Top 5 Cars Showcased At CES 2022: EVs And Concepts Galore!

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The tech event has become a regular showcase of electric mobility and automotive tech, and these were our highlights from this edition

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, United States. The event is typically a platform to present new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. However, car manufacturers have been taking part in the show for 15 years now, showcasing concept cars and future tech. Here are our top five picks from the automotive displays from CES 2022:

BMW iX Flow

BMW revealed a special version of its iX electric SUV with a colour-changing exterior known as the iX Flow. The surface of the car features what BMW calls ‘E Ink’, which can change the vehicle’s shade at the touch of a button. This is possible due to a unique body wrap that uses electricity and code to change colour right before your eyes.

So far, you can choose from a wide range of grayscale exterior colour combinations. What’s more, changing the colour in line with the weather can also help to increase the range in an EV by reducing energy consumption via climate controls. A white surface reflects a lot more sunlight than a black one. Hence, by changing the exterior to a light colour, the heating of the vehicle and passenger compartment can be reduced since a white surface reflects a lot more sunlight than a black one. In cooler weather, a dark outer skin will help the vehicle to absorb noticeably more warmth from the sun.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz introduced the new Vision EQXX electric sedan concept at CES 2022, with a range of over 1,000km. The Vision EQXX concept uses strong, sustainable and lightweight metals to maximise energy efficiency and boost range. Also, the electric sedan has an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.17, thanks to the front end design, tapered rear end, covered wheels and a retractable rear diffuser.

The Vision EQXX also gets roof-mounted solar panels which supply power to the lights, air conditioner and other ancillaries. Moreover, the 117 solar cells can help extend the driving range by up to 25km. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a massive 47.5-inch 8K display that spans from one A-pillar to the other. Mercedes-Benz also claims that the cabin of the Vision EQXX uses sustainable materials like biosteel silk-like fibre, animal-free vegan leather and bamboo-based carpets. Learnings from the EQXX are already being applied to the development of the next generation of Mercedes’ compact EV platform.

Sony Vision S 02

With electronic brands getting serious about building EVs, the auto companies will have a whole new challenge on their hands. Japanese giant Sony debuted its second EV concept at the event, the Vision S 02, which is a full-size SUV as a possible rival to the likes of the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQC. Its exterior design is a bit plain as EV concepts go but it promises a lot of tech as expected from a Sony product. The cabin features integrated displays for the whole dashboard with 5G connectivity for over-the-air updates. It does have a steering wheel but Sony does promise a high degree of autonomous driving functionality. 

This concept is not just about headlines either as the brand is looking to set up a new company called “Sony Mobility Inc.” for the purpose of selling EVs. For now, any technical specifications for the Vision S 02 have not been announced.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

The long-lasting rivalry between Chevrolet and Ford will enter the electric pickup segment with the debut of the new Silverado EV that will compete against the F-150 Lightning. Built from the ground up on GM’s Ultium EV platform, it can be fitted with a large enough battery for a claimed range of upto 640km. It can also offload up to 10.2kW of power for supplying electricity to tools and other appliances as needed. The Silverado EV will also feature electric 4WD, rear-wheel steering, and air suspension to continue to be a do-everything pickup, just like the regular Silverado. In terms of performance, it aims to deliver up to 660PS and 1057Nm.

The Silverado EV doesn’t look entirely different from the regular pickup and that’s a good thing. It has the modern design cues you’d expect such as the large panel where the grille used to be, sleek LED DRLs connected by a lightbar across the width of the bonnet, and an illuminated Chevrolet badge. There’s plenty of cladding to remind people of its utilitarian value while also being fitted with comforts like a panoramic glass roof, digital driver’s display, 17-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and ADAS. Chevrolet will also offer the Silverado EV with its autonomous driver assist package called Super Cruise which also works with a trailer attached. While it’ll be predominantly sold in the USA, the Silverado EV presents another big step for people to switch to electric mobility.

The VinFast Range

If you haven’t heard of VinFast before, this is a good time to be introduced to the Vietnamese carmaker. At CES 2022, it announced that it will only offer EVs by the the end of 2022 followed by the debut of three new electric SUVs and crossovers: VF5, VF6 and VF7. The cars grow in size as the model number increases, covering a variety of segments. These models were displayed alongside the brand’s existing EVs which have been rebranded to VF8 and VF9. VinFast did not share any technical specifications for the all-new EVs but its flagship model, the VF9, has a 106kWh battery with a claimed range of around 480km. From an Indian market point of view, the VF5 is the one of interest for its compact proportions that would suit the local demand quite well. There’s no outlandish tech with these market-ready cars that offer autonomous driving assists, large screens and zero emissions.

The coolest part of the VinFast lineup is the looks, thanks to being designed in collaboration with renowned Italian design house Pininfarina. They all have the brand’s light signature along the bonnet line but each features its own distinct exterior details that make these standout that little bit more in a sea of electric SUVs.

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What cars were your favourites from the CES 2022 showcase? Let us know in the comments below.

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