My Chevy Beat - one of the best decisions of my life...!!!

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Pros : Mileage, Style and looks, Climate control, excellent customer service

Cons : less boot space

Look and Style-This is my first love when it comes to Cars. After owning a second-hand Santro for a very short period of time, and riding bike for last so many years, I knew my first car had to be smashingly beautiful. When I saw Chevy Beat being launched in India in Dec 2009, I knew this is going to be my first car, but financially, that wasn't the right time for my car. I had to wait and the wait was finally over on March 18th 2011. this continued the excitement after my wedding in Jan same year. During nights, when I switch on my lights, the dashboard then gives me a feeling of being a pilot sitting in the cockpit. Amazing job on this 

Comfort-I find Chevy Beat very comfortable, but those who have sat behind in the car, at times, mentioned that the space is less, though I feel space is not less but it feels because the windows are small, I am not sure who's right on this but either ways, if one feels the space is less behind, then it IS less! 

Pickup-I'm not a very car-knowledgeable person, all I know is when I leave the clutch, the wheels just moves, I never felt that the pick-up is bad or lousy, coz i got the speed whenever it's required so I would say the pick up is good Mileage my first highway drive was from Jodhpur to Gurgaon - 590 kms to be precise - at 17 kmpl, this was when my car was 2 days old. I thought of writing this review after my car crosses the 6 month/5000km mark, but today, when I checked my mileage, I decided, I'll put my first review today and second after crossing 6month/5000KM mark, I checked my mileage today only to be surprised - it showed 20.86 kms/lt - I filled 30.48 liters to top up my fuel tank, and I checked the kms reading from my last top-up till date - it showed 636 kms, now, you can do the calculation yourself!

Best Features-The first time I thought of writing the review was, on a Saturday, when my wife and I were coming back after shopping for grocery at 3:00 PM and she suggested, why don't we go for a long drive, and even before I could say something, the RJ on Radio FM said the temp. outside was 40 degrees. I realized that day, buying a Chevy Beat with a climate control was the best decision of my life, not just for me, but also for my wife and for my family to come...!!! (it reminded me of last year's summers when I had to go grocery shopping on my bike and I thanked God, My Dad and Chevy for bringing this car for me.) Best Feature is Climate Control AC for this car, but then I have to say the Mileage too is the best feature. I wonder why people even buy other cars - when we can get better mileage, better looks, and better performance in a lesser price. 

Needs to improve-For a person like me, who will use the car mostly for long drives, on-road vacations, there should be a better boot space. and then, for people who sit in the back there should be something done to increase the space. I do not want the rear window style to be changed coz it adds to the looks of the car but interior, yes, something should be worked out! 

Overall Experience- I am happy that I am not disappointed for my first car - when I saw it for the first time, I fell in love with it and now, every time I take it out for a drive, I get more possessive about it and my overall experience hasn't finished yet, I will write another review once my Chevy Beat turns 6 months old or covers 5000km, so that people who want to buy a car can have real time experience. I did the same before I bought this car, researched a lot, read each and every review and then decided to buy the car I loved.

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  • sunil chanchal |09 Jun,2011 05:11:33 PM


    Vinny K Williams |10 Jun,2011 10:54:57 PM

    that will further decrease the boot space... coz the LPG tank replaces the spare wheel, and spare wheel comes at the back of the rear seat eating up boot space. LPG in terms of mileage will be a good choice, but not in terms of boot space...!!!

  • abhi |11 Jun,2011 12:52:18 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy a car in 1 month. My choice set is 1. Chevy Beat Lt 2. i10 sports Please guide me i am confused.

    Vinny K Williams |14 Jun,2011 11:07:05 PM

    dont think twice, you'll confused even more.... Beat LT is the best... compare the features with i10 and cost - you will know which one to go for... My suggestion would be Beat LT - without a doubt!

    mohan |14 Jul,2011 01:03:23 AM

    be is good car trust me i own it since 1 and half year

    mohan |14 Jul,2011 01:03:53 AM


  • CarDekho Team |11 Jun,2011 12:58:58 PM

    The Beat is a very nice small car, its just received a new engine change and that makes it more peppier and efficient. The design is space-age on the out and on the inside. Go for the Beat.

  • rahul |13 Jun,2011 05:50:08 PM

    mind blowing vinnny,,,,,,,, comment pad ke dil khuch ho gya yr

    Vinny K Williams |14 Jun,2011 11:09:44 PM

    Thanks Rahul.. just wrote what I experienced... spending 4-5 Lakhs is a big thing for me... and now, I feel, I spent my money at the right place... and it's always good to share your reviews, it lets other decide where to spend the money!!!

  • Jarnail |15 Jun,2011 02:20:29 PM

    Sum pple dont like d looks of beat and find it smaller than figo, its might b bcoz we affraid of changes and we are not ready for a design like beat. Apart from it, beat always been a fascinating object for me which i want to adore, may b till next mnth. I found figo just a elder cousin of alto with low performance from d very first day of its launch.. (rest in next)

    Vinny K Williams |20 Jun,2011 11:02:09 PM

    I agree Jarnail... Beat is the perfect combination of beauty in looks and beast in performance...!!!

    mohan |14 Jul,2011 01:05:58 AM

    i agree too

  • raj |20 Jun,2011 08:10:08 PM

    Could you suggest me if Beat LT is more value for money if compared to Beat LS?

    Vinny K Williams |20 Jun,2011 11:25:17 PM

    Beat LT is much better - coz I am getting Front Fog Lamps; Auto AC, all four power windows, in-built music system; 4 Speakers and Antenna; Large Rear Spoiler;Satin Silver Roof Rails;Body Colored Door Handles & Mirrors;B Pillar Styling Strip; Tilt Steering; Rear Wash and Wipe; Rear Defogger; Sunglass Holder; Metallic Finish on IP ;Piano Black finish on dashboard and doors - and when price is compared - the difference is not more than 50K(incl reg/insurance and all other extra charges). So, if you are getting 15 extra features in 50,000/- that means 3333.33 rs per feature... and if you think that you'll put these extra features later on your own expenses - you are forgetting that you will not be able to get the beauty when these features come factory-fitted; for eg. the dash board of LT can never be compared by dashboard of LS even if you put your own music system; the piano finish on the dashboard, you cannot buy later. So over all I would say it's good to go with features that comes factory-fitted, even if it's little costly on your pocket, it would still be worth it...!!!

    raj |21 Jun,2011 11:07:12 AM

    Thanks Vinny for such a wonderful piece; even i think the same way; actually i booked LS two weeks back but when i had a look n test drive in LT i got thrilled n two days ago decided to go for LT spending an extra 50k and waiting for 10 more days fr delivery as i changed decision at a very later stage. i am taking LT LPG and hope made a right decision at right time. But again one question in mind! Should i have waited for Diesel version which is about to launch in July end? not sure about the pricing though.

    Vinny K Williams |21 Jun,2011 10:16:28 PM

    Hey Raj, good to know that my review is useful for you. ABout Diesel, I would say that's always good but we cannot be sure about the launch and the price, so if you can wait, you'll have one more option. I also wanted to go for LT LPG, but for me, car is for highways, and that's when LPG doesn't suits me coz of less boot space. I will use my car majorly for inter-city tours so I need more of a boot space, but then even Petrol is giving a good mileage, so I have no regrets of not buying LPG - Diesel, I am sure if it's Chevy, it's gonna be good so, if you are not into any urgency/immediate requirement - there is no harm in waiting. anyways, decision is yours, I am sure you would love every moment with Beat - let that be any, Petrol, LPG or Diesel... :)

    raj |21 Jun,2011 10:58:16 PM

    Ya boot space is an issue; i am going with LPG as i feel diesel version will be costlier when compared to the current version. Stretched my budget to max so not a viable option :) Just waiting for delivery n getting ready to get into the Cockpit :)

    Vinny K Williams |21 Jun,2011 11:09:25 PM

    great to hear that... Wish you all the best... have a safe and a Blessed journeys in your Beat.... by the way, where are you from?

    Yuvaraj |10 Feb,2013 08:13:13 PM

    Dear Vinny, It was an excellent review about Chevy Beat...I am writing this for your suggestions....After a year or so, having owned a Maruti Suzuki 800 (a used one to get trained to drive a four-wheeler), I have now decided to go for a new car. My budget is around Rs. 5,00,000/-. I wish I have reviewed each and every car and its variants in its segment and I have now shortlisted a few such as Chevy Beat PS & TATA Indica V2 LE of Diesel versions and Hyundai i10 & Maruti Suzuki Wagon R in Petrol versions. Though I have learnt both pros and cons of these cars I am now compromised with Chevy beat diesel just because of the mileage which it claims to be 24 kmpl. But I also understand that in real world it will be lesser but believe it won??t go less than 20 kmpl. Do you think that 3 cylindered cars will not give a smooth ride as a 4 cylindered one as beat has only 3 cylinders? I am still a lay person about the maintenance and handling of a diesel car so I request your inputs in this too. My second option would be wagon R?¦though it is a petrol version I wish the newly refined engine will get me not less than 20 kmpl. For you kind kind information, the usage will be around 100 - 200 kms a week and a long drive of 200 kms a day in a month. What should be my choice? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

  • raj |22 Jun,2011 01:09:04 PM

    Thanks for your kind wishes... im from kolkata.. working in abt u? btw any idea about peformance in LPG version..ppl r saying that changing from petrol to lpg while driving creates performance issue.. nt sure as im bit novice to driving n these technologies... :(

    Vinny K Williams |22 Jun,2011 11:35:05 PM

    I will go by Chevrolet commitment. as per my research, Chevy beat has smoothest transition from petrol to lpg or the other way round. the best way to find out is take a test drive. or speak with someone who owns a beat LPG. personally, i do not take reviews from peopl who are not into it, for example, I will not consider a review on Swift from a person who has never driven a swift. So, either go for a test drive of LPG or check with someone who has already bought Beat LPG, showroom people should be able to give you the details of someone who has bought LPG. Anyways, let me know if you get any information on this. and also, it was good to know that you are from kolkata, and working in Pune, my wife is from kolkata and we both were working in Pune couple of years back, where are you working, it would be great to know more about you... why dont you e-mail me at

    ABHI |05 Jul,2011 11:32:30 AM

    Hi I am planning for the car in one or two month, but I am confused in Beat LT & RItz LXi, no dout its come with lots of interesting features but same mentenense is high I belive as per the review. Need you suggion for the same. Thanks Abhi..

    Vinny K Williams |06 Jul,2011 01:28:06 AM

    Hey Abhi... it's been 4 months so far... I haven't come acroos any maintainence issues, initially I had stuff like steering wobbling and with AC... but took it to service centre, it took around an hour and everything was ok... since then I haven't spent anything on maintainence... and anyways, if you are worried about Maintainence, go with Chevrolet promise when you are buy9ing the car... it will make sure you do not spend anything on your car's maintainence for first 3 years, Chevrolet will take care of everything.... once again - I would say, go for Chevrolet Beat LT - you will not get all these features in the same price(most importantly - mileage). again, I am not a Chevrolet employee promoting Beat... it's just that I bought Beat LT 4 months back and I did a research of almost 1.5 years before buying it, and this is how I used to research like going on different websites checking out comment and that's the reason I am also writing my feedback here so that people like you and I can benefit out of it...!!! Good luck and Happy driving.... hope you are also going to drive Beat LT very soon... do let me know which one you finally buy!!!

    abhilash |12 Jul,2011 09:57:25 AM

    Thanks Vinny for you important & valuable feedbacks, sure once I will take a final call I will update you the same.. One more thing i am bit qurious to about the Ritz VXi, what do you sujjest!! Cheers, Abhi..

    Vinny K Williams |12 Jul,2011 08:15:08 PM

    Abhi, to be honest - I have no clue about Ritz VXi... when I bought Beat - what i used to do was whichever car I wanted to check, I used to compare it with Beat - on three parameters - features(including Mileage), looks and Price. and whenever I did that Beat was always better! so I would suggest the same thing, open two internet browser, pull Ritz VXi on one browser and Beat LT on the other - and then first one by one compare each feature - also check the importance of each feature - for eg if one of the cars has less boot space, check if you would really need much boot space - normally if you are driving mostly in city you would not need much boot space, but if you are like me - travelling out of city most of the time, you will need a bigger boot space... you do this because even if the feature is good and you like it - it should be of use to you... so check this out... I will also put my review later today or tomorrow but if you do it yourself... you will definitely love your car little more...!!!

  • girija |18 Jul,2011 11:58:51 PM

    i love ur riviews...i hav some query regarding if i buy beat or not...but reading i will go to buy my beat wit in 1 week..

  • Rk MAKAR |14 Oct,2013 08:22:16 PM

    Beat appears to be a better option for city driving.

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