Honda City-Not Good As Compared to SX4

By for Honda City from Meerut 2008-12-12 11:42:36.0
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Pros : revolutionary looks, powerful engine.

Cons : uncomfortable drive, less road view, less ground clearance, useless features.

I would have expected Honda to price it at the same level as SX4, if not lower. Honda now has a fully depreciated plant in India and with the higher cost of spares and service as compared to Maruti, it appears they are smiling all the way to the bank at the low-end customers. On feature to feature comparison, SX4 beats the City at much lower price. The drive in the City is not comfortable. The steering wheel seems heavy to handle. Even the ground clearance hasn't  improved. The new Honda City 3G disappoints the one who admires this car. It is not a 'value for money' car. So Honda must think about it else the SX4 and other new launches can beat Honda in the segment.

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  • Rashi |13 Dec,2008 05:40:16 PM

    honestly how can u compare this honda with the sx4(its like comparing the alto with fabia)this car sets up a complete new segment. it is supposed to be in the premium car in its class. the build quality,the brand name,the advanced audio sys....all are incomparable to the sx4 (with cheap plastics and a dull interiors.So i dont think that we can compare Sx4 with Honda City.!!!!!

    suneet |06 Jan,2011 12:54:53 PM

    yaaah kaha sx4 kha honada city

  • HISMAJESTY |08 Aug,2009 01:24:50 PM

    SX4 and just not comparable to Honda city. Performance, styling, fuel economy, safety, reliability, resale value... what are you comparing? Honda city is far far far better is all these areas compared to any car in its segment. SX4 may be just a competitor because there is no major competition within this segment with Ford, GM and Huyndii, all having cars far below par. Had there been another good competition we would even be talking about SX4.

    sahil |26 Aug,2011 03:52:10 PM

    honda city is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr much beeter than sx4 haaa sx4 cannot be compared with city

  • PSi |03 Sep,2009 06:31:49 PM

    yes!!!you should not compare sx4 with any other car in its segment . its a car that is compared with corrola in terms of features and luxury, to an SUV in terms of space and to sx4 only, in terms of value for money. honda has always been fooling people by charging a premium price for its products but think logically is it worth spending extra 1.5lakhs for a car that provides lesser utility? jst think that sx4 is honda's product and city is maruti's and compare the two, even those adulated by hondaz will come to know that they are obssessed by big brand names

  • Rahul |29 Apr,2010 02:25:22 AM

    Very true, I must say: After an extensive research for about a month, I finally bought the new SX4 vvt which I found to be much better than the new honda city in terms of features and with the maxmimum ground clearance SX4 has, you can even take it as an SUV.. With Honda, it has always charged customers only for its brand name..

  • Vinod |18 Jul,2010 07:33:29 PM

    Hi, guys i decided to buy this car for my parents who are in India. Just decided against SX4 as this is not a popular international model like City. The safety features in city seems to be more than what suzuki is offering. Considering the ground clearance, i feel that this is not that bad like civic or merc! In this site i read a lot of reviews about Suzuki SX4! but in reality, I couldnt find that much SX4 in the market!

  • sagar |01 Aug,2010 05:04:42 PM

    when were honda city diesel car is the coming in india?

  • pi sydney roy |21 Aug,2010 06:10:14 AM

    if we go for brand name honda city is good. couple of draw backs what i have seen in this, first low ground clearance, over-priced,alloy wheel is not provided, could have extended the offers given to civic and accords,manager of the out let are not available for any important querries to be solved instead only sales executives who have less responsibility and authority(I intend DECCAN HONDA,PIMPRI CHINCHWAD OF PUNE). I liked the car when compared with MARUTI SX4 OR HUNDAI VARUNA. I intend to go for AT-auto transmission MODEL, i don't mind provision of CD player is omitted in system. I saw added advangtage in new model is that paddle shift facility,i-vtec engine introduced, balance mileage digital meter facility, ie fuel consumption display,seal belt alarm,foot rest,tilt steering, height adjuster, good look and so on.

  • Mayank |30 Aug,2010 05:42:57 PM

    Its so disappointing to see people comparing honda city i vtec with sx4...... The smoothness of the engine....the class.....the fuel economy.....the interiors.....the performance.....someone rightly posted above that what the hell are you people comparing...... You dont know what is quality....... See after 5 yrs......the SX4 will be so rattling and rough and the city will be as good as a 1 yr old city........ People be sensible......they are honda ......they are more intelligent then us,........they can't just loot people for non sense.... People pay for honda cars and they get what they have paid for...and i will pay for sure.....

    Mayur |06 Dec,2010 08:50:06 PM

    Boss ... What do you mean by They are more Intelligent than us. I am with your sentiments that SX4 should not be comparable to Honda City, even I like Honda City over SX4, but everyone has their own opinions, you have no rights to compare 'Ourselves with them'. We are much much better than them in terms of everything..... Be a Indian BOSS... Don't fool yourself.

    sampath |30 Aug,2011 07:51:06 PM

    i dont understand y u guys fighting u knw wat honda 4m Japan and sx4 is suzuki technology suzuki 4m JAPAN both r from japan wats d point to compare n discuss india n all :o

  • mohideen |19 Sep,2010 05:36:28 PM

    i am confused, please let me know which one to buy Honda city or SX4

    Sunil |25 Nov,2010 12:06:52 AM

    Not sure of Sx4, but Honda city is a no no. I repent buying one.

  • anmol |26 Sep,2010 08:15:56 PM

    comparison of two unequals. where honda city and where maruti sx4. city is much much much better .

  • Ramesh Sundararajan |17 Oct,2010 10:40:18 AM

    World wide all the car makers are thinking about the hybrid,Honda implemented the design in India,Maruthi SX4 -have you people seen the outer design of this car,no aerodynamic,side race also not good,mixed with FORD figo,and thier own desire.I hope Maruthi never come to the global design.they are good for service network,it may help in the lower hatchback models.If its come to midsegment sedan, Honda is far ahead than Maruthi.

  • santoshnath |17 Oct,2010 05:45:50 PM

    Today I have booked my car City V MT with Leather seats extra , Teflon coating, Anti rustings ,door side protectors,sun film, reverse sensors etc. Total 11.13L on road in Bangalore. The leather seats they asked 35K extra and agreed for 25K. Can anyone through light on the leather seat part what should be the real cost. Thanks in advance

  • Saurabh Saxena |01 Nov,2010 05:21:09 PM

    I think we cannot compare Honda City with SX4. Honda City is a far better Sedan in terms of looks & Performance. OK, SX4 might have some additional features but if one is looking to buy a Sedan only for features inside, then I think one should buy Fiat Linea which have far more features than both SX4 & Honda City combined. But I donot see Linea in buyer's wish list even with these features. So although features are essential, in the end it is the performance that matters.

  • akhil |06 Nov,2010 03:06:31 AM

    i want to buy Honda city (SMT model) by the end of this year.what would be the best price?what would be the best time?i am living in delhi.

    govind |04 Dec,2010 06:50:08 PM

    simple yaar, go to the showroom and just ask there. they will give you the best suggestion. because all the guys are confusing here.

  • sukesh kv |08 Dec,2010 08:16:38 PM

    i think its a foolish comparison with sx4 ..... if you are looking in mid segment the better choice is The GREAT HONDA

    bharath |20 Dec,2010 11:01:05 AM

    I am a proud owner of SX4 vvt. When I bought this car I did compare it with Honda City. I wanted a complete car. I choose SX4 becuase in Honda City I won't get 1. ground clearance - the car to be driven in Indian roads and high gc ensure painless driving experience. Can be driven peacefully through any terrain. 2. For 8L I got everything (alloys, ABS, AirBAGS, Climate Control) - I should have paid another 1.8L for the high end honda city still without climate control 3. Low ownership costs - Spares and maintenance cost very expensive for Honda City Other than bragging rights what else you will get with Honda City? May be resale value?!! But think of the amount you may shell out in keeping her nice over the years!!! High GC has another advantage - occasional hit you get in while driving in the city is happily absorbed by the bumpers. Your vehicle will be free of dents. Look at a year old other cars on the road and compare it with similar SX4's. We buy cars to drive and that too to be driven in India!!! I can drive my SX4 peacefully over the potholes, bumps, ghat sections etc... What else you need? Excellent drivability - 3rd gear can support speeds as low as ~20 kmph and can be attain speeds of 40-60kmph in our city roads. Excellent acceleration. It beats all other cars on green signals...

  • Josekutty George |02 Feb,2011 11:01:59 PM

    After conducting almost 2 months of extensive survey and study I have finally purchased Maruti SX4 Zxi preferring it over Honda City. After using the car for almost 45 days Iam fully satisfied with my decision. Still I donot understand why people are blindly supporting Honda City stating that it is incomparable with SX4. I could not find any such extra remarkable features that keeps Honda City miles ahead of SX4. In fact we should be thankful to Maruti for offering a wonderful car which is rich in features for such a low cost.

  • seema |19 Mar,2011 09:00:59 AM

    please City improve from ground clearance 160 as this is THE BIGGEST DROWBACK

    anil |07 May,2012 01:35:53 PM


  • rajeev |27 Mar,2011 08:08:45 PM

    well i guess its sx4 which is agood car ,, the looks , engine response interiors, and loaded with many features and excellent quality so why pay for more for less got it.. its sx4 an ideal indian car.

  • Sunil Nagpure |13 Jun,2011 04:50:38 PM

    It would be foolish to compare Honda city and Sx4 . But i say, If i have to buy a car, i would certainly go for Honda city. Its Mileage is 12-14 in city, while 17 in highway. I would say, both are incomparable, both cars have something to allure the customers.SX4 suits indian roads no doubt. Ground clearance where Honda city needs to improve , otherwise what a car Honda city is dude/Dazzling Look......resale value... i havent studied SX4 much...i say......Honda city is always in my mind when i search on web...........

  • Tapan |20 Jun,2011 08:45:54 PM

    My Friends, The cars have its own advantage & disvantage. Honda Advantage: Excellent engine performance (SX4 simply no match), Spares r expensive, but lasts almosts twice the life of SX4. So dont worry Good milage, Disadvantage: Not designed for most of the indian roads SX4: Only the ground clearance is the advanrage, No match to Honda engines. Conclusion: U stay in city with good road, go for Honda (Honda is Honda) U stay in a city with pot holes like me in Kolkta, --Go for SX4. Mind i own Honda & drive it very carefully specially after monsoon when its water logged.

  • Bishnudeo Prasad |12 Jul,2011 06:18:10 PM

    can any one tell when Honda City Diesel will be launched

  • nisheeth |01 Aug,2011 01:24:34 PM

    kya baat karate ho yaar kaha city aur kaha ye yarr SX4. this is my thinking sorry yaar.

  • SS |10 Aug,2011 10:20:30 PM


  • SX4 Lover |02 Sep,2011 12:37:20 PM

    Few Comments 1. Honda City is not a Global Car. its not Sold in US and Europe. It's restricted only in the Middle East and South East Asian Countries and mostly importanly , Not in Japan. Sx4 is Every Where. U can find In US (as hatch and Sedan), In Europe in the name of Fiat, in china and in Japan. 2. Compare the Price of honda Civic in US and India. You will know what Honda is Upto. The SX4 in US is a direct Compatitor to Honda Civic. US Sx4 has 2L Engine and Reduce GL to Suit US Condiction and 1.6L Engine and more GL in India. In Europe its Running with Fial Diesel Engine (1.6L) to Suit Europe. Sx4 is a true Global car. 3. just Check on all the Country Specific Website of Suzuki and will come to Know.

    Nitin |16 May,2012 02:33:58 PM

    Do not compare SX4 with Civic, as in US, SX4 is compared with Honda Fit/Jazz and still Fit/Jazz sells more. SX4 sells in US for being cheapest 4 wheel drive AWD, (and AWD is not available in India.)

  • suneet |22 Sep,2011 05:24:16 PM

    you cannot compare city with sx4 is far better

  • dj |22 Feb,2012 02:36:58 PM

    hey please cannot compare city with sx4 is far better

  • MyCar |19 Jun,2012 09:02:44 PM

    If you are thinking of car value for Money go for SX4. If you want style and satisfy your girlfriend go for City.

  • ASSR |06 Nov,2012 06:49:51 PM

    its completely ridiculous to even compare the two. Honda City is in a class of its comparison with SX4 whatsoever.

  • Ashok |28 Jan,2013 09:43:54 PM

    please guide.... city or fluidic verna..

  • BIPUL SHARMA |24 Jun,2013 12:16:05 AM

    Hope you have not bought Honda City...

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