A Complete Guide to Registration Certificate of Vehicle

Nov 15, 2021 12:15 PM

In order to drive a vehicle legally on the road, we require a number of documents. These documents include the likes of driving license, registration certificate, and valid insurance and pollution under control certificates. All these documents are important; however, a driving license and registration certificate are the most important ones in the order of priority.

Driving without RC?

You can’t drive a vehicle without having a valid driving license and the same condition is applicable if you don’t have the RC of the car. Driving the car without the RC is a punishable offense that has both monetary and legal consequences. Hence, it is in your interest that you go through the article carefully to know in detail each and every aspect related to the RC. Some of the important questions we will answer here include what is the RC of the vehicle and more importantly, what information it does come with.

What is an RC?

The RC is a legal document testifying that the vehicle is registered with the government of India. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the agency that is tasked with the work of maintaining the database of all the vehicles and drivers throughout the country. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India is the authority under which RTOs functions, and these operate according to the Provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

The legislative base for the RC is also the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) 1988, according to which every vehicle has to be registered with its area’s RTO. In case, you are found driving without an RC, authorities have the power to confiscate the vehicle and impose the financial penalty on you. In sum, you have to have an RC if you want to drive your vehicle legally on Indian roads.

2) What Information does RC have?

The RC has all the important details pertaining to the vehicle. Take, for instance, the example of a Maruti-Suzuki Dzire. Maruti Dzire is one of the best-selling compact sedans in the passenger vehicle segment of the Indian automobile market. The RC of the Maruti Dzire (or for that matter any car) will contain information on the following parameters:

a) The top-most portion on one side of the RC contains the name of the state government under which the vehicle is registered. For example, if you live in Himachal Pradesh, at the top of the RC “Government of Himachal Pradesh” will be printed and just below the name of the state government, certificate of registration (Form 23) will be imprinted.

b) Next, the registration number of the vehicle (xxxxxxxxx), its date of registration (DD-Month-Year), and its registration validity (DD-Month-Year) is mentioned on the RC.

c) On the extreme left side of an RC, information regarding “tax up to”, “fuel-used” (petrol/diesel/CNG/EV), and emission norms are mentioned.

d) The chassis number and engine number are also mentioned on the RC which helps in the identification of the car in case of a theft or a robbery. e) The name of the owners, his/her credentials in terms of son/daughter/wife of so-and-so, and address of the owner are other things mentioned on one side of the RC (see image 1 for reference).

e) The name of the owners, his/her credentials in terms of son/daughter/wife of so-and-so, and address of the owner are other things mentioned on one side of the RC

f) On the other side of the RC, again the registration number of the vehicle is mentioned along with the month and year of manufacturing of the car. Other information contained in the RC includes a wheelbase of the car, cubic capacity of the engine, number of cylinders, and the unladen weight of the vehicle.

g) The RC of the car also tells you about the class of the vehicle (in our case it is a motor car), the name of the manufacturing company (Maruti Suzuki India Limited), name of the model (Maruti Swift Dzire), the color of the car, body type up, and its seating capacity.

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