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Spark highlights

December 5, 2014: Chevrolet Spark, General Motor India's cheapest offering in the country is being offered with a discount of upto INR 68,000 in December. Powering the hatch is the same 1.0-litre Smartech engine, which churns out 63 bhp and 90Nm of torque , which is quite generous for a car in its segment.

Chevrolet Spark price list (Variants)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price    
1.0  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 16.2 kmpl
Rs 3.64 Lakh
1.0 BS3  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 18.0 kmpl
Rs 3.34 Lakh
1.0 LS  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 16.2 kmpl
Rs 3.92 Lakh
1.0 LS BS3  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 18.0 kmpl
Rs 3.61 Lakh
1.0 LT  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 16.2 kmpl
Rs 4.22 Lakh
1.0 LT BS3  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, Petrol, 18.0 kmpl
Rs 3.9 Lakh
1.0 LS LPG  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, LPG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 3.93 Lakh
1.0 PS LPG  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, LPG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 3.93 Lakh
1.0 LT LPG  (Discontinued)

995 cc, Manual, LPG, 13.2 kmpl
Rs 4.22 Lakh

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Popular Spark Reviews

  • v
    vishnu on 14 Sep, 2015
    Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT
    Look and Style: This car has a stylish design, sporty looks with roof rail, looks awesome. Comfort: Much comfortable car as compared to other cars in this segment. Pickup: It generates the power of 63bhp only, so delivers a decent pick-up only, not that much powerful. Mileage: Spark is less fuel efficient as compared to other cars in the segment. It gives only 14 kmpl in the city and 16.2 kmpl on the highway. Best Features: The interiors and 4 power windows are its best features. Needs to I read more 4
  • A
    Amar Kakade on 31 Jul, 2015
    Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS
    Look and Style - Look wise it is not so impressive but certainly not bad, just not like an actress but a marriage material. Bonnet and front sides look good, but I do not like rear lamps. That's the only thing I do not like in Spark. Otherwise, it is good. Interiors are quite impressive than any other car in this class. Dashboard, mirrors, steering style, everything is just perfect. Comfort - Yes it is comfortable for 5 folks, a great comfort to drive too. I drove 600 KM non-stop without an read more 3
  • V
    Vijaykumar Sadhu on 10 Nov, 2016
    Chevrolet Spark 1.0
    1. Very good car and it has good pick up. 2. It has decent mileage in city roads with switching on A.C and very good mileage on the highways. 3. It has a smooth engine which does not allow sound inside the car. 4. It has more cabin space to seat comfortably. 5. Very good suspension and during high speed it has very good balance. 6. Turning radius is good to take U-turn. 7. Well, who isn't excited at the beginning, everyone is. But, let me tell you, things went well after that too, actu read more 0

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Chevrolet Spark mileage

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Petrol14.0 kmpl 16.2 kmpl
LPG10.0 km/kg 13.2 km/kg

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Chevrolet Spark review

The world has known this company as the pioneer of the new age mechanics, a company renowned for excellence in its field. This is a manufacturer that has grasped and honed the craft of car making, and has also propelled it to new lengths in its wake. With elegance and precision that has flowered over the course of more than a century, this is a brand boasting over-shot perfection. This company is usually registered as a luxury designer known for modeling saloons, sedans and even sports machines, but here is an never seen before top off to the range of impressive machines that the company has released. It is known as the Chevrolet Spark, and it delights its audiences in an all new manner. This is a compact vehicle, one like few seen before. It re-defines the entire synergy of style and performance. Built as a models machine, it boasts lesser performance than most of its other compatriots by the same brand. However, this is a machine that carries unique qualities, treading an all new line in its search to please its audiences far and wide. It is built with a compact 1.0-litre drive-train that revs a displacement value of 995cc, which is perhaps not the best value out there, but certainly modest for the segment that this machine falls into. It also guns a power of 61hp, and a peak torque value of 86Nm. It brings a revolutionary new design to the class of compact cars. Combining class and speed that it can afford, it ensures that its trim and timid build are just facets to its real grandeur. Coming to its softer side, the elegance of the vehicle has is beyond comparison. It is shaped with the most flawless fabric in its metallic skin, making it seem to be of a beyond human make. Made small and thrifty, it looks rather appealing in a unique way. The overall shape of the body is imbibed with the seamless elegance that auto makers of the day have mastered as an art. It is complete with headlamps that have LED, and steel wheels that offer a good grounding and an immersing appeal at the same time. The interiors are plush and candid, meant to host the highest of homeliness a machine can gather. All kinds of comfort and convenience features, going well beyond those that conventional cars offer, are incorporated into the cabin of the car. It is aided with the presence of techno advancements that the company has never compromised in. An expertises leader in this field, this car maker designed this model to hold the finest of comfort and lavishness in the inside of this vehicle. Therefore, the ride is fulfilling and exalting. Furthermore, premium leather makes the upholstery, and only the most priceless and high standard materials together build the entire inside of the car. Metallic accents, wooden layerings and the best of all other compounded materials together condition the best cabin space one could ask for. Although small, the car offers a large, wide spaced cabin that has nothing cut-short in terms of comfort. All of these features welded together, bridge this vehicle towards the path to a new dawn in the field of automobiles, and for the company itself.

Chevrolet Spark Exterior


The modeling beauty of a company like this is destined to stand through time. This series is a humble structure, but beneath the layers of this vehicle is an exquisite and highly fulfilling machine. It is based on sound engineering, high grade sculpture and years of research. As a result, the purity of the car’s design is tested and meant to stand. The small, compact design of the machine only sharpens its delight to the eyes, with a shape and structure that is rather well honed. The front of the vehicle is dropped low, with headlights on both sides that feature LEDs, and all necessary light systems. The bumper merges flawlessly into the roof, which has a short antennae for radio systems inside of it. The rear of the car has a rear-light cluster complete with LED, turn indicators and courtesy lights. Prominent fenders and steel wheels decorate the side profile, enhancing it to make a wholesome, exalting appearance to stand-by audience and its own passengers.

Exterior Measurements:

This is a machine built to impress. However, unlike conventional vehicles, this is a machine that has big things delivered in small packages. It stretches for a short length of 3495mm. Furthermore, it is wide enough for possibly a couple of people to stand in line, 1495mm filing as its official width. Its has height of 1518mm and its wheelbase stretches for 2345mm.

Chevrolet Spark Interior


Editor's Take : The front row space in the Spark is good and even the quality of the plastics is decent. It being tall, the headroom is decent.


The modeling beauty of a company like this has been tried, tested and built on the very soundest measurements. Their vehicles are a blended marvel of class and comfort served together in one exalting cabin feel, and this model is no different. This is a car that carries a delicate build but a strong spirit. It has an inner atmosphere complete on all features and a cabin aura that soaks in the finest for its passengers. The cabin is decorated for the most intense ride environments a machine could promise. The machine builds a homely world inside of it with the aid of all aspects of the cabin. Large comfortable seats exhaust the needs of the passengers. They are also molded and stitched with the finest materials put together. Fine wood accents together layer the interior, with imprints of the best metallic materials as well. The seats are electrically adjustable, and have support functions including headrests and armrest. Premium leather upholstery decorates the inside of the vehicle, completing the comfort offered by the seats and the atmosphere of the inside. A finely designed dashboard sits upfront, integrated with all the functions of the vehicle. Cool wood inserts form the dashboard and door panels, making for a far more luxurious feel within the cabin. The stylized, steering wheel has the emblem of Chevy adorned atop it, and is incorporated with features to hone the control for the driver. Well finished, coolly shaped AC vents bring the best circulation of the environment and the air inside of it.

Interior Comfort:

The cabin is designed to host the highest of elegance in terms of comfort, and it succeeds on all rounds possible. The fine leather stitching, the modern finishes and additional leather highlights come together to bring the most refined of atmospheres for the passengers to together bask in for the length of the drive. The advanced instrument cluster gives the driver access to the Internet, music and to even scribe letters with a mere swipe of a finger. In addition to this, the seats are redesigned with thigh support, meant to ensure the firmest support and positioning for the passengers when seated.

Interior Measurements:

Although this model is small on its external appearance, it is still large and spacious from the inside. It ensures that all men are comfortable inside it, regardless of whether tall, broad or lanky. The seats are wide and well cushioned, equipping its passengers for the best ride quality throughout. The well laid out interior space builds the most fulfilling aura for all the occupants, going alongside a large trunk space to seal its features off in all.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's Take : The acceleration of the Spark is decent and is good even while driving in daily bumper-to-bumper city traffic.


Although it is small and compact, its speed and acceleration capacity do not fall short. It can score as a powerful model in its segment. Its 1.0-litre mill can boost it to a top speed of 153 Kmph, probably better than most of its variety. Furthermore, it can race from naught to 100 Kmph within just 15 seconds, which is a rather remarkable figure.

Engine and Performance

Editor's Take : The performance of this 1.0-litre engine is good and we should forget the fact that it isn’t built for outright acceleration.


The 1.0-litre motor surpasses is quite peppy and has a displacement value of 995cc. The might of this powertrain is also expressed through a max power of 61hp, and a peak torque at 86Nm. The capacity of the mill translates smoothly into raw power with the help of an excellent 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. All of this channels the best performance for this compact machine. It can soar to a top speed of 153 Kmph, and can gun the 100kmph mark in about 15 seconds.

Chevrolet Spark Mileage


Editor's Take : The mileage of the Spark is good, and hence it is competitive in the A+ segment.


The automaker has equipped this model with a 1.0-litre SMARTECH petrol mill that is incorporated with a multi-point fuel injection technology. It is good at generating power, but it lags behind in delivering good mileage. The company claims that the vehicle can return about 16.2 Kmpl, which is much lower than other vehicles.

Power of Chevrolet Spark

Editor's Take : The power of the Spark is good for its engine size and when compared to competition. On paper also it is good enough.


The motor equipped under its hood has a displacement capacity of 995cc. It is a 4-cylindered power plant with 8-valves all together based SOHC valve configuration. This motor guns a peak power of 61bhp, which is also pretty decent for its class. Its peak torque stands at 86Nm. All of this put together, it can touch rather good top speeds and acceleration points.

Chevrolet Spark Accessories

Stereo & Accessories

Editor's Take : The Spark’s range topper gets all-four power windows, music system, power steering and even AC. The music system supports USB and aux connectivity.


It is gifted with a host of other benefits that make for an organic and fulfilling drive. It has an advanced radio system, complete with stereo, USB, CD player and all the fundamental features that passengers today regard a vehicle to be able to dispose of. Dual tone interiors and the so called ‘optimax’ cabin as its manufacturer names it, together ensure that the drive is kept flawless with all comfort features ever taken care of. An ambient foot well lighting gives the ride a touch of brilliance as well.

You can now buy Chevrolet Spark accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Editor's Take : The handling of the Spark is decent and even the brakes are good on it.


It has a set of firm brake calipers arming the front and the rear brakes. Disc brakes arm the front and the rear brakes are gifted with drums. The suspension system is also top notch. The front axle has McPherson strut with anti roll bars. The rear axle has the standard torsion beam axle. In addition to this, the overall mannerism of the car, compact, well trimmed and all-stable in its design, ensures that the drive is kept tightened always. Therefore, the handling of this compact machine is sealed to its very best.

Safety & Security

A vehicle from this company is expected to whoosh past all borders in its build. This model does not compromise, and is complete with the best safety measures needed to rule the roads. It is equipped with tight seatbelts, keeping the passengers strapped-in always. Also, well cushioned airbags give them ample protection at all times. Furthermore, the body format of this vehicle is a mighty, impact resistant one, meant to absorb collisions to the maximum extent possible. The braking system is up-to-date, ensuring that nothing is thrown aside. The suspension system is also tightened and kept well poised always, and the best stability in driving is put forth always. All of this and more together ensures that everything is kept under the tightest control for the driver, and that mighty performance and elegance are wrapped up with the finest safety qualities possible.

Chevrolet Spark Wheels


It has a set of 13 inch steel wheels, presented in an stunning format. A well enabled set of tyres to go along with it. The wheels and their fenders further enhance the overall appeal of the car.


1. Great performance, especially for its segment.

2. Lavish and well sculpted build, attractive exterior format.

3. Polished interior format, giving the best comfort features and accessories to its passengers.

4. It is very cheap, possibly among the cheapest builds ever.

5. Technologically advanced and sophisticated from both inside and out.


1. It is a very weak performer when put forth before other contenders.

2. Compared to other models of this company, it lacks elements of comfort and luxury.

3. Weak mileage when weighing it on its performance and size scale.

4. It has a low ground clearance.

5. Possibly among the smallest cars ever made.

Chevrolet Spark price

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Chevrolet Spark in news

Chevrolet Spark Limited Edition launched in India

General Motors today introduced a Limited Edition version of its entry-level hatchback- Spark in India. Priced between INR 3.44 to 3.99 lakhs (ex. Showroom, New Delhi), the hatch has received some minor updates inside as-well-as on the outside. “The stylish, frugal and spacious city car with superior SMARTECH engine technology appeals to all aspirational first-time buyers and young nuclear families across India,” said Arvind Saxena, President and Managing Director of GM India. “With the launch of another limited edition model with more features, GM India has sought to exceed the expectations of its customers,” Mr Saxena added. Read Full News

Posted On | June 06, 2014 | 6005 Views

Spark Electric Vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show

Following the global reveal of the Spark Electric Vehicle in Los Angeles last year, Chevrolet's all-new battery-powered mini car will be presented to a European audience for the first time at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The car will be sold in select European markets as of 2014. Read Full News

Posted On | March 04, 2013 | 2150 Views
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