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By for Reva i from bangalore 2008-07-08 00:00:00.0
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Pros : Zero fuel consumption, Eco-friendly, Nice look, Comfortable

Cons : Medium sized, Less spacious, Less powerful, Can't move too fast

What a car? I never saw this type of car in my life. Its really a wonderful car. When i saw this car truly speaking i became the mad lover of it. It requires nothing except for battery charge and you can save the money needed for petrol for other things. It moves very smoothly and gives you the pleasure petrol car as well as being a eco-friendly rider. I bought this car just after test drive and now i am saving about Rs. 10000/pm. It has almost all features of a good car like spacious, quick start, powerful engine, can attain 80 km/h, full charging time is only 7 hours, cost only 40 paise/Km,on board charging facility is available, requires only 15amp socket. After buying this car, i really become the true bangalorean....

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  • trial |18 Sep,2009 01:53:18 PM

    looking fwd to buy one..any one wanting to sell ??

    muni |08 Aug,2011 11:00:58 AM

    i have Reva classic old model. currently it gives 25K per charge. planning to sell it off.

    Vinod kumar |31 Mar,2012 07:26:53 PM

    r u sure u r telling 25000kms or 25kms/charge...?

    Vivek |24 May,2012 07:09:27 PM

    I am keen to buy a Reva because of its small size and intended usage is only city driving. The specs state that 80K is the range for battery charge. That is fine with me. But your review says that number at 25K. Please clarify if the range was 50-80K originally and has now come down. Is this a problem in the newer models as well?

  • LALIT |02 Mar,2010 07:03:52 PM

    nice car,looking 4wrd to buy bt wating 4 water powerd car

  • LALIT |02 Mar,2010 07:05:10 PM

    sorry 4 rating,wasby mistake

  • Tecrun-Hellin S.L |23 Mar,2010 10:16:36 AM

    How many coast is this car ?

  • Tecrun-Hellin S.L |23 Mar,2010 10:17:28 AM

    How many there is this car?

  • rlmishra |26 Mar,2010 11:49:30 AM

    i want to buy this car ,but tell me what is main differenc both petrol

  • gunjansaboo |09 Jun,2010 05:33:02 PM

    how can cost be 40 p / Km, if you charge at 15 amps for 8 hours it should take about 28 units of electricity.. approx Rs. 5 per unit .. will be Rs. 140 for 80 Km.. which should be about Rs. 1.75 per Km... can you please clarify the claim you are making..???

    raj |24 May,2011 02:51:07 PM

    It is 15 A socket required to connect , but it draws less current for charging, the best way to check it is after socket put one energy meter in series after socket and check.Simple single phase energy meter is avaialble @300-400/- in market.

    Vinod kumar |31 Mar,2012 07:48:32 PM

    This car will charge us Rs96.48 for 80kms,for 1km=1.20rupees

    Vinod kumar |31 Mar,2012 07:50:20 PM

    40p/km no way as it's 15amps...

    Vinod kumar |31 Mar,2012 07:53:29 PM

    per month this car electrcity bill will come around 2701.66INR...

    Vivek |24 May,2012 01:47:32 PM

    It needs a 15A socket, that doesnt mean it takes 15A current to charge. They specify that full charge needs 9 to 10 units, so it will be about 55 to 60 rupees at 6 rs per unit, if it gives 80km then 75p per km

    unknown |18 Jul,2012 10:37:34 AM

    my dear friend the socket is 15A which does not mean it has to withdram 15A current.If you use 15W electric cfl bulb in 15A socket then do you think it will use same 15A current.similarily this is also. And energy is calculated in watt not in ampere and watt=ampere*volt.

  • Deera |05 Jul,2010 01:14:56 PM

    What is the maximmum distance for full charge?

    gopesh |08 Dec,2012 12:02:28 PM

    60 km on full charge

  • ANIL B.SURVE |09 Jul,2010 10:46:57 PM

    how many wattage consumed during 7 hr.charging electricity

  • bittu |20 Aug,2010 03:58:58 PM

    is it with bettry

  • bittu |20 Aug,2010 04:00:45 PM


  • kalyanbrata dasgupta |08 Sep,2010 03:09:19 AM

    1. How long the battery will last once fully charged? 2. Is the battery consumed based on distance travelled or duration for which it is switched on?

  • Chandru |12 Sep,2010 08:55:36 PM

    Can I fix a solar panel and extend its range in day time, before charging the Batteries? Can I have additional battery fitted to take it on highway to drive about 300 Km a day on highway?

  • ghanshyam dass chugh |23 Oct,2010 11:25:29 PM

    I want to purchase rewa two citer

  • ghanshyam dass chugh |23 Oct,2010 11:26:30 PM

    mail me its office address in Delhi

  • ghanshyam dass chugh |23 Oct,2010 11:27:18 PM

    kindly mail me its full discription i . e size,weight,average etc

  • ghanshyam dass chugh |23 Oct,2010 11:28:42 PM


  • Sreedhar Nandam |25 Oct,2010 11:46:12 AM

    While calculating cost/km, we need to include other maintenance costs e.g., battery replacement cost, to my knowledge we need to replace the full set of batteries every three (3) years and that may cost you Rs. 50,000/-.

  • chamila |16 Feb,2011 08:38:23 AM

    i would like to buy a reva car. but i haven't a chance in sri lanka.

  • Amitava Dey |09 Mar,2011 10:53:55 PM

    Please let me know the following informations about Reva Car. 1) What is the maximum speed of this car? 2) Can I add one extra battery for extra mileage if yes what distance for one extra battery? 3) Presently I am staying in Guwahati, Assam. Is there any statutory/ legal obligation to drive it here? 4) What is the easiest procedure to transport it here. 5) Is it possible to charge in common our domestic 15 or 5 Amp plug point?

  • Sudesh Kapoor |19 May,2011 03:34:53 PM

    Is the car available in Mumbai. If so, where one can see it.

  • SHRAVAN |16 Jun,2011 12:47:45 PM

    In the specs on site, I found the mileage to be given as 80kmpl. Can anyone elaborate on it. Also there has been no reply to the question 'how much does the car run (kms) on one full charge?' Request somebody reply.

  • shamsher |19 Jun,2011 04:02:37 PM

    what about the comfort

  • Pd |04 Jul,2011 11:07:30 PM

    i feel the price is too high.

  • Ashutosh Kumar |06 Jul,2011 03:34:59 PM

    Please let me know the following informations about Reva Car. 1) What is the maximum speed of this car? 2)What the distance cover by this after full charging 3) Can I add one extra battery for extra mileage if yes what distance for one extra battery? 4) What is the easiest procedure to transport it here.(jaunpur Uttar Pradesh) 5) Is it possible to charge in common our domestic 15 or 5 Amp plug point?

  • S.borah |18 Jul,2011 12:15:37 PM

    I am from Guwahati. Pls tell me how to get one here. Raving to own a Reva!!!

  • rajeev ranjan choudhary |28 Jul,2011 08:05:09 PM

    The questions asked by Mr Ashutosh from Jaunpur on 6th July2011 at 3:34:59pm are the queries I too shall wish to know. Thanks

  • ARUNKUMAR |05 Aug,2011 02:08:50 PM

    i have heard there is a discount on reva at present n i just want information abt it

  • ram pawar |19 Oct,2011 02:32:57 PM

    price list of reva car i want purses this car...............ram pawar indore -mob no -9301012346

  • deepa |10 Feb,2012 10:27:01 AM

    I found the car to be extremely good , however the sales was very pathetic. They never deliver the car on commited dates and some lame excuses are given for the delay. They dont even have the curtesy to infom you of the delay. You need to follow-up with them. I got my car on one day , 2 days later the charge point was installed and after 5 days a person arrives to explain me the usage of car ideally i'd to wait for 10 days to use my car .... I think whoever is buying the car needs to take this point into consideration.

  • Vinod kumar |31 Mar,2012 07:24:36 PM

    Can anybuddy tell me,on full charge what mileage it will give?what is the capacity of the battery, if it consumes 15AMPS,then battery will be 8.6kw..?

  • bhavani |21 May,2012 12:08:11 PM

    per month how much electricity bill will come avarage please any body

    John |26 Sep,2012 04:17:28 PM

    Hi guys..let me explain the charging cost. If you see engine spec, it shows 17.4 bhp AC Induction motor. bhp stands for break horse power. 1.34 bhp is equal to output of Induction motor is 13KW. We know that its top speed is 80kmph.and its maximum range is 80km. So at top speed it can run one hour. So output power is 13Kwh. We know the input power will be more due to the efficiency of system, and losses. So let us say the input is 18Kwh for a full recharge. That is 18 units. Let us take electric energy cost @5 Rs per unit. So it costs 90Rs for full recharge, and that will run 80Km. So cost per km is 90/80 = 1.13 Rs/Km. Now for a petrol car it is not more than 20km/liter cost is 75/20= 3.75Rs/km. Batteries may need to be replaced once in three yrs, or may be after 75,000 km, which costs 50,000 Rs...that will be 50,000/75,000= 0.67 Rs...adding we will get 1.80 Rs per Km. Let me know if any one disagree. Still half of Petrol cost.

  • a.k. shivaswamy |13 Jun,2015 05:57:32 PM

    the old reva car isbetter than the new e20 and is aboon for senior citizens and ladies

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