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Brio a complete family car and VFM

for S MT

Look and Style : New Look all glass back is very old concept found in Maruti 800 in 1980s. Tail Lamp looks just mind blowing Comfort Extremely : comfortable lot of leg room. No claustrophobic feelings inside unlike beat and some extent swift Pickup : Best in the class. Probably i10 will beat Brio by few seconds but it is definitely powerful and no problem handling at high speed. Unlike i10 you can cruse at high speed in BRIO Mileage : Not tested but should be around 14KMPL Best Features : Its a car for practical people. Not too costly in terms of features it offers and after all its Honda. So piece of mind Needs to improve : In Honda service network Overall Experience : Excellent. Period I am not an expert neither a review writer to make things look filmy. I owned a Maruti 800AC from 2005 to 2010 and was happy with its limitation. After I sold my car as I was shifting from Delhi to Kolkata ever since I had been looking for a car which suits my budget at the same time fun to drive. 2 years I couldn't deside due to budget constrain. But i have looked into several cars like Beat Petrol LT and to be honest I was amaized with the great interior it has. The over all blue illumination gives it a look of some hifi alien aircraft :). Though I couldn't squeeze the budget and secondly uncertainty for shifting to another state but I would have definitely got it in Kolkata. I moved on and came to Bangalore and now I find myself stable enough to look for a car again. Going back to my initial research I looked at Beat and then Ritz. Even Maruti Swift Dzire LXI was going through my minds. Then one fine day my wife came up and told me that she has seen a beautiful car of Honda and she took an auto to chase it to get the name. And we searched Honda's website and came to know about BRIO. Well Well it looks pretty neat and obviously HONDA brand is pure japanese. I started reading reviews first about the car and couldn't find any cons for the car. I went to Honda's showroom of whitefield and saw the red color test drive VMT version of the car . It completely blew my mind out. The big head lights and the chrome honda badge is pretty tastefully done. The large round rear tail lamp has just one word to describe. Beatiful. The seats and feel of the plastic is pretty decent. The body steel doesn't look or feel cost cutting and seems hardy BRIO has amaizingly small turning radius with electric steering very light to drive. Even my wife can manage with ease. The extra features like key reminder real time fuel efficieny trip meater head light reminder in dash and steering mounted controls of Music system is just amaizing at this price of BRIO SMT. I have read that people complain about less boot in BRIO. Well if you look very closely the Boot is actually a deep cut boot in Brio so you can still fit in 3 Big bagpacks keeping it in slanting position. Apart from that the back seat is easy to fold. The only con is the lift is very high and you might sprain your back lifting bags from ground and put it in BRIO boot. All glass back looks amaizing and the glass looks pretty tough. I am sure it will with stand the kisses from other cars and motor cycles which is very common. On heavy bang it will break for sure. The sales guy added a funny comment when I was enquiring about the glass. He said it is as tough as bullet proof :P . OMG I will be a minister travelling in Bullet Proof BRIO :P . Just kidding. My concerns are if it breaks will it fall inside or outside. I guess it depends on the impact. If it falls inside then it is a little risky though it will break in crystals for sure and will not cause much harm to rear passanger. But still I have this question in mind and looking for a definite answer. Secondly Glass Items are not 100 % covered in accident insurance. I think its 50%. A normal front glass in maruti 800 4 yrs back was around 4.5k from maruti. I am sure on breaking it will pinch you a little bit. The only Bizzare omit of this car is a rear wiper. Think about driving in rain and without rear wiper I don't feel myself too comfortable. I have to check whether we can fit an after market rear wiper for this car atleast. The passanger window doesn't roll all the way down :O Some compairision I have done myself in my mind. No hard feelings Beat LT VS Honda Brio Brio Simply looks a class apart though a little costly than Beat. Period The interior looks might not have Blue illumination and all that jazzy like beat but the airy feeling inside BRIO is just mind blowing. There is enough room for 5 adults and specially scoop in back of the front seat makes more leg room. I pulled the front seat all the way back and still my wife was very comfortable at the back with minimum knee brusing. Engine in Brio is definitely a better one. Beat appeals in funky looks Brio appeals in more matured looks. Brio VS Ritz Well Ritz is fitted with K-series engine probably a gem but ivtec is at its neck to neck. Fit finish of Honda interior is much better than Maruti. Being a bigger car (breadth wise) this car is bound to be more stable and less body roll and much more stable at very high speeds. The kicked inside flat back of Ritz just don't appeal much compaired to Brio after all we are Indians and we look at the ladies back as a general tendancy :P Brio VS Swift Swift is a legend. No car can be compaired with the legend of Indian roads. But I would still put my penny on BRIO as swift is very common sight on Indian Roads and BRIO has a NEW feelings all the way. Even though new Swift is around the corner but it is too common a sight now a days. Inside the car I somehow feel Swift is a little cluttered and not that airy as is in Brio. Correct me if I am wrong Brio is few MM wider than Swift and has a few mm bigger wheel base thus adding that little extra to BRIO over Swift Brio VS Swift Dzire Yes I am daring to compair the two cars. The New Dzire 2012 Feb launch has reduced Boot space and somehow it looks a little odd. Secondly the price. BRIO SMT (Mid Variant) with Power windows and Music system costs around 5.39 Lacs on road in bangalore and Swift Dzire costs around 5.9 Lacs for basic LXI without the basic power window and music system. So just for a awkward looking boot paying 50K and then spend 15k for music system and around 13-14K for Power windows after market makes Dzire cost of ownership jump 85 - 90 K more than BRIO. Practically I don't think Dzire demands that extra 1 lac of our hard earned money for just a boot which will probably be used once or twice in a year on long drives. Over all I am quite satisfied with Brio with whatever limited knowledge about cars I have. I love the looks I love the drive I love the finish. I am still doing my last minute check on the car. I know its long long wait after I sold my first car. But before investing I need to be absolutely sure of what I am buying. After all every single paise I pay it is hard earned money unlike ... YOU KNOW WHO .... Seems 21 thousand is the booking amount for this car in bangalore1.38 Lacs downpayment including 21K paidRest 4 Lacs loan for 5 yrs coming around 8.9k /pm I have to negotiate with the banks for a cheaper rate of interest SMT has a 3 months waiting in Bangalore but SMT O and VMT are delivered faster in a months time as per Whitefield Honda. The 5.39 Lacs include 2 yrs extended warrenty

By ani
On: Feb 09, 2012 | 13424 Views
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Sep 6, 2013 9:04:40 PM

If we book a new brio car ,How may days it will reach us for ( delivery )

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    May 12, 2012 10:32:40 PM

    Brio SMT on road price in kochi for Rs 4.97 lac only. Great car.......Awesome...!

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      Mar 24, 2012 2:26:06 PM

      Just back from a long drive to Shivpuri (610 kms up-down from delhi) on my new Brio (VMT)...Fantabulously fantastic car with such a smooth ride quality....any time better than Swift.... I am bored and have had so much of Swift now...

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      Mar 26, 2012 2:16:58 PM

      That is great buddy :)

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