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I Bought a Fiat Linea active as one day i thought to buy Maruti SX4 and i found the dealer very sluggish and wayward in his marketing skills also he behaved as if he will sell a car to me he will do great favor. So i dropped the idea of buying SX4 and went to the Tata dealer to inquire about Manza, the dealer instead talked about me my Linea he said oh we are selling a great car built by FIAT and marketed by Tata Motors India. And he showed me some images of Linea i was a bit impressed but was not satisfied, i started to move my chair then he said Sir please do not get annoyed as soon as we bring the car into our show room we will have a test drive for you and that too at your doorstep you don't have to come. I gave him my address and came back and started losing interest in buying a car, but after two days My door bell rang and here comes the Linea on my Doorstep. On the first look i fell in love and asked the Showroom personel how to own the car he said no worries sir just in 2 days it will be yours, and as they said they did and the managed 100% finace with HDFC bank and every thing and on 19th Nov 2009 i was proud owner of the Car. And the first Day i stepped inside the car i was a bit confused as all European styling was in my hand, though people in India are obsessed with Japanese cars because of its durability. But when i fired the engine it was a delight no sound or even vibration in the cockpit. And lately i took it a long drive for 2000 km stretch in around Bihar and Jharkhand and that to drove on NH2 here i was moving with the speedometer reading most of the time 140-145 and hell it never felt that we are driving that fast. Specially on curves and edges it never lost it grip on road while driving at speed more than 80kms/hr. ya the its very low on fuel side it gives 8-9km/lts of petrol in city and on highways it gave 13kms on average. But Overall its has had satisfied me. And Never let me down. My suggestion to other owners of Linea - Do not drive it CRUZ it Mates

By anand kashyap
On: Aug 10, 2010 | 2330 Views
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anand kashyap
Aug 23, 2011 5:33:26 AM

Do not buy Ur car with anyone's review or suggestion, its Ur money and it will be your car, i own a Linea not by choice but by destiny (i bought it with my hard earned money) but i can say i am in love with it, even my girl friend started loving it which at first she was upset from the very news i was going to buy a fiat, so my suggestion is go by yourself to the car which suits your pocket and which gives pleasure to your eyes and your family. Take a Test drive of each car in your price tag, test ride are free and all the dealers are bound to give that, otherwise you can complain to the company which the showroom belongs too. Feel the comfort do not go for mileage as every car gives almost the same as its competitors its just a matter of Fine Tuning of the engine. Thank your car every time you get down after a ride, it will never give you any problem unless you start neglecting it Best of luck for your car

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    ganesh pndey
    May 31, 2011 1:38:40 PM

    I M too wheller Reqaead Pl Send The Patna Address Presess The Too wheler Thanks

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    anand kashyap
    Aug 21, 2011 4:55:22 AM

    Its nearly one and a half years now of my fiat linea, and i am happy with its performance and the paint job is so good it still look as thou i've just brought it from showroom.

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