How and Where to sell your used car?

Nov 13, 2021 09:53 PM

We don’t sell cars very often. It is a decision that we take once in a while and hence, it’s natural to have curiosity and even a little bit of confusion while making the decision. The most important question once you decide to sell your car is to “how” to sell rather than “where” to sell. We again repeat deciding “How” part is far more important than the “Where” part. Now some of you might turn around and argue that both “How” and “Where” are one and the same thing but actually they aren’t. Remember the answer to “How” will lead you to “Where” and this article will help you to draw a connection between these two important links of car selling.

Primary Objective- to get an accurate answer to “How” depends upon what is your primary objective behind the sales. Are you looking for the best price for your car, or are you more concerned about selling it quickly? While most of folks belong to one or another category though we also have some people who want the best of both worlds, i.e., they want to get the best deal and that too without waiting a long for it. We breakdown each of these options below to help you understand your priorities in a clearer manner:

a) Best Price

People belonging to the best-price category often strive to sell their cars privately. No doubt, chances of getting the highest possible price via this method are quite high but then one must be ready to invest a lot of time and efforts in the process. Selling your car on your own is a complex procedure with most of us fails to recognize the pain and headache private selling comes with. Besides, private selling also means you are exposing yourself to a number of risks about which you can read here - Demerits of selling car privately

That said if you have the will and determination to bear long conversations, coordinating with many unknown persons, and patience to listen and answers to numerous queries, then taking this route is sure to provide you good value for your car.

b) Quick and Fast Deal

Another end of the spectrum belongs to those persons who want to sell their car urgently without any delay, i.e., “right now”. These people are not concerned about the money; rather what they want is to sell their car as soon as possible. A variety of reasons could be behind this urgency – one might have got a new job overseas, wants to avail the limited time exchange offer on a new car, or in urgent need of some hard cash. All these circumstances require quick sales and hence, the speed of the deal becomes priority even if it means a compromise on the price front. In such a scenario, you won’t be able to get the best price but then it has never been the priority – isn’t it? Most of the people belonging to this category will go find a place that offers a quick deal. Some will like to avail the exchange offer by trading in their cars at the dealerships though in both cases the value you receive for your used car is nowhere near the best.

c) Best Value and Quick Deal

The third category belongs to the people who want both the best value and quick deal for their cars. These people are unwilling to compromise on the price but at the same time not ready to put in efforts and take risks involved in selling the car privately. On the aspect of speed, these folks don’t want to sell their car at a lightning fast pace but then unwilling to drag the sales for months either. In sum, these people want best of both worlds and it is quite natural that we all want to belong to this third category.

If you decide to sell your car on CarDekho Gaadi, you can certainly have the benefits of both these things simultaneously. Not only you are assured to get the best price for your used car but you also be able to sell your car quickly. You can check the estimated value of your car at the company’s website and then in a single visit to their store, you can [sell your car](Things You Should Never Hide While Selling Your Car) at the best price. Unlike other methods which take ages to complete, executives at CarDekho Gaadi ensures that all the processes of get completed quickly and professionally. Once the deal is agreed upon, you’ll get the money in your account instantly, which is another big plus offered by them. You don’t even need to be worried about the transfer of the ownership as they take the responsibility of RC transfer and that too without charging any extra penny.

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