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My Chevy Beat - one of the best decisions of my life...!!!

Vinny K Williams
for LT
On: Jun 09, 2011 | 3887 Views

Look and Style-This is my first love when it comes to Cars. After owning a second-hand Santro for a very short period of time, and riding bike for last so many years, I knew my first car had to be smashingly beautiful. When I saw Chevy Beat being launched in India in Dec 2009, I knew this is going to be my first car, but financially, that wasn't the right time for my car. I had to wait and the wait was finally over on March 18th 2011. this continued the excitement after my wedding in Jan same year. During nights, when I switch on my lights, the dashboard then gives me a feeling of being a pilot sitting in the cockpit. Amazing job on this 

Comfort-I find Chevy Beat very comfortable, but those who have sat behind in the car, at times, mentioned that the space is less, though I feel space is not less but it feels because the windows are small, I am not sure who's right on this but either ways, if one feels the space is less behind, then it IS less! 

Pickup-I'm not a very car-knowledgeable person, all I know is when I leave the clutch, the wheels just moves, I never felt that the pick-up is bad or lousy, coz i got the speed whenever it's required so I would say the pick up is good Mileage my first highway drive was from Jodhpur to Gurgaon - 590 kms to be precise - at 17 kmpl, this was when my car was 2 days old. I thought of writing this review after my car crosses the 6 month/5000km mark, but today, when I checked my mileage, I decided, I'll put my first review today and second after crossing 6month/5000KM mark, I checked my mileage today only to be surprised - it showed 20.86 kms/lt - I filled 30.48 liters to top up my fuel tank, and I checked the kms reading from my last top-up till date - it showed 636 kms, now, you can do the calculation yourself!

Best Features-The first time I thought of writing the review was, on a Saturday, when my wife and I were coming back after shopping for grocery at 3:00 PM and she suggested, why don't we go for a long drive, and even before I could say something, the RJ on Radio FM said the temp. outside was 40 degrees. I realized that day, buying a Chevy Beat with a climate control was the best decision of my life, not just for me, but also for my wife and for my family to come...!!! (it reminded me of last year's summers when I had to go grocery shopping on my bike and I thanked God, My Dad and Chevy for bringing this car for me.) Best Feature is Climate Control AC for this car, but then I have to say the Mileage too is the best feature. I wonder why people even buy other cars - when we can get better mileage, better looks, and better performance in a lesser price. 

Needs to improve-For a person like me, who will use the car mostly for long drives, on-road vacations, there should be a better boot space. and then, for people who sit in the back there should be something done to increase the space. I do not want the rear window style to be changed coz it adds to the looks of the car but interior, yes, something should be worked out! 

Overall Experience- I am happy that I am not disappointed for my first car - when I saw it for the first time, I fell in love with it and now, every time I take it out for a drive, I get more possessive about it and my overall experience hasn't finished yet, I will write another review once my Chevy Beat turns 6 months old or covers 5000km, so that people who want to buy a car can have real time experience. I did the same before I bought this car, researched a lot, read each and every review and then decided to buy the car I loved.

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