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Nov 12, 2021 05:25 PM

Registration Certificate (RC) of a car is the most important document as it proves that you are the owner of the vehicle. It is as important as the registry of your new home - you can’t claim to be a legitimate owner of the house without the registry process. Similarly, the RC is the legal document that proves that you are a legitimate owner of the vehicle. In the case of a new vehicle, getting the RC from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is not a difficult task. You are required to submit address proof, passport size photographs, emission certificate, valid insurance, and a copy sale invoice to authorities. Once you do that you will receive RC within a couple of days of document submissions. However, the process is quite complicated in the case of used car sales where extra efforts need to be made to get the transfer of RC done. Read on to find in detail what an RC is, what is its importance, and why it is important to transfer the RC once you sell your car.

What is a Registration Certificate (RC)?

RC is the document that makes you a legitimate owner of the vehicle. The RC of a vehicle contains information on a number of important parameters. For example, if you own a car then the RC of your car will have the following information – registration number, date of registration, the validity period of the registration, vehicle class, month and year of manufacturing, name of the maker, name of the model, color of the car, body type, chassis number, engine number, name of the owner, address of the owner, and type of fuel used by the vehicle. In other words, RC is a document that has complete detail about your car. More importantly, this is a document that testifies that you are the real owner of the car.

Why RC transfer is mandatory in case of used car sale?

If you are selling your car to a buyer, it is important that you get the RC transfer complete as soon as possible. The meaning of RC transfer is a change in the name of the owner on the RC of the car. It is a hectic process and requires a considerable amount of effort to get the job done. You might need to go to the RTO office a number of times in order to make the transfer complete and the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 mandates that within 14 days of the sale, you must intimate RTO and apply for the ownership transfer process. In fact, this provision has been made to protect you from the undesirable consequences – imagine what will happen to you if the buyer uses your car for some illegal purpose and as a result, you are being questioned by the authorities because the RC of the car has still your name on it. The honorable Supreme Court of India had already delivered the verdict that the seller continues to remain liable for all illegalities and damages until the RC of the car has the name of the new owner on it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you apply for the ownership transfer process as soon as you sell the car.

Which are the documents required for RC transfer?

In order to transfer the ownership, you are required to submit the following documents in RTO:

  1. RC (original)
  2. Valid Insurance certificate
  3. Pollution under check certificate
  4. Address proof of the new buyer
  5. Form 29
  6. Form 30
  7. Form 28 (required in case of interstate transfer)
  8. PAN card copy or Form 60/Form 61

How CarDekho Gaadi can help you?

CarDekho Gaadi has a rich legacy in the automobile field and provides you an opportunity to sell your car in a completely professional and transparent manner. CarDekho Gaadi works closely with the used car market and provides you with the best value for your car. You can sell your car in a single visit (approximately within 70 minutes) and once the deal is agreed upon, the money is transferred to your account instantly. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of selling your car at CarDekho Gaadi is that you need not be bothered about the transfer of the RC. The RC transfer will be completely taken care of by the executives of CarDekho Gaadi which means you save yourself from the hassle of filling forms, completing the documentation, and visiting the RTO multiple times – all this will be done by the CarDekho Gaadi. What makes this even more delightful is that the RC transfer process is carried out by the company absolutely free of cost.

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