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By for Ford Figo 2012-2015 from cochin, kerala 2010-04-09 02:13:19.0
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Pros : fuel economy is pathetic. I am getting only 10 KM/litre in city with my diesel figo

Cons : other than poor mileage, the car is value for money

I have purchased a figo from kairali ford, cochin. its diesel Exi red with reg no: KL-7-BN-1226. overall performance is good and the vehicle is really rigid. But mileage seems to be pathetic. I am only getting 10 KM/litre in city whereas company is offering 15-16 KM/litre in city rides and above 20 in highways. My friend is also having the same mileage problem. Other than the poor fuel economy, the car seems to be very good and value for money. I dont know how an engine giving excellent mileage in fiesta and ikon is performing so badly in their own other car

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  • deepak |09 Apr,2010 04:16:07 PM

    when u have purchased this car .what is its highway fuel average.i am shocked about the average as i also booked this car and prefer diesel over petrol for better fuel economy and much power than petrol.will i go for petrol. kindly suggest me.

  • manu roy |10 Apr,2010 01:50:45 AM

    Deepak, it is true that the diesel version has much power over petrol. But the mileage i am getting is much lower that what offered by the company. This is same in case of my two other friends also, even the service persons are unable to give any explanation forthe poor mileage as the same engine in fiesta and ikon is giving high mileage. I purchased the can on 25-03-10

  • V N Rao |14 Apr,2010 03:29:54 AM

    I often read new car owners complaining about poor mileage vis-a-vis claims by the manufacturers to the contrary. The reason is not far to seek if one bothers to read the fine print. The mileage as claimed by the car manufacturers is under ideal test driving conditions. Now how many of us drive the car ideally - a very few. The ideal speed for good mileage is 50-55 km/hr. which obviously has to be in fourth gear. There is no point in driving the car at 60km/hr. inside the city and applying brakes, shifting gears frequently which will reduce the mileage. Moreover, each gear has a recommended speed which should not be exceeded. How many of us shift to neutral at traffic signals and start with first gear when the signal goes green? The tendency is to remain in second gear which means the driver has to press the accelerator pedal more than that required if he were to start in first gear which is the correct thing to do. Afterwards he will drive the car as if he is taking part in a car race because he thinks it is below his dignity to a follow a car infront of him which is driven ideally! V. N. Rao

    jgdgjk |18 Aug,2011 08:34:44 AM

    very nice spoken dear you have a rational thought keep up

  • manu roy |15 Apr,2010 02:57:59 AM

    After I had written my riview in this site, the company officials had called me offered a mileage test. I tested the same in highway and most suprisingly we got a mileage of over 20 km/per litre for my car. It may probably due to accute traffic and congestion in the city roads in cochin, I got only 10 km/litre. Anyway I repeat my opinion, this car is really worth and is value for money

  • Viral |18 Apr,2010 08:08:41 AM

    I am really getting confused between Beat and Figo.For both Cars I have seen Positive and negative reviews on this site. Looking to looks and height of car I like Beat while looking to width of rear seat and luggage space and brand name I like Figo. As far as milage is concerned there is no correct feedback. I really needs feedback who are OWNING CAR(BEAT OR FIGO). Please help me to take decision.

  • deepak |18 Apr,2010 03:08:59 PM

    manu roy i am confused by your new comment that company official called you after reading your comment on this site.i can not believe this.kindly tell me true mileage as now you have run more kilometer of your car.your honest comment will help me to purchase this car.i will be thankful to you

  • Prajeesh V V |19 Apr,2010 06:20:38 AM

    Mr. Manu Roy... Me too confused by your comment. From my experiences I am not expecting such a good after sales service and follow-up from Ford. Me too planning to buy a figo. For me Service is the problem. I will buy it only if their after sales service has improved.

  • manu roy |20 Apr,2010 09:07:05 AM

    Dear Friends, I still affirm that I got more than 20 km in a test drive condicted by the company officials. My friend who is an officer in CBI has told me that he is getting 25-26 KM/\Ltr in Highways. But we are getting less than 12 in city limits. Anyway highway mileage is something which no other cars in India is getting. So dont be in a doubt, go for Figo

  • bilal |23 Apr,2010 06:23:19 AM

    as far i have read the pros and cons above it seems that fell that figo is not attaining the said mileage in diesel better go for swift diesel which is proven

  • n radhakrishnan |03 May,2010 05:46:02 PM

    i have purchased a ford figo exi diesel from trivandrum kairali. it seems i have got very good performanace and value for money.

    Saran |09 Dec,2010 01:27:07 PM

    Yeah me too. Its fantastic...

  • biswaroop mukherjee |08 May,2010 06:34:55 PM

    mileage is something all of us are worried about. i have a one year old i10 kappa which is giving a mileage of 6.5- 7.0 within the city. thinkinking of shifting t a diesel option. your comments on thwe figo diesel does not inspire much cofidence.

  • Amogh |28 May,2010 08:31:13 PM

    To be frank it's a great car n is a good value for money. But I don agree tat it's giving a good mileage.I was able to retrieve 12kmpl in city n about 16 in highways from my titanium diesel.

  • rohit |01 Jun,2010 10:22:08 AM

    As i m planning to buy this car disel because of its good mileage of 22 kmpl and above given by company but now i am confused can u guide

  • Arun Goel |24 Jul,2010 10:35:38 PM

    i agreed, my petrol version giving 7-8 kmpl. my regs no is DL4CAF- 6569. i requeast you to all buy any car but never go for FORD. its mileage is really pathetic. Cost of driving figo, we can higher a cab with chauffeur.

  • ashok |16 Aug,2010 08:23:51 PM

    As i m planning to buy this car petrol but due to low fuel economy as i read abve ,it is difficult to take decision to buy this car,what can i do

  • Rajnish |02 Sep,2010 05:13:52 PM

    I am planning to buy a car within a week. My choice is between i10(kappa) and Fego Petrol, The interior and Exterior both are good in fego but i am buried about mileage, whereas the mileage of i10 is good but interior and exterior are not my expiation. Your honest comment will help me to purchase a car specially mileage point of view. .

  • manpreet sinhg |14 Oct,2010 05:12:16 PM

    i am pitched off with the kind of average that my figo is giving.its not worth for spending 5 lacs on a diesel ar just to get a average of 13 kmpl

  • Dinesh |14 Nov,2010 11:14:33 AM

    Hi, I saw all your comments about mileage of figo. I am having ford diesel figo almost 6 months old and clocked 7000km. I am using this car like anything both in city and highway. In city it is giving me around 14-15 on an average. In high ways i am getting around 18 . I was having problem like you in the beginning, because previously i owned a petrol small car maruthi alto. If you are also like that, just change your driving style as prescribed in manual. This is what a ford supervisor suggested me. Don't think always driving at top gears will offer you good mileage, try to drive in appropriate gear in appropriate speed, you will see the difference. Diesel cars are more sensitive and closely related to our driving style. Make sure the engine is running without any struggle while you choose gear. For example, don't try to run the car in third gear between 20-30 eventhough the car is running. It is not advisiable, if you do like that, then the milege will drop. Choose second gears. Shortly choose your driving style, you can see the difference.

  • Benny Augustine |18 Nov,2010 09:14:51 PM

    I fully agree with Dinesh. i own 1.2 zxi. having clocked 2500 kms. initially i too faced same mileage problem. i think maintaining the right rpm between 1500 - 2500 as suggested in users manual will definitely give better mileage. i get around 15 kms on highway. but i am facing a hell of other problems 1. very poor suspension - even with just one person in the rear , sometimes even without, while crossing even a minute speed braker the bottom either hits or scratces the braker. this problem not is with other 2 figo's i have driven. 2. fuel guage never come F point even when the tank is overflowing. 3. Lot of noice from steering column while driving through moderately bumby roads and gives a very rough ride. ride is comfortable only on smooth roads. Ofcourse, 2 cars in which i had the test drive was FAR SUPERIOR IN TERMS OF RIDE QUALITY AND OTHER RELATED ISSUES. 4. Lot of jerking noice from the interiors as if all the nut bolts are become loose. i have already explained all the problems to the service centre in Thane and they have given me the appointment for servicing . i am keeping my finders crossed to see what they have to say. In nutshell fedup of figo. seriously thinking of changing the car. I THINK FORD ONLY THOUGHT OF MAINTAINING THE COST LOW TO PENETRATE SMALL/HATCHBACK MARKET SEGMENT BUT FORGOT TO MAINTAIN QUALITY, EVEN MISSED TO COMPARE WITH WHAT THE COMPETITORS ARE OFFERING. FORD CAN NEVER BE ANYWHERE NEAR TO MARUTI OR HYUNDAI AS FAR AS SMALL CAR SEGMENTS ARE CONCERNED. so dear friends , make through study of all possible options before taking a decision to buy FIGO. If you ned only the look, then no other car can beat Figo.

    Tejas Raval |24 Jun,2011 02:54:23 PM

    Mr. Benny Augustine ..Thanks for the inputs..I am alos based at Thane can you pls send your mobile no..(if you dont mind )I need to talk to you for other figo related doubts.thanks

  • k kumar |22 May,2011 09:04:24 PM

    I want to purchase Figo but always worried about average. please some body can suggest me to getting Figo is or not.

  • Aman |22 May,2011 09:45:05 PM

    Hi Kumar...I am driving a Tdci Figo and truly getting a mileage of 24-25kmpl in city...And I dont drive very slowly...Its a great car, truly best among the current Hatchbacks...Don't listen to anyone...It is truly great. For other details you can even email me....

  • Aman |22 May,2011 09:46:49 PM

    But I truly won't recommend the petrol version

    Tej Raval |24 Jun,2011 03:10:05 PM

    Why? What r the is issues pertain to petrol version..your feedback will realy help me to take correct decision..

  • Rishi |05 Jul,2011 04:55:22 PM

    My Petrol Figo Milage droped ... its around 8-9 in NOida.. I purchased the car on 3-jan-2011....i am fully satisfied with my car.. but milage is really concern of worry... Any Ford Officials ..please contact ...

  • vyom |22 Jun,2012 02:22:58 AM

    Hi,i have booked this car and unfortunately read reviews after booking. Now i am in big trouble, i have given 11k as token money. Though i have test drive my relaitve figo car actually, and it gave me a better feel then swift,ritz,uva,i10,santro to be very frank. I got a feel, of like driving a sedan car, suspension is awesome..good leg space,strong grip even when you drive it at more than 100km/hr. Overall i was fully satisfied with it looks, driving etc. but not aware about the mileage. Please suggest whether to cancel this booking to go for new one or continue with this.

    manu roy |22 Jun,2012 08:38:58 AM

    Dear, I am taalking about the city mileage of figo diesel. it gives 10-12 in city but in highway its give 20-22 km/ltr

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