Mistake, Big Mistake

By for Ford Figo from Ukhra 2010-08-13 02:31:14.0
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Pros : Nothing

Cons : Everything

I made a disaster by purchasing this car. I earlier have used Maruti cars and should have stuck to it. U cannot compare a Maruti car with this. I have already driven this monster for 5000km, and I am ready to exhange it for a second hand tractor.

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  • neeraj |13 Aug,2010 02:41:56 AM

    Hi Ashesh, Can you please tell for benefit of all of us what problems have you faced while driving this car. I am thinking to buy this car and your comments would be really appreciated. Thanks

    amit |20 Jan,2011 05:44:40 PM

    Kindly go ahead and buy tractor... you deserve it and you have lot of choices in tractors. please reply ..i ll advice you.

    Manu |04 Apr,2011 07:13:19 PM

    Do not buy a tractor now your Figo will give that sound after 1 year...

    rahul jain |16 Apr,2011 10:55:57 PM

    did you had a ford figo yet before manu sir

    kuldeep pandey |10 Jun,2012 02:00:39 AM

    rahul jain u buy a mopet that will suit u best... why ur sucking on card dekho

    aswin |17 Jul,2013 04:51:35 PM

    cool one

    vaibhav |13 Jun,2015 12:33:21 PM

    Nothing like that i am also using it its the best car ever dont say anything about the best car

    anandapadmanabha.balakrishna |06 Feb,2014 12:34:07 AM

    what u have done ? u buy bullock cart baba who cares

    sai |03 Mar,2016 11:19:51 AM

    Dont cmpare ford with maruthi plz ford is international brand and highest selling car brand in world wide btw maruthi cars are also gd buy u cant cmpre them with ford engines bro

    haris |14 Apr,2016 12:46:43 AM

    Wat about milage and maintenence

    Sai |26 Jan,2011 07:55:28 AM

    This guy drives used maruti cars and tractors, both are not excellent driven vehicles. How does he comment on Ford vehicles? Its like you give champagne for a villaage guy who used to always have cheap liquor, how can he appreciate?

    glenn |05 May,2011 09:53:17 AM

    100% agree with Sai.Maruti is good no doubt but Ford is FORD. About tractors well seeing the road condition now a days this is a good option.

    nandan |22 May,2011 09:30:52 PM

    I own a figo petrol for last one year and am fully satisfied. It is value for money. Very nice to drive and very good looks. Has a great grip on road and runs even at third gear at low spead without jerks. The car is a super hit thats why has won highiest number of awards ever and has a long waiting period.The fellow who wants to exchange it with a tractor appears to be an agent of Maruti company only and fit for tractor only.

    arvind |26 May,2011 01:08:38 PM

    and u seem to be a agent from ford company.......

    Chandhru |04 Jun,2012 11:39:35 PM

    And you a agent from its competitor ? Common, talk some genuine comments that would help the reader..

    naveen |17 Apr,2014 07:50:02 PM

    I want to buy one figo disel. After seeing the above comments I am a bit confused after seeing the above comments. What Shall I do?

    Chinna Samy |26 May,2016 06:22:25 PM

    Go for it without any hesitation.. believe in Ford..it is an international brand..ultimately u should look for better comfort ness and safety in cars..both u will be offered in Ford cars..Go for it..

    tarunendra |20 Sep,2016 08:00:55 PM

    There must not be any confusion in buying ford diesel.. It has the best diesel engine inn this segment.. I have ford figo 5 years ago and i have deiven it for 1.6 lacs kms.. But the engine still gives the same trust as it used to give when itwas new.. And gives milage of more than 22kmpl on highway...built, comfort and drivability, AC, music system are much better then maruti or hundai.. Plus they have priced it very compatitively

    tarang khatri |03 Oct,2015 02:43:35 PM

    Ford is made to enjoy driving

    dr kingra |31 Oct,2012 08:11:16 PM


    karan |16 Nov,2015 01:07:12 AM

    Agree nandan

    Roopesh Bhaskar |11 May,2012 03:46:23 PM

    Suzuki is a failure all over world except India/pakistan/philipines and some latin american countries. It is good for people who need to reach destination without taking safty into picture. need to pay more if u need safety features. Ford is far better compared to German cars on safty features.Only benifit of maruthi, u have service station all around india

    Arun |31 Dec,2015 07:07:10 PM

    Anyone Can tell about 8V enough for Ford figo 1.5 cc deisal engine, swift has 16V, totally confusion of buy Ford figo 2015, plz

    Arun |31 Dec,2015 07:08:01 PM

    Anyone Can tell about 8V enough for Ford figo 1.5 cc deisal engine, swift has 16V, totally confusion of buy Ford figo 2015, plz

    dr kingra |04 Oct,2012 09:33:15 PM

    yes i agree, he is comparing Ford cars with Maruti suzuki cars. hahah. TOYOTA, HONDA AND FORD ARE HIGHEST SELLERS WORD WIDE, ONE OF THE LARGEST COMPANIES, SELLING CARS ALL OVER THE WORLD. and Maruti suzuki selling cars in India ...haha. Dt not compare Ford with maruti suzuki.

    pjgfxhvdgff |21 Nov,2014 01:09:07 PM


    krishnankutty |16 Nov,2015 06:33:45 PM

    Entutt thengayanu man ninga parayunnath .Ninga Ford aayirikkilla valla tractor aayirikkum bhayi .Entayalum gadi oru mandananenn manasilayitto karanam car medichitt tractor aanenn parayunnavane pinnenthutt parayan Ford polikkum enn namakariyatta

    Vinod PJ |02 Feb,2016 12:17:25 PM

    Ethonnu thengaya...?

  • kiran |15 Aug,2010 03:15:18 AM

    Hi Ashesh, Could you advice me what are the problem you have faced with this car because i am planning to by figo petrol exi model next month.And please guide me for which car i should go for. Thanks.

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:05:15 PM

    Ritz is OK but design of back is like horse hit!Moreover Maruti never gives anything to customers and tries to encash on its goodwill.Now December schemes are there bcoz in December sales are too low and sluggish as everyone want to buy in January being model's year but surely I will recommend Ford Figo ZXi in Petrol (if you drive less or so so) as the car is giving you EVERYTHING including bluetooth in stereo and Distance to Empty facility in meter with everything electrically operated and 60 sensors (I think)and huge petrol tank as well as leg room and dicky space with terribly high technique paint and NO Oil and Grease anywhere.....I bought it i\after deep survey and costed me on road for Rs.436000 including Fog Lamps from local market which is only drawback that Co. fog lamps are not coming even in highest varient but as option!!

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:06:41 PM

    Instead of EXi please buy ZXi for rear defogger/wiper/washer/stereo bluetooth/electric dicky and both rear mirrors etc for just Rs22000 difference

    atul |27 Dec,2010 01:31:02 PM

    sir,iwant to purchase ford figo lxi, pls suggest it is confortable to all other cars .

    CarDekho Team |27 Dec,2010 04:59:14 PM

    Hi Mr. Atul, We would like to inform you that no doubt Ford Figo is a good car. The car has been entitled as Car of the year. The company is offering many features at a nominal cost and the engine is very powerful. Thanks

    subrato bakshi |09 Sep,2011 06:31:16 PM

    thanks to car dekho team for your neutral suggestion.pls advice whether i should prefer ford Figo over Toyota Eltios.Price is not a factor to me for both the value.also pls suggest which model is much value for money.thanks

    MUDIT VERMA |17 Jan,2012 09:17:39 AM

    ford figo is better than liva in all respect

    mohsin |01 Mar,2015 10:53:59 PM

    Figo is better then liva

  • bhaswati |20 Aug,2010 06:23:18 PM

    hi ashes!pls suggest me should i go for swift or ritz?

    vishnu |09 Nov,2010 06:41:40 PM

    u have to ultimatly choose for ritz,,,,bcoz ritz has more comfort than swift,,,though u have same engine.....ritz is the best for a family

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 11:31:02 AM

    Ritz is OK but design of back is like horse hit!Moreover Maruti never gives anything to customers and tries to encash on its goodwill.Now December schemes are there bcoz in December sales are too low and sluggish as everyone want to buy in January being model's year but surely I will recommend Ford Figo ZXi in Petrol (if you drive less or so so) as the car is giving you EVERYTHING including bluetooth in stereo and Distance to Empty facility in meter with everything electrically operated and 60 sensors (I think)and huge petrol tank as well as leg room and dicky space with terribly high technique paint and NO Oil and Grease anywhere.....I bought it i\after deep survey and costed me on road for Rs.436000 including Fog Lamps from local market which is only drawback that Co. fog lamps are not coming even in highest varient but as option!!

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:07:43 PM

    Ritz is OK but design of back is like horse hit!Moreover Maruti never gives anything to customers and tries to encash on its goodwill.Now December schemes are there bcoz in December sales are too low and sluggish as everyone want to buy in January being model's year but surely I will recommend Ford Figo ZXi in Petrol (if you drive less or so so) as the car is giving you EVERYTHING including bluetooth in stereo and Distance to Empty facility in meter with everything electrically operated and 60 sensors (I think)and huge petrol tank as well as leg room and dicky space with terribly high technique paint and NO Oil and Grease anywhere.....I bought it i\after deep survey and costed me on road for Rs.436000 including Fog Lamps from local market which is only drawback that Co. fog lamps are not coming even in highest varient but as option!!

  • Vivek |20 Aug,2010 08:38:04 PM

    what a junk review......no explaination of why someone said these..pathethic

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:08:45 PM

    Seems that his car had faults though Figo is troublefree car and going on booking now!

  • ajay kumar arya |21 Aug,2010 11:30:37 PM

    i think you have not driven it properly .. it is a kind of car which is excellent..but petrol version is not as good as diesel one..your comment is biased...

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:10:15 PM

    Both varients are great.Petrol has zero maintenance and silent operation but diesal has more mileage/price and somewhat maintenance lateron but Figo is revolution...

    Rahul Sangle |26 Jun,2011 10:03:49 AM

    I found the suspension of Ford Figo Diesel dissapointing as compared to Ritz Diesel. That is where the driving pleasure comes into play. Otherwise Figo has amazing features and looks at same cost of Ritz.

  • r panda |26 Aug,2010 10:50:36 PM

    Please tell me, out of ford petro

  • bca |26 Aug,2010 11:43:46 PM

    thorugh net surfing i found this one(figo)is better in this range, can u suggest what problem u came across as i m going to guy new one within 15 days

  • bcadhikari |26 Aug,2010 11:45:20 PM

    hi this one is wonderful but plz suggest the problem u faced

  • bhaskar verma |27 Aug,2010 11:12:59 AM

    dear originator of this comment. Kindly give me your contact number. I am ready to purchase the car from you. You may call me at 8950181091 or 9896805797. i am waiting for your call

  • g vasanth |30 Aug,2010 06:30:03 PM

    hi ashes, tell me something more what problems r u facing, i am planning go for this.

  • Chandra |04 Sep,2010 04:27:20 AM

    This guy doesn't have a ford figo and clearly hasn't driven it. He is totally lying in his review. The idiot couldn't even say anything about the problems he is facing. And how can you even compare Maruti to a Ford. A total Shitty review.....

    gsm |01 Dec,2010 02:44:01 AM

    Yes this guy is a agent of Maruti it seems !!!!!!

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:14:40 PM

    No.....there could be problem with his particular car...I think

    chandan |19 Apr,2011 11:07:21 PM

    i agree with ur comment dear ....... he is lying

  • sagar |10 Sep,2010 10:03:39 PM

    u dumbo u r an idiot u will be driving the petrol version of this car there is not that matching pickup regarding to swift but in higher torque it blowssssss of everybody and now the diesel version of this car segment what a grace the ford has provided to the customers its awesome i dnt have any words to describe it its amazing i think the other comprtitors are just monopolying this car its sale has been tremendous dont consider this review this is such a disgrace neeraj,kiran and bhaswati dont consider this review and go to the showroom and experience the difference

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:18:29 PM

    you are right......Figo is dream car now!!!! I bought ZXi on 26.11.10 and its thrilling creation by world famous FORD but the only negative point is that Ford is not giving Fog Lamps in any varient but separately selling...

  • Sonu |15 Sep,2010 06:49:29 PM

    I think Mr. Ashesh is right. This car doesnot have any pickup.I have taken a test drive as I am planning to change my old car. I have a 9 year old Maruti 800 and its pickup is better than Figo. Also the engine doesnot sound very smooth. You can feel the engine noise even in the petrol version which is unlike any other cars of today. I vote for either Swift or Ritz

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:19:17 PM

    Ritz is OK but design of back is like horse hit!Moreover Maruti never gives anything to customers and tries to encash on its goodwill.Now December schemes are there bcoz in December sales are too low and sluggish as everyone want to buy in January being model's year but surely I will recommend Ford Figo ZXi in Petrol (if you drive less or so so) as the car is giving you EVERYTHING including bluetooth in stereo and Distance to Empty facility in meter with everything electrically operated and 60 sensors (I think)and huge petrol tank as well as leg room and dicky space with terribly high technique paint and NO Oil and Grease anywhere.....I bought it i\after deep survey and costed me on road for Rs.436000 including Fog Lamps from local market which is only drawback that Co. fog lamps are not coming even in highest varient but as option!!

    kt |25 Mar,2011 08:42:36 PM

    dear arun ritz has 85 ps power while figo has only 71 ps power ....figo has no rear power window..

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:30:47 PM

    You surely can not get pickup without pressing accelerator or if starting car in 2nd or 3rd gear.When my car is giving zooming speed and pickup then why not yours?Ford makes all cars by robots with same technical standards even then if particular your Figo is having problem then pull the service people.

    Sai |26 Jan,2011 08:02:09 AM

    Can your 800 go past 100? its not all about acceleration man..... It is about ride, handling and maneouvering.. Its a different story to tell, which you cannot understand...

    baunbaun |27 Apr,2011 08:22:34 PM

    Dude, how much Ford pays you to solicit for them ? ;)

    roger |22 Feb,2011 12:13:52 AM

    another 'idiot' maruti 800cc engine better than a 1.2!! if that was the case the figo would have been voted the worst car in the world!!!

  • Vikram |19 Sep,2010 09:06:42 AM

    every car has its strong points or weak ones. Saying U cannot compare a Maruti car with this does not mean anything without explanations. Maruti is better in mileage, after sales servce while Ford is better in handling, ride quality. Buying a car without understanding its nature is only foolishness. This review looks like an attempt by someone from a rival company to defame ford cars.

    dr kingra |31 Oct,2012 08:14:46 PM

    yes i 100 % agree, ford figo diesel is value for money, excellent mileage and ride. value for money. why people compare FORD CARS with MARUTI SUZUKI cars. WHAT IS RANK OF MARUTI SUZUKI IN WORLD ?

  • Mayur |19 Sep,2010 09:46:39 PM

    This man is a biggest idiot or either some employ of marutisuzuki who made a comment for negativity of figo. I own a figo diesel titanium and this car is 100 times better than any car in this class.

    Manju |02 Jan,2011 03:46:51 PM

    sir.. how is the diesel titanium version.. compared to swift diesel how do u feel the car.. pl. reply

    CarDekho Team |03 Jan,2011 01:43:54 PM

    Both the cars mentioned are good and selling well in the segment. The Swift Diesel will get you slightly more outright power and performance than the Figo while on the Figo you get a very rommy interior and a large boot. Maruti has the best in class after sales service network which is also a big plus point if you are buying the Swift. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    rohit |14 Jun,2011 10:48:30 PM

    Figo plus pts are handling,space,equipment swift diesel plus pts are performance, economy,low maintenance,better suspension. its a driver's car. and 90% hatchbacks carry max 2 people most of the time.Swift has an upper hand.The sales figures speak for it, outsells figo by atleast 4 times. And i dont work fr Maruti ps

  • arun |21 Sep,2010 12:04:11 PM

    From how long u hav been driving man, I beleive this car is the best among all cars of this segment, I am driving from past 7 years and has driven Swift, Ritz, Indica, Punto, A-star, WagonR, i10, Getz, Palio & Aveo. I Think only Fiat Punto is a lil better then FIGO, whoever is saying negative about this cars is not a good driver or may be lacking knowledge about cars....

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:21:29 PM

    Right you are........Punto is costly too and has less space inside so FIGO is best I can say bcoz I just bought it after deep survey!

    manuj |18 Mar,2011 12:47:17 PM

    i also want to buy ford figo lxi petrol.. it is so sexy6 car and interior is so good

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:32:40 PM

    Punto is costly with less space in comparison to Figo So Figo is great value car before 01.01.11

  • makhan9412751724 |22 Sep,2010 11:41:23 PM

    hi im planning to buy acar between 4to5lacspl recommend

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:27:21 PM

    Figo Petrol ZXi is best option

  • Vikas |23 Sep,2010 04:41:09 PM

    makhan go for Figo

  • sindhu |24 Sep,2010 05:36:47 PM

    kindly close this thread... :)

  • G Babu |25 Sep,2010 12:44:37 PM

    I am planning to buy Figo. Can we compare this car with Swift or Santro. what is the comfort level in this car.After sales service...milege... maintenance cost....

  • Anil Gupta |25 Sep,2010 07:11:17 PM

    i am planning to buy for figo. i want to compaire this car, suggest witch one.

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:26:32 PM

    Figo is better.Compare with Ritz/Swift/Beat/Polo/i20 and Punto.You'll find FIGO as best and also due to great price which is likely to go up in Jan.2011

  • ravi kumar indrakanti |26 Sep,2010 11:55:37 AM

    i bought petrol figo Titanium 3 months back and trust me the car is definately value for money. Pick up is certainly a concern at times but at 2000rpm any gear change is smooth but if you try and change gear below 2000rpm the vehicle simply does not respond i think ford guys have to work on this becuase most of indian drivers change to 2nd gear in a fraction of second. The other thing i noticed is their head lamp lights are not very powerful. This beaing my first ford purchase i need to wait to know the service aspect of the company. My first car was a maruti one and they are very good at serving the customer and i hope ford will keep me happy.

  • dhiraj |26 Sep,2010 05:10:32 PM

    which one to buy..ritz or figo or icon

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:22:33 PM

    FIGO....buy blindly.Petrol ZXi if you drive less or Diesal

  • kavitha |27 Sep,2010 01:03:13 PM

    hi..i really had a craze for this car..but came to know from so many reviews that petrol version is really poor compared to diesel..so to value money I think I should chance my idea..thank you

  • anindyo |27 Sep,2010 10:27:15 PM

    Dear All, I am planning to buy Figo Titanium - Petrol , the points that worries me is the milage,the second or third gear pickups ( u kno kolkata roads) and after sales service of ford (spare parts avaiability ) . On the other hand Chevrolet Beat LT seems to be another good option - value for money , it has got sports look with good pickup and milage. Please suggest from all your practical experiences.

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 12:59:05 PM

    Figo is good option but buy ZXI instead of Titanium as it has ABS abd Airbags only and airbag can not be used once opened and costs around Rs25000

  • R M KHAN |28 Sep,2010 05:17:48 PM

    Very recently i purchased for figo from bhopal.Purchasing of ford figo was decided after thorough search in show rooms of hundai ,maruti fiat ,tata .After comparing all car looks, space and features .Ford figo price and quality wise it is the best among all. driving is very smooth i am satisfied with the purchase of ford figo.

  • sanskar |28 Sep,2010 10:04:48 PM

    Figo is awesome.it is speedy also! it,s colour I can tell you. who invented it? I want to know.Im saying these words to figo wow,out standing,excellent awesome,very good and good the last thing I m saying is I like this car.bye.

  • DR TK PASRIJA |03 Oct,2010 08:33:53 AM

    I bought this car (figo zdi) after having taken advice from a lot of people having lot of experience in cars. But no body could tell me at the first visit that this car has less powerful engine than the other cars in this segment. Now I am experiencing three major problems and regret for this big fradulent buy. Rather I found the Indica Vista Quadrajet better than this car (which is being driven by a junior collegue of mine for over a year). 1. This car turns off while crossing over a speed breaker in second gear and requires to be brought down to first gear. 2. It starts running on higher speed while in traffic in second gear and then again it has to be kept in first gear. 3. My research before buying it showed that the ground clearance was the best in this car in this segment, but I found it to be the least of all. Its floor gets hurt at the slightest raised mounds or the speed breakers on the roads. I will rather

  • gautam mukharji |06 Oct,2010 08:16:41 PM

    this is the best vehicle available in the market today, best value for money

  • drlnsinha |06 Oct,2010 11:00:35 PM

    i m using fordfigo zxi petro since 29.05.10. there is no problem that it shud b written off like that.pl consider cost also. a good car,of course not fuel efficient but dependable n that too from ford at affordable cost.i am having sx4 zxi also but use figo more frequently.the cost of second hand tractor wl b certainly more than new figo which is probably not in knowledge of blogger.

  • s krishna mohan |08 Oct,2010 01:10:36 PM

    learn driving first n then drive figo!!! ur commenets are not at all appriciatable that to comparing with maruti....????? i suppose u fist used maruti 800!!! is nt it???? no car even ferari dosent satisfy you!!!

  • kj singh |09 Oct,2010 07:38:24 PM


    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 01:03:26 PM

    I am also ready to EXCHANGE with my 2nd hand tractor lying in village.

  • vineet |11 Oct,2010 12:45:32 AM

    the worst thing ab the car is its millage . ashish is quite wright the petrol zxi is really doing bad for me.

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 01:05:29 PM

    Champion Khali eats several times more than we people and you know the reason.Figo drinks petrol to get you more out of it....I think its enough.Or but Maruti for more average but do not expect performance like Ford.

  • chetan shah |12 Oct,2010 08:26:16 PM

    seems many guys r paid by some auto companies to write bad reviews , without mentioning any problems how can one justify ? and let me ask all maruti cars are best in all respect? or rather we r used to the same old boxes and will take ages to taste some new falvour ! like in 70 80s fiat and amby ruled the roads. on one hand we need average , rockbottom price and all goodies and than we also complain about pickup and price ? one needs to mature with time and upgrade oneself , should know what new things the new car companies bring in. initially indica failed and santro captured the market. and see now tata is doing great with nano to aria. keep a good taste and test drive a car see all aspects of it and if u find it good buy it or just select the one that inspires u . happy driving. n.b i have driven indica and now i have figo , i have enjoyed indica and now enjoying figo too. to each his own taste, happy driving.

  • hari |13 Oct,2010 09:31:23 AM

    No car is bad. In 2010 all companies use latest tech. Like a TV or mobile its just a matter of personal preference. I drive the diesel cars. Swift has a refined fiat engine, is more quiet, better ground clearance and service network of maruti. it appears more bulky compared to its seating capacity. Figo gives me more driving pleasure as I can see the bonnet while driving ( again a personal factor ). With AC on all small cars show a drop in performance. So its all a matter of personal requirements and liking. If cost and ground clearance is not a major factor, i prefer i20.

  • Sanket Hange |13 Oct,2010 10:34:10 AM

    lOlzz what a crap review this is. He doesnt even explain what are the problems that bothered him. And Maruti .... OMG .... Maruti makes the shitiest cars I would even see in ma whole life. Only indian idiots go for it :P On the other hand ford is world recognized and best know for it handling and ride quality. So bullshit review and misguiding people. The BEST thing I would love to tell all people up here is dont jump on to conclusions reading reviews.Yes reviews can surely be helpful but first go test ride the vehicle for yourself get all the info u can from the dealer and outside market and then jump into reviews so you ll exactly know what is true and what is not. :D

    patil s. a. |29 Jun,2011 10:16:45 PM

    Hey guy i cant jst stop laughing at all u fools. ya i cld u fools , bcs all you guys who are moaning and complaining about maruti don't even know what are you speaking.for you're information i tell you maruti is a global tie up with suzuki which consistently tops the J. D. POWER asia pacific quality feedback award.where ford is npt able to secure even 10th place in same list NOT even in AMERICA .I have cousin in America who talks in the same way as you guys are doing with Maruti. And let me tell you what all you guys are talking about is JUST bcs of the false BRAND image of FORD.In fiscal 2007 - 2008,ford sells figures have fallen JUST Bcs of quality issue.and the same story has continued for next 3 years .and let me tell you Europeans who are obsessed with quality and have enogh mpny to pay for good quality DNT EVEN piss on Ford they chose SUZUKI over ford .ford is able to catch their brand image only in developing countries like INDIA and that too just because of fools like you who buy follow a brand BLINLY without beaning objective. And you fools are causing MARUTI to grow slower than other brands, which is already 10th largest company in world.where FORD is consistently losing its position in the market.

    A Kamat |15 May,2012 02:42:53 PM

    Great comment on Maruti.....But just one correction...Europeans especially Germans and French hate Suzuki becuase it is cheap and lacks safety but prefer VW and Ford becuase of its safety and handling.......I have been there and so know about this point. Only India and some other asian countries like cheap cars with Good service. Sorry to say but Good things should be appreciated. I have driven Maruti cars for years and have now been tired of their Servicing ads and have upgraded to Ford recently and am very much satisfied and happy. Would say servicing is better than Maruti who have become arrogant now?????

    Mohan |14 Jul,2011 08:28:48 PM

    Sir, Twenty years ago Ford was the lagest car manufacturer in the world now it is the Fifth and Suzuki has moved from 11th to 7th. So this trend tells us who makes the shity cars and who are giving value for money.

    sai |03 Mar,2016 11:22:27 AM

    Haha realy only indians lyk maruthi

  • tharun |15 Oct,2010 05:09:17 PM

    tell me wheather i should go for volkswagon polo or not it will be really helpful

    jose koshy |12 Nov,2010 10:44:32 AM


    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 01:08:44 PM

    Space is less/price is more.Better buy Figo

  • bharat |18 Oct,2010 07:48:54 PM

    figo petrol is not that good...... in milage.... rest is ok with this car.....insted of listning or reading others views abt this car .. one should take a test drive and then decide what to do.. budget ia also another factor.

  • Raja |18 Oct,2010 09:33:19 PM

    I own a Figo Diesel Titanium (added alloy wheels). It gives me avg of around 15 in city - yes its a bit noisy (all Diesel engines are) but I never had problems in handling!!!! Gosh, guys did you want an auto driven car or something??

  • sahil shah |18 Oct,2010 11:37:55 PM

    Hey guys please suggest me out of the following cars... ford figo petrol, chevrolet beat, hyundai i10

  • Tk2012 |20 Oct,2010 09:07:57 PM

    Hey Guys , Drive a Merc Kompressor and u wud know that Diesel everywhere , anywhere makes noise . Diesel means noise like the sun rising in the east

  • Rahul |22 Oct,2010 12:21:18 PM

    Hi,Well I think Ashesh has not described in details about his problems driving the Ford Figo. I am planning to change my Santro and I had been test driving all possible cars. The worst experience is the Ford Figo. Now I realize why Americar Car companies are going bancrupt as no one buys them now after using the Japanese cars and I am sure all of you who have purchased this car will face problems in future. This car is fine if you are planning to drive it for 2-3 years max and then garbage it.(That is what people do in the US). The diesel engine sounds like a bus. The pick up is horrible. It took me more than 30 sec to reach a speed of 120Kmp and with a lot of difficulty. If u r driving it in a highway overtaking is a problem. The only good thing is that there is ample room inside the car. I suggest everyone to go for any other car apart from this and those who have already bought it All the Best.

    roger |22 Feb,2011 12:19:01 AM

    open your eyes! ford won more quality awards than toyota in the US.

    sandhu |04 May,2011 07:55:02 PM

    My mate roger ford is american dats why it gets more awards in america ha ha u know wat I mean.....

    sandhu |04 May,2011 07:56:16 PM

    My mate roger ford is american dats why it gets more awards in america ha ha u know wat I mean.....

  • mohit kumar |24 Oct,2010 01:34:12 AM

    HI, I am looking to buy a hatch back model car. Finally I have selected HUNDAI i10 and FORD FIGO PETROL ZXI. Please let me know failr review for FORD FIGO because as per review mileage is a big question for it.

    Rahul |11 Nov,2010 03:37:42 PM

    any time HUNDAI i10

    Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 01:11:12 PM

    ZXi is wise decision.I bought on 26.11.10 and its grrrrrrrreat car....can say!!

  • Thennarasu.P |24 Oct,2010 11:50:55 PM

    I too think to buy figo. But the bad and good comments confuse me. What to do? advice me.

    abhishek |03 Aug,2011 10:46:05 PM

    surely u should buy ford figo petrol.i am using figo zxi petrol version. I always feel that i am driving a sedan not a small car. donot think more and more otherwise u will become confuse . choose figo petrol

  • Arumugam |03 Nov,2010 05:36:48 PM

    Figo is not at all a bad car as discribed,It has every thing a hatchback can have at that price.It all depends on personal choice,no doubt it's a good car.Diesel is better than Petrol variant in some areas like performance etc.,.

  • Arumugam |03 Nov,2010 05:40:55 PM

    Go for Figo,It is a good car-It will give you quality in all the areas,Make sure that you would get a proper after sales service.Prefer Diesel.

  • vaibhav |10 Nov,2010 02:52:21 PM

    Dear pls gv me Reasoan wh u r not appy wid tis car Becoz i am planning to buy tis car in Top Diesal Version. pls tell me mine id is 19.vaibhav@gmail.com

  • ajinkya |22 Nov,2010 04:02:39 PM

    dear originator of this comment. Kindly contact me.I m ready 2 exchange a second hand tractor with ur monster Figo.If u want a new tractor, I m ready 2 give u one too.Great deal 4 u, isn't it?So hurry up. I m ready 2 exchange ur car with a tractor!!!

  • gsm |01 Dec,2010 02:56:26 AM

    Originator is a big M FKR and sounds like a sht***.

  • Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 11:24:03 AM

    Seems illogical as the Figo is on waiting now and making waves in country.Comfort,ergonomics and price wise this is best car as of now amongst all.The space in the car is great feature as well as DTE feature.

  • Arun Aggarwal |09 Dec,2010 11:31:57 AM

    Dear Ashesh, Pl tell what faults you noticed in Figo ZXi petrol or troubles etc.... Thanks

    fsdgasg |12 Dec,2012 01:57:52 PM

    he has found no faults,infact,he doesnot own any ford.

  • MANOJ |09 Dec,2010 07:27:22 PM

    Hello anybody can tell me about the cost of spare parts of FIGO.

  • Gajarajan.S |19 Dec,2010 11:57:53 AM

    After having gone through all these comments on ford figi, I have finally made up my mind tobuy FIGO in spite of the the first damaging adversecomment by a person, whomI think could have bee under the payrolls of MARUTI ashe was comparing MARUTI IN HIS COMMENT. I had already owned Maruti car 5 years before and presently I own Ford IKON and I know the distinct difference between these cars. FORD HAS GOT ITS OWN CLASS and every other thing to go with that comment. Ihe only disadvantge I had been having with the Ford Ikon is that the spare parts are to be procured from authorised service agents only and the price is bit exhorbitant which I think is that you have to pay when you own a car of that class.

  • rachit |01 Jan,2011 12:08:57 AM

    All... I have already booked Ford Figo ZXI... I hope the car turns out to be a good deal... I am the first time buyer and its my first car...

    SIVADAS |01 Jan,2011 11:56:54 PM

    I am also going to book figo Exi (petrol)... Are you sure about the milage ??? how much we can expect in city/highway driving condetions???

    dipak |04 Jan,2011 11:54:03 AM

    Dear Sivadas, I am also planning to buy a car this week and suddenly after test drive all the vehicles as mileage is my concern too and petrol prices are shooting like anything. i will prefer Ritz genus if availaible. Though all cars are good but pick up and mileage is given by maruti vehicles undoubtly. they may b producing shit as per some boarders but they know the heart of majority of indians.i am a proud owner of Maruti zen lxi clocked 51000 without a single penny spent on its service other than basics.

  • SIVADAS |01 Jan,2011 11:54:38 PM

    I was planning to buy Ford Figo - petrol Exi. But the fact about the milage realy confuses me now also,, and I am unable to take a decision. Should i go for Figo ????? I will be using this car daily around 20 - 25 Km only. Pls suggest,,,,

  • a.banerjee |16 Jan,2011 05:02:02 PM

    so far i understand, all car manufacturar are much alart about their business. They never lounch any bad car in indian market. Only thing is what is our requirement,avg running & budget. gateup and look is optional.i also booked ford figo zxi diesel. take care.

  • Rajendra |18 Jan,2011 03:45:25 PM

    Dear I am using figo for last 5 months and without any complaint. Hope you are using ford figo only and not calling tractor as ford figo

  • AMITAVA |18 Jan,2011 05:37:55 PM

    I have a choise of Figo diesel & swift diesel which one will be best in milage & longibity?

    CarDekho Team |19 Jan,2011 12:08:53 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Ford Figo Diesel gives mileage of 14.5 kmpl in city conditions and 18.5 kmpl on highways, where as, Maruti Swift Diesel gives mileage of 14.2 kmpl in city conditions and 17.8 kmpl on highways. From the serice and maintenance point of view Maruti Swift is better than Ford Figo. Engine noise is less in Maruti Swift diesel as compared to Ford Figo diesel. Ford Figo features are excellent and the company offers the wide range of features in a nominal price range. Thanks

  • Sri Krishnan |24 Jan,2011 11:42:15 AM

    Hello All, Saw the review by Amit and being a user of Ford Figo for the past 6 months (8500KMS) would completely disagree with him bad review. First of all comparing Maruthi with Ford doesn't go well, to explain Maruthi cars are supposed to be fuel efficient and cost effective where as Ford cars are meant for Safety and comfort . So one needs to decide which factor attracts him more. I had been using Ford Figo past 6 months and drove 8500Kms and find it very comfortable and enjoying the ride except for a bit reduction in fuel efficiency ( normally i get 11Kmpl in city and 14kmpl on long trips) Users are requested not to waste your precious time by going through useless comments given by folks like Amit. Need be before buying a vehicle do take a test drive on the choices and proceed further. Thanks & Best Regards Krishnan

  • ankita |08 Feb,2011 10:02:21 PM

    hi, i m planning 2 but figo disel but after reading these reviews i am confused. i m looking for good mileage & low maintainance car. somebody plz help..

    narpal |25 May,2011 01:00:34 PM

    Which car you have selected? as my requirement also same..

  • mathura |16 Feb,2011 12:36:01 AM

    hi confused btw micra disel n ford diesel ,am lookin for good space n easy to maintain car ,liked nissan but was disappointed as there is only one service station in d other end of d city so is it worth buyin ford ?how is d servicin lookin forward for u r suggessions thanks

    CarDekho Team |16 Feb,2011 01:29:00 PM

    Dear User, No doubt Ford Figo is a good car the car was titled as 'Car of the Year' due to its awesome sales stats. The car is a value for money car as the company avails wide range of features in a nominal price. Ford Figo has no doubt changed the image of Ford in India. The sales and service of Ford is also good you can opt to go for that. No doubt Nissan Micra is also a fantastic cars but the dealership & service network of Nissan is not as strong as Ford. Thanks

  • tejas warathe |21 Feb,2011 06:33:23 PM

    is petrol zxi good or petrol titanium? and piz tell me the reason?

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 01:01:59 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Ford Figo Titanium comes equipped with many additional features like Trunk Light, Anti-Lock Braking System, Dual Front Airbag and many other added features.The wide range of company fitted features with warranty are available in a nominal cost, so can prefer to go for Ford Figo Titanium. Thanks

  • aditya |25 Feb,2011 02:13:39 AM

    hi , i am planning to buy a diesel hatchback within a month. i am a little confused b/w figo, micra and swift regarding the turbochargers. since all these cars are at a comparable price ,plz suggest me one with a good pickup ,fitting better on city drive.its a request not to stress upon the accessories provided , its the engine that matters. your reply is highy awaited. thanks.

    CarDekho Team |25 Feb,2011 04:53:35 PM

    The Swift is powered by the Fiats DDis diesel engine while the Figo runs with the Fiestas diesel unit while the diesel Micra is powered by the Renault Logans DCi diesel engine. If you want outright power get the Micra, if you want a large hatch with a big boot get the Figo and if you want an car with the best after sales and resale then go for the Swift. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    dr kingra |31 Oct,2012 08:10:44 PM

    Hello, Please guys help me, I am planning to buy a diesel hatchback in next 6 months, next year, and my budget is 5-5.5 lakhs. which one i should buy among them - ford figo diesel LXi, swift LDi, ritz LDi. I want to sell car after 2 years.

  • Krishna |27 Feb,2011 02:02:16 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy a car and I have kind of narrowed down to i10, Figo. Could you please advice me on which one is better among these interms of comfort, performance, mileage and support. Thanks in advance.

  • Arun DK |11 Mar,2011 04:58:58 PM

    Ashesh .. Big Fool and dreaming guy to buy a Ford Figo .. What foolishness he is writing in the Blog without explaining any details .. May be he drives some truck instead of Ford figo .. What a fellow .. Guys .. Ford Figo diesel is Superb and go for it ..

  • rupesh mishra |14 Apr,2011 11:43:56 AM

    everything is ok about this car but only one thing i would like to say milage of the petrol version car is not upto the mark iam getting only 8 to 9 kms per lts in city

  • ramesh |25 Apr,2011 09:16:36 PM

    these comments look biased . dont write something to confuse the genuine buyers. provide vital informations. either blindly supporting or degrading via this medium need to be condemned.

  • ganj |26 Apr,2011 07:06:12 PM

    u better drive tractors u dont know how to drive and maintain and making ford names down

  • mehmood yusuf |29 Apr,2011 03:00:57 PM

    i am planning to buy ford figo exi petrol.can any body tell me what is the milage.Pls

  • vasudev |07 May,2011 02:46:21 PM

    can i go for Ford ZXI pl.suggest

  • Dipin |09 May,2011 09:05:04 PM

    i am planning to buy ford figo(diesel).I am confused about the car.so please suggest some good and bad things about the car.

  • Neeraj |11 May,2011 03:46:26 PM

    After the completion of four years of FIGO and Swift, which one will be proven itself a best car in the point of economic and power?

  • sravan |20 May,2011 10:44:54 PM

    I am owning Ford Figo Petrol LXI. One can just feel the luxury and space in all aspects. I customised my figo with roof railings, rear spoiler, LEDs, door visors, rear camera and JVC player with LCD, bonett hood scoop...really rocking... this customisation costed me less than the difference of LXI and EXI.....juss buy figo.

    Mohan |14 Jul,2011 08:12:31 PM

    Why buy a Figo and spend so much in customise it when u can buy much better cars. Figo is a compromise that Ford has made to compete in India. I think Ford should stick to making the big cars that it is known to make, and should leave it to the Japanese and Koreans to make the smaller cars.

  • Lalu |08 Jul,2011 03:52:18 PM

    I think Ashesh has a point somewhere. A tractor is too much a comparison, but definately the Japanese make better cars than the Americans. It reflects in the dipping car sales of Ford globally and the improving sales figures of Maruti or Hyundai. Ford Figo looks like a good buy initially but like all other Ford cars will show it its real face after the first two years. Then offcourse it can be compared with a tractor, infact a tractor will be of more utility.

  • Ramesh CK |12 Jul,2011 03:24:13 AM

    Tractors and figo rubbish comparison.Figo is definitely a great car and value for money in its class.Petrol mileage is a bit of concern.

  • sandeep |12 Jul,2011 10:41:44 AM

    Yes Mr. You deserved tractor. I too have Ford Figo and its such a wonderful car. I dont think u have this car. For you tractor is very much suitable.

  • Nishant |14 Jul,2011 07:40:18 PM

    Gear box is not as smooth as of Santro and also pickup is little concern for me. At the same time a good spacious car with good looking

  • Santosh |14 Jul,2011 08:06:43 PM

    Hi, I want to repalce my Santro. My first choice is the Swift petrol, but on second thoughts I would like to know more about Ford Figo as this car will cost me much less. The review that I have gone through is that the diesel version is much better than petrol. If Figo is such a great car then why their is a difference in quality btw petrol and diesel. Also it doesnot have all four power windows even on higher versions. I am wondering if this will be a value as when Ford Ikon was launched it got the same hype.Plz suggest.

  • Sathish Kumar |02 Aug,2011 03:15:01 PM

    Hello.. I'm gonna buy my first car. My dad keeps on telling about less maintanance, milege, resale value. I have chosen Verito, but its beyond our budget. Finally i'm in confusion with Figo Diesel lxi and Indica ev2 Diesel.. Could anybody give me some suggestion.?

    RAJESH YADAV |14 Aug,2011 05:29:22 PM

    Why not beat diesel?

    Sathish Kumar |16 Aug,2011 02:51:14 PM

    Yep.. I'm looking forward on beat diesel only.. i hope i will book one by this weekend..;)

  • gopalkunderu |12 Aug,2011 01:22:14 PM

    Hi,I feel the after sale service,low cost of spare parts and the resale value of Maruti is better than rest of the cars in India.Ford & Hundai have high cost of spares and less number of servicing points.The sale of Ford in India is never be more than 10% of Maruti.I feel it is the personal choice of the individuals to decide.

  • RAJESH YADAV |14 Aug,2011 05:29:54 PM

    why not beat diesel?

  • sibujena |17 Aug,2011 08:13:04 PM

    i wan to purchase ford figo diesel exi.... confused with mileage. pls suggest the actual mileage of this

  • shyam |30 Aug,2011 09:40:30 PM

    Sir, could you please elaborate the reason of the dissatisfaction

  • MAYANK |06 Oct,2011 02:25:07 AM

    Those who are keeping positive views and backing Ford Figo are surely the agents of its rival companies.I share the same negative sentiments against this car put up by suffers.I made the same terrible mistake by buying this lowest mileage Ford Figo.I hope other don't fall prey to the false promises and claims made by its dealers.Say NO to this car or else repent and cry!!

  • GOPIKANNAN |07 Nov,2011 11:29:19 AM

    I would like to buy a new Ford Figo Car (Diesel). When will be new model come to market. Whether price is going to up or not. Because recently govt .has announced to increase the duty of diesel car.

  • Abdulrehiman.D |07 Dec,2011 05:04:06 PM

    I already booked Forg Figo Titanium petrol......pls suggest abt mileage and i herd that Ford spare parts price very higher than other cars....plz advice....

  • deelip |26 Jan,2012 10:08:16 PM

    hello sir i am planning to buy a car pricing between 5-6 lakh. my running per month is 600-700km,please suggest me a option between ford i10, maruti swift, ford figo also whether to go for diesel or petrol.

  • Deepika Chhetri |02 Mar,2012 05:09:01 PM

    Hi Ford Figo Titanium Petrol Users.... I am planning to buy Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. Please suggest me or guide me with your experience with Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. I am not going for Diesel one because daily running of my car is not fixed. i might use it twice in a week and once in a 3 months for long tour from Guwahati to Siliguri. Please give your comments... Regards Deepika

  • Vivek |22 Mar,2012 11:16:12 PM

    hey .. for all those who think ford spares are costly.. here is one news for u ppl... ford has adopted new strategy to reduce cost of spares..In its effort to reduce ownership costs, Ford has adopted the child parts approach. To give you an example of the child parts approach, if the solenoid of your starter fails, you do NOT need to change the entire starter assembly. Rather, Ford will sell you only the solenoid assembly (which will, of course, cost only a fraction of that for the entire starter). also its well evident that ford has increased the number of dealerships in many indian cities.. go u can surely opt for ford to enjoy best driving and world class technology... cheers !!

    Yeasty |23 Apr,2012 03:26:20 PM

    Hi Everyone. I am planing to buy a new car but confused with i10 & ford figo. Friends can you plz help & suggest me.

  • geetha |25 May,2012 03:39:57 PM

    What about the ground clearence...I Wanted to buy a new car so pls suggest whether ford figo or swift or toyota etios liva

  • dina lal chhetri |25 May,2012 04:58:12 PM


  • rabndra |07 Jun,2012 02:57:55 PM

    the experiance of figo disel is very gud.... truely value for money....... D best in dis segment.......

    piyush |01 Oct,2012 11:29:20 AM

    Dear rabndra would like to hear ur comments on figo diesel coz m planning to buy d same. can it b a better option than Beat diesel and hw abt its maintenance. plz suggest coz m buying my first car.

  • karthikeyyan |11 Jun,2012 01:13:43 PM

    Hai,Please sell this car to me .............

  • ashvani bishnoi |12 Jun,2012 05:46:36 PM

    dear all, i purchase figo titnium last year its real imaging this a very good car in this segment i was 20000 km after run this time no problem any side good mileage 20km per Lt and very excellent grip on road about 165km speed so i suggest a great car in india but i feel some staring is hard compare to maruti swift but its riding is imaging

  • balaji |22 Jul,2012 10:43:27 PM

    This car is no doubt as good one to buy but it's mileage of petrol version is very poor. It is not even crossing 10kmpl in city. It is good in long distance.. Anyone having petrol version crossed 10kmpl in within city.

  • s das |02 Aug,2012 11:12:34 PM

    is it a petrol or dsl

  • Ajay |18 Oct,2012 05:02:37 PM

    I have FORD ZXI diesel. No complaints what so ever. I know no car is perfect. I get around 17KMPL in bangalore. I would prefer a ford over maruti simply bcoz.. just go out and see on the road. there are 10:100 swift. do you want a car that is so common or want something that suits you. I prefer ford hands down. I know people will disagree with me. however i am using ford for from past 19 months and i have changed nothing in it. Overall i would rate it a 3/5. Pro's : Excellent Boot space, comfortable drive, road grip is good, good HU. good response while reverbing. Con's: rear window is manual and goes only 1/2 of its size. Low ground clearance, problem in 3rd gear(i have shifting into it some times). Mud flaps are hard and break all the time. low pick up while on AC

  • partha |29 Oct,2012 11:47:43 AM

    I am plaing to buy a car within six lakhs. I have selected Ford Figo diesel exi and Hyundai i10 petrol. Please suggest me which will be better.

    parixit |04 Jan,2015 08:44:51 AM

    Dear frnd, I have been using ford figo diesel titanium since last 5 years...i have even sold my old model and got the new diesel titanium again and to be frank the car ran as good as new till i sold it...its the best buy in hatchback segment...my car gives almost 19kmpl on highway and driving it is a pure fun..Features in it are awesome too...so go for figo brother u wont regret it ever. *keep service in mind, it may be a bit unsatisfying and may get bit expensive sometime.

  • Jatin |11 Nov,2012 12:59:13 PM

    i am planning to buy top model of figo as my younger brother wants me to buy, i never experienced to driver this car but we live in a village near anadpur sahib, roads are fucked up big holes and sometime we have to driver 10 - 15 km off-road, does ford figo would be able to run on these kind of roads and what fuel mileage it would afford? i recently bought a swift for him but now he wants me to buy him a figo as his frnds those living in Chandigarh bought figos but we live in a village and they live in city, i am confused and also i wants to sell my swift as he is not driving that car from last week.

  • Bijish |09 Dec,2012 04:56:15 PM

    Hi Guys, i have Ford Figo Titanium Diesel 2011 model and with only 13km average in cities and not much more in high ways. I like the car very much with a good pick up but by reading many peoples' opinion i bit confused is there any problem for less mileage??

    Rajesh |07 Jan,2013 07:49:05 PM

    Bijish, I won a Ford Ikon 2005 Model and its a petrol car, It give me a mileage of 12 Kms in city and 15 Kms in Highway, I usually drive long run and believe me my car has not given any problem till now. I can say the Mileage depends on the driving style, Clutch and accelaration. I would suggest you few tips. Always get diesel in a single petrol Pump and fill dielse in morning times.. Dont press more accelatation when you start your car, Put first gear and leave the clutch and not accelarate. Once the car touch 20kms speed then slowly accelerate. Check for the right tyre pressure... Like these there are many things where you can get a good Mielage.

  • ankit |01 Jan,2013 11:28:53 PM

    hi i am planing to buy a second hand ford figo diesel titanium august 2010 make, plz tell me is it o.k. to buy a second hand figo it is jst 22000 driven and tell me ur ans.....thanx..

    Abhijit |11 Apr,2013 08:12:17 PM

    The guy is not able to tell what specific problem is facing. At least I cannot trust him. I bought Ford Figo EXI in June 2011 and still its running very well. Ford Figo is value for money. Off course the service department needs to improve themselves a bit.

  • raj |22 Aug,2014 08:07:52 PM

    i buyed ford figo 1.4 titanium diesel it is a good car very comfortable in driving and very good safty features

  • ffg |19 Nov,2014 12:11:17 PM


  • Rahul |05 Jul,2015 01:20:32 PM

    I would like to buy your car letme know if ur interested to sell 9561398277.

  • prashant patel |25 Aug,2015 09:50:57 AM

    Ford figo is dirty car as milage Compny said 21 kmpl and giv 15 kmpl in city drive i request all peopel not purchace ford car

  • jjk |10 Sep,2015 03:09:45 PM

    testdasdfaffmwklfnjkvnsndvnsd,vn,bv sdb vmsdbvm,bsdm,bvsdm,bv,b

  • Nithin Chandran |01 Oct,2015 07:16:53 AM

    Why are you trying to sell it?

  • Timah Sumnyan |10 Oct,2015 03:37:19 PM

    Y so ? U didn't explain ur problm wit tis car.

  • Rana |12 Oct,2015 06:59:25 PM

    Best car in segment. I think u r a fake owner. Only commenting negative.nothing as ur review. Totaly awesome car.

  • vipin |13 Oct,2015 11:40:17 PM

    Test drive new figo its very good and power full

  • ram |25 Oct,2015 09:15:42 AM

    When you sell tell me I wiil pahsage youre ford fogo car

  • prakash mankani |03 Nov,2015 09:42:13 PM

    How could u say that ford figo isn't gud i m telling u if u don't wanna drive figo so gift me ur car i love this car nd u can buy maruti garbeg..

  • suhaas Tapali |08 Nov,2015 09:35:50 PM

    I'm planning to buy figo petrol. Plz gv some genuine suggestion . presently I'm using swift vdi & santro

  • soumik |20 Nov,2015 06:39:34 PM

    Man u better stuck with your swift hahah lol

    Sandeep |01 Dec,2015 08:51:25 AM

    Ford Figo titanium deasel 2015 iwant to buy please suggest me is it good or noisy car please send

  • Sandeep |01 Dec,2015 08:54:45 AM

    Ford Figo titanium deasel I want to buy please suggest me 2015

  • Sandeep |01 Dec,2015 10:31:03 AM

    2015 ford Figo titanium deasel is good or bad please suggest me

  • rana |09 Dec,2015 06:23:24 PM

    So u drive in crop fields. Pls try on road because it is a car.

  • Gokul |30 Dec,2015 04:43:11 PM

    You guys cant satisfy using a ford...go live and die in a maruti.....

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 03:23:10 PM

    Hai... Anyone can tell me ,8v, enough for 1.5cc, diesel engin , is it sutable for long drive, & smoothness . Swift has 16v a

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 03:23:45 PM

    Hai... Anyone can tell me ,8v, enough for 1.5cc, diesel engin , is it sutable for long drive, & smoothness . Swift has 16v a

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 03:24:22 PM

    Hai... Anyone can tell me ,8v, enough for 1.5cc, diesel engin , is it sutable for long drive, & smoothness . Swift has 16v a

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 06:57:37 PM

    Can u tell about 8V is enough for Ford figo 1.5cc deisal version, swift is 16V ,

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 06:58:11 PM

    Can u tell about 8V is enough for Ford figo 1.5cc deisal version, swift is 16V ,

  • Arun |31 Dec,2015 06:59:26 PM

    Can u tell about 8V is enough for Ford figo 1.5cc deisal version, swift is 16V ,

  • laxmish |25 Jan,2016 08:57:59 PM

    I am using new ford figo diesel since one month really it's drivers paradise, taste less fellows can only say like this or uneducated ones.

  • satish |11 Feb,2016 01:41:55 PM

    You can give it to me buddy

  • kailas |26 Feb,2016 12:04:08 PM

    Ford is Ford ....Dont even think to compare with Maruti Suzuki...i drive both from last 10 yrs..ford 100% far far better than MSuzuki..

  • Soumik biswas |29 Feb,2016 05:57:08 PM

    Hey guy i own a ford figo new model blue one. Its just amazing has lots of power interior is awsome exterior is awsome. And i defenitly recommed to buy this

  • krishna |26 Mar,2016 07:12:05 AM

    For petrol car which one is best avinash pls tel me

  • Choudhary |28 Mar,2016 08:41:48 AM

    U did not diserve secondhand tractor also just buy ab second hand atlas cycle no fuel only man power....

  • prajwin |29 Mar,2016 09:38:52 PM

    Whether display screen is available in any model?

  • Benazir |18 May,2016 10:24:31 PM

    I am planning to buy automatic version of ford. Any feedback?

  • K P Khaddar |30 May,2016 08:24:32 AM

    My Figo diesel has done more than 26000 kms without a complaint and on average front also i must appreciate its performance It s 2012 model

  • Badri Prasad Audichya |06 Jun,2016 10:44:42 AM

    Ford figo is the best car... Maruti cars are very less powered..

  • sourav |30 Jun,2016 11:30:43 PM

    idk why ppl expect deisel cars to be silent ... if u want a silent car .. have balls to own a petrol one

  • Ajay |23 Jul,2016 11:30:22 PM

    Its an amazing car, in every segment.

  • bijoy |07 Oct,2016 09:45:49 PM

    i brought ford figo titnm petrol in April 2016 & havng got gud experience. ..superz performance, comfortable fells, easy gear siftng & gud milage too. i m frm hilly region & de road conditn is poor but i hav'nt problem while drvng due to its gud grd clear

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