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    Tata Indigo eCS
    Tata Indigo eCS
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    Maruti Swift Dzire
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    Tata Indigo eCS
    Tata Indigo eCS
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    Tata Indigo eCS
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    Tata Indigo eCS
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    Tata Indigo eCS
    Tata Indigo eCS
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Excellent value for money

By for Tata Indigo eCS from Pune 2010-07-29 19:50:34.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Driving Comfort, Looks, Engine Performance

Cons : Plastic finishing

Hi, I got my Indigo eCS Diesel eLX BS4 model a month back and am simply impressed by it. 1. FUEL ECONOMY, I am getting 16.77 km/lt with AC on continously in city conditions. I have clocked just above 2000KMs and have completed my 1st servicing (I have approx 70km/day running). Fuel Economy is calculated on KMs run and amount of fuel required to fill tank. I am assuming I will be getting more mileage after 2 OR 3rd servicing. Thats also what the Service Station people mentioned me. I know I am getting greedy here but why not :) fuel economy + vehicle price was my main purpose of buying this vehicle. 2. ENGINE NOISE. Though this being a deisel engine the noise of this vehicle is very less. If you are standing outside the car you will notice the typical Deisel engine noise, though it is less. Once you are inside the vehicle the noise is very less and if you pull up all the windows then practically its like you are driving any other smooth petrol car. I have spoken to few people and they have mentioned me that maybe after 3-4 years this vehicle may make noise. I am not sure about it and also assuming that its because a new vehicle the noise is very less. 3. SPACE & COMFORT. Vehicle is spacious and the seats are comfortable. Getting into and outside the vehicle is also very comfortable. Leather wrapped Steering wheel and Gear knobs are very comfortable. Power mirrors are also very comfortable. Front and Side visibility is very good. 4. FEATURES. Chrome ring on console, power windows, Satin Finish front grill, side chrome rub rails are simply excellent. 5. AUDIO system. This is really fantastic. Sound coming out of the speakers is really excellent and powerful. Listing to a audio CD is best. Its got a electronic anteena. 6. AC. AC is good and powerful. One thing that is good is even if you ON the AC this will not impact your speed or power. So one can easily overtake with AC on. I have not had a chance to see how effective the AC will be on a hot sunny day. I anyways plan to do filming on all the windows soon, AC will be more effective. 7. OTHERS. Textured dashbord is appealing. Plastics need better fit and finish. Gear shifting is very light and smooth. Fog lamps front + rear makes your car look more trendy. I have Royal Burgandy colour, it really looks different in the crowd. Rear Defogger comes in very handy during rainy season. Both side electrice rear view mirror are also very stylish with very good view. Smooth vehicle to drive. I had been through many reviews before buying my car. This is my contribution back.

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  • Abhinav |11 Sep,2010 12:26:40 PM

    Thanks for this excellent review Sumeet. Can you please tell how much mileage you are getting after 2nd/3rd service. Also the overall experience so far :)

    Sumeet |18 Nov,2010 07:11:29 PM

    Fuel milage has improved beyond 7000kms (I am currently running 8500Kms) I am now getting a mileage of 18 Kms/lit with AC on in city conditions.

  • J. K. Joshi |07 Oct,2010 06:35:45 PM

    Im yet to have a test drive,will give my coments after test drive.

  • Balamurugan A |03 Nov,2010 12:39:23 AM

    thank u friend for ur review

  • Murali |16 Nov,2010 09:21:25 PM

    I agree with all ur comments on Indigo CS BSIV. It is powerful, efficient, beautiful, quieter etc. But, how do you feel about the engine compartment. Do you see any oil leakages, muddy all over the engine or something. Hopefully you must be better person to answer after this 6 month period of driving. If there is not oil leakages found in the engine compartment, this vehicle is sure winner.

    test |20 May,2015 11:01:54 AM


    sandeep patnaik |26 Nov,2015 12:32:47 AM

    No iam drive this car almost 10 months and i seen no oil leakage of oil or either any muddy over it. Its good choise

  • Team CarDekho |18 Nov,2010 03:13:20 PM

    The fit and finish on all Tata Motors cars has improved considerably over the last few years, oil leaks and other issues are a thing of the past. The Indigo CS is indeed a very good car for its price factor. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Ajay |20 Nov,2010 06:16:54 PM

    Dear Sumeet, how's the performance, mileage, engine, noise, vibration pickup specially on ac and your level of satisfaction with this car since i am also looking to buy the same. waiting eagerly 4 your reply. Thanks

    Sumeet |25 Dec,2010 12:30:59 PM

    I have not faced any problems with all you have mentioned above Performance - Over All performance is good Mileage - 18 km/lit in city with A/C on Engine - Smooth (did not face any problems like leakage, noise OR any other kind of damage). I have to only ensure that I am putting good deisel in vehicle. Noise - This is definately a smooth vehicle. The typical deisel engine noise is reduced to great extent Vibrations - Very less, infact at high speeds the vehicle is too smooth. No vibrations felt on steering. On gear knob very less vibrations felt. Pickup- is good. A/C does NOT affect the pick up at all. (It took some time to change my instinct to accept this behaviour) I am more than happy with this car.

  • gade rm |24 Nov,2010 10:17:05 PM

    i am planning to buy Indigo eCS Diesel BS4 How is the performance, mileage, engine, noise, vibration pickup specially on ac and level of satisfaction. Which will be better Maruti swift disel or Indigo eCS Diesel BS4

    Sumeet |25 Dec,2010 12:37:26 PM

    I did not go in for Maruti Swift diesel because br - While driving, back side view is highly blocked if one looks over own shoulder. This is required when overtaking br - Back seat windows are very small, generally I prefer bigger windows. br - Price ofcourse and also the feature offered in the price br

  • Tarun |08 Dec,2010 07:49:01 PM

    Hey sumeet thanks for ur review. it was very helpful. it cleared al ma doubts..

  • santhosh |19 Dec,2010 04:58:53 PM

    hi, your review was very helpful. Please update your review by your present experience of driving

  • zafar |21 Dec,2010 04:31:18 PM

    I am impressed with such reviews. Feel that I must take a test drive. I am told that Maruti cars have better resale value and oppurtunities and that Tata cars are not the most sought after used cars. If this is true then I seek reasons and if it is not so, even then I want views of others. Finally, with models like MANZA, Tata motors is finally giving value for money.

  • Vijay Naik |12 Jan,2011 04:20:08 PM

    What is your opinion about the petrol version of the BS IV Indigo i.e. Indigo eCS GLX.

    Prasad |17 Jan,2011 04:24:14 PM

    Indigo eCS GLX is a wonderful car with all facilities for the price you pay but be ready for the actual mileage of 11 to 12 km.

  • Vijay |19 Jan,2011 04:59:38 PM

    Hi, sumit... we are again disturbing you.. I took test drive for eLX .. impressed.. But found small problems in power steering and plastic components.. will you pl. reply it regd. this... also pl. let me know the noise coming through body.. any rusting issues.. thanks

    Sumeet |22 Jan,2011 07:30:15 PM

    I did not find any problem with power steering. Plastic componensts are not super finished they suffice their purpose. No I donot get any noise from body. Its barely half year I bought this vehicle, too early to speak about rusting. I have not seen any rusting.

  • sunil |01 Feb,2011 10:00:56 PM

    about twenty mechnic found that the main problem of oil leakage in engine comparment of indigo-ecs/dicor model. Problem has been resolved or not and explain the difference between-Dicor vs. ecs engine

  • CarDekho Team |02 Feb,2011 04:20:27 PM

    The Indigo e-CS is the short wheel base version of the Indigo, the engine remains the same ie the DICOR unit but on the e-CS Tata engineeres have done a few series of design changes in the cylinder head and sealing gaskets, along with improved camshafts and valves and an ECU re-calibration, friction less wheel bearings, lower-rolling resistance tubeless tyres. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • sunil |02 Feb,2011 11:15:17 PM

    you have not given proper reply regarding oil leakage in engine compartment of dicor/ecs-indigo cs car

    Sumeet |08 Feb,2011 10:36:55 PM

    I have not seen any leakages till date. Also the vehicle has done its 3 free services. Currently running at 12,000 Kms. Even servicing guys have not reported back any leakage.

  • jais |11 Feb,2011 11:33:41 PM

    i am researching on a diesel sedan. feel happy with eCS LX. Looks good. Have to take a test drive. hesitate on resale value.

  • Amit |12 Feb,2011 03:36:27 PM

    i am just bumping in to this thrad, i bought ecs elx on 12 dec 2010 , man i love this car , b4 i bought i did lots of research , i had two cars in mind 1. swift dezire 2. tata indigo ecs. After all research and heads up and down i made my choice for elx , it has got lots of soace inside , from outside very elegant sedan , mileage very good , in elx desiel the noise is very minimal and of course at least diseal is not as expensive , swift dezire for top end model would have cost me more than 6,80000. now talking about resale value so guys i have always noticed that diseal model cars always had good resale value , this ecs model of Tata is very competitive , swift dezire has very less space inside but interiors are good in comparision to ecs but i need more space inside like more leg room , swift dezire boot is awwful looking that damages the whole looks of it , But ecs elx man really looks nice sedan with good features , i hve drven arround 1500 km without ac avg is arround 19 km with ac it drops to arround 17 km but thats ok for a decent sedan . ilove this car and will reccomned it to others..... thanks :)

  • bsjsraju |15 Feb,2011 04:36:58 PM

    hi,folks,request for ur sugestions reg opting for ford figo or indigo ecslx.

  • anand |17 Feb,2011 11:53:11 AM

    Planning to buy Diesel car between 500000 to 600000.But confused between Ford figo,indigo ecs bs4 or swift. Please help me which one is better for space milage and comfortable back seats

  • ramanujam |23 Feb,2011 12:51:39 PM

    really TATA team done a excellent in all factors for this INDIGO e-CS LX BSIV. I completed 5000km till date, but there si no bad points like engine room leakage, noise level. really the indian model of LOW COST SEDAN superb in all factors.

  • Tridiv |25 Mar,2011 03:01:54 PM

    Dear Sumeet, I am planning to get eLX soon and need to know whether very low run (say only about 4 km per day for a period of about 9 months every year - as I will be out of station and my wife will be using it just for school / malls nearby) will ruin the engine? Have you heard / read anything about life of the eLX engine, or anything that might diminish its life? What the mechanics say about its life in normal circumstances? And, of course, except its fanatstic fuel efficiency, any major comment on your experience with your eLX? How costly are the servicing, oil cost etc? Any significant bad experience with the interior so far?

  • Tridiv Dutta |25 Mar,2011 03:12:43 PM

    Also, I have heard about haedlamps giving inadequate light. Is it so?

  • Saurabh |29 Apr,2011 06:30:14 PM

    Hey Sumeet, Thanks for your wonderful and detailed review, I was looking to go for this car. Can you please update with your latest experience regarding oil leakage, mileage, engine performance, maintenance cost etc. Thanks, Saurabh

  • Krishnaprasanth |01 May,2011 08:04:51 PM

    my name is prasanth. I am from kerala. eCS is my third car after 800 and wagonr. I purchased this car before 7 monts and passed 18000 kms. This car is Real Value for Money. Milage is super. I am getting 18 avge. Vehicle is under control even 90 kms/h. Very good performance. Pick up is super. Over taking is very easy. I had small problems in the first few days due to the lack of PDI. Those are not related to engine and main functions. Solved those probs in first servicing. Now my car is a star. I am a 13500 salaried person. Thank u tata for becoming me the owner of a sedan. My manager is still on a bike. :) . One more thing is my wife is very much happy with the design of this car. Ha ha .

  • Rohan DCosta |31 May,2011 04:27:08 PM

    After looking all the good comments on TATA Indigo eCS (not just on this site). I am really impressed. I will surely short list this car. Prashanth, your comment is really making me buy a Sedan. Sumeet, Thanks for this excellent review. Regards, Rohan

  • prabhat |14 Jun,2011 05:28:52 PM

    hi,Sumeet Planning to buy Diesel car But confused between Ford figo,indigo ecs bs4 or swift. Please help me which one is better for space milage and comfortable back seats,ac,service,overall performance. thanks

  • subhom |16 Jun,2011 12:41:35 AM

    I am planning to buy a indigo lx please guide me about Tdi engine or Cr4 engine ,about performance sound maintainence and expenses .I will have to use the car for both city and highway . Thanks Subhom

  • mamta sharma |18 Jun,2011 04:30:50 PM

    a vfm car i brought this sedan on 6th of june 2011 it is really fun with drive car like petrol car i have a bs 4 cr4 lx car .

  • jdgrtdr |19 Jun,2011 09:00:24 AM

    Good review

  • shyamji gupta |28 Jun,2011 12:52:07 PM

    hello iam planning to buy indigo cs tdi bs111,& indica ev2 lx about performance and maintenance and expenses which one is better indigo or indica ev2 AND FIGO

  • devanshu |30 Jun,2011 11:55:51 PM


  • Rahul |26 Jul,2011 03:45:57 PM

    hi...sumit, i am confused about indigo ecs backside logo. Is it like Indigo eCS or simply Indigo CS

  • ratnesh |19 Aug,2011 04:40:31 PM

    i purchesed it 8 months back....suspension is not that good....for bluthooth, u hv to purchase dongle seperately....front and rear speakers sound crashes when you raise volume above midium level..... seating is not that much comfort........BUT rest performance is perfect..mileage..AC..engine..pick-up...excellent..nyways overall package is good in 5.75 lacks.(diesel)..wht else they can give you in this amount...nice...

    Sumeet |22 Aug,2011 08:12:16 PM

    Not sure about suspension, it works perfect. Regarding sound crash, change the settings of your music system (eg. LOUD - OFF, SUB WOOFER - off, BASS/TREBEL) one of these should work. It happen for radio the sound will crash, but for CD's it should be great. They offer a lot for that price.

  • ratnesh |28 Aug,2011 06:42:54 PM

    yes, but i tried all these things before and got disappointed. Front right 4 speaker is already damaged. Now planning to change my audio system, keeping the HU same will change front, rear speakers and will fix amplifier with woofer. If anybody wants to suggest good audio combination, plz go ahead....thnx

  • Viswanath |25 Sep,2011 12:00:42 PM

    Dear all, Please tell me the differance between Indigo cs cr4 bs4 lx and vx

  • sekho |31 Oct,2011 05:06:27 PM

    Dear Sir, When i read the feature of Tata Indigo cs cr4 bs4 Lx, there is no Ac in it. Can you please Clarify it?

  • Pranjal Goswami |29 Nov,2011 11:38:24 AM

    Hi Sumeet Thanks for the wonderful review and reply to others query. Last yr Dec, I booked CS eLX Limited edition(Diesel), but unfortunately I couldn't buy that car. Now I am planning to buy eCS VX(Diesel), for which company claim 25KMPL. Do you have any idea about this car. Can you suggest me whether I go for this car or can I go for Manza Aura(Diesel)? Also please share your 1 and 1/2 yrs of experience with CS eLX. Thanks Pranjal

  • gokulprabhu |07 Dec,2011 06:00:30 PM

    Hi Sumeet..your review is wonderful...how much mileage you are getting in highway..

  • abdul |14 Jan,2012 07:56:34 PM

    are bhai maine to tata indigo ecs vx model liya hai kya baat hai!!!!! thanks tata group for making such a car

  • Hrushikesh |31 Mar,2012 11:53:27 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy indigo ecs GVX car.. my daily usage will be 10km. I see CR4 engine performance of diesel engine is good. Does anyone have any idea of the mileage of ecs GVX petrol car ?

  • raman |22 Apr,2012 01:19:22 PM

    hi sumit can u tell me the milege on highway if u measure it and wt is ur thought abt evx model which company claim 25 kmpl bt the engine and all features is same for both cars so hw can one give MILEGE of 18 and ane can give 22 or 23 can u clear it

  • Suraj |03 Nov,2012 09:10:31 PM

    Dear Friends I am confused between TATA Indigo LX or Indica Vist QDJ VX both having same on-road price of Rs. 5,65,000/-. Should I go for Indigo LX or Indica Vist QDJ VX. any suggestion please....???

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