Ford Figo, more features with low mileage

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Pros : Good features, interior space and comfort

Cons : low mileage, pick up not up to the mark and engine noise

Look and Style Hi, I am Anurag from Ghaziabad. Four months ago, I became the proud owner of Ford Figo Petrol Titanium. The looks are good but it resembles with Ford Fusion. I have also driven Chevy Beat and Hyundai i10, but I found Ford Figo as a perfect car. Though the looks of Chevrolet Beat are more stunning, but the interior space and comfort was the major concern for me and I believe that the American breed Ford has made a value for money product. Comfort From comfort point of view, Ford Figo is a correct choice in its segment range and it gives you an immense driving pleasure. There is ample of leg-room space in both front and rear seats. Rear seat is roomy enough to carry 3 passengers. Driver and co-driver seat are much much better than its previous hatchback, Ford Fusion. Pickup Pick up is so-so, neither too good like the German hatchbacks nor too poor. Ford could have boosted it with more power, pick up and acceleration. Mileage Mileage is the major concern for this car. I am not getting the mileage what I actually expected from the car. I get a mileage of 10 kmpl in city conditions and 13 kmpl on highways from my car. I have spoken with the dealer in regards to low mileage but dealer says that mileage would increase after second service. Best Features The car is a value for money hatchback, it is equipped with good safety standards, body shell of the car is very strong, electronic ORVMs are inpressive and boot space is sufficient. Needs to improve The company needs to lower down the engine noise, interior colors should be changed and head room space of the car should be increased. Company should make efforts to increase the mileage of the car. Overall Experience Overall experience has been good with Ford Figo except the mileage. I have crossed speed mark of 140 kmph while driving on highways with my car. The music system provided by the company gives a party feel. The interior comfort is perfect and interior space is sufficient for a small family. Ford Figo has uplifted the standard for Ford in the Indian market and you can no doubt to go ahead for this value for money car.  

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  • tom |31 Jan,2011 06:11:20 PM

    the reason you may not be getting good fuel efficiency is the way you drive.there is something called drive-in or break-in period of any car engine where the new car engine gets evenly worn(pls refer to net). if you started driveng over 70kph before 2000km den your engine could be slightly unevenly worn in some areas. learn to drive properly. maybe after 2nd service your mileage will increase.

    REJI |01 Feb,2011 09:37:16 PM

    Mr. Tom, I think you are a staff of Ford. I have been Ritz diesel which gives mileage 18 in city and its petrol variant gives 15 in city dirving. So I think you are just bluffing for Ford.

    Jiten |10 Feb,2011 04:13:59 PM

    Also I have Beat and it gives me 16kmpl in city and 19 kmpl on highways also I think tom just bluffing for Ford

    tom |16 Feb,2011 10:46:21 PM

    i am no ford employee! its true that the figo petrol does not give high mileage but you will definitely get 15. my friend bought a new wagon r and right from day 1 started to take the car above 90 kmphr, got low mileage of about 11 with ac on and started cursing maruti and regretting why he bought a maruti! after he read how to treat a brand new car and learnt to drive at the correct speed and gear did he get good mileage! it all depends on how one drives!

    tom |16 Feb,2011 10:56:29 PM

    mr reji if you truly get 18kmpl in a diesel in city conditions then good for you!please tell me the traffic conditions,avg speed,number of passengers and Ac usage. maybe i can try to extract the same figures in my uncles ritz? i get about 15 with two passengers at avg speed of 50 in 2nd and 3rd gear with Ac on always.

    jessay |17 Feb,2011 07:04:53 PM

    mr.tom is not bluffinng. my friends has a diesel figo gets mileage above 21kmpl. my petrol figo titanium gets 17kmpl. an expert driver can make a perfect shift at the right rpm. its not only for figo any car gets good mileage if it gear transmission is perfect.

    tom |17 Feb,2011 10:01:17 PM

    finally somebody who knows how to drive!

    pun |20 Jul,2012 06:12:40 PM

    17 is good.. i have managed to touch 14 constantly in delhi. its the same in the highway, guess its the load and the speed.

    aniket |30 Mar,2012 02:25:31 PM

    i too owned a ford figo...... it gives me only 10 kml at highways with ac on... m fedup of this car actually... if u got any solutn plz help me with the same

  • Mohan |01 Feb,2011 10:57:14 AM

    What is the on-road price of Ford Figo in Bangalore.

  • Ravi shankar |01 Feb,2011 12:14:27 PM

    Hi Anurag , Thanks for your review on the Ford Figo car. Its impressive and to the point. After reading your review, I felt the points you have mentioned are quite realistic and thought should be definetly given a thought on the major set backs, before making a final comment on the overall experience.. Major set backs you have mentioned are : 1. Pick up is so-so. If a new cars pick up is to be called a so-so, do you not think that this can be a big issue for you in the later part of your car usage. What could be the case if you have 5 people travelling in Figo on a rough terrain, with steap altitudes ? 2. Mileage is not so good as many reviews say that. If neither you have power & pick up and you dont have a mileage, being an Indian customer, does this make a point to call this car a real good value for money.. 3. Engine is noisy. your entire time that you spend in your car travelling will be made into a stressfull journey (if you agree so), no matter how good the music system is nor the interior comforts are.. 4. Height is a set back .. Yes is a point that has to be agreed and accepted. how will the case be if it is fully loaded with 5 people ? To add a point for this... Will the spares be not expensive as is always been a point made on Ford vehicles, turning your maintenance costly to your pocket ? Finally the interesting facts about this car may be simply counted in terms of the cost of the car and the extra features that may be gotten in the interior comforts aspect. But do you think this can be really called as a car worth the money. Will it not be as pure maintenance vehicle for the matters of a. mileage b. low power that will cost your overall driving experience. c. Noise... d. Maintenance of Ford vehicles. Please feel free to share your opinions, views and comments on the above aspects. Would be glad to hear back from you. Thanks, Ravi

    Faran Imam |01 Feb,2011 10:07:30 PM

    Hi, In spite of so many flaws in the car as you have mentioned Ravi, its selling like a hot cake in Indian Market. In fact what ever Anurag has mentioned may not be fully bought at the face of it. Its pick up is very good in fact and not average.. It rather RAVES. Five people will be easily accomodated in the car without much affecting the pick up. Mileage is 15 in the city and not 12 which is fare enough. Engine is noise less..its a very refined. What else you want buddy at this price. India is a very mature market, people can not be duped simply by offering some sort of high flying interiors or good music systems. There is something more in the car which is making it very attractive for mature indian middle class. Regards, Faran Imam

    Sameer |10 Feb,2011 04:18:45 PM

    Dude Its not petrol but diesel is being sold in good numbers due to its low price tag compared to others in segment...petrol at all is not worth to buy and very bad value for money

    Bhaskar |02 Mar,2011 11:24:11 AM

    I test drived both Petrol and Diesel and felt Petrol car pick up was not good. Diesel one is excellent. Figo Diesel pick up for seven adults (6 1) was same it was for single person. (We had to travel seven persons due to Bandh in AP). It is giving 21 km per lr of Diesel (its a small town so don't cosider driving in that down as a city drive).

    Anoop |12 Oct,2017 10:04:01 AM

    Hi Sameer, the diesel variant is not getting sold off due to low price. It is getting sold due the value for money proportion. You get a 1.5 litre 100 ps engine claiming a 25 kpl mid variant with dual airbags, ABS, nice build quality. Now is there any hatchback that can match the performance and safety in its mid variant (forget top end)

  • anil bharathan |01 Feb,2011 10:13:09 PM

    I would like LPG car

    nilesh |14 Mar,2011 01:42:03 PM

    Yes boss we want LPG or CNG FIGO HAHAHAHA....

  • RAJ |01 Feb,2011 10:51:40 PM

    My frnd got a ford figo diesel in june, the car interior was fine while compared with the other manufactures in class but the engine power was very low while compared with other the car takes nearly 30 sec to reach 140kmph, it gets 190NM in 2200rpm only, the mileage is low wn compared with Vista qudrajet (diesel), its gets 18-20km in city and 23 in highways, it reaches its top speed of 158 kmph in just 28sec, the car has 190NM in 1750 rpm itself so undoubtedly the mileage its gives is unmatched to figo or swift, with eurotech gear box the car acceleration is amazing,(drivetech 4). The car is so silent so the rider not even feels is it a diesel car??. Test drive it frnds u may realize it..

    tom |19 Feb,2011 04:24:02 PM

    18 to 20 in the city!!!! how do you get so much in the city??

  • Dhayalanathan M |02 Feb,2011 12:38:52 PM

    I just need to know one best comparison. which is best suited for Indian condition and Indian Middle Class Family! WAGON-R of Ford FIGO?

    chetan shah |02 Feb,2011 02:35:10 PM

    The best comparison is you drive both the cars, feel the drive quality , overall comfort, ease of driving and the price factor and the features that it gives for the price. I have selected Figo after testing and getting reviews of people who own different models say maruti to fiat to i10 and vista. i short listed vista and figo, i drove indica diesel for 10 years and still love tata car. somehow found vista underpowered and opted for figo and truly v f m . by the way now tata has comeup with vista 90 ,so drive them feel them and grab the right one that you feel is best for your taste. the service part and spares is no big deal all new cars come with good service backup and if you are a good driver and maintain your lady well , you need not worry , also spares of figo etc are reasonable and also they have been selling it in good number, so rest assured, i feel ford cars are dirver s car enjoy the ride.

    CarDekho Team |02 Feb,2011 04:29:08 PM

    Dear User. We would like to inform you that Maruti Wagon R can be a good option in terms of good resale value, decent mileage, low maintenance cost and sound service & dealership network. For further assistance you can send us your contact number on our id Thanks

    yoggi |26 Mar,2011 11:37:23 PM

    Dear,i want to bye a diesel car.can you suggest me in swift maruti LDI,FORD Figo,and diesel beat in respect of their price? plz also give your feed back for Ford Figo millege!!1

    Rakesh Gupta |06 Aug,2011 07:51:33 AM

    Sir, i wish to buy a car ranging from 4-5 lakhs. I have few models in my mind such as figo exi/zxi , wagonr R Vxi, Ritz and i10. I stay in hyderabad. kindly guide me to get the best car...i have small family. regards...

  • manik mahajan |02 Feb,2011 08:08:47 PM

    wat is d mileage of new wagonr duo with lpg

    CarDekho Team |03 Feb,2011 04:48:51 PM

    The Wagon R LPG Duo gives12kmpl of fuel efficiency in LPG mode and 16kmpl in Petrol mode. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Kiran |10 Feb,2011 04:22:17 PM

    Beat LPG also good option....will give around 13kmpl.

  • jogender singh |02 Feb,2011 10:24:43 PM

    iwould like DIESEL CAR.

  • madhu |20 Feb,2011 09:53:13 AM

    I purchased figo diesel top end model on jan 28 2011 i didnt find any noise at all my mileage is 22.5 kmpl long and 16 local cons many speed bumpers are nightmares during earlier 10 days now i know how to tackle most of them have to change the mud flaps as they tend to broke and it touches the speed bumpers (planned to replace the mud flaps with the rubber one

  • Anand Singh ahuja |22 Feb,2011 03:20:21 PM

    Wanted 2 know which one of the 2 is a better buy new maruti swift diesal or ford figo diesal inrespect of maintainence average wanted 2 keep the car for not Less than 5-6 yrs

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 04:22:06 PM

    Dear User, This is in regards to your query posted on the website, we would like to inform you that Maruti Swift Diesel gives mileage of 14.2 kmpl in city conditions and 17.8 kmpl on highways, whereas Ford Figo Diesel gives mileage of 14.5 kmpl in city conditions and 18.5 kmpl on highways. Maintenance of Maruti Swift is less as compared to Ford Figo. Resale value of Maruti Swift is high as compared to Ford Figo. Thanks

  • yoggi |27 Mar,2011 12:27:07 AM

    dear,plz suggest me in Diesel swift or Diesel Ford Figo in respect of Their price, mileage,service and maintanance and re-sale value. i want to keep it for long time.

  • VISHNOI |29 Apr,2011 11:42:20 PM

    Dear please suggest which one is better value for money car: Ford Figo Petrol or Maruti Ritz for city travelling in Delhi. What is their mileage in City like Delhi.

  • Nick |12 Dec,2011 10:34:33 AM

    I've got a diesel figo and I drive it exactly as recommended, in Bangalore traffic any claim of mileage of 13 cannot be true. I had a swift diesel before and i was getting 15 on average.

  • Sanjay Gupta |12 Apr,2012 09:50:09 PM

    I have petrol figo driven 24K and gives 16 -17 with ac on highway and about 14.5 in city. I feel this good mileage one should try to change their driving habits.

  • PRIYANKUSH GHOSH |28 Jul,2012 10:44:23 AM

    Dear Car Owners and Drivers, I am also driving my Ford Figo ZXI Petrol in kolkatta and suburbs for last two years and I also think mileage is lower than what company suggested initially.I respect and appreciate all the car owners and drivers in this forum and would like to get some advise with regards to gear changes and RPM adjustments while driving to get the maximum mileage from my petrol car . Its written in car manuals about the gear switches with respect to speeds of car and RPM adjustments ; but nothing like getting opinion and advise from people like you who have hands on experience of driving in Indian roads and Indian metors.My request to all of you to please share your effective ffuel efficient driving points or tips or strategies. Thanks and Regards, Priyankush Ghosh Kolkatta Email id ; Mobile - 09836435358

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