Mercedes-Benz GLE

Rs 62.74 - 90.96 Lakh*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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Mileage8.9 kmpl
Service Cost-
Engine2996 cc 
Cruise ControlYes
Sun roofYes
Parking SensorYes
Duration 5 years
EMIRs 1,75,952
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Showing information of Mercedes-Benz GLE 43 AMG Coupe - Petrol variant

GLE highlights

August 25, 2016: Mercedes-Benz has launched its GLE 450 AMG Coupe at a price tag of Rs. 86.4 lacs (Ex-showroom, Mumbai). This car will rival the fellow German BMW X6 and is a CBU import from MB’s Tuscaloosa factory in America. Engine in this car is a petrol fueled 3.0-litre bi-turbo V6. This gives the car a power output of 362 bhp with a healthy 520 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a G-tronic 9-speed automatic transmission with 4MATIC drive. The GLE SUV was previously available only with 2 diesel engines, but it too now gets a petrol engine and Mercedes-Benz has launched the GLE400 4MATIC at Rs 74.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The GLE family in India now includes the GLE250d, GLE350d, GLE400 and GLE 450 AMG coupe.

Mercedes-Benz GLE price list (Variants)

Variant Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
2143 cc,  Automatic, Diesel, 17.9 kmpl
Rs 62.74 Lakh*
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2987 cc,  Automatic, Diesel, 11.57 kmpl
Rs 73.89 Lakh*
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400 4MATIC
2996 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 9.7 kmpl
Rs 74.9 Lakh*
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43 AMG Coupe
2996 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 8.9 kmpl
Rs 90.96 Lakh*
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    Mercedes-Benz GLE
    Rs 90.96 ffff Lakh*
*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

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GLE colors

  • Cavansite Blue Metallic

  • Citrine Brown Metallic

  • Citrine Brown

  • Iridium Silver Metallic

  • Brilliant Blue Metallic

  • Iridium Silver

  • Obsidian Black Metallic

  • Cavansite Blue

  • Polar White

  • Obsidian Black

  • Tenorite Grey

  • Tenorite Grey Metallic

Mercedes-Benz GLE mileage

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Diesel13.9 kmpl 17.9 kmpl
Petrol6.7 kmpl 9.7 kmpl

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Mercedes-Benz GLE review

Mercedes-Benz is the type of company that cashes out easily in markets such as India. Growing brand of car lovers with heavy pockets have their eyes out for vehicles of an expensive class, razor edge tailoring and a more uncompromising bearing. The country's auto-base is reaching a stage where the sting of the wallet is far lesser of a deterrent in making purchases than before. With the release of the new GLE 450 AMG Coupe, this brand offers a chance for Indian buyers to re-define their auto experience completely, while at the same time, keeping their vehicles well tuned with the needs of Indian roads and traffic conditions.


1. Need we emphasise this company's commitment towards well honed classiness and luxury? The car brims with expensive features and delights that are sure to thrill any average rider.

2. The range of comfort oriented features are sure to blow anyone's expectations well off the scale, and this premium treatment would definitely make up for anything else one could find lacking in this vehicle.

3. Any average viewer would find an achievement in the car's exterior format, with its graceful shape, aerodynamic alignment and plush design treatment.


1. The price range of the vehicle would not only make it a nightmare, but would trim the herd of potential buyers to a very, very specific portfolio.

2. Although it comes with a rigid chassis alignment, it requires some more moderation to efficiently fend off the roads here in India, while at the same time, preserving the ride quality.

Stand-out Features:

1. This SUV comes with an advanced COMAND Online system that gives the access to the world of entertainment and communication.

2. DYNAMIC SELECT variable control system with five transmission modes add to the ride quality.


For a long time, the car industry in India has been confined to a more orthodox set of ideas, and few local supplies have dared to venture outside of their shells. With conventional car makers comfortably settled in less perky areas, the burden of shaping the luxury segment of the vehicle falls on a unique line of brands such as Mercedes-Benz. The GLE 450 AMG Coupe is probably one of the more daring releases for the market, with tough competition from the likes of Audi and BMW. With its own unique niche of designing, the car has borne the brunt of competition in all other countries it has been released in, keeping itself afloat and well ahead. We at Cardekho delve into the many facets of the vehicle to find out exactly where it derives its powerful allure from.

Background and Evolution:

Originally born more than two decades ago, this model series has a longer history. The model was released in the United States in the year 1997, initially borne with the name, 'M-Class'. In 2001, the vehicle received a facelift, with many significant changes for its exterior including revised front and rear bumpers, new alloy wheels and new headlamp lenses. In 2005, the second generation of the model came out, and it boasted impressive new features such as a 7G-Tronic gearbox, Bi-Xenon headlamps and an adjustable air based suspension. The current version in market was unveiled in 2011, and it came with a slew of modern features such as an adaptive cruise control, an active curve system and anti roll bars to support the suspension.


The SUV comes with a husky format that has not been seen among SUVs from major Indian manufacturers. Its majestic demeanour would overshadow any other vehicle, while at the same time, imbibing some serious class into its menacing stature. Standing before the vehicle, we were given a first imprint of awe at its powerful position, but the enriched design scheme takes this quite a bit further.

Personally, we found the look of the Coupe variant to be a more enthralling one, and if you're out there for looks over utility, then the dashy appearance of the Coupe is sure to cage your attraction. The gracefully descended rear end and the overall streamlined shape, this variant evokes the more racy flavour in the model series, and is sure to thrill its own niche of customers.

Some of the design elements shared between all variants were also worth the exterior gamble. Posted at the front is a wide radiator grille, with two sculpted louvres around the Mercedes star for a more emboldened effect.

The headlamp clusters on either side host a variety of lighting units, including LEDs and turn indicators.

The accentuated front bumper with its chrome inserts renders a more splendid appeal. This goes in harmony with the under-body protection, which comes with a chrome look finish. The wide hood is glazed with well tendered lines, and in our taste, this perfected the vision of the car's front, balancing its masculine bearing with a more gentle and feminine touch.

Stretching over the side of the vehicle is a chrome beltline strip, which imparts a more lavish design to the side profile. There are other subtle lines that breeze through the side of the vehicle, and although they are eclipsed by more prominent features, you're sure to catch a glimpse of them with time.

The light alloy wheels add an element of sportiness to the car, and this is further emphasised by the wide and prominent wheel arches.

The company goes out of the way to stress the uniqueness of the machine, with aluminium running boards and roof rails that are sure to bring a more energetic effect to the build. We won't lie on the account that the robust make of the vehicle leaves areas of its appeal suffering, but its well balanced structure redeems some of the beauty. The well toned effect at the rear is sure to get your attention, for this gives the entire vehicle a well oriented position.

The brand undeniably goes out of the way to display its love for chrome, with a rear sill protector in chrome and tailpipes plated with chrome. If you're the race-loving type, the well integrated roof spoiler is sure to get your attention, while the sporty twin-pipe exhausts cements the vehicle’s all flavoured build.

Personally, we found the look of the Coupe variant to be a more enthralling one, and if you're out there for looks over utility, then the dashy appearance of the Coupe is sure to cage your attraction. The gracefully descended rear end and the overall streamlined shape, this variant evokes the more racy flavour in the model series, and is sure to thrill its own niche of customers. Observers would be quick to note its well balanced dimensions, with a length of 4819mm, a width of 2141mm and height of 1796mm.

A boot space of 690-litres is all too good for even the most avid camper, and this figure towers well before most other competitors in the space.


The spacious and fulfilling layout of the cabin is sure to take you by surprise. But more than this, it is the more sensual nature of the build that would garner approval. It is needless to say that this brand has captivated the most luxurious interior arrangement in any model rolled out by them, and this vehicle stays true to this ideal.

The Coupe's cabin may deter those looking for space and luxury, but what it lacks in space, it makes up abundantly in style. The sportily designed steering wheel has been posted with the brand emblem at the centre. The instrument panel has been positioned within arm's reach, along with the gear shifter and other elements. We found this to reduce the burden quite a bit. The instrument dials have been hosted strategically behind the steering wheel, and this is also a bonus for the man behind the wheel.

Moving on to the existing variants, the front panel, the wide seats, the centre console, the door-sides and the steering wheel are positioned for a picture of harmony and elegance.

Perhaps the most accomplished artistry that you'd ask for lies in the seats. Besides being comfortable and ergonomically designed, the seats are dressed in ARTICO black leather that is man-made, giving the customer a rarely found human touch to the insides of a machine. We feel that that the presence of headrests and armrests adds to the delight of the experience.

Headlining is present in crystal grey fabric as well as porcelain fabric, and this interacts with the rest of the car's design to form a more vibrant atmosphere altogether.

If you're the type that enjoys inlays of wood, this car provides more than you could ask for, with high quality brown wood furnishing areas of the cabin.

Most of us would agree that the most striking element of design on the inside of this car would be the door sill panels that come along with the 'Mercedes-Benz' lettering, carving a more distinguished effect for this cabin. Seating on the other hand, is far more comfortable and makes for a quality ride.

This vehicle is among the league of luxury vehicle with top-notch fit and finish. It would not fail to impress you in this regard owing to attention-to-detail opted by Mercedes. The floor console is mounted with control switches of drive modes and a touch controller that adds to the convenience quotient.



Propulsion power is delivered from a mighty 3.0-litre V6 engine which displaces 2987cc. This plant scores pretty well with respect to specifications, holding a power of 258bhp at 3400rpm, along with a torque of 620Nm at 1600rpm. The top speed is 225kmph, which is more than you could ask for in a vehicle of this size. Drivability on city roads is far more superior and on open roads, it offers the real fun of driving. You won’t notice any form of vibration or any sound disturbance from the engine.

The brand is offering another diesel engine as well, an in-line 4-cylinder 2143cc plant, which unleashes 204bhp at 3800rpm and a torque of 500Nm at 1600rpm to 1800rpm. We've got to tell you that these are pretty sharp figures when placed against competitors in the segment, although there are many SUVs, which could far outperform this one. We found no disturbances with the running of the engine, but some might be quick to notice a very mild hum from the engine. The driver would relish the experience with a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission that helps to relieve a lot of the drive strain and bring a more enjoyable experience.

Petrol Engine

The newly launched GLE 450 AMG Coupe is powered by a 3.0-litre V-Type petrol mill, which is capable of unleashing 367bhp in combination with a torque of 520Nm. We at CarDekho expect this to be of reasonable performance, especially considering the figures unearthed. Although it lags behind some other competitors, most people looking for a balance between luxury and power would be more than happy with it, considering that an acceleration rate of 5.7 seconds is more than a loud figure for an SUV.

Ride and Handling:

This company may not have experienced Indian roads first hand, but its overall design sophistication seems to be adept at tackling these conditions. We were more than happy with the alignment, balance and overall stability of the drive, and we'll assure you this might strike you as quite an achievement considering the vehicle's husky mass. The company has equipped the vehicle with strong steel springs to absorb any road strains. A selective damping system also plays a major role in securing ride comfort, with the ability to re-adapt itself according to the drive situation. Any lay-dweller would be impressed with the company's sophisticated build diagram. While most other manufacturers stop with a strong chassis alignment and good brakes, here is a company that has taken the liberty of programming many efficient aid programs to greatly bolster safety for the occupants. Among these is the anti lock braking system, the electronic stability program, as well as a downhill speed regulation facility. An extraordinary ease of handling is granted by the direct-steer system, which boosts response and provides assistance during demanding situation. All of this interacts to shape a truly stress-free drive experience for anyone, although rare bumps and jerks are to be expected.


The factor that impressed us more than anything else was the vehicle's safety arrangements. There were conventional features such as airbags, 3-point seatbelts, childproof doors and seatbelt warning signals. Aside from these, this vehicle boasts many out of the box unconventional features that would surprise many as well. This includes the acceleration skid control program, the brake assist that comes along with brake servo assistance, a crosswind assistance and a seat occupancy recognition for the front passenger.



This is a vehicle that has a very clear positive verdict, with its enthralling design, its expensive interiors, its powerful engine and a range of rarely seen before comfort features. But you've got to take into accord its phenomenal price tag, something that would alone, make up for much of the plush points. At the end of the day, this is a car that represents the very cream of the cake, so if you're the type that will shell out as much as possible to have the perfect ride, this is the model you should go for.

Mercedes-Benz GLE price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Find On Road Price in Your City
62.74 Lakh 63.85 Lakh 64.42 Lakh 63.85 Lakh 64.08 Lakh 63.0 Lakh 64.46 Lakh   Get On Road Price  
73.89 Lakh 75.2 Lakh 75.87 Lakh 75.2 Lakh 82.59 Lakh 74.2 Lakh 75.91 Lakh   Get On Road Price  
400 4MATIC
74.9 Lakh 76.23 Lakh 86.38 Lakh 76.23 Lakh 86.38 Lakh 76.23 Lakh 75.25 Lakh   Get On Road Price  
43 AMG Coupe
90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh 90.96 Lakh   Get On Road Price  

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Mercedes-Benz GLE in news

Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz GLE Spied For The First Time

First spy shots of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE Class have emerged, and the vehicle was reportedly being tested at the automaker research and development facility center in Germany. The mid-life update for the M-Class came with the new nomenclature, while the ‘GLE’ moniker was born last year. Expect the next-generation to arrive in 2018, with sales commencing globally from late 2018 or 2019. The new fourth-generation model will be codename the ‘W 167’ since the current third-generation was codenamed the ‘W 166’. Expect the updated GLE Coupe to follow soon after.  Read Full News

Posted On | June 08, 2016 | 12978 Views
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