How to fix car body side moulding

Published On Apr 30, 2015 07:20 PM By Abhijeet

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Side moulding stuck to the doors of your car are both useful and design important features. They protect the doors from scratches when you accidently open them suddenly against a wall or pillar, and they enhance the side profile of your car. But remember these pieces are stuck to the body and might come off if you bump the car sideways while parking or may lose their adhesion with time. If you notice a side getting loose and the strip coming off, it is better to fix them or they may fly away while driving, in which case you’ll have to buy a new one.

Step 1: Remove the adhesive

First gently pull out the loose plastic moulding from the door panel. Take a cotton cloth and spray some cleaning liquid on the surface where the mould gets attached. Clean the sticky adhesive off the door gently without scratching the paint. This process has to be repeated continuously as it becomes tough over the years.

Also do this exercise in an outdoor well-lit area. You might need to use a plastic knife to scrap very tough adhesive and subsequently use an alcohol based remover to get a smooth clean surface.

Step 2: Clean the mould

After you are done with cleaning the door panel, turn your attention to the mould and repeat the process on it as well. Wipe it clean with the cotton cloth and scrap off tough residue. When the mould is cleaned, use the alcohol based compound to get a smooth surface to make it stick better.

Step 3: Apply double-stick tape

Buy a good quality double-sided sticky tape from a hardware store nearby. Apply this tape on the door panel on the areas that touch the mould exactly. Stick the tape lengthways on the edges of the panel and press it with a strong hand.

Step 4: Stick the moulding

Peel away the top protective skin off the double-sided tape. Very carefully position the moulding and stick it on the tape starting from one side to the other. The tapes adhesion is quiet strong and will hold the mould in place firmly. Take the cotton rag and push the mould strongly to bond it to the door panel.

Just a simple fix which can be done in 15 minutes and a few bucks will have your loose plastic mould back in place. No trips to the mechanic, no expensive labour and not much waste of time, just a few minutes with your car and dirty hands will solve the problem for you.

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