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Mileage of Toyota Qualis

Toyota Qualis
This car model has expired

Toyota Qualis Mileage

The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 13.2 kmpl.

Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage
DieselManual13.2 kmpl

Toyota Qualis price list (Variants)

Qualis FS B12446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.2 kmplEXPIREDRs.3.8 Lakh* 
Qualis FS B22446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.3.95 Lakh* 
Qualis FS B32446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.4.1 Lakh* 
Qualis FS B42446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.4.26 Lakh* 
Qualis FS B62446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.4.53 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C12446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.61 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C22446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.61 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C32446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.63 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C42446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.7 Lakh* 
Qualis Fleet A12446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.79 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C52446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.85 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C62446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.85 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C72446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.4.93 Lakh* 
Qualis Fleet A32446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.01 Lakh* 
Qualis GS C82446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.06 Lakh* 
Qualis GST D22446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.16 Lakh* 
Qualis GST D32446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.25 Lakh* 
Qualis GST D52446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.35 Lakh* 
Qualis GST D62446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.43 Lakh* 
Qualis GST Super2446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.53 Lakh* 
Qualis MYST L52446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.6 Lakh* 
Qualis MYST L62446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.66 Lakh* 
Qualis FS F22446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.66 Lakh* 
Qualis FS B52446 cc, Manual, Diesel, 13.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.5.66 Lakh* 
Qualis RST2446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.7 Lakh* 
Qualis FS F52446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.88 Lakh* 
Qualis FS F32446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.5.94 Lakh* 
Qualis FS F72446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.6.02 Lakh* 
Qualis FS F62446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.6.17 Lakh* 
Qualis GS G1Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.6.68 Lakh* 
Qualis GS G52446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.6.91 Lakh* 
Qualis GS G42446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.7.35 Lakh* 
Qualis GS G92446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.7.42 Lakh* 
Qualis GS G82446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.7.57 Lakh* 
Qualis RS E22446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.7.82 Lakh* 
Qualis RS E32446 cc, Manual, DieselEXPIREDRs.7.89 Lakh* 
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