Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Performance Vehicle - Expert Review

Published On Jan 25, 2014 By Rahul for Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017-2021

500 bhp was generally a characteristic of super cars. It needs to have two doors, aggressive styling and shallow greenhouse. But now, there are saloons that produce in excess of 500bhp, and one of them is the latest avatar of the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. This is a perfect car for daily usage and can even be taken to a track. We get our hands on this car and find out how brutal is the performance of this AMG.


The new E63 AMG has a lot of added styling cues to make it differentiate from the regular E-Class. It begin with, it gets the V8 Bi-Turbo badging on the front fender and of course meatier tyres and bigger brakes are visible, and so is the rear diffuser and the skirting.

The front grille on the AMG-spec car is different as it has a single slat and it wears the large central star. The 10-spoke alloys, and the V8 Bi-Turbo badging with the sharp crease are prominent changes on the AMG sedan and this makes it easier to differentiate it from the regular Mercedes-Benz E-Class— the quad-pipes at the rear standout as well. The E63 gets a wider bumper with a front diffuser not just for better aerodynamics, but also for more air to be pulled in by the large air filter. 


The E63 AMG gets a lot more features than then normal E-Class. These are mostly upgrades in seats and more to add the sporty character of this performance saloon. The front seats are bucket-like, as they hug you tightly so you do not move around. Put the seat in the dynamic mode and the seat’s lateral support adjusts itself for better support as you steer. The seats hold you tightly and are sensitive to steering movements so you or your co-driver doesn’t move around. This ensures better side and back support for both the passengers.

The gear knob on the AMG spec car is different and it has a rubber finish. You get multiple knobs and buttons to adjust the suspension, traction control, engine and transmission response and everything else that moves as per your driving requirements. There is also the AMG mode, which can turn off ESP if you wish to slide around on a track. The speedometer too goes up to 320km/hr and the centre dial has AMG embossed in it.  Even the steering wheel is different from the regular E-Class and this is a lot sporty and offers better grip too.

The rear seat is spacious and is highly comfortable. The under-thigh support is good even for tall people. The boot too of this sedan is the same as the existing E-Class. There is a slot for a spare wheel too, though it isn’t full-sized one. The leather on these seats is top-notch and the headrest is a lot soft, which means better comfort.

Engine and Transmission:

Mercedes-Benz had downsized the E63 AMG last time when it launched the new car and this gets the same mill. The AMG engines are hand-built and the one on the E63 is a 5.5-litre bi-turbo with a massive army of 557 horses and a peak torque of 720Nm. This power rating is infact better than the previously offered 6.2-litre V8 engine. At full load, the engine management system partially suppresses the cylinders. This carefully managed interruption to ignition and injection results in faster gear changes and an emotive acoustic effect. The grunt produced by the quad pipes is just music to an auto enthusiast’s ears. Once doesn’t even need to speak about how easy it is to overtake or how easily it can do 200km/hr. Press the accelerate and you get the adrenaline rush as you are pushed back deep into your seat.

The new E 63 AMG features an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission. The transmission modes “C” (Controlled Efficiency), "S" (Sport), "S+" (Sport plus) and "M" (Manual) enhance the car's agility and driving dynamics quite noticeably. In comfort mode, the drive is very relaxing and even the cabin is well insulated. The Sport plus and the Manual modes are the real performance modes. The shifts on this transmission are quick and responsive especially when in Sport plus or Manual mode.

Driving Dynamics:

The E63 AMG is a performance saloon, but the regular E-Class has been a luxury sedan with one of the best ride suppleness, and that is one reason why it has been the best selling vehicle for Mercedes-Benz India as well. The E-Class glides over potholes and the suspension soaks up most of the bumps. This is what the E63 AMG also does. It is well composed with a supple ride on bad roads, when in comfort mode.

The handling of the E63 is definitely agile and much better than the previous E63. It is a ferrous animal with all the power being delivered by the rear wheels as exuberate amount of power on a turn can put you in a slide, with some burning rubber. It can easily get tail-happy and even the slide, if you switch off the ESP. This will get a big smile on your face.


The E63 AMG is definitely, one of the best performance saloons around. We have driven the M5 and it’s a close call between the two. The E63 AMG is definitely a lot driver involving and at the same time, it can even be turned into a daily car one needs to take to work.

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