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Pros : Ride quality, Gear shift, Engine, Space, Looks

Cons : Steering design

Exterior Front feels bit like Cruze which is good. Overall looks muscular. Back is okay not bad. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Very good spacious hatchback in 2012. I felt so good in driving position and it's a breeze to drive. Driveability is excellent which made me like immediately. Gear shift is so nice. Rear seat comfort too excellent. Nice road visibility as well. While entering in driving seat the knee touches the dashboard which is not a big issue, but this is so perfect in Punto. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox A well tuned diesel engine. We can feel on driving. Ride Quality & Handling Excellent..Well ahead of Ritz, Swift etc. Final Words If you want a decent & safe Diesel hatchback and your budget can extend till 7.5 Lacs, please go for SAIL. Areas of improvement 3D emblem on steering required, Seat height adjustment feature Opinion: I initially decided with Ritz vdi and then moved to Liva GD and then finally decided to buy this one. Ritz vdi facelift is expensive without ABS and music player and space too is less on rear. No single paisa discount Maruti is providing and it's not good. Liva GD is more practical considering the engine and FE. But exterior and some features missing. SAIL is a all rounder..Start buying..Dont just blindly stick to Maruti and Hyundai ony..Make Chevrolet also popular and they improve on services. They are innovative like producing beat and comes up with a product like this. Maruti is living with Fiat's engine. That is co-developed by GM as well!

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  • Akshay |27 Nov,2012 11:07:11 AM

    Nice Review.....If the car is good then we have appreciate this car and we should not go blindly for a specific brand....:)

  • mohanarao |27 Nov,2012 01:14:15 PM

    Fuel tank is placed beneath the driver seat,is there any possibility of dashing the highly elevated speed breakers and touching the bottom side of fuel tank while negotiating deep pot holes in India?

    Nandakumar |27 Nov,2012 08:54:09 PM

    Hi Mohan, As they have tested this extensively ther should not be any impact of fuel tank on speed breakers. I am unsure about the technical details on this area, and if I come to know better, will share about it. Yes, it's a genuine query considering indian road conditions!

    Nandakumar |27 Nov,2012 09:12:21 PM

    Central mounted fuel tank is considered as an extra safety in case of avoiding fire when having rear collision and even Honda Jazz and Mistsubishi Lancer are also having this kind of arrangement. Even the Ground Clearance of Jazz is less than SAIL..So surely there would not be any such concerns..Even if any unfortunate thing happens Chevy gives 345 promise :-)

    saptarshi |15 Nov,2013 12:42:39 PM

    Not a single time i have scratched the bottom of the car even after going through some of the dangerous potholes.

  • rishi dhawan |28 Nov,2012 12:37:31 PM

    Hi nandakumar, one concern area that i have is this that why were Chevrolet Uva and Aveo Uva discontinued or there is no focus on those by GM now? this brings a doubt in the mind as by chance one goes in for Sail Uva it is also discontinued or the company looses focus for lack of sales in the market......which can have serious implications when it comes to service queries/ parts etc. And to add to the abve why is it so that Aveo Uva and Chevrolet Uva dint do that well in the market.

  • amarjot |28 Nov,2012 08:10:16 PM

    Had a test drive today of this car...looks really good...I drove a petrol one...nice smooth ride....very spacious...rear seat is very comfortable...the only thing is while getting into the driver`s seat, knee touches the steering. I am 5.10 so this is the only issue for me in this car...rest all very good..

    vamshikrishna.M |18 Mar,2013 09:34:53 PM

    yup., we can adjust that seat., its really comfort., im 5.11, i took a test drive also., im planning to take in next month in LS ABS. Becoz., we wont get these many features in any hatchback with in 7.5 lakh range., thatz waat i thought

    saptarshi |15 Nov,2013 12:46:40 PM

    I think you missed the Tilt able steering lever under the steering. Sail UVA comes with Tilt able steering even in the PS variant. And the steering column has very good range of movement up-down. You just adjust steering height as per your knee touch, then it is absolutely breeze. I am almost 6, sitting comfortably in the driver seat.

  • Josemon Mathew |30 Nov,2012 10:15:10 PM

    Ineffective marketing and bad treatment of prospective customers by their Sales / Marketing staff are the points GM has to take care of immediately. Technical excellence alone cannot make a good product.

    amarjot |02 Dec,2012 01:26:42 PM

    Totally agree with u...very in-effective marketing of a good potential car..

    Nandakumar |03 Dec,2012 09:44:04 AM

    To some extent I agree. Are you listening GM India?

    Abhijnan |07 Dec,2012 12:08:33 AM

    hello sir.. my average daily run will be 10kms in city..monthly maximum 300kms...so is it better to go for petrol or diesel..?? I hav shortlisted three cars the chevy beat diesl lt..the chevy sail-uva ls abs petrol..and lastly the maruti ritz zxi...!! My range is within 5lakhs to 6lakhs..!! plz help.

    Shambhu Nair |11 Dec,2012 02:21:20 PM

    If you can spend 6 lakhs, you can go for a Swift VXi. If you like the design of Ritz, Ritz VXi will be the best choice.

    DMV .NARASIMHAM |22 Dec,2012 10:10:49 PM

    iam not agree with you

    saptarshi |15 Nov,2013 12:59:19 PM

    100% true indeed. All their Potential cars are suffering from poor marketing and Dealers attitude towards customers. Chevy's car line up is very good and competent. They are all proven and maintenance cost is also low. Failure rate is less than many others. Good and practical vehicle with performance ( spark, beat, Sail twins, Tavera, Cruze, Enjoy, captiva). But who cares? At least GM India does not. Can you believe that when Sail UVa got launched, they made some banner where Only Red colored Sail UVA is standing in a white Back ground!! Ridiculous marketing. No stunning banner, no feature highlight. I really doubt if they audit regularly at their dealers and service centers.

  • Dinesh Suryawanshi |03 Dec,2012 12:31:06 AM

    Hi Nandkumar totally confused in between swift vdi, sail uva & Ford figo, Unable to decide, can you plz suggest me ?

    Nandakumar |03 Dec,2012 09:42:28 AM

    Hi Dinesh, I suggest SAIL LS ABS for the below reasons comparing Figo and Swift 1. More refined modern engine 2. Excellent ride quality 3. Class leading front and rear space. SAIL's mileage and Ground clearance is bit better than Figo Personally I am not a big fan of Swift. Even in Maruti I like Ritz better than Swift considering practicality. If you can extend ypur budget go for LT variant.

  • wannabe |03 Dec,2012 11:08:39 PM

    What about the leg room (not knee room) and the under-thigh-support at the rear seat? Since the fuel tank is shifted below front seats I cannot stretch my legs under the front seat to get some under-thigh support. I'm sure it is of concern for long travels. But the rear seat as such is good with good recline angle and head support. I don't know how people are liking honda city which also has fuel tank placed under front seats. Overall Sail UVA is a great car. But I'm just holding back from buying due to the under-thigh support problem at the rear seats. I think I don't have a choice but to go with the ugly duckling Ritz!

    Nandakumar |05 Dec,2012 09:38:52 AM

    I felt the under thigh support is good in Sail. Stretching the legs is better due to good space under and front of the seats as well. I suggest you to visit the showroom and decide. Ritz under thigh support is not good. I felt the best under thigh support is only from Punto.

  • Dr. P B Ratan |04 Dec,2012 03:22:09 PM

    hey guys i am planning to purchase diesel hatchback car in the month of December. i am confused to choose among Ritz VDI, sail LS ABS and beat LS. my height is 5'-11''. my average mileage per month will be around 1000 km. please advise me in this regard. also advise about either petrol or diesel hatch back

    Nandakumar |05 Dec,2012 09:44:58 AM

    I understand your comparison between Ritz vdi and Sail LS ABS. But Beat is not a good to compare in this range. Anyway, if you least care about rear space, boot space and performance and care more for Mileage and decent space for four go for Beat. In between Ritz Vdi and Sail LS ABS, I suggest Sail due to more space, ride comfort and frugal engine. Even in this you should compare with Ritz Vdi ABS.

    Jeevan |18 Dec,2012 04:31:31 AM

    I plan to buy this in 1 week. Let me know which is good?? Either petrol or disel?? I heard petrol is worst . This car cannot drive more than 300km?? Is this true??

    vamshikrishna.M |18 Mar,2013 09:39:47 PM

    blindly u should go for sail uva as u r 5.11'. even me too. so im planning to take this in april 2nd week.

  • murtaza |06 Dec,2012 11:28:48 PM

    sail is a bestl car of the year

  • Abhijnan Mitra |07 Dec,2012 09:36:16 AM

    hello sir.. my average daily run will be 10kms in city..monthly maximum 300kms...so is it better to go for petrol or diesel..?? I hav shortlisted three cars the chevy beat diesl lt..the chevy sail-uva ls abs petrol..and lastly the maruti ritz zxi...!! My range is within 5lakhs to 6lakhs..!! plz help.

  • Abhijnan Mitra |07 Dec,2012 09:37:23 AM

    hello sir.. my average daily run will be 10kms in city..monthly maximum 300kms...so is it better to go for petrol or diesel..?? I hav shortlisted three cars the chevy beat diesl lt..the chevy sail-uva ls abs petrol..and lastly the maruti ritz zxi...!! My range is within 5lakhs to 6lakhs..!! plz help.

    Nandakumar |08 Dec,2012 03:28:49 PM

    Considering your range I suggest Beat Diesel LS or Ritz zxi (since Petrol cars will have good offers). If you consider better performance and no much worry about fuel efficienecy choose Ritz Zxi compared to Beat diesel. And if you worry on fuel efficiency and good design go for Beat which saves money. It's upto you.But I suggest comparing diesel and petrol cars separately. Why Chevy Beat petrol is not there in the comparison?

  • Abhijnan Mitra |11 Dec,2012 11:59:52 PM

    Is beat petrol a good city car..?? MY requirements are like everyday 10kms run..so for that is diesl a good option or should i stick to petrol? Personally i like Ritz zxi cause frstly i am getting all the features and all...within my range..!! Whereas looking at the high price of petrol thinking for diesel car!! Does beat petrol gives good mileage? I want to keep this car for more than 5 to 7 years..so is beat diesle or petrol a reliable one for such a long term use?? PLzz suggest

    Nandakumar |14 Dec,2012 08:49:21 PM

    All Beat petrol, Ritz zxi and Sail Petrol gives almost similar mileage. (City - 15, Highways - 18.5). Decide based on price and features. And workout your requirements clearly about space and comfort. I suggest you to test drive all these and decide. I am not sure about the price of the petrol version of these cars. If you require more space in rear seat go for Sail which can seat 3 comfortably. If you didnot worry about space and if it fits within your budget go for Beat LS Diesel.

  • Abhijnan Mitra |12 Dec,2012 12:22:11 AM

    will it be goood if i opt for chevy sail u-va petrol..?? Will i get mileage of about 12-14kms a litre in city??

  • Suresh |12 Dec,2012 06:34:19 PM

    The car looks and feels very good, excellent space inside, good ground clearance(checked with 5 passengers while test drive) and steering wheel horn needs to be improved. Overall good

  • yadvinder singh |14 Dec,2012 10:16:09 PM

    sail uv-a is not totally useful car.company ne sara zor dashboard ke uper laga diya.the car is totally flat look in side door.car piche se compress hai inteerier very beautiful.par fifth gear main break lagakar 3rd gear main lakar gaddi bhagne se thodi pikup kam hai.par breaks is very poweful.baki pahle bhi sail uv ka petrol model aya the wo super flope hua tha.ab dekho car market main apni place pakki karti hai ke nahi i mean resale value milegi ke nahi.

  • Dheeraj Gadve |14 Dec,2012 10:52:42 PM

    I was checked 16 cars and then book Chevrolet SAL U-VA. (LS ABS - DIESEL) Maruti Suzuki swift vdi, swift dezird vdi, ritz vdi , ford figo, Toyota etios, Toyota etios-liva , Mahindra verito, Hyundai i10,i20, eon, Volkswagen polo, Chevrolet SAIL U-VA., Skoda fabia ,wagan R, Honda brio, Tata indigo. In all of those cars, SAIL U-VA is the best car. Excellent dash board in dual tone color and very big & specious Rear seat comfort space for 3 persons. FRONT LOOK is very very excellent and rich like Chevrolet Cruze . over all sail uva is very nice car for safety and interior look as compare to those other cars. Thank you, #D#

    Jeevan |26 Dec,2012 06:28:38 PM

    i agrred.. i took the same comparission and finally bought SAIL UVA LS ABS

  • Anesh Ashok |15 Dec,2012 07:48:34 PM

    of the petrol variants- ritz lxi, sail uva base, hundai i10 1.2 magna... which is the best option.... I need a car for a 5 memeber family, of whom 2 will freq uently use it, including me.. need good space, comfort , mileage, ground clearance, low maintainence cost... please suggest

  • shyamal sarkar |15 Dec,2012 08:29:57 PM

    If it is such a good car ,why it is not seen on roads , either in Delhi or Kolkata. Normally there is a queue for a nice car which comes one in three years.

    Nandakumar |19 Dec,2012 11:29:09 AM

    Now the whole market itself is not doing good and at this time Sail been intrdouced. Hence the road presence is very less. And as a Indian mentality we won't take risks on buying new car even though it's good. Anyway, it's bit early to decide.

    vamshikrishna.M |21 Apr,2013 11:19:41 PM

    i wil give reason for that., swift is dominating as itz from MARUTI., every one is having faith on that brand which has resale value.,they dont hav time to trial the other like., chevrolet, mahindra, ford, fiat etc., they wl feel like chevrolet brand is not good.,

  • prabha |16 Dec,2012 12:23:27 AM

    hi sir i am going to purchase a car in 7.5 lakh range in diesel, witch is the best ?????? please help.

    vamshikrishna.M |21 Apr,2013 11:22:13 PM

    evry one is going blindly for swift only., as they felt that only good hatchback in india.,but we should be in reality.,na by taking test drive nd features.,

  • MILAN PALIT |16 Dec,2012 02:36:36 PM

    I have decided to go for Maruti Ritz but due to amazing Space and Engine Performance & futures I will get Sail Uva.

  • Nandakumar |19 Dec,2012 11:36:13 AM

    Got delivery of the car today (LS ABS TCDI, Sandrift Grey). There are many comments on exterior on different sites, but I felt it's very good. The rear looks also pretty decent. Apart from many things I liked, the below thing needs improvement 1. Plastic usage is bit high on dashboard and steering column plastic cover is scratchy type

    DMV NARASIMHAM |22 Dec,2012 10:13:36 PM

    i am agree with you

    Jeevan |07 Jan,2013 02:11:38 AM

    By thinking of safety they used plastic on dash board. This car is very very good for safety in hatchback. I don't know why Indians are not thinking about safety but they think only on look. It's too sad :-(

  • D.M.V NARASIMHAM |22 Dec,2012 10:23:52 PM

    i have purchased on 12/12/12 overall very good car. Minor problems like boot space in audio system in Ls segment is to be rectified. coming days people would like this car .blindly not go for swift ,think and purchase for usage.further more warrant in chevy when compare to other cars. i am rating this car A++++++.

  • O. Anwar |24 Dec,2012 11:08:26 AM

    Hi All, pls suggest me in Hyundai i10 & Sail, my budget is around 5 lacks. my average running is 20 kms.

    shine |25 Dec,2012 10:41:16 PM

    sail is very good spasious,comfort, warrenty, and look

  • sali raendrakumar |27 Dec,2012 05:33:21 PM

    is i20 best or sail is the best one can you clear my dout

    Jeevan |07 Jan,2013 02:08:20 AM

    Sail UVA is best. i20 too costlier.

  • fff |29 Dec,2012 01:30:32 AM

    Only buy Ritz. Don't go on looks. Its A amazing car. Driving exp is very good on long drive.Its comfortable than the swift. No other car can beat the Ritz in driving comfort, performance, smoothness and milege etc. K series engine is very good. Bad point is only looks of this car. So dont go with other car if u want value for your money.

  • Arun |17 Jan,2013 10:44:28 PM

    What about the under thigh support of sail uva i had a chance to sit in back seat i felt its ok in rear but it would be nice if little more is provided what about front seat under thigh support can any one answer me ???

  • manoj musale |21 Jan,2013 12:03:55 AM

    Hello sir,my average running is monthly 300/5oo kms,petrol / diesel which one is the best.In petrol can i get 14 average,b coz in petrol i heard they are not getting good average.i am doubt about good average14 in city.i am confused petrol/ disel

  • d.p. gupta |12 Feb,2013 05:29:28 PM

    maine ek maheene pahle sail uv-a deisel khreeda, com ne avrg 22-20 kaha tha aaj mai pahala servc ke liye le gaya,aur avrg chek karaya to avr ke liye tank full karaya fir 19 km chal ke aaye to 5 lt deisel dala mai to ashcharyachkit ho gaya to co ke bande ne kaha kilagtahai ki pahale thik se tank full nahi hua tha fir chlenge again hum log gaye 19 km aur again5lt deisel laga maine com ke bande se pucha to vo bola mai kya kar sakta hun.to mai showroom mai gaya to maneger ne kaha ki avg 19 km chalne per nahi nikalti hai tank full karane kam se kam 200km chalne per hi pata chlega.AISA KYON

  • d.p. gupta |12 Feb,2013 05:33:03 PM


  • Avinash |13 Feb,2013 07:22:37 PM

    Asked By sali raendrakumar 27 Dec,2012 05:33:21 PM is i20 best or sail is the best one can you clear my dout after around 4000kms i would say i20 is best......................go for i20. its only 13000 etc for petrol 1.2 sportz, for disel go for sail uva its better than i20 crdi magna.

  • pk |12 Mar,2013 04:45:45 PM

    Hello I am going to purchase Sail UVA LS ABS Petrol in next month please suggest anyone??????

  • chandrakant |13 Mar,2013 05:55:28 PM

    I have planning to purchase car in diesel model either Sail UVA or ford figo ,Please can you guide me in terms of fuel efficiency ,Space which car purchase.?

    Nandakumar |20 Mar,2013 04:10:08 PM

    Considering fuel efficiency Sail U-va(anyway now it's called as Sail hatchback) is bit better than Ford figo. Even the rear and front seat space is slightly better than Figo. But the boot space is 30 liters lesser than Figo. Anyway 250 liter boot is very well sufficient and you have 60:40 split option in Sail which helps swallowing bigger luggages

  • Pratheek |14 Mar,2013 09:48:54 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy sail Uva diesel as I am 5.1inch height is it a good car in the matter of road visibility I mean the dashboard height is higher ?..i have alto car i feel its good height for me...pls suggest me whether to buy figo or sail in terms of good road visibility as i am 5feat...

  • vamshikrishna.M |18 Mar,2013 10:39:07 PM

    dear pratheek, u should go for ford figo, as ur height z 5 na., sail uva is good for those only whose height z more than 5.7 or 5.8

  • Darpan |29 Jun,2013 03:45:33 PM

    HI ppl Please suggest between polo & sail hatchback -LS...

  • Rohit Goswami |19 Dec,2013 02:46:06 AM

    hello....i'm happy with my Sail U-VA, LS ABS........driving and handling is 100% batter then Swift and Honda Amaze.........

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