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Linea T-Jet Plus: Ownership Report

for T Jet Plus

Look and StyleThis would depend on an individual's view. For me, this is the best looking car in the Rs. 10 lakh category, when you compare it with Honda City, VW Vento, Maruti SX4, Ford Fiesta or Hyundai Verna. There is no doubt that the T-Jet+ is a head turner. The 16 inch alloy wheels and leather seats only add to the appeal of Linea ComfortThe drive is excellent...the 16'inch alloy wheels and leather seats add to the comfort. You have excellent leg room in the front seats while rear seat leg room is not as good as City , Vento or SX4. Also, the solid built of this car (the doors close with a thud which shows quality of the steel used compared to Japanese cars) inspires confidence in the ability of this car to withstand any mishaps or accidents There is adequate leg and back support and the driving position can be adjusted (both seat & steering wheel height) to drivers comfort level. The controls for rear view mirror adjustment and windows are a bit far off, if you have short hands, you will find this a bit irritating PickupThe biggest complaint about the Linea was its subpar pick-up. T-Jet has more than made up for this problem and the T-Jet engine never disappoints you with lack of power. The engine is always rearing to go and in fact at traffic signals you need to be gentle with the accelerator when the signal turns green since the car zips ahead of all other vehicles in split seconds. I just took it on a long drive (around 1000 kms) and had a great time driving this beast at 120+ kms/ hour speed on the Bangalore- Coimbatore 4 lane express way with absolute ease. You feel really confident to drive this at speeds above 120 mainly because of its grip on the road (16 inch wheels) excellent brakes which responds immediately with minimal jerks (disc brakes on all four wheels) and the built quality and weight ( it’s the heaviest of the lot compared with City, Sx4 and Vento) MileageWhile the company claims and average mileage of 14.5 kms for T-Jet, I am yet to get these figures. This could probably be due to the car being new (mileage should pick up after first service) and the wider 16 inch tyres. In city, I am getting around 10.5-11.0 kms / liter while on the long trip I got around 13 kms/ liter. Since T-Jet is a petrol car, and petrol prices moving upwards, this is indeed a matter of concern. I hope to see better mileage figures after my first service (the car has so far done only 2000 kms) Best FeaturesLinea has perhaps the best list of features compared to competition. The ones I found really useful are: Automatic climate Control: I really like this feature since it allows me to set the temperature inside the cabin to the level that I want - the temperature is maintained at a steady level and I don’t need to adjust it frequently during travel. Blue & Me: This is perhaps the best feature and the most useful one too since I tend to take many conference calls while driving. With Blue & Me, I have paired my Blackberry and as a result, making calls while driving has become very convenient. In fact, I tend to make most of my calls while driving my car! Disc Brakes on all 4 wheels: I found this really good especially during my long drive. Even at 120 kms speed, the TJet’s braking is swift, effortless and very steady…no jerks, skidding or movement towards the sides. I am impressed! 16 inch alloy wheels: The bigger wheels give T-jet better ground clearance than the older model. With 170 mm ground clearance, the T-Jet never disappoints you even while negotiating pot-hole ridden roads or big humps which are very common in India. I have travelled with full capacity (6 people on board) and luggage and never did the underside of the car scrape the road while negotiating humps. Assortment of small but useful features: Display of actual and instant fuel consumption, external temperature display, boot release button on the key, foldable key which easily fits into the pocket, rear A/C vents for passengers at the back, sunglass holder near driver’s seat etc…etc Needs to improveThe speakers of the music system are pathetic! I can’t believe fiat decided to fit such sub standard speakers in this car. I got it replaced after two weeks.The USB port is located in a very inconvenient position, fixing the USB player in the dashboard cupboard is a cumbersome processThere are hardly any useful cubby holes to keep your nick-nacks! You don’t even have a decent cubby hole to keep even a 1 liter bottle of water. Overall ExperienceSo far, it’s been great. The only real worry is the mileage, which I hope will improve in the coming months after the first service. This car is highly recommended for people who like driving (and long drives), want a car that looks like a million bucks, offers features that’s on par with car’s in a segment above the Linea / City / Vento range and also offers the best built quality in this segment (perhaps the Vento comes very close on this parameter)

By anil g
On: Dec 30, 2010 | 4425 Views
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jafar vali
Apr 20, 2011 1:22:30 PM

Hi Anil, Thanks for the update on Linea T Jet, I am a Fiat Fan and I own a Palio at present. I am seriously wanted to buy a Linea Diesel version and waiting for 1.6L model.Sofar I was living in Metros and I had no problems with service of Fiat, Unfortunately I have moved to Belgaum where there is no service provider for this car and recently I have to stuggle to get the service to my car, when approched a priviate center he not only did a shabby job but also damaged my unscracthed beauty and had to replace some parts and took 15 days to get from Banglore, and this is a pain. This is one of the major differance for other manufacturers, Which Fiat need a improvement to get the confidence and improve their market.Other wise this car is a Marvel and I reccomend this beuatiful beast with out driving it. Hope Fiat will reduce our problems by increasing their service support to B towns.

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    Feb 3, 2011 12:40:57 AM

    There is no doubt that the Linea is the most admired car in its category. This will simply be clear when one keeps any other car alongside the linea (especially TJET with wider and larger diameter wheels). The Linea has some kind of personality that the others can not display. Both Linea and Punto are very beatiful and competent cars. What Fiat should do at the earliest is that they should launch some more cars in India to generate more customers and instil the confidence in them. Maruti,that way did well by introducing a variety of choices with same engine. Fiat may at least launch powerful diesel for the Linea as they have already made the required improvements by launching the first Turbo petrol in the price range with the Linea. With the launch of TJET variant, they have got a lot of appreciation from the real car lovers. I donot think anybody will reject this charming and intelligent car with best personality, once the customer has a test of it. Even if the customer rejects, he/she will not be in peace for a long time with other cars, especially when a linea is met in the road.

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