they attributed this poor mileage to bad driving and gave me a lot of driving tips but due to my persistance and the accuracy of the data gathered by me, recently a team from the Plant came and tested the car and confirmed that the car gave a mileage of only 10.5 Kms per litre on the same route that I take to Office and back. They also stated that the same car gave them a mileage of 23 Kms per litre on the Highway. This is obviously a very ridiculous statement. However, they blatantly refuse to put down in writing the results of the mileage tests they conducted with my car from 19th to 21st May 2010. I was given a 30 minute presentation on 21st May 2010 after the tests during the course of which Mr. Gopala Krishnan, Senior Manager ?? Service at Chennai confirmed the following : 1) My Tata Nano gave a mileage of 10.5 Kms per litre when tested by their testing team in the same route that I travel to Office and back in peak time city traffic. (This clearly reconfirms the data in the attached chart prepared by me after testing my Nano for six consecutive full tank to full tank testings). 2) My Tata Nano gave an improved mileage (not sure what the figure is) when the testing was done by their testing team at two other time schedules in lesser traffic. 3) My Tata Nano gave a mileage of 23 Kms per litre when tested by their testing team on the By Pass Road upto Tambaram (Highway) I had purchased this car only after seeing an article in the media (copy attached) in which ARAI had stated that the Tata Nano was the most fuel efficient car in India which returned a mileage of 23.6 Kms per litre. Unfortunately my experience has been quite contrary to this. I have exchanged any number of mails with Tata Motors since 2nd February 2010 but even now after having covered more than 3300 Kms I am getting a ridicilous mileage of around 10.5 Kms per litre with a car with an engine capacity of 624 CC. I would even accept a mileage of 16 to 17 Kms per litre but a mileage of just 10.5 Kms per litre is totally unacceptable especially when the ARAI certified mileage is 23.6 Kms per litre. A few other Nano owners from Chennai and other locations who have the same low mileage problem have contacted me and we are getting together as a group to get our genuine problem resolved. It is just a matter of time before the bubble bursts.

    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:50:42 AM

    so you are trying to tell, that ARAI is stupid?? and ur results are better than ARAI??

    MOHIT |25 Jul,2011 03:01:22 PM

    ARAI is not stupid but a corrupt & culprit organization. It never speaks that the mileage mentioned is average mileage or the top mileage. 800's average mileage is around 17.6kmpl & Ritz's highest mileage is around 21-22kmpl but it's average mileage is around 14kmpl. But, company speaks that 800 gives 17.6 & Ritz gives 21-22 ARAI doesn't speak such things.

    MOHIT |25 Jul,2011 02:57:45 PM

    23.6kmpl means that you should drive your car at the top gear most of the time. I have no idea about Chennai but if you drive your car in heavy traffic with unpredictable stops & starts, mileage will reduce. I will recommend you to test the car on a freeway with a speed between 40-60kmph on top gear. It is a common myth that lower the engine capacity, higher the mileage will be. It's actually the efficiency of the engine that gives you higher mileage. Nano is available in BS3 & BS2. This could be the reason for sudden drop in mileage, when you are driving in harsh city conditions.

  • Sachin |22 Jul,2010 10:38:30 PM

    A cheap car comes with dozens of flaws. Think twice before buying Nano. Its totally a junk kit.

  • A K Sen Gupta |04 Aug,2010 03:33:51 PM

    Dear Mr. Prabhakar, Your review is extremely helpful to me, specially regarding its poor mileage instead of 23 Km/litre as claimed by ARAI and also its poor safety factor. I was thinking of booking this car but now after going through your review I have to rethink in this aspect.

  • kedpd |17 Sep,2010 09:53:50 PM

    my experience with nano is completely diff.. i get a mileage of 25kmphl in city and 27kmpl on highway, just a few stray in incident's involving this car dos't mean this car is not good . i am sure those who are complaining about this car are from a company rival to tata and hence are trying to spread rumors about it's quality which is quite good as compared to the multinational car companies. when you are pointing at the few incident's involving this car, also think about the 10000 car's running efficiently on the indian roads.

    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:55:09 AM

    I know other cars also burn... but thats not an answer!! 6 incidents out of 70000 is not a good figure... the correct part of ur answer was some of these are from other companies... as u can see one has also mentioned a phone number to book maruti... but the incidents have got to stop... or they should increase the price or give a assurance that they will replace it, if something like that happens again..

  • respondant |24 Sep,2010 05:16:42 PM

    maybe kedpd is from tata motors spreading the propaganda too...

  • Anurag paranjpe |27 Sep,2010 09:00:45 PM

    yo why ya guys dont burn your cars?

  • sudhir |06 Oct,2010 04:45:51 PM


  • BALA |12 Nov,2010 04:21:27 PM

    Better own a Auto Than Nano

    Amir |08 Dec,2010 11:57:07 AM

    piaggio is coming with a 3 seater low cost car too... its the auto with a steering and doors!! hope u will buy it :P

  • p.c.dhasmana |14 Nov,2010 11:28:53 AM

    I am confused after reading the comments. Normally for all cars the max efficiency is achieved during ideal test conditions and it is nowhere near the actual driving conditions of the city

  • Er.Alok |23 Nov,2010 10:45:05 PM

    Better buy a Rickshaw

  • Amir |08 Dec,2010 12:06:34 PM

    where is that car now?? and when did the incident happen?? and what is the name of you brother?? so i can google it!! :D

    Tarun Kumar Dass |08 Dec,2010 07:04:59 PM

    You are an agent of Tata company. You know what has happened to the car.

    Amir |17 Feb,2011 04:37:32 PM

    I guess u didnt have an answer for my question.. so u replied stupidly..

  • Raman kumar |20 Jan,2011 02:07:37 AM

    dear i have a tata nano cx model car for last one years. this car is verry verry good. i read all the comments .but i dont belive in that i chek all the nano,but i not found any complaint. i have maruti 800 and maruti aulto car, i compare the nano and 800 and aulto.nano is too good . the ac and heater of nano is verry verry good acording to those my two car. pick up of nano is very good. mialeg is my nano 25kmph is without ac.and including ac is 21mkph. maruti ground clearance is 145, but the my nano ground clearence is 180,i get very good experienceesi this nano.sitting capisty is 4 but i tested in nano 5 havay friend and run this car the speed of 105kmphthis is the good result.........dear friends u buy this car without any fear.....thax dear.......................

  • SHARAT |28 Jan,2011 01:46:43 PM

    have been driving nano for past 6months. mileage around 20 wth ac and 23 something with out ac. these are highway notes. in the chaotic hyderabadi traffic , the mileage does come down , but that can't be blamed on the car. MR. PRABHAKAR ,have u tested ur nano on a highway by urself. that wud give the exact mileage cap of ur car, wats the point in trying to ascertain a car's mileage in peak traffic, watever be the brand.by the way i agree with AMIR , that many indians are prejudiced against desi stuff. boy, we r so still hung up wth firangi stuff. may be u guys should step out of the country and c the patriotism , americans or brits display, even at simple beer. i have seen many times an american insisting on being served american beer or soda , even when they know they are substandard wth german breweries and cost the same.they prefer ford or chevy , just cause they are american. i have seen brits insist on aston martin or range rover, cause they were british made. boy , yeah i do agree wth firangis, we are still a country of snake charmers and literate fools still in 1950's , 1970's mode. yeah , we still have a lot of catching to do.........

  • Mohan |17 Feb,2011 12:15:54 AM

    Prabhakaran may be true as that particular vehicle may difective as my dad estilo give only 15 kmpl where I have observed estilo with 18 above. Any one help me can nano go for a 300km journey at Once.i want buy this car and I have to go for a long journey 300km on every month.people tales it will burn.pl nano user kindly comments.

    kkmalhotra |23 Feb,2011 03:56:56 PM

    I have driven nano from karnal to ludhiana and back 400 km in a single day with an avg of 25 km at a speed of 60-80 km/hr

    Vikram |02 Nov,2011 10:35:48 PM

    I am using this car since 10 Months, till now I have not faced any problems. In fact in a single day more that 600 KM were covered ...

  • paras jain |14 Apr,2011 05:20:06 PM

    Dont pur tata nano , very noicey and very high vibration with a higher cost 1.52 , 180, & 210 , no LPG conversion too costly for middleclass/ two wheer users, no support from dealers, they treat like they donate the car. very bad expenrience paras jain-9314760401

  • prashant kumbhar |27 Aug,2011 02:19:28 PM

    are car loge ek lakh ki nakhre dus lakh ke ku

  • sanjay |25 Feb,2014 12:34:44 AM

    nano not a good experience for most owner alto 800 is far more better car

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