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Pros : Mast hai bhai...catch me if you can

Cons : best car in hatch back

Fiat Punto Vs New Swift (Diesel)- 1.Swift top Model (ZDI) is costlier then Punto top Emotion Pack model(excluding 90hp model),being 2.Swift VDI does not have - Rear Defogger,Rear Wiper,Driver seat Height Adjustment,Music system,ABS EBD, where as in the same price of VDI you get PUNTO Emotion Model, which is quite a good deal as anytime driving Punto is better then Swift.   Who will buy Swift VDI, if we get these many features in the same cost...only if you are a fool you will go for Swift VDI   3.Punto at the moment is giving features such as 4 years warranty (insc of parts & clutch plates) or 1,45,000 KMS which ever is earlier + 50000 KMS road side service free + A lucky draw in which you may get either Rs 6000 (assured) or Rs 26000 diesel coupon or 1,00,000 coupon that is Diesel car in petrol price...I got Rs 26000 coupon...   I am very happy to be a Fiat Punto owner   Rohit - 9811611365

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  • chanakya |21 Aug,2011 12:03:22 PM

    Surely Swift can't beat the Italian Beauty in terms of style and ride quality. But where the Punto looses is its service.

    asheesh khare |21 Aug,2011 01:44:05 PM

    dear chanakya tme interval of sevice in great punto is 15000 km so need not to worry about this part. i have active model and can proudely say swift stands nowhere infront of this italian beauty which in weight is 240 kg heavier then new swift. asheesh-09792698532

    gurmit singh |06 Sep,2011 05:03:25 PM

    please suggest me all my friends which have diesel cars says me punto diesel dont purchase because of resale value,spare parts not available,parts tocostly

    asheesh khare |07 Sep,2011 07:36:53 AM

    u can ring me @9792698532

    Aadarsh |23 Dec,2011 01:00:27 PM

    plez tell me the milage of punto diesel , power and ground clearance...

    nihal |27 Jan,2012 11:20:01 AM

    the new punto petrol has 195mm grnd clrnce and 185mm for diesel.the old punto has only 170mm gr clr.

    tanmay |08 Apr,2012 02:09:20 PM

    in city 15.8km, on high way 19.4 service is good but costly.

    Amey |03 Dec,2013 11:44:08 PM

    I have punto emotion diesel, In City16-18km/l, On Highway 20-22 km/l. 5500km so far, 1st servicing not yet done, experts says average consumption will increase buy couple of kms. I am enjoying ride too

    pavan |09 Nov,2012 07:37:55 PM

    thnx for ur confidence n love to fiat.. its rally a best car in this segment.. pavan

    Lakshman |08 Sep,2011 05:50:45 PM

    Low maintannace car is Punto. Just because of Resale, u r missing all the great design features..

    Rohit |23 Aug,2011 08:50:10 AM

    Dear chanakya tme interval of sevice in great punto is 15000 km so need not to worry about this part.....I think you have not driven it, Swift can never catch Punto.......also the service network has improved a lot over the time of 2 yeras....I have Deisel Emotion pack model...

    chanakya |23 Aug,2011 12:04:40 PM

    Surely I agree with you Rohith. I was just comparing the services. We all know that Maruti is the best when it comes to network. And i don't think Punto without the 90 hp turbo charger can't beat the Swift.

    rohit |23 Aug,2011 10:51:47 PM

    lets race buddy....I bet u cant beat me in swift , I will be in punto emotion apck (without 90hp), akhir awift the engine nikala to fiat se hi hai....beta baap ko harata hai magar bada hone k baad......... :)

    asheesh khare |25 Aug,2011 05:12:03 PM

    punto : drive once and u will forget everything. i m a sales guy and visit around 2000km/ month. currently i m in sonebhadra whch is hill area and blv me having no problem. its ground clearence is also great but keep speed slow at bad roads due to its soft suspension. i m love in it great car with no competition the on,ly drawback of the car is marketing strategy of fiat who dont know how to sell hotcake

    rohit |27 Aug,2011 01:07:17 PM

    Where chanakya is lost wit his swift.............have no answers buddy :)

    chanakya |27 Aug,2011 08:55:40 PM

    Ah, i'm not a fan of swift dear Rohit. I love the Hondas. If i were to buy a car at that price point, Jazz would be my pick. Yeah and you're right that Swift runs on Fiat's multijet technology.

    rohit |29 Aug,2011 07:08:30 PM

    Boss we are talking about diesel man,,,,Jazz its not the one .....but yes if ur a rich man then go for jazz coz petrol is beyond 62 rs and honda spares are too costly...its not the value for money...but trust me jazz doesn,t look better then punto...punto is masculine

    dhananjay |04 Sep,2011 09:19:04 PM

    punto is best and it can run fast then swift i have both cars

    Prasad |09 Sep,2011 11:17:50 AM

    Hi Dhannajay, How do you feel about both cars..can you plz mention about a few pros and about the mileage on both the cars ... If you dont mind can you give your mobile nos...?

    john |12 Oct,2011 07:55:58 PM

    Its a fact. No swift or i20 can match the performance of a Punto. Great car to own. Cannot even think of parting with this car. So why bother about resale. Wake up FIAT. You definitely have a superior car with excellent mechanicals and a gem of a butter smooth engine. If FIAT had not given this engine to Suzuki..... no swift, Desire or SFX would have sold in India. i20, like all their Vernas and Accents will definitely disintegrate very soon.

    john |12 Oct,2011 07:48:00 PM

    As for service, I find no company is good enough. So why blame only FIAT.

  • asheesh khare |23 Aug,2011 01:01:16 PM

    its great car and only due to wrong marketing strategy adopt by fiat india not gettin g sale as per expectation.

    Manjunatha GD |18 Sep,2012 12:19:05 PM

    I have Diesel Punto. I agree due to poor Matket Strategy Punto Sales very Slow compare to other vehicles. I really like punto. FIAT Sales team should be more aggressive

  • bhavesh |07 Sep,2011 05:35:19 PM

    hey,,,,,,,i am bhavesh,,, father is getting confused among the New swift(vxi) and punto(active)....

  • jagdishkumar |08 Sep,2011 04:37:18 PM

    Hi friends iam jagdish iam goin to get my first car as u all know first is a dream for everyone and its my 6 years of hardwork so pls do suggest me some good hatchbacks... And my budget is 6-7lakh... I gone for i20, new swift, chevrolet Beat and punto in this all punto attracts me a lot but since i dont have any exposure abt cars so guys pls do help me out in dis regard... regarding milleage, service , long life, spare parts, etc.... And planning for a diesel car...

    Lakshman |08 Sep,2011 05:53:19 PM

    Punto Diesel is the best Option, where 1.3 L MultiJet. And Fiat is world first and best diesel engine Maker.

  • Geo jose |10 Sep,2011 06:21:43 PM

    @Jagdish, dont be confused,buy punto beauty diesel. U knw i am one of the proud owners of punto, no need to worry abt anything go for punto diesel emotion tuscan wine colour is the best optn. cl me on 9995930583 if u have any doubts

  • tarun |17 Sep,2011 10:22:29 PM

    what abt after sale services.... there is news of break up in tata and fiat.................

    asheesh khare |22 Sep,2011 11:19:36 PM

    oh its great news for fiat owner. fiat going to open its own showroom

  • Harpreet |17 Sep,2011 10:41:22 PM

    I am planning to buy new car ,please suggest me b/w punto and toytota liva

  • sangamesh |26 Sep,2011 04:45:34 PM

    hi guys...i have fiat punto active which is cute and comfort than any maruthi model, in one word i can say u all sure no wonder all behind punto bec its diesel prince

  • rohit |26 Sep,2011 08:38:44 PM

    FIAT IS THE BEST Fiat Punto Vs New Swift (Diesel)- 1.Swift top Model (ZDI) is costlier then Punto top Emotion Pack model(excluding 90hp model),being 2.Swift VDI does not have - Rear Defogger,Rear Wiper,Driver seat Height Adjustment,Music system,ABS EBD, where as in the same price of VDI you get PUNTO Emotion Model, which is quite a good deal as anytime driving Punto is better then Swift. Who will buy Swift VDI, if we get these many features in the same cost...only if you are a fool you will go for Swift VDI 3.Punto at the moment is giving features such as 4 years warranty (insc of parts & clutch plates) or 1,45,000 KMS which ever is earlier 50000 KMS road side service free A lucky draw in which you may get either Rs 6000 (assured) or Rs 26000 diesel coupon or 1,00,000 coupon that is Diesel car in petrol price...I got Rs 26000 coupon... I am very happy to be a Fiat Punto owner

  • asheesh khare |14 Oct,2011 05:42:25 PM

    a great car not getting good sale only because of its wrong marketing strategy adopt by bulshit fiat management.

  • manu |16 Oct,2011 12:22:53 PM

    guys me to joining fiatian gang.. just booked punto emotion diesel.. waiting for its delivery

  • hari sarma |09 Dec,2011 09:57:06 PM

    Dear Fiat family, I would like to purchase punto active diesel variant. I have surveyed all the models but my final option if punto.Can any one facing the turning radius problem. In punto it is around 5.4 m. Is it not causing any problem in city traffic roads? punto is going to be my first car and now attractive year end offers like free insurance and 5k cash discount etc. please suggest the best colour . hari sarma

    SASI RAM REDDY |13 Dec,2011 12:32:38 PM

    Hi Hari Sarma, Punto is good choice to buy. I got Active(Diesel) one week back.ya i too face that problem while the parking the car in parking area where as in traffic there is no such problem.Tuscon wine is good&popular color.superb road-handling,sportive looks..etc.only disadvantage is ground clearance.

  • Rahul |20 Dec,2011 03:39:26 PM

    I get a feel that i am driving Skoda Octavia while i drive Punto

  • hari sarma |22 Dec,2011 09:19:55 PM

    Dear Friends, SASI RAM REDDY Gaaru , thanks for your reply. I came to know that punto active diesel variants sold out and no more stocks available. Dealers in bangalore told new punto may be released on Jan 3rd 2012. Does any one have the info about new punto? Please share the info. Happy new year to all of you.

  • shashank |12 Jan,2012 09:49:16 PM

    wht about punto 2012 plz le me knw

  • NikhilSinghMalik |19 Jan,2012 08:08:37 PM

    I also booked a punto desil right now, i was also confused earliear and i think it is a right desision.

  • RAJESH |21 Jan,2012 03:24:40 PM

    I want to bye diesel car. I want to choose from fiat Punto & Ford figo. Pls. guide me

  • AJ |24 Jan,2012 02:13:51 AM

    Swift LDI or Punto ACTIVE ?? I am totally confused between these two coz I like both of them !! Kindly share your opnions & expiriences...

    Churchill rana |31 May,2012 10:53:54 PM

    Hey AJ undoubtely both d cars having a same engine but maruti one got tuned finely n u will get more mileage and pick up.. Did a test drive n let u decide which is gud.... I have swift n my cousin is having punto... N he got jealous wid my swift.... Hahahah....

  • nihal |27 Jan,2012 11:26:31 AM

    the swift has more resale value but the punto no resale.but everyone needs puntoand all are buying the punto.i think the punto may increase its resale.the punto is an italian and looks great.the swift is sporty but not as the punto.

    Raj |20 Aug,2012 11:24:08 PM

    Why do we Indians always look after resale we buy cars for ourselves, or with a preconceived notion of selling it its better that you dont buy one...:)

  • shivanand |07 Feb,2012 04:13:32 PM

    punto is great looking and you love driving punto you feel value for money and buy what you like and worth dont think of resale..........

  • sunny |04 Mar,2012 04:27:18 PM

    m buying a punto active on my bday 19th of march thanx guys for ur true reviews

  • susheel |11 Mar,2012 12:19:21 PM

    guys. I am also getting the delivery of punto emotion diesel on 23rd of march. The selection was fixed after lot of research and i found puno emotion any time better than swift dzire and the waiting period of dzire is hell along with the attitude of sales person. About resale i have to keep this car for minimum 7 years and who bothers for lakh or so after these years, that really gets negates with the best deal in punto (Ins free, 12k cash discount.. plz let me know if you have got better deal than this)along with a safer and sturdy car. we hope that fiat will launch its own showrooms and service stations soon. I heard that they have started having their own service facility at Jaipur (Near some industrial area)

  • praveen |19 Mar,2012 02:07:07 PM

    hi guys pls let me know which car to purchase a difficult question which is powerful punto or swift ?

  • ManasP |29 Mar,2012 12:10:25 AM

    I'm confused regarding d figo diesel or d punto diesel.. did a test drive on both- figo's comfortable, surely powerful than my A-star and nice to drive... UNTIL I drove d Punto 2012.. it blows off d figo apart.. (little less spacious on d rear though) Now fiat's got issues with after sale and service AND d parts of punto r not easily available.. how much are these true?? I'ld like to know from d Punto owners themselves

  • Ravindra Rattehalli |01 Apr,2012 12:41:55 PM

    Dear Fiat Punto owners, pls share your experience with Punto. How do you rate this when compare to Swift / Fabia. Since it is very long is there any problem with parking, difficulty in Traffic in cities like B'lore or Ahmedabad. Also pls let us know how comfortable while taking U turn in small roads. I am going for a test drive today, so looking fwd for your reply.

  • Leo |07 Apr,2012 07:54:13 PM

    The best car you can buy. Before I bought my Punto I did a research on all the cars (hatch backs)...Punto simply stands out. Once I started Driving the car, I realised that I made the best you are in heaven when you drive it. The stability, road control, breaking, traction control, aero dynamics, milage, comfort. You will never regret your buy...I am not pretty sure about the service,but Adhya motors in Bangalore gives Good service, and I don't care about the resale value, because I do not want to sell this car. You will realise it after you own it. In city it gives me 15-16 and in highway it has given upto 23km/l when I didn't take it above 110.

    Ravindra Rattehalli |08 Apr,2012 09:54:29 AM

    Thanks Leo, i do felt driving was very very comfortable in Punto. I will be booking it tom.

  • Srinivas |13 Apr,2012 08:59:07 PM

    My research came to an end and am finally fixed to Punto (active). Can someone tell me wats the on road price in Hyderabad.

  • srinivas |13 Apr,2012 09:01:06 PM

    Forgot to mention the variant. Punto (active 1.3) diesel

  • Sanath |16 Apr,2012 07:25:52 PM

    Guys, Punto is the best deisel hatchback forever. I own a punto deisel Active 1.3 since more than 1 year. If you want to feel the difference, go for a test drive for both swift & punto in a highway in the same day. Maruti is just fooling around with useless features. The attitude from the maruti salesperson is worse than the liquor sales person. Whoever want to buy a powerfull deisel then punto is best car to buy. I drived my car for 18000 kms, I have just got only 1 service. whereas in for swift, you will have to get your car serviced for each 2000-3000 kms.

  • george thuralayil |24 Apr,2012 06:44:16 AM

    punt`s best feature is its front seats.they are better than even innova`s. over a 39000 kms in the last couple of years reiterates that.

  • JVRP |26 Apr,2012 12:31:30 PM

    Both are good vehicles. Both Maruti Swift and Fiat Punto uses same engine (1.3 Multijet diesel), Maruti swift claims 22.9 kmpl more mileage than Punto (20.3 kmpl). Maruti is able to cash the Fiat engine and Fiat fails to cash using their own engine. Only looks will not help, they should change their strategy, Reduce the weight as new maruti swift done, improve the network, reduce the cost of spare parts et.

  • Mahavir Parsad |21 May,2012 04:55:51 PM

    what is the service charge of diesel punto in second sevice please tell

  • Anant |23 May,2012 10:58:37 AM

    By reducing weight of the car may by fiat does not want to compromise on safety. Remember light weight vehicles at times can be unsafe on highway.

  • Anoop |31 May,2012 10:42:23 PM

    I don't know he can someone compare any maruthi with a FIAT. People who R looming for jst a car can go for a m 800 or a Tata nano or an alto/eon. But if U want to really enjoy driving simply go for a punto. Not an i20,liva,polo,Davis,micra can match a grand punto. I own a punto emotion 1.3 for the last 3 mnths n alrdy covered 10000 km. It is a great car n no other hatch back can b compared wit punto.

  • sumesh |01 Jul,2012 06:56:06 PM

    i have a swift diesel 2011 model,before buying it i had test drive with punto diesel, but i was disappointed, i am 6'3 head room is very less,handling is poor,driving comfort is poor,the only plus point is pick up,you cannot compaire it with swift diesel,punto service is very much pathetic,my friend bought punto diesel engine sound is very high and recently he met with an accident and the right power window broken,it took one month to replace we together went to the dealer many times after that my friend send mail to the gm then he got it repaired after 33 days,my advice is that if you need a car for long run dont go for punto swift is better than punto or you go for any other diesel hatch back with the proper and wide service network

  • ck |02 Jul,2012 12:53:37 PM

    Guys we must aware Swift is having FIAT engine only.

  • ARUN SINGH |26 Jul,2012 04:24:34 PM

    dear, my father have a fiat grande punto 1.3mjet,this is suprior and better then others cars in any segment sedan or hachback .and also when i run car in any types of ways i feel luxarious ,comfort ,great torque milleage having geart peformance including intriro features and hot strong primium looking feels as a top class. thanks

  • Pankaj Srivastava |30 Jul,2012 01:01:44 PM

    I think its only because of the engine sourced from Fiat that Maruti is setlling its Desire .If engine goes Maruti will have to shut down. Fiat engines are definitely superior especially in diesel. Thus fiat punto is highway safe well balanced car far suprerior to Swift Desire.

  • Mohit |04 Aug,2012 12:56:55 PM

    Hi frenz, m really confused which car i should go for, m confused between maruti swift and fiat punto............i liked punto after test drive but still everybody's suggesting me not to go for punto as its resale and spare parts unavailablity. Please somebody tell me , which car i should go for?

    abhijeet |17 Aug,2012 06:04:06 PM

    Hi mohit... in my opinion u shud go fr punto if u want to drive like a plane... bcz i own fiat palio.. its engine z very smooth aftr drivin 1lac kms oso...u can imagine hw punto vl b.... m oso buying new punto next month... so go fo goal n b proud to b fiat punto owner.... :-)

    fiatinside |27 Aug,2012 05:09:49 AM

    Fiat Punto is the best car in every aspect , But if you are looking for better service better parts availabilty less maintence cost then go for Swift VDI , Punto is crafted only for Fans , rest of us can buy swifts. swift can run faster then Punto as its lighter then Punto but punto has a higher torque in low RPM seems like Fiat has not given the tweaked engine to Maruti and besides the suspension in fiat is better so you have better handling but in a drag race swift is a winnner as its lighter.

    mohit |04 Sep,2012 10:55:19 AM

    thanks abhijeet and fiatinside......i have decided to go for punto . Hey abhijeet i drove punto for 100 kms and guess what i am having a backache like anything ......?

    iitian |25 Jul,2013 10:10:54 PM

    Best car in every aspect ? looks-sublective ride-punto interiors-swift handling-both but swift is much more agile steering feel-punto , due to HPS VFM factor-swift fuel economy-swift ASS-swift engine performance -swift ( both petrol and diesel) features -punto

    Bharath Dathi |06 Oct,2012 07:55:26 PM

    yep.. i'm getting punto dynamic for this Dushera.. Punto Dynamic (not emotion) is far better than the swift vdi.. you get lot of additional features in Dynamic than the swift vdi and that too for far lesser price..!!

  • shaz |05 Nov,2012 11:54:07 PM

    i wud say ppl juz GO WITH THE FLOW.....public is not mad whu z buying swift swift z btr thn punto 1,pickup 2.interiors 3.easy service after the completion of first 3 free services 4.btr avg warranty voids if u gt any foreign products installed(alloys,new music system) 6.hunk-look u get from swift...u cn nvr have from kid punto go for has a booking of 4-5 ths waiting period is all worth it

  • Vishwanath |14 Nov,2012 07:05:09 PM

    can i buy punto emotion?

  • Senthil |16 Nov,2012 03:17:59 PM

    Hi Guys, I am owner of Punto Emotion pack, I bought 3 months back and Just i completed around 3k km , I guess my car is giving only 14-15 KM milage in city, but the sales person promised me that it has been claimed 18 km per litre in city. I argued with the sales person then he compromised me that we can expect above 18 km in city after 5000 km, please let me know anyone had a similar problem like this ?

  • jasbir Singh |24 Feb,2013 07:20:38 PM

    Punto is batter

  • iitian |25 Jul,2013 10:02:17 PM

    the multijet diesel engine was joint venture(50-50) between GM and fiat . Suzuki owns 20% of GM. so u cannot crib that swift uses fiats engine-swift uses fiats engine. first do some reserch and then comment.

  • Rajesh |27 Oct,2013 12:51:07 PM

    Bought Punto Active Deisel @ 5.5lacs all inclusive. Absolutely thrilled with the ride quality & space. I had earlier driven Fiat Uno petrol for near 150000 kms without any problem. I love FIAT. The build quality cannot be compared to any vechicle present in India. Good to see the FIAT is building more presence & service support. Compare the ground clearance , shock absorbers , boot space , service intervals , road grip evrywhere FIAT scores. I see people talking about resale. Maruti also doesnot have good resale. I had Swift Dezire petrol bought 3yrs back . Now when i go to Maruti dealers they offer only 2.75 lacs for dezire driven for 50500kms & aboutsolutely untouched condition. Also ask the dealers all say the same. Do not bother about resale enjoy the ride. Which is worth . Who knows what will happen 3 yrs down the line. Be +ve FIAT will emerge as leader. Maruti is already loosing ground in india. See the sales figures for Year 2012/2013. Buy a car which gives you pleasure , you are happy & fun.

  • manu |10 Mar,2014 03:22:24 PM

    I am confused between punto (1.3) active and swit diesel vdi which one should i choose and i need info about maintenance costs so i can convince my dad

  • G.K.Das |18 Mar,2014 03:08:44 PM

    Hi guys..just to add with all the above comments, I bought my Punto ACTIVE 1.3 diesel some 3 years back. This is truly an economical and comfortable car. The engine is the best diesel engine in its class which is called / named multi jet engine. There is no problem with the acceleration perhaps its heavier than Swift. It has electronic power steering and sensors which you will never gonna get in an Indian Car with this price. Regrading milage- I am getting the same milage 17-19 km/liter last from 3 years inside the city however in high way I got 22-25 km/liter with an average driving skill. The body of Punto is more stronger than Swift.

  • Prashanth |18 May,2014 10:30:30 PM

    Hi Guys, Am comfused between hyundai i20 and punto 90 bhp diesel i saw the space is not very much comfortable in punto and interiors are not so impressive in punto... but the power is much better than i20.. so can anyone suggest me...?

  • Apoorv |18 May,2014 11:28:57 PM

    Hi guys...I m looking for a car with gud mileage, better safety features and of course...price. I m into sales and my monthly running is arund 3k. Checked with swift, ritz, beat, liva and punto. So far punto matches all the requirements. will it be a good buy considering it is a India..??

  • Jagannathan Ramasamy |19 Dec,2014 08:32:10 AM

    With fiat punto diesel upon highways I get 26-27 kmpl (speeding 80-90-100) very good power and pulling and city driving gives me not less than 20 kmpl;but at speed breaks the pickup power is sluggish.I am a proud owner of tusken wine punto active.

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