Replace power window switch in 6 easy steps

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There might occur a day when you want to roll down the window and it’ll simply refuse. As power window switches are used extensively, they might fail one day. These switches might face wire corrosion or might get exposed to water. But do not despair, it is a very simple tack of replacing one at home, and it will save you the trip to the service centre. All you need is a screwdriver and voltage tester to fix one back as new.

Step 1: Buy a replacement switch

Before even considering the fact that the switch is malfunctioning, check the fuse in electrical box first. It is possible that you just blew a fuse and the window stopped functioning.

If the switch is indeed broken, open your car manual and check the exact part number. Visit a spare part store and get the required power window switch.

Step 2: Pull out the panel

Take a screwdriver with the flat head (or minus as most people call it) and pull out the switch panel where the power window switch is located. Do not force it as there are some plastics tabs to hold it in place. Gently use your hands to rock the panel once you pry it loose with the screwdriver.

Step 3: Remove electrics

After the panel has been pulled out of its hold, disconnect the power outlet under it. Now carefully remove rockers from the power window switch and do remember the sequence that you disconnect so as to repeat the same for the new switch.

Step 4: Replace with new switch

Test for electric current on all connections with the tester. Hope you do remember the connection sequence, no carefully reconnect the new switch connections back in the rockers. Check the functioning by using the power window switch and lifting and dropping the window.

Step 5: Fix the panel back

Once you are sure that the connections now work perfectly, place the panel back in its door mounting. Jiggle it about to settle the plastic tabs back properly.

Step 6: Check now and it should be functioning

Now as you have placed the panel right back to its position, check the power window functioning again to ensure your effort works.

Just a simple fix will save you a lot of time and effort of visiting the mechanic. Power windows have recently become a must-have feature for all cars and because of their extensive use you must be aware of these simple fixes for them.

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