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I purchased a Chevrolet Cruze on 22 Feb 2010 from DPM sales Deharadun, day I bought it I wanted LTZ model but dealer was very particular in giving LT model as according to him LTZ was not available but 4 LTZ was standing in front of us. The reason we didn't want to puchase LT was, there was a bump(manufacturing defect) at the back of the car, but finally, we bought that only because we didn't want to go empty handed. Well, after all these things we were happy that we bought a nice car as so much of trust is there towards GM, that you seems to be one of the best manufacturers in the world. But within few days that car started showing its true colors, some noise started coming from it, It started fusing smoke from the back., etc... on 18/08/2010 first servicing of that car was done at (Virdajoyti, Meerut), after that I thought now it will run well, but within 2 days car stopped on the road and was not starting up,I was going for a very important meeting that I couldn't attend then immediately I called to Dehradun office they took my car to the service center and on 21/08/2010 they replied back saying servicing was not done properly and some sensor was not working. I told them how it can be possible one day back it is coming from service they replied we don't know. Then I called to your Delhi Customer care department, there I got a very fantastic answer saying that - we don't know what happened and we can not do anything regarding that, it is a mechanical problem it can happen to any car it doesn't matter if it is coming from servicing, you do what ever you want I can not help it I am in a shock after listening to all this and in back of my mind I am planning to gift this car to Chevrolet team for making me fool.... You all know what you are going through and after all this If you behave like this I don't think so you people will exist in Indian market for a long period. I hope you have some brains regarding customer relationship and if not then pack your bags and make fool of some other country citizens. Abhyudya Garg, S/O Mr.Rajesh Kumar garg 9986663531,9412210020 Car Number UK07 AD 4337

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  • Vikas |23 Aug,2010 10:41:53 AM

    I was thinking of buying this car, but now I think I should not go for this. :( Car looks are great but after sales is more important than look.

  • Dr.ykmurali |25 Aug,2010 12:05:16 AM

    you are absolutely right,very poor after sales

  • ajay |29 Aug,2010 11:26:07 AM

    THE SEVICE SUCKS..... I will never buy this car. attitude is important.. i suggest u approach consumer forum to claim full refund. also teach gm a lesson by taking a sledge hammer and invite tv journos to see a live destruction of ur car.. belive me it works...

  • George Andrews |06 Sep,2010 02:55:57 PM

    I was planning to buy..but I have dropped my plans...

  • LUV TANDON |08 Sep,2010 02:08:35 PM

    how can anybody think of buying a car wid a dent and dat too a model not of their choice. Either you are faking or you have lots of money to throw away.

  • vivek |13 Sep,2010 10:37:00 PM

    no chance to go with chevrolet

  • abhyudya |14 Sep,2010 01:48:47 PM

    Dear Mr. Tandon. Dealer told us that he will replace the part when we will come for first service and regarding buying time we bought the car we knew prices are going to increase because of the budget that has to be announced that time.Thats why we were very perticular to buy a car that time and also we were interested in black color which was available in that showroom only. We not have money to throw we are also mango people, its just because of the trust what we had towards GM which is lost now. Abhyudya

  • Aj |20 Sep,2010 09:18:44 PM

    Sorry to say mate, they didn't fool you, they just found one to take advantage of!! With your buying/ manufacturing issue, why would you buy it at the first place with all the defects, and why listen to salesmen? Are they gifting it to you or doing you some other major favors?? Now, mechanical issue, well well first service is coming after almost 6 months...first visit is 1000kms for most of the cars which is generally an assessment and second follows within 3 months or 15k kms. Also, with after-sales experience, let me tell you, you have to find a service station run by decent doesn't matter weather its a Maruti or Chevy...its pity with automobile sector booming in the country, they do not care how the dealers and franchisees are performing with their After-Sales-Customer interaction!! But dude, at most part you seems to be at the wrong end!!

  • ranjit.S |30 Sep,2010 09:00:43 AM

    yes. the very purpose was not fulfilled. breakdown of a new car and that also of an expensive one is not tolerable. the sympethetic looks from other car wallas on road to the stranded on an expensive car is unimaginable. I also thought of this car but I have to rethink. After sales is very important and I think Indian manufactures can be relied best.

  • Vickie Vittal |02 Oct,2010 05:02:11 PM

    Hi there, i'm sorry for what had happened!!! But my friend i'm really confused, why you brought a car with a defect.Please never listen to sales rep anymore in future, because they want to achieve their targets.Plz return the car to them and ask for refund, because its ur hard-earned money.

  • k.saravanakumar |06 Oct,2010 03:55:39 PM

    Hi i hve confused with selection of cars,now atlast i have got two option one is Fiet linea and other one is Cruze,suggest me which one is better with the maintenance cost and the resale value,,,,,

  • k.saravanakumar |06 Oct,2010 04:03:01 PM

    Am planning to go for Cruze Is it a right optioncan u pls explain about the maintenance cost in Cruze and my budget is 13lakhs,And i need only a diesel Engine,,,then how abt the service in Cruze,,,,pls explain the exact mileage,,the vehicle appearance is too good,,,,,can u sugest me can i go for cruze or Fiet linea

  • sn shukla |26 Oct,2010 04:41:02 PM

    mr. abhyuday, i am planning to buy cruze, my budget is 12 lakh but after reading your comment i have leave this idea, can you suggest me any better car with good milage in this budget. sn shukla

  • biji |02 Nov,2010 02:44:38 PM

    i am biji, i am in between civic and cruz and now i selected civic thank buddy

  • abhishek nair |21 Nov,2010 10:34:49 PM

    good .i am cancelling my plan for appears to be taking us for a ride

  • nav |30 Nov,2010 08:40:41 AM

    hey friend thanx for your reference we wont get hooked in gm and gm is not the best but worst car manufaturer all they are in profit is coz its an american company and in us its just bought for patriotisn sake or sympathy u can say but u must go to consumer court for this.

  • Amit Vashist |25 Dec,2010 02:56:35 AM

    I was seriously planning to buy a cruze in Jan 2011, and after reading most of the reviews on many sites, Now I have decided to opt for another car with in same price bracket. Thanks for all the reviewers for sharing there problems.

    hkjdsk |25 Dec,2010 08:36:38 PM

    Ito also said, that, the company plans to start the manufacturing of Honda Brio with almost 80 per cent of the localized parts.

  • Abinay |07 Jan,2011 12:54:45 AM

    Even I was planning to buy either a honda civic or chevrolet cruze by Jan 2011 in hyderabad. I am very confused to select one among these two. Its a tough decision to make. (Note:In US market, cruze got no problems and it is successful.) I liked the new features that cruze offers and I almost made up my mind to go with cruze where, I came across this blog and read bad reviews about service and mechanical failures. I dont know how good cruse is designed for Indian roads and how good the service is after sale. It would be great if any chevrolet professionals/owners/users who has personal driving experience on Cruze can answer this question or else many enthusiasts like me willing to buy a cruze will have to change their choice to Civic. Thanks in Advance.... - Abi

  • CarDekho Team |07 Jan,2011 05:41:01 PM

    The Cehvrolet Cruze is a very good car loaded with features and powered by the same CRDI engine that also runs the SUV Captiva. This is a very powerful engine which is the best in the segment. Quality is also good and so is the fit finish and Chevrolet has built on the dealer network too. Also expect good efficiency figures on the Cruze. Overall a very good powerful and trendy car. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Ayush Agarwal |14 Mar,2011 04:45:51 AM

    I see the car dekho team always write positive reviews for the Chevrolet cruze.. All I see in your comments is that the cruze is a very good car with a nice set of features.. But the negative aspects are never covered.. We all know that the clutch on this car is not up to the mark.. There is never any mention of that in your comments.. Nothing about the after sales service provided by GM.. Please let the customers know what the cons are in a car coz that is what he is really looking for as there are enough people to highlightthe pros

  • S. Roy |14 Aug,2011 12:41:37 AM

    GM sank in US due to their obsession with the American penchant for big (and fuel guzzling) cars completely irreverent about how the world is changing over to the environment friendly fuel efficient cars! The company just sank in the face of the Japanese competition and have never ever matched the excellent engineering standards of German & Czech (Skoda) cars. GM's last bid is to swindle the gullible Indian customers with glitter & gloss. Stay away from GM!

  • vijay |23 May,2012 03:23:02 PM

    I also have faced some problems in car, i told to the service station, but they are giving copy book answers. JK tyres are used in car,tyre broken in two pieces only after driving 7 kms from home( i dont know wether it was puncture or not) i am survived thr. major accident. very poor quality power stearing is used, rear seat is very inclined, geting down is very difficult. engine stopps in traffic, in slow speed

  • viral bakhai |21 Nov,2012 04:58:30 PM

    awsm car u ppl suck

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