Which one is better? Polo or Micra!

By for Nissan Micra Active from Hyderabad 2010-07-01 16:06:58.0
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Pros : Great looks, good price, amazing word of mouth

Cons : I really don't have an idea

Hello Everyone. I am planning to buy a new car within 6 Lacs and have narrowed down my choices to Nissan Micra and Volkswagen Polo. Both the cars seems to be impressive I am really confused on which one to buy finally. NIssan Micra is appealing in terms of the price and that I would love to own a Nissan car. The mileage promised seems to be attractive and also the features are quite promising. Polo on the other hand have had both negative and positive reviews as of now. Many users are reporting some problems, while most are praising the range of features that the car provides. I am really not sure on what points should I finally base my decision on. As far as the looks and price is concerned, I like both, for rest I would like to seek more assistance and found your site the best amongst the various auto portals as of now. I would appreciate any kind of reciprocation if received.

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  • Rashmi |05 Jul,2010 12:12:05 PM

    Hi Siddhart nene Volkswagen Polo is much better than Nissan Micra, as per the performance and mileage are more efficient of the all new Polo. But Nissan Micra has not commerical launched in the auto market so how to sure about its performance and mileage in the Indian market. Let's wait for the new Micra in India......................!

    pratik |02 Dec,2010 10:15:26 AM

    polo better ya nissan micra.purchase polo/micra

    CarDekho Team |03 Dec,2010 10:17:40 AM

    Both are well made cars, ones got typical Japanese design while others a strong German engineered car. Go for the Polo if you want the best in class fit and finish car or for the Micra if you want a car thats cute looking and also less costly than the Polo. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Ekta |16 Dec,2010 02:55:12 PM

    Polo is better on oveall parameters. Nissan has only 2/3 service centres including delhi/NCR. Volkswagon has a better coverage for servicing they have tied up with Maruti to use their infrastructure & deploy technology & resources for servicing Volkswagon customers. The only thing I did not like about Polo was the gear shift. I found it to be very hard. For a city drive specially in delhi, mumbai, Banglore kind of drive a smooth gear shift is must. But then this may be an initial experience of shifting from Maruti to vaolkwagon:) Try it out yourself.

    NITISH DUA |15 Nov,2012 06:18:53 PM

    The most fucking car i ever had a VOLKSWAGEN POLO. either opt for maruti suzuki swift but never go for volks a very bad experience with polo as it have various hidden cost and which u cant afford. and this is not much its i have tried a lot to contact to the head office but unfortunately there is no one to listen my problem the wrost shit about VOLKSWAGEN POLO is its fucking CHAMBER burst n its bangs up a surprise of RS. 2,00,000 So never opt for polo FOR MORE INFO CONTACT NITISHDUA5@YAHOO.COM

    sushant |12 May,2011 05:42:59 PM

    hi i am currently driving micra millege excellent milleage of 22 kmpl and 19/20 kmpl in mumbai city driving as per polo my fnd gets 16 kmpl in city and 19 kmpl at highway

    vvl |31 Mar,2012 10:45:07 PM

    Yes. It is true. I measured it my calculating KMs given for Full Tank to Empty on Odo meter. On Highways: When speed is 75-85 KM/H then mileage is 23 KMs/L When speed is 90-100 KM/H then mileage is 21 KMs/L When speed is 100-120 KM/H then mileage is 19-20 KMs/L Inside the city: 19-20 in avg traffic condition. I recently covered 10000 K.Ms in My Micra DCI. Cost for service: Rs 3500/- ( for Engine OIL, Filters, etc) Rs 250 for vehicle pickup and drop at your door steps. Since the service station is 40 KMs from my home I went with Vehicle pickup option. I felt it is much convenient than going for service station directly.

    sooraj |21 Dec,2015 04:38:38 PM

    Go for polo

  • Md.Akique |05 Jul,2010 11:18:47 PM

    Hi! I want to buy a car within 5 lakhs .I have decided to purchase cheverlet beat or nissan micra.PL suggest me which one is better option or u can give another option. Thanks

    tushar |05 Nov,2010 12:05:50 PM

    I think the Micra will be the better option, it has more features than the any other B segment car.........

    sooraj |21 Dec,2015 04:41:21 PM

    I think Micra is better

  • Narayanalal |12 Jul,2010 03:17:47 PM

    Hi, I am planning to purchase /interested Nissan Micra. I would like to have a test drive. What I have to do? I am from Calicut, Kerala. Pl. respond. Narayanalal 09961518262

    muhammed |02 Aug,2011 01:41:57 PM

    nw am using the micra....its my passion...really wonderfull experiance...but only the problm the shortage of service centers....i thing one service center in calicut.then u can go head with micra.............

  • Vicky |16 Jul,2010 08:44:08 AM

    Nissan Micra is undoubtedly the better of Beat or Polo. The engine is quite robust and execllent typically what Nissan is known for. Features are also great, making driving comfortable and pleasurable. I also found the space utilisation internally well managed while the other technological attributes are a must for gadget lovers. cheers

  • dr.shafi |25 Jul,2010 04:17:18 PM

    nissan micra is undoubtedly very best in the segment it has many innovative features like keyless entry which is new to a 6lakh budget car buyer of india.also it has a push button start too(in xv varient.).in kerala u can hav a test drive at EVM nissan at Eloor.,Cochin..regards..

  • parthiban |03 Aug,2010 05:22:23 AM

    I am planning to buy a car with in 5 lcks, Pl suggest which is best and suitable for indian roads,I am in coimbatore.

    Atish |24 Apr,2011 01:36:50 PM

    Go for Nissan Micra XL version just something more above 5 lacs & will enjoy the drive...hv a nice time

  • neeraj agarwal |06 Aug,2010 07:14:43 PM


    utkarsh singh |23 Oct,2011 04:12:26 PM

    der is a dealer in lko..!!its is near to BBD engeenering college..!! i am purchasing from there nly.!

  • Rajesh Sawant |07 Aug,2010 09:42:06 PM

    I wish to buy a car in goa, budget is app. 6 lacs, which is best among i20, micra and polo, i am looking for millage efficient car with comforts

    gurshind |07 Feb,2013 06:06:02 PM

    polo is the best opption my friend i think u should go for it

  • kundan |14 Aug,2010 03:59:23 PM

    Hi, friends, i am planning to purchase a car in the range of Rs.6.00 lacs. Have shortlisted I-10 and Micra. I-10 is tested car in Inidia and its worth investing in. But having taken a test drive of Micra, its really amazing But one thing that keeps me constrained is the post sales services and mileage of Micra. Pls suggest, should i go for micra

    P M Patel |20 Mar,2012 12:11:54 AM

    Micra is the best among all in this segment. It has very special feachers nobody can dare to give you at this price.

    sandip |15 Apr,2012 05:58:44 PM

    Dear Sir I am planing to buy nissan micra xv diesel r u useing the same pls advice as 1-2 person told me that when 4-5 passangers in the car little pickup and balance is low is it true ? and advice also yr overhaul experiance thanks / regards sandip 099 24 32 32 32

    vijay |29 Jun,2013 01:38:10 AM

    never buy nissan micra...for two years i ve been driving xv petrol....engine heat up,clutch plates burnt four times...i lodge a complaint n filed a case aginst the dealer...so beware !!!

  • Anand |15 Aug,2010 08:06:50 PM

    Planning to book a i10 in within this week. Was hoping to test out Nissan, but surprisingly there is no dealer in Kolkata. Pls update if there is an dealer in Kolkata and if service would not be a problem.

    Adi |17 Nov,2010 12:55:47 AM

    There is a dealer in kolkata, in Salt Lake. Just after SaltLake gate

    pawan singhania |26 Dec,2011 01:30:36 AM

    CHANDRANI NISSAN is the dealer in Kolkata.1/1A, Mahendra Roy Lane, Kol=46. Near 4No. Pull. Phone: 40004444

  • mohan raman |19 Aug,2010 08:50:31 PM

    Hai, I have booked a Polo in June with Phoenix cars at Calicut, Kerala. The car was bokked on the dealer's assurance that delivery will be effected by end August. Now by giving excuses that logistic strike etc. the dealer skips out. He suggested that I can cancel my booking if I cannot wait indefinitely. I have decided to go for Nissan Micra which I feel is better in features,price and delivery.

  • John |20 Aug,2010 10:10:00 AM

    I want to buy car between 3.5 to 5.0 lacs, which one will be the best. Further, do diesel cars have more problem as compared to petrol... Please guide. THANKS JOHN

  • NARSINHBHAI ZAVERBHAI PATEL |31 Aug,2010 02:52:12 PM

    Hi, friends, i am planning to purchase a car in the range of Rs.4.00 to 6.00 lacs.Pl suggest which is best and suitable for indian roads,I am in Navsari(gujarat).

  • somesh sharma |02 Sep,2010 09:52:51 PM

    i have bought new nissan micra.. but surprisingly it's not to good as i thought about nissan... it's comfort level is high ... but mileage is really poor.. and where as it's intriors are same old black and really dull...

    prerana |03 May,2011 09:16:11 AM

    i want to buy it within two three days , u said its not good , please suggest after R&D i choose micra. if not micra than what?

    Sathish |31 Jul,2011 04:13:08 PM

    hi prerana micra- comfort levelis good,poor mileage . for more info mail me rsathish_08@yahoo.co.in

  • babu |05 Sep,2010 07:24:58 AM

    hi, friends, i am planning to buy nez car range from 3to 5lac,really confused about nissan micra and vols polo, anyone one guide me

  • rajinder |05 Sep,2010 11:51:06 PM

    what is the cost of the nisan micra through csd in punjab

  • sheemin |13 Sep,2010 05:25:42 PM

    please get the auto transmission car in india..

  • hemal |16 Sep,2010 09:45:29 AM

    give me suggestion which car i buy nissan micra or ford figo

    ANIL KUMAR |15 Dec,2010 12:43:35 PM

    hi am going to plan a car in month of dec end i little confuse between nisaan micra ,i 10 or ford figo. which car i buy in petrol

    CarDekho Team |16 Dec,2010 12:39:38 PM

    Go for the Micra if you want a fresh looking trendy car, go for the i10 if you want a peppy little car or the Figo if you want a large boot and biggest cabin space. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    sushant |12 May,2011 05:39:09 PM

    forget figo buy micra any ways figo is cheaper but the cost for spare parts will take away all the savings of figo

    Sandip |25 Nov,2011 12:07:19 AM

    Go for micra undoubtedly if you can comprise with the mileage compared to other cars.

  • Sagar Narvekar |18 Sep,2010 11:20:03 AM

    pl give me a suggestion which car is better of Polo (Petrol version ) or Ford figo (Petrol Version)

  • bhavin patel |27 Sep,2010 10:48:16 AM

    hi i am planing to buy a car between 3 to 5 lack.i like three cars nissan micra,ford figo and alto k10.which one is good among it.

  • siddarth |17 Oct,2010 12:58:36 PM

    Is there a dealer for Nissan Micra at Thiruvananthapuram ?

  • Neeraj sharma |26 Oct,2010 09:51:43 PM

    East or west i20 is the best because nissan micra lookr mandack and polo milage was so bad but i20 have good look good milage in crdi 1.4 diesel 21.92 and great pick up and his transmission was so good 6 speed manul and 4 speed auto i think i20 asta desel model you buy it have 6 air bags abs and more sefty fecilety.to more detile call 7864209211 mumbai neeraj

    tanmay |13 Nov,2010 01:12:54 PM

    bro!!its a pulpy car....

  • somasundaran |28 Oct,2010 03:53:35 PM

    in kerala generally all roads are bumpy and having potholes. will the drving of nissan micra be uncomfortable in these conditions

  • anoop |02 Nov,2010 06:17:11 PM

    Both are good car, but parts of nissan is costlier than VW.

    SUSHANT |12 May,2011 05:36:59 PM

    hi anoop nissan micra is the most cheapest me and my fnd both took diesel cars i took diesel micra my fnd took a polo our 1 st servicing was done which i paid 3500 with oil change and air filter change (with labour) polo 1st service was costing him for the same rs 12500

    prabhu |31 Mar,2012 10:47:30 PM

    Yes. It is true. Cost for service: Rs 3500/- ( for Engine OIL, Filters, etc) Rs 250 for vehicle pickup and drop at your door steps. Since the service station is 40 KMs from my home I went with Vehicle pickup option. I felt it is much convenient than going for service station directly. I recently covered 10000 K.Ms in My Micra DCI. I measured mileag by calculating KMs given for Full Tank to Empty on Odo meter. On Highways: When speed is 75-85 KM/H then mileage is 23 KMs/L When speed is 90-100 KM/H then mileage is 21 KMs/L When speed is 100-120 KM/H then mileage is 19-20 KMs/L Inside the city: 19-20 in avg traffic condition.

  • ravi |13 Nov,2010 10:32:47 PM

    The looks of nissan as compared to polo are not bad,but online performance on Indian roads filled with pits and potholes could be a test of the cars resilience and companies populist ads.We Indians are best at counting chickens before they are hatched.The latest nissan diesel scheduled to release in december is filled with high promises .Let us wait and watch its performance before giving any comments.

  • B>SUBBAROYAN |14 Nov,2010 07:25:58 AM

    The reviews gave me a good suggestion to bye Ford Figo.Thank you very much.

  • vikram |10 Dec,2010 12:20:28 AM

    Guys, I own a Nissan Micra,I test drove all the cars in its segment and went for Micra. I have now driven it 5000 kms, note that the service intervall is 10000 kms. Even today when I drive the car it feels the same way as it did when i first got its dilivery. Excellent engine, absolutely no noise, rattling...nothing, just impecable performance. I have driven to speeds up to 150 kmph with no problem, the only issue is i have not found a place close by to drive faster than that.It is giving me a consistant mileage of 15.5 kmpl in the city. On long drive about 17.5,there has been not a single issue with the car which makes me wonder why they need many service centers! when you need to take it to the service station only once in 10000 kms. Believe me this car is a BUY by ALL means.Just a note on polo horrible interior space & engine noise. Cheers to all Micra owners. Hey how about a Micra club. Do we start one?

    atul |06 May,2011 09:18:29 AM

    ou bought petrol or diesel??

    R Ch |27 May,2011 12:49:44 PM

    Definitely I agree with u. It has very comfortable interiors as compared to polo which has very bad head room on rear seats and horrible engine noise even in petrol variant. The only problem with my Micra is horn like noise in rear barkes which started only after driving 1000 kms. Any experience with u ?

    deepak kashyap |19 Feb,2015 01:23:33 PM

    Yes Vikram, i too own a Micra petrol version. The noise it makes once i open my throttle is amazing and appealing. It makes me really proud to own such a vehicle which never says no to race. I have driven it 11000 in just 9 months of purchase.

  • vikram |10 Dec,2010 12:25:20 AM

    Hey, was just reading some of the comments above. Bumps are a no issues for micra, its got excellent handling and very good suspension. These bangalore roads are not free of pot holes mind you & till date after riding it 5000 kms I dont hear a single noise. You can email me if you need any info on my love The Micra

    suhas |11 Dec,2010 07:14:27 PM

    hey suhas here,nice to hear you about micra ,hope whtever u said goes same hve booked same receiving on 16th dec of this month if you can help more about performance and overall, will be more happy to here frm u.

    praveen |11 Dec,2010 10:15:41 PM

    I think Nissan Micra definitely deserves for the value for money, in the budget bracket and Nissan stepped in India with a blast and boom the hatch market more competitive. Nissan is Japanese technology and is not bad, well known company-gr8 looks- i think the new engine really plays well as i used to drive nissan car, an ultimate drive. So, dont worry it sounds good in your life and your family.

    praveen |11 Dec,2010 10:19:55 PM

    one the other hand think of Desi Dudes as well like TATA & MAHINDRA then rest which is very crucial to develop our national income. THANK YOU FRIENDS.

    Hiren |17 Jun,2011 02:02:49 PM

    desi dudes like mahindra and tata should have capability to launch good cars in the country. their cars dont seem to be attractive then y support them?

    P.G.Bhat |22 Dec,2010 12:29:19 PM

    Hi, Iam planning to by micra.Could you please contact me through this No. 9980166015..

    CarDekho Team |22 Dec,2010 02:18:57 PM

    Hi Mr. P. G. Bhat, we would like to inform you that we have passed you request to our auto sales experts, one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks

    tanya |28 Jan,2011 01:12:02 PM

    Hi Vikram, I am planning to buy Nissan Micra Diesel, but a bit confused with the reviews on net. Can you mail me more details about your experience with Micra. -Isha

    Sivakumar |20 Nov,2011 07:19:02 PM

    Gentlemen I am from chennai and am planning to buy a nissan micra xe plus. Previously i had a santro and was 100% satisfied with its performance. Going for a change because it has completed five years. You reviews on the nissan would help me decide wheter to go for it or not. Tks in advance for your reply. 20/11/11 7.18 P.M

    Kiran |09 Dec,2011 04:57:02 PM

    Hello Vikram, How is your micra doing ? From which dealer did you buy it in banaglore -Kiran

  • V.A.Gandhi |12 Dec,2010 07:56:14 PM

    I am planning to purchase a car between the range of 4.00 to 5.00 lacs Rs. pls suggest me a car. I am from Rajkot, Gujarat

    abc |22 Mar,2011 02:23:47 PM

    buy 4 nanos

    hahaha |09 Jan,2013 11:03:36 PM

    hahahaha ur comment killed it bro ! can't stop laughing 4 nanos

  • vijay |04 Jan,2011 03:59:19 PM

    Guys polo,micra,i20,figo and fabia which one is better as per your own experience. I am planning to take in the range of 6.5 to 7. Please suggest me.

    CarDekho Team |04 Jan,2011 05:01:40 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that you can opt for Hyundai i20 because it has ample of space as compared to other given cars, the maintenance cost is low, the resale value is good and is certified by European Safety Standards.Also the service network of Hyundai is widespread. Volkswagen Polo is also a good option as the car has been dominating in the domestic market this year. This German engineering product is well crafted,spacious and fuel efficient too. Thanks

  • S. C. JOSHI |12 Jan,2011 11:46:46 PM

    I wish to opt out of Ford Fiego or Nissan Micra Diesel varient. Can any body help me in deciding the issue, as both cars have its own googness. However I like Micra Shapewise and internal space.

  • kapil |04 Feb,2011 10:55:20 PM

    micra micra

  • kapil |04 Feb,2011 10:56:22 PM


  • CarDekho Team |22 Mar,2011 02:37:56 PM

    On the VW Polo you get European looks, best is class quality and fit-finish and a drivable engine on the Micra you get a typical Japanese design car with good space all around and a Diesel option that is one of the most efficient and powerful car in its segment.

  • Akshay Jain |24 Mar,2011 01:01:26 AM

    gaadi lene aaya tha mood change kr diya.....

    Bhargav Mistry |06 Sep,2011 08:51:18 AM

    You are wise!

  • CarDekho Team |24 Mar,2011 07:43:46 AM

    Both the Polo and the Micra are very good cars, the Polo has best in class fit finish and typical German touch to it while the Micra has the Japanese feel on it. The Polo has 3 engine options ie the 1.2 Petrol, 1.2 Diesel and the 1.6 Petrol while the Micra has 2 versions, 1.2 Petrol and the 1.5 DCi Diesel. After sales is better on the VW currently as they have more dealers and service centres while Nissan has very few currently. Take your pick.

  • muhammed salih kulangara |25 Mar,2011 04:19:18 AM

    hi guys i am intresting for nissan micra

  • pruthvi |29 Mar,2011 12:27:12 PM

    i wish to buy new car range below 5 lacs...which car is goog...

  • Indumathi |11 May,2011 04:57:41 PM

    Hi Please advice....can anyone share experience with Reva....Am planni gto buy an ecofriendly car...don't seem to have many options Thanks

  • kanak |31 May,2011 11:15:59 AM

    Dear all, I am looking for diesel cars around 6lacs, which one is the best among below three models Swift / Micra / Polo. Plz note that i am lokking for confort also, where my height is 6feet. Regards, Raju

  • kavitha |27 Jun,2011 04:48:45 PM

    wishing to buy a car around 5 lks.confused between polo and micra and i10!!pls help??

  • sohit |14 Jul,2011 05:51:29 PM

    i am planning to buy a new diesel car . which car should i buy maruti ritz or nissan micra diesel or give some other suggestion?

  • ahsan |20 Jul,2011 02:48:10 PM

    i am a medical student, ma dad's got a plan to buy me a car... He has put forth a budget of 6-7 lakhs... My requirements are, a car, with auto-transmission and better fuel efficiency, diesel variant. Any suggestions...? People can email me the details too. Thanx.

  • M.R. Raghu |22 Jul,2011 10:51:07 PM

    MICRA will be the best choice, POLO on the other hand is more expensive in its maintenance, as it is a German car.

  • MR.Avinash |11 Aug,2011 02:37:02 PM

    I want to buy a small diesel car,which one is the best amongest these according to Mileage,Low spare parts cost,performance-Polo,Micra,Ritz,I-20,& Fiego ?

  • rachit |27 Sep,2011 12:38:31 PM

    i want to buy a car around 6 lacs,which one is the best option..micra,polo,i20 or figo..

  • preet |04 Oct,2011 12:06:41 PM

    what is the resale value of micra in market

  • preet |04 Oct,2011 12:08:15 PM

    what is the resale value of micra in market?

  • prajin |02 Nov,2011 08:14:53 PM

    hey frens..even im planning to buy a new car...a ive been confused a lot due to the various reviews f polo and micra diesel.. ive driven micra diesel ..ita a lovely car..hope i will get a new micra diesel car soon..cheers to micra

  • prashant |29 Dec,2011 01:05:19 AM

    I have just booked a micra XV petrol. I have always loved beetle and seeing its resemblance in micra I got inclined towards it. though i was always convinced with the look features,and feel of the car but actually it was the good discount that nissan offered recently, and pushed it in a bracket wherein its just impossible to get features like ABS and Airbag within this price range, that made me give up on my personal admiration for swift and go for the micra. hope it doesnt throw surprises :)

    v p vaiphei |13 Jul,2013 02:00:33 AM

    exactly thats why i tried to buy this car. it resembles vw beetle. its a fully loaded little man with great efficiency.

  • charles miller |28 Jan,2012 11:40:44 PM

    hi ppl, please suggest me for nissan micra, vw polo and i2o. which car do you prefer. im so confused. bcause this is my 1st car..., im looking in diesel version.

    P M Patel |20 Mar,2012 12:19:04 AM

    Nissan is better then i20 and Polo, as per my knowledge as an enginner. I have used Nissan in the year 1987, when I was in US. My experience is great for Nissasn.

  • prabaha bagchi |10 Mar,2012 01:35:05 AM

    i am planning to buy hyundai i20 asta petrole model.is it right choice?plz help me.

  • martin |17 Apr,2012 06:00:06 PM

    Dis are my options, what should i go for and why. Volkswagen Polo Chevrolet Beat Nissan micra Hyundai i10 Ford Figo Fiat Punto

  • balu bhawar |22 Jul,2012 06:30:36 PM

    hello, plz tell me the nissan micra is better or maruti suzuki zdi.

    NITISH DUA |15 Nov,2012 06:22:50 PM


  • NITISH DUA |15 Nov,2012 06:17:58 PM

    The most fucking car i ever had a VOLKSWAGEN POLO. either opt for maruti suzuki swift but never go for volks a very bad experience with polo as it have various hidden cost and which u cant afford. and this is not much its i have tried a lot to contact to the head office but unfortunately there is no one to listen my problem the wrost shit about VOLKSWAGEN POLO is its fucking CHAMBER burst n its bangs up a surprise of RS. 2,00,000 (APPROX.) So never opt for polo FOR MORE INFO CONTACT NITISHDUA5@YAHOO.COM

  • Madhava |28 Feb,2013 03:18:34 AM

    HI I AM PLANNING TO BUY A CAR BETWEEEN RANGE OF(6-7 HUNDRED THOUSANDS) , and i have opted for to choose 2 cars(eighter nissan micra or sowft) if any has expereince with these 2 brands please suggest me which one is the bet interms of saftey and look and feel, forget abt mileage.

  • Harsh |27 Apr,2013 11:43:12 PM

    Hi, i am planning to buy a Car for the first time and because of this i am little bit confused whether to invest huge amount to buy cars like polo or micra... also please do suggest which car to opt (micra or polo or i20 ro swift) ...

  • dhruval |29 Jul,2013 02:30:11 PM

    does nissan micra active XE has power windows???? nd in built audio system???

    Ajit Kumar |14 Sep,2013 03:55:37 PM

    Sorry no power window n no audio system in XE go for XL or XV

  • Sudhi |30 Jan,2016 10:27:35 PM

    Talk about service cost

  • k n v pullam Raju |13 Aug,2016 06:06:59 PM

    I love nissan micra and i finally buy it it is so confortable and i like all the fetures of micra this car looks exallent

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