Rexton RX7 True Feedback In Detail..Hope it will clear all doubts..

By for Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton 2013-08-05 03:30:55.0
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Before I proceed I would like to mention that I read almost all reviews & watched all videos of Rexton of all generations across worldwide websites and not just on indian websites. Offcourse my first choice was Fortuner but thanks to its long waiting period that gave me the chance to drive Rexton inbetween and changed my decision forever. Also I took testdrive 4 times of both vehicles before concluding RX7 as my SUV. Also the Price was never a factor for me to chose Rexton above Fortuner but it does play improtant part if we start comparing the features of both SUVs Look and Style   There is no doubt that RX7 is one of the best looking SUVs available as of today. If you compare it with Fortuner, Captiva or SantaFe I may only consider Fortuner as the only competitor however I chose RX7 coz in my city (Gurgaon, Haryana) every second SUV is Fortuner and I am really sick of its looks, secondly Rexton may not look aggresive like Fortuner but its bigger than fortuner & more subtle lines & chrome unlike flashy chromes of fortuner, thats the only reason RX7 gets all head turns towards it by all Audi,BMW & Fortuner owners offcourse. LED Lines on headlamp & Tail Lamp make it look extremely stylish at night. I got myself Black color which indeed suits this SUV really well. The INTERIORS are loaded with features, its better if you go to the rexton website and go through them and I will mention the remaining features at the end of this review. My wife travels alot in Innova as her company's transport facility and when we went for the test drive of Fortuner she could barely make any difference on interiors (No offense to Fortuner owners) and She always wanted me to buy Audi Q3 just because of the Looks & Interiors however My Idea to buy RX7 was to have a really SUV with good space. Comfort  It can surely beat any SUV in comfort factor as it has excellent suspension though sometimes you feel they are really soft however I tried this SUV on Jimcorbett jungle drives and it supported really well and trust I didnt have to do much to control it as AWD and excellent suspension did excellent job. Alll Leather seats are extremely comfortable better than any SUV I have driven so far including BMW X1 which was terrible on a road trip. Yes If we talk about Braking it is very powerful however the soft suspension pushes little infront that makes you feel that brakes are not effective but in reality the brakes are excellent and you actually start enjoying that push once you get use to this SUV.   Pickup  The only question that kept till the end in my mind after every test drive was the pick up better from its competitors or shoudl I consider 8 seconds time for the total pickup time as it was an AT Diesel. The pick up isnt great for 1-2 seconds however it picks up really well in next couple of seconds. However if you are in hurry Than switching to MANUAL Mode takes care of that. This is one feature that can really fun if you wanna zip zap on Indian roads. You can switch gears like Playstation on your steering and have fun while beating others. Its not highlighted by company on their website but it does bring alot of fun to this SUV Mileage I wont talk much about Mileage as the first service is due on completing 10000KMs which is kind of dropback in their service manual. So far i am getting 7-8 in City and 10-11 on highways and in high   Best Features  Countless however Mine Favs are Big Sunroof, Memorized Auto Seats ( Not just memorizes it when turn off the car it auto lands backwards to let you get out & in thats simply amazing) Manual Gear Mode, Super Advanced Cruise Control that can be set on incline/decline mode, you can speed up without touching your pedal..dont need to set the speed again even when you stop completely just cross 40 press the Cruizecontrol and it takes you back to the top speed you set..Highfi audio system..Freaking Automatic control for every setting you can think off..   Once again there is no comparison when it comes to features with Fortuner or any other SUV.. Having said all this .. This review is Seriously for Automatic Buyers..if you are looking for Manual drive SUV look for some other review..You cant beat fortuner manual with Rexton Manual.. So if you want an AT AWD like AN AUDI or BMW..with all features.. go for Rexton RX7..   Needs to improve  Car keys..Old model keys..Should have been a foldable key or  I should say keyless start stop would have been there..but not a big trouble as such   Overall Experience So far amazing..Once I cross 10K Kms would again review..

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  • Remy |13 Aug,2013 11:24:25 PM

    Just waiting for the launch in Goa

  • Varsha |14 Mar,2014 05:17:46 PM

    Hey Harsh! ur review really helps..Thanks a lot! However, as every other buyer I am confused between Fortuner & RX7 (though I loved RX7 anytym) bcos of the simple reason of their service policy on every 10000 kms. I really need to knw how has been ur experience & how long do they take to return the car as I see u mentioned that u'll review again after ur first service. Pls. advice! Thanks!

  • Ashish mahendru |29 Mar,2014 04:30:13 PM

    Hi harsh Thanks for the extensive insight. Really helpful review. I have taken 4 test drives myself and pickup is not that big an issue. Comfort wise I'm convinced that fortune isn't even close..I'm little concerned about the milage though..will b really helpful if you could revert with post 10k km review.

  • BIPIN |07 Jun,2014 01:43:37 PM

    Hi HARSH GOPALANI, Thanks in advance I am from Kerala & yet haven€™t got a chance to feel this vehicle since I am working abroad. I prefer to buy an automatic SUV and interested in Rexton RX7. But I have some apprehensions regarding this vehicle & I think you can help me a lot to take a final decision. I usually travel at a speed 60-80 km/hr, mixed city- highway- village-high range use. 1) Most reviews highlights engine roar & cabin noise as cons. Does it really kill the pleasure? Is it much higher than other SUVs? 2) About the body roll compared to its rivals? 3) Quality of materials compared to the rivals? 4) Some have mentioned about the noise filtering through the sunroof. Is it bothering? 5) Does the steering so light to lose confidence at higher speed & muddy roads? 6) How it feel in bumper to bumper traffic situations? 7) What about the Mahindra Service?

  • HJS |23 Jun,2014 07:43:19 PM

    Bought the same in Feb '14 and my experience is so far terrible. The vehicle is out for repair every 3 weeks, even in the presence of Mahindra staff is the garage not able to fix the problems. It's mostly smaller issues such as rattling seats, non-working buttons & auxiliary devices but I have a feel that things get worse every time the car comes back. It shows that the quality control of the manufacturing & maintenance network is really really poor. I've owned some 20 cars before and this is by far the worst experience I ever had. I'm honestly scared when day comes that they have to do maintenance at critical items such as the brakes; I might probably sell the car before that... The 1-2 sec pickup delay is btw from the turbo charger, it needs to build pressure. Nothing to do with switching the gearbox to M, won't help. On that note, the M mode is a joke, not comparable to other vehicles. You can't select the gear, you can only limit it to a max gear -- just like you could limit in the old days with automatic gearboxes. But the best bug is that when you switch from D to M, the gearbox goes to first gear. Try switching to M while you're on the highway at 120km/h!

    ufugigi |04 Jul,2015 10:42:28 AM

    If ufo gufyfu gyu gigi

  • Dugcng b |12 May,2015 07:12:48 PM

    Best car for me

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