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Ready to be disappointed after all hype abt New Swift

By for Maruti Swift from noida 2011-08-19 10:13:35.0
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Pros : interier space mileage

Cons : too much hype for cosmic changes

After eagerly waiting for new swift, Yesterday I visited Maruti showroom to have a look at new Maruti swift. Surprised that causally looking car doesn't look any different from old one. Only when youspecially look for changes in it, you find that backside has changed and it look slightly bigger than old swift overall. Then I had a look inside and to my surprise with all this hype, I didn't feel any significant improvements in interiors. I thought it is lower version but found out that it was VDI :(There was new silver trims done in interiors and steering but feels like somebody has just pasted it there to make it colorful and look bit cheap. I personally don't feel interior has improved from last swift, I will put them at same level. On the back seat leg space has improved from earlier but don’t expect much. Then I had a look at boot space and its less than old swift and it was disappointing for me that even after increasing length by 90 mm, only little addition as useful space in the car. Where is that 90 mm length increase has gone??? Also I have come to know that Diesel performance in mid range has been reduced significantly in order to get 6% increase in mileage. User could have get it done from mechanic themselves. I don’t see it as refinement if you trade performance for mileage. Maruti has just improved tit-bit in this car and creating big hype of overall make over. Do not expect too much from this as this will disappointment you for sure. I had booked VDI just 2 days after the booking started for new swift but now I am a bit confused about this buy. I suggest you guys to have a look and test drive before going forward with this.

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  • asheesh khare |19 Aug,2011 01:46:40 PM

    i visited maruti showroom for swift and ritz had a test drive also, then figo followed by punto. and after comparing all the features, ride quality and solid build decided to go for great punto. blv me its great decision and advice you too for the same

    Aswin |22 Aug,2011 03:17:06 PM

    fiat is a fiat and u will know it when you are trying to sell one.. low value

    asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 12:48:20 PM


    gokul |05 Sep,2011 06:06:38 PM

    car is to drive and enjoy for few years... no use of thinking selling cars....nowadays used cars value are less

    asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 12:55:16 PM

    if want to compromise with safety and comfort only for the sake of 1 lakh rupee diff after 4 yrs to sell it out then definately one must go for any other then punto

    Gibson |24 Aug,2011 01:00:38 AM

    I had booked the swift zdi and have to wait till January for delivery, I walked into the TATA Fiat showroom, Test drove the Grande Punto 90HP, I am in love with the fiat...My heart definitly wins over my sane mind...i am gonna cancel the booking for Swift and get my 90HP baby...:-)

    asheesh khare |24 Aug,2011 03:10:03 PM

    blv me its ur great decision. its beautifull car with all facility of premium car for any info u can talk to me @ 9792698532

    kaushik roy |28 Aug,2011 07:55:00 PM

    do u think that ppl doesnot do r&d before buying a car? fiat and ford is not at all a match for maruti, be in spares,mileage, service stns or price. I donot think that i will keep a car for 10 years even if its is a toyota leave aside fiat. Hence have to look in all aspects including resale value.

    Gibson |29 Aug,2011 12:44:07 AM

    Kaushik I did do my research and understood the benefits of getting a suzuki.. good aftersales support, spares, etc ..and i had to wait for four months till Jan. I already have a Hyundai Getz GLS which is ultra reliable and doing good but i decided to get a new car, after a lot of online research i found out that the FIAT is good value and you are right maybe it is not as good as the swift in terms of re sale or servicability, but I test drove the Fiat and I couldn help. I was in love with its looks and its exclusivity and after a lot of research on line .. i understood its pros and cons and made my choice ... it is my heart which won over my mind

    kaushik roy |02 Jan,2012 04:39:09 PM

    gibson, all said and done, i have cancelled my swift booking as of now, the sales commitment given by vendors are really pathetic, may consider fresh in this new year, thanks

    asheesh khare |05 Sep,2011 09:34:27 PM

    no comparison of any car with punto. just take test drive then post ur comment

  • vikas maurya |19 Aug,2011 04:11:09 PM

    yes....i do agree with him.......

  • rao |19 Aug,2011 05:01:15 PM

    Completely agree friend...after all that hype..it was a bit too much.. Very disappointed..And the On road price of Zdi in Bangalore is toooooo much...had booked one..but now thinking to cancel it !!!

  • sanjay |19 Aug,2011 07:47:09 PM

    yes,defenitly we hv 2 check for this

  • Cheruvu |20 Aug,2011 07:17:30 AM

    Swift is really good. I do not agree with this cment made bykhare

    asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 12:53:37 PM

    blv me dear its truth. i m agree swift is a v good car but at the same time punto is : think hatke and blv me its great choice

    cheru |23 Aug,2011 02:56:12 PM

    offcourse, but check the Maintanence cost and resale value of Punto and decide.i hopr Punto may be good car but on these two aspects i deny your opinion,

    asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 07:07:53 PM

    i think you dont know about maintanance cost of it: 50 months warranty , free RSA and as for as service interval is concern better then swift @ 15000 km. as for as resale is concern we must not compromise for resale @ safety which is backbone of punto as its steel is 240 kg heavier then swift which like paper with no safety for collision. if you are buying car only for the sake of resale instead of ride quality, safety and beauty then definately u must go for swift without 2nd thought. after all its your money

    Cheruvu |23 Aug,2011 08:17:16 PM

    mr. you Punto and enjoy youself . but do not try to impose your view point on others. that it. you will realise after usage of the punto car and then only you can understand what i tried to make a point. all the best and enjoy punto. but my strong point and vote is for Maruti product and that too swift only. ok.

    kaushik roy |28 Aug,2011 07:57:10 PM

    guys... he seems to be a sales person from fiat... trying to adverse maruti customers to fiat. good try khare but ppl are not fools.

    raul |01 Jan,2012 09:14:04 AM

    He is not fooling you all, I have a maruti product , one of the worst services they provide now a days, and expensive too. Still thinking to sell this current maruti, and buy a punto. Only the fiat diesel engine is a gem, rattles are very common I feel the ritz interior quality is better than the new swift

    pravesh |19 Jan,2012 06:41:46 PM

    i agree,, even maruti buys its engines from fiat

    asheesh khare |05 Sep,2011 09:38:26 PM

    dear koshik i m manager sales in MNC company. love punto active model which i hv. do u know what a sales person is? from sales man to ceo : i hope u get my point

  • arun |20 Aug,2011 09:30:30 AM

    not up to the mark.

  • venkat |20 Aug,2011 01:39:45 PM

    guys how bt nissan micra ? is it worth for money than swift?

  • Gracias |20 Aug,2011 11:45:08 PM

    for 5lakh rupees u will get like this type of car ..if u want a car in ur expectation then go for cars above 10 lakh ..but dont say its waste..

  • chanakya |21 Aug,2011 12:43:06 PM

    The Italian beauty(Punto) is definitely the best choice at this price point. But please do inquire about its after sales services and then buy this car.

    asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 12:51:42 PM


  • chanakya |21 Aug,2011 01:15:39 PM

    Did you inquire about Indica Xeta and Xeta LPG???? Its a far mor better and a spacious car. I would strongly recommend you the xeta before you go for the 'BOX' car.

    chanakya |21 Aug,2011 01:16:39 PM

    Sorry, i posted this ans here by mistake.

  • Naresh |25 Aug,2011 09:48:00 AM

    I vote for punto interms of features,safety,spacious,boot size and looks.Also after sales service has been improved. The only concern for me is the fuel efficiency and cost of spare parts.Can anybody tell me what is the mileage in city and highway , cost of spare parts compared to maruti.

  • subhash |28 Aug,2011 02:24:47 PM

    Dear sir I am confused to buy the car either swift diesel or Petrol. Also is it worth to buy punto. I am not concerned for the price. I want specious as good as tata indica. Subhash Mehta 94295 34790

  • rajinder singh sandhu |28 Aug,2011 09:55:19 PM

    There are lot of matter to concern before purchasing hatchback.If we want for good service or resale value then definitely go to maruti showroom. but on the other hand if we want good quality product then u cant go with maruti bcz maruti use cheap material to manufacturer the products i m from punjabi i cant say about new car but daily i see two or three accident on roads of maruti product specially old swift. that car was speed but not control .so i m also going to buy i20 asta.

  • anil bhatti |30 Aug,2011 07:24:25 PM

    dear friends i want to buy a good hatchback my heart is on swift and polo .plz guide me in this matter. i would not like to compromise b/w quality and price.

    asheesh khare |05 Sep,2011 09:32:33 PM

    go for punto will forget all car models

  • anil bhatti |30 Aug,2011 07:26:07 PM

    is maruti pumpin up its production of swift to meet d demand, how much time i have to wait if i get it booked now.

  • Dr.Naresh , Hyderabad |31 Aug,2011 01:55:05 AM

    guys ..am confused btwn new swift, i20 , nissan micra . New swift has less legspace on backside and little lower interiors.. Is it worth going for i20 or nissan micra , kindly advise.

  • PRASADKR |11 Sep,2011 11:12:35 AM

    I am willing to buy a car swift VDI deisel . Is it having good leg space in front &back . Please advise

  • Anilkumar |19 Nov,2011 04:48:26 PM

    I have enquered and researched on all types of diesel variants lagged several times to punto and tata and hyundai. Finally I decided to wait. now i am a swift owner proudly saying swift owner

  • SundaramPeriyasasmy |23 Dec,2011 06:11:02 PM

    please don't buy new swift vdi .Like two month before i brought the new swift vdi .i am face lot of problem oil leakage and gear problem.

    raul |01 Jan,2012 09:20:46 AM

    even my friedn has this problem , he has got rattling problem also. His vehicle has hardly run for 500 kms. Maruti is taking customers for a ride and has reduced quality

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