Ground Clearance is too low

By for Fiat Linea 2008-2011 from Mumbai 2010-09-09 12:38:16.0
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Pros : Good Performance

Cons : Ground Clearance is too low.

With respective to Indian roads, ground clearance of Fiat Linea is very low and the below part seems to getting scraped even at minor potholes, which clearly burn holes in your heart. the plastic used for interiors also seems to be of low quality and also the after sales service isnt that efficient.

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  • Rahul |17 Sep,2010 12:03:46 PM

    I owe a Fiat Linea Emotion PK(Diesel).. Inside comfort of the car is very good.. But Pick Up is not very good(Compared to d price), Engine is very Noisy inside the car(at least it should not sound inside).. The Blue n Me service is good but sometimes it doesn't work.. Its Front Rims are always Black as its Disc sucks, and Mileage is also not very Good.. Automatic Climate control i.e A/C is good in cool seasons, But it Sucks in Summer.. Ground Clearance is less.. But driving this car feels like Luxury..

  • Naren |01 Nov,2010 11:32:07 PM

    Well, I have a Linea Emotion PK (Diesel). When I took delivery of the car I made one specific change. I switched all the 5 standard tyres of spec. 195/60/R15 to Bridgestone Tyres of spec. 205/65/R15. Please note R15 is the Rim size specified in inches. 195 0r 205 is the nominal width of the tyres in mm measured from outer wall to outer wall. 60 and 65 is the ratio of the height of the wall of the tyre to its nominal width. This change in tyres effectively raised the ground clearance from 161 mm specified to 175.5 mm. The cost incurred was Rs. 10,000/-. Please note this change made a fantastic difference to the ride quality. no more problem of the nose hitting bumps. Road grip is far better and improved even on curves at high speed. Average on long drives is coming 16 kilometres. At the same speed the car is covering 105 kms as against 100 kms with the standard tyres (The circumferential distance covered per revolution of the wheel is more with the new tyres) The blokes at Tata Motors have not been able to recalibrate the milometer/kilometer readings as yet ( I do not understand why as only a simple ratio requires changing by means of their scanner). I would suggest to all owners of the Linea 'CHANGE ALL YOUR TYRES' and you will find the performance dramatically improving and your rating and appreciation of the car will zoom.

    varun |20 Feb,2011 05:10:59 PM

    hey naren hi,i am going throuht same problem from last one year i hve a linea diesel emotiom pk too.after reading ur veiw i want to know that now 3months have been gone u hve changed the hows it going any problems U FACED PLZ LET ME KNOW..& one more thing u have changed {GOOD YEARS TYRES SPEC 195/60/R15T TO BRIDGESTONE TYRES OF SPEC 205/65/R15 TO WHICH SERIES 94H OR 94V.ARE THESE BRIDGESTONE TYRES ARE COMFY AS GOOD YEAR TYRES & DON'T MAKE BACK SEAT NOISE IF U NOTICED..PLZ RPLY FAST TO MY QUERRY IF U SEE IT OR ANYONE KNOWS ABUT IT PLZ DO REPLY.& ONE MORE THING UR PROBLEM OF READINGS SOLVED YET OR NOT

    Naren |05 Sep,2011 10:34:51 PM

    I have till date covered more than 8000 kms. The tyres show no wear. Ride is very comfy, there is no back seat noise. Across the last 1500 kms my average is around 15 kms/litre. Of this 1500 kms about 600 kms has been highway driving (in which average is above 20 kms/litre at a normal cruising speed of about 90 / 100 kms/hr). I have driven on badly pot-holed roads and I must have touched bottom only once. You will get a totally different experience and feel and you will be surprised why the Company does not fit theses tyres as standard. By the way Linea emotion comes with alloy wheels. If using the normal standard wheels you may have to see the rear clearance with the mudguard rim. I have faced no problem. A friend of mine just purchased a Linea emotion and got the tyres changed by the dealer before delivery. He and the Dealer were amazed at the difference in drive as compared to their Test Car. In fact the dealer is now recommending the same to all customers. My tyres are of series 94S. By the way I normally maintain tyre pressure of 2.3 bar in the front and 2.1 bar in the rear.

    Srinivas |20 Apr,2011 11:47:13 PM

    Hi Naren, You gave some hope to me. I am also suffereing with the low Ground clearance issue of the Linea Emotion Pack (Diesel) . So, with the 205/65R/15 tyres ,have you overcome the issue of touching the ground ? Any other issues you come across afetr the tyres change? Does this affect the functioning of ABS/ shockers or what ever? Does the warranty affects? Please respond. Srinivas Hyderabad

    Naren |05 Sep,2011 10:41:01 PM

    Please read my comments to Varun. These do not affect the warranty or the functioning of ABS/shockers. In fact Fiat in the new Linea T-jet have used 205/60/R16 tyres. They have increased the alloy wheel rim size. They are acheiving what I have managed to do with my change of tyres. The dealers cannot change the wheel rim size on the other Lineas therefore the option is change the tyre size.

    Raju |05 Sep,2011 09:42:09 PM

    Dear Naren, Please if you can update your experience with tyre upgrade. when, I checked with a Fiat dealer, they discouraged with warranty issues. Please provide feedback, almost decided on Linea - But Mumbai Potholes :( with low ground clearance Awaiting your response

    Narendra Bafna |05 Sep,2011 10:42:12 PM

    Please see my comments to Varun and Srinivas.

    Srikanth |27 Sep,2011 04:42:07 PM

    Hi Naren, Thanks for your suggestions,We are also facing same ground clearance problem with our Linea Emotion Pk (Diesel).We already reached 28,000 kms. So can you suggest us with change of 5 tyres 205/65/R15.If we change the type what is the air pressure to be maintained normally it is given on the base as 33 for all four Tyres. or change of entire set as with 205/60/R16 tyres16inch. ** and also some of them is suggesting to adjust the front suspension .i.e increase it by 1 inch. * and also some of them are commenting that by changing the Tyre size it may effect space between your tire and fender.

    guruprasath |30 Oct,2011 02:10:10 PM

    i have fiat linea emotion (purchased 2 days before), for me now bigg problems s ground clea, egine guard and bumper getting scrap, pl's confim if i go for alloy wheel i can solve this prob, are else as u mnetioned above spec i can go (spec. 195/60/R15 to Bridgestone Tyres of spec. 205/65/R15.). need your valuble sugges pls!

    Naren |30 Oct,2011 04:50:35 PM

    Changing the tyres to Bridgestone 205/65/R15 should resolve your problem totally. Changing to alloy wheels may not be required. I maintain 2.3 bar pressure in the front tyres and 2.1 bar in the rear. The tyres should not touch the mudguards is the main criteria. With alloy wheels as in the Linea emotion pack this is not a problem. I have till date not used the Stepney( which is not an alloy wheel) as I am still to have a puncture. I have covered more than 10,000 kms till date and there is no noticeble wear on the tyres. Others, who have changed to the Bridgestone tyres have also not complained of any interference between the new tyres and the mudguard. No other change is required in the suspension etc. Over the last 3000 kms consisting of 75% city driving and 25% highway driving I have maintained an average fuel consumption of 14.8 kms/litre.

    Deepak |12 Mar,2012 03:54:04 PM

    Hi Naren If you dont mind, can you share some snaps of side profile of the car? I was thinking of doing the same thing to my mjd

    Amal |04 Feb,2017 10:34:53 PM

    Naren, I am facing the same problem. Still, are you using the BRIDGESTONE TYRES for your Linea with the following Spec? are you Any problem with the tyres? BRIDGESTONE TYRES OF SPEC 205/65/R15 TO WHICH SERIES 94S

  • muralidhara |16 Dec,2010 11:43:27 PM

    I intend to purchase linea emotion pack petrol..... but worried much after reading the reviews about ground clearance , a/c performance and pickup ....... Can anybody sincerely advice me about this .. should i go for this car or not ? ...then if not this car , then which car should i go for in the same price tag ? plaese reply soon ...

    Narendra Bafna |05 Sep,2011 10:50:41 PM

    I would suggest going for the Linea Emotion Pack Diesel along with change in tyres as commented by me above. The change in tyres will make the car more responsive, the drive and road holding will be superb. Cornering will be very positive and potholes and bumps will not affect, the car will glide. You will get a far better average with the diesel, besides saving in the cost of fuel. I dont think at present any car can give a better price performance ratio.

  • shivam |04 Jan,2011 01:21:28 PM

    good job naren if ground clearance really improves like you have done then it will be great for all linea users whose cars are having less ground clearance as linea t-jet comes with 170mm ground clearance.

  • Velaga Srinivas |21 Apr,2011 12:00:05 AM

    Naren showed a way to others

  • Srikanth |27 Sep,2011 04:43:47 PM

    Hi Narendra, You suggestion are quite helpful thanks.

  • T.H.Rao |06 Dec,2011 10:47:05 PM

    Hi Mr. Naren your suggestion is a ray of hope for so many flinea owner suffering with GC problem. Can i change the tyres of my petrol linea emotion pack as suggested by you ? in case fo change of tyres, what pressure should be maintained ? (because it is a petrole vehicle)

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