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Look and Style-GOOD Comfort-GOOD Pickup-AVERAGE Mileage-OK Best Features-LOOKS ONLY Needs to improve-OVERALL. THE COMPANY SHOULD NOT VENTURE INTO LUXURY SEGMENT. Overall Experience- Car has only one plus point of great looks. for the last one year since I bought this car, I have been sending the car to the workshop regularly for repeated breakdowns. The service back and technical know-how is pathetic. The car has caused enough traffic jams on the highway. No one in my family wants to travel in this car. The higher authorities in chevy dont respond to your emails because they are not bothered.  It is not a one off case as two of my colleagues have encountered the same problem with this car.  PLEASE DONT BUY CRUZE

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  • Nischal |16 May,2011 07:54:13 AM

    pls.... give me ur emial ID... i would like to talk to you...!!! coz im veru much planning on buying cruze..!!!

    suneet jolly |16 May,2011 09:47:26 AM

    my email is

    Raja |29 May,2011 02:11:02 PM

    Hi, I Raja from Dharamshala Himachal. I've purchased chevy Cruze ltz automatic on 18 dec.2010. and I've completed 9000kms with my car. I did not found any problem or trouble. I have driven it at 170 kmph without any effort it overtake others. My family and I feel very proud to cruze owner. Its really a head turner yaar. thanx.

    sam |30 Oct,2011 12:50:27 PM

    Hello! guys i have done 59,000kms in my is a wonderful car.....i take it to the service centre every 10,000 kms and it is an awsome machine.....we as a family fully satisfied with its performance

    imran ahmed |01 Nov,2011 05:06:17 PM

    Hey Sam! Do you mind talking to me regarding your experience with cruze. I am really looking forward to buy the car attic wanted to know how is it overall. Pls just give me a buzz on my no.09831488897 and I'll call you back. Pls help. Thanks!

    puneet |12 Dec,2011 10:22:02 PM

    hello.. der u dnt found any problem in cruze.... i want make up mind to buy cruze.. kya kehte ho purchase karlu?????

    tarun |16 Dec,2011 04:54:20 PM

    Hi , I have just purchased an automatic Cruze. Wanted to know from you , What mileage are you getting on city drive. I have done close to 900 km and i am getting 6/7 km. thanks

    arun |06 Jan,2015 02:43:36 PM

    How much milege does the cruze gives in city and in highways. Help me.

    Justin |14 Jul,2011 09:09:19 AM

    I was Flabbergased when seeing Cruze

    PATEL MANOJ |15 Dec,2011 02:21:47 PM

    i'm from DREAM HONDA SURAT plz call me abut cruze review honda civic better than chery cruze abut all things

    Thommy |24 Dec,2011 01:35:42 AM

    Look and Style excellent Comfort not that comfortable Pickup amazing Mileage wont be a problem for those who can afford a 15 lakh car Best Features peps,follow me home,rain sensing wipers,key reminder... n lots Needs to improve a lot Overall Experience BAD i own a cruze LTZ... its an amazing car... no other car in this range has such a powerful engine n features.. once u pass 1700rpm it turns into a rocket and its really a nice car to be with in highways, i have clocked 195 effortless and im sure that many people would have fall in love with cruze by seeing the way i drove it... the looks of this car is awesome which can be beaten only by premium luxury cars like audi,bmw's.....its apt for modifications also.... i used to get an avg milege of 12.5kmpl which is not that bad for such a powerful car. but i wont suggest any of u to choose cruze... because it lacks quality... the cabin is noisy , back seat s are uncomfortable in bumpy roads.... again service is very poor.After buying you dont feel like you are owning a Luxury car, at first when u are excited u wont have any prob with the turbo lag but after a while especially in city drive u may get disappointed... the clutch is quite hard,and its having a poor resale value... i just sold mine for 10.50 which has done 23000 kms.... this is all i have to say.......think twice before you choose to CRUZE... dont regret later (as i did :) hope this will be helpful to you all.... THOMMY DAVIS

    BP Raju |19 Jan,2012 02:59:21 PM

    How do you rate Cruze ? My son says that it is a 150 BHP car having dood pick up and no other car in this segment has features like this. He is mad Please give me feed back immediately.

    Himmat Singh |22 Jun,2012 06:13:16 PM


  • anindita |16 May,2011 01:14:53 PM

    Dear Nischal, It must be difficult to have a car with never ending issues. My husband and I are the fortunate y oung salaried class who purchased the cruze a year back. Our highway trips include: delhi - amritsar, delhi -ahmedabad and delhi - pushkar. On an average working day, it does about 60 kms. was concerned about the turbo lag and other issue told to me my people to drove cars of the same segment----Till i drove it. The diesel engine is prowerful and the pick up is brilliant. It simply leaps ahead. It has already done 22,000 kms without breaking down once, in the city or outside. My family members are buying it now. Our services and any minor problem has been adequately dealt with.hence i fail to understand your problem. What according to us is a problem....are the tyres....on sharp turns on a higher speed it has a tendency to slip. till i buy a 3 litre engine or more, the cruze is value for money. or maybe the cra simply needs someone with better handling capabilities. learn to make your car respond to your wishes............

    SK Kundalia |25 Aug,2011 09:41:28 PM

    Can somebody tell me the average annual servicing charges for chevy cruze. I believe chevy cruze service is an issue.

  • DR SUNEET JOLLY |30 May,2011 09:25:18 AM

    dear anandita mine is not just a one off case. two of my doctor colleagues have also bought this car and are facing the same problem. the parts already changed are - battery; hoze pipe, comlete electrical connections ; A/C ; gear box, tyres( done less than 200.000 km). the car i am sure is good but in wrong hands. how can a company not have spare parts. God bless people who buy ths car

    be seven |01 Jun,2011 11:39:37 PM

    Reading your comments I am saddened because I know its true, I build the Chevy cruze in lordstown and would like to say I'm sry , I'm quite disgusted with the leadership of this co. Also found out today that the cruze will no longer have a spare tire,, but a fix a flat kit ... in order to save weight is what they r telling us , but I believe it has more to do with cost savings and profit ., from a U.A.W. employee..... I'm sry .... spend ur money elsewhere

    Renju C R |02 Jun,2011 04:27:38 PM

    Apart from these two A/C & gear box rest all the things you mentioned here should be changed within 100,000 kms. That is commom for all the cars. Tell me exactly how many kms your car have covered & when you bought the same & from where? I'm also planning to buy CRUZE LT this month......

    DR SUNEET JOLLY |03 Jun,2011 06:57:07 PM

    dear renju the car has covered 30,000 km at present. You seem to be smiiten by the looks of this car. a car is only as good as the company and service back up. The true worth is realised only when you face problems and beleive me the technical back up is pathetic and with no spare parts available and i dont know where to go. Cars like skoda have a proven record and would be a better choice for you at present. DR JOLLY

  • Sagar |06 Jun,2011 07:05:50 PM

    I am not agree with this review... exceptions are everywhere and so your experience!! Sry but I have this beautiful car and truly in love with it You said pickup is come???it goes from 0-100kmph in just 9 secs not even Passat could do it also having top speed of 215kmph( may be more ) which car do u need for better pickup in this price tag neither skoda/volksvagon can beat it...its challenge

    Gaurav |09 Jun,2011 11:22:41 PM


    sam |30 Oct,2011 01:04:41 PM

    i guess doctors are all the same....every where.....even in my town!!!

    ranita biswas |28 Mar,2012 08:23:16 PM

    exactly frnz cruze is a awesome car.

    Renju C R |10 Jun,2011 03:45:49 PM

    Tell me about your many kms your car have covered?....About the spares available, also about the maintenance? Am also planning for Chevy LT by this month end...

    tanveer |04 Aug,2011 12:30:20 PM

    dr jolly seems salesman of some other company,,,lol

  • Sagar |10 Jun,2011 08:24:13 PM

    Have driven 20k till now without a single problem...spares should not be problem to be much taken in consideration as how frequently u need those is also imp..:) Don't wry spares are available everywhere as GM is selling this car in big numbers too

  • gaurav pratap singh |25 Jun,2011 08:14:41 PM

    which is the best car 2 buy in this segmt...pls help me...

  • raghuveer |27 Jun,2011 11:14:29 PM

    i'm in a dilema,i wanna buy a car in a range btwn 10-12 lakhs,i'v checked out hyudai verna fluidic,VW vento.verna has very less head space for rear seat passengers and review's from user's state that back suspension is very weak in the sense that u end up having a very bumpy drive on a high way.vento is a very good performer but my wife doesnt like the dynamics or the shape.

  • sksharma |29 Jun,2011 02:45:16 PM

    I want to buy a car approx. 2 litre engine in a budget of about 10 t0 12 lacs. Skoda laura is expensive. Skoda Octavia is discontinued. The new Toyota Altis appears to be a city car. I want some opinions as to which car to buy. I own a Scorpio for last three years and have done 110000 km.The car is mostly chauffer driven. I travel to my projects in a radius of 300 to 400km of Delhi. Once or twice I go on long tours with family of approx 1200 to 1500 km. I am leaning towards a use Skoda Octavia or a Cruz. Please comment.

    tanveer |04 Aug,2011 12:25:12 PM

    cruz may a gud choice but i recommend scorpio for you because as you told you often travel to remote areas,,,,in case of any breakdown, you wont get your skoda or cruze serviced as they consists of so many electric parts confusing for countryside mechanics..but in case of scorpio,,it is more spacious and easy to service...the spare parts is also easily availeble

    sai |09 May,2012 09:31:57 AM

    why dont you try the new xuv500 which is a great car for u!as u travel a lot!!!!

  • Renju C R |29 Jun,2011 04:34:33 PM

    I have booked my OLYMPIC WHITE CRUZE, apart from the brake pad change at 20k kilometers i didnot found anything fishy!.......Its spares are bit costly, still consider the segment this car is competing with & in that lot this one is better in terms of cost, spares & power.

    imran ahmed |02 Nov,2011 02:35:08 PM

    Hey dear! Do you mind talking to me regarding your experience with cruze. I am really looking forward to buy the car and i wanted to know how is it overall. Pls just give me a buzz on my no.09831488897 and I'll call you back. Pls help if you can. Thanks!

    renju |02 Nov,2011 03:35:55 PM

    I got my cruze some 2 months before & right now i have completed 1000 kms & done my first service. The experience with this car is simply awsome, just the same when i took ma first drive. The power of this beast is really a killing one!!!. Also am getting an average 14-15 kmp/ltr with AC. A small draw back i feel is that, it's clutch is a bit hard, u'll find it bit painful in bumper to bumper traffic. Once you took this beast on to highways, it is a different vehicle. I'm enjoying it @ its very best!!!!

  • raj |01 Jul,2011 09:54:11 PM

    I own a corolla2006 model & had lots of problems with that.However their service is superb.Now I have booked a Cruz_AT.Getting scared reading this negative review!Whatever it is,Cruz is VFM.Or else you have to go for BMW !

  • Surya |04 Jul,2011 09:49:39 AM

    Some people who don't like GM will start writing a review like this only ! a best car to buy in this sedan segment .. And recently they've introduced new interior which is amazing ! its ten times worthier than the money .. don't believe some rumors like how this fellow said !!

  • luv |14 Jul,2011 01:29:05 PM

    The main Problem with G.M . is that many of its Dealear ship is not in the Right Hands , so you will suffer as far as its After sale service is concerned.I am from Agra and selling out my CRUZE because of its pathetic service, this was my worst service experience i have ever experienced. For CRUZE i will say,,, Driving is Nice, but needs lots of maintenance , seats are uncomfortable, cabin is noisy, again service is very poor.After buying you dont feel like you are owning a Luxury car

  • munish kaul |28 Jul,2011 09:38:23 PM

    this person is himself confused about the problem cruze is truely better than corolla altis has better diesel engine so no problems in buying it !!!!

  • robert |30 Jul,2011 10:33:48 PM

    Dont get confused reading reviews like this.I own a cruzAt & quite happy. Three of my colleagues,[doctors] own Cruz& they are very happy with that.Any car can get into trouble any time.Otherwise, why should you have repairing jobs.I had a Civic and had problems with its mileage & transmission.Cruz is a great value for money car.It gives phenominal dieselpower,looks &comfort

    DEEP |18 May,2012 05:25:18 PM

    shall i buy cruz automatic

  • Arun |15 Aug,2011 05:33:47 PM

    I am sure whatever it may be..there is no other car worth buying in this segment.. i have been reading and test driving many cars in this segment ...but if u look into it apart from minor problems Cruze stands one step ahd,, I have alrdy booked an LTZ . People talk about the turbo lag in manual version not realizing Cruze is not the only car having this problem..if u drive laura u will feel the same

    prasan |19 Aug,2011 05:24:10 PM

    cross and see above 1700rpm.... u will feel the punch of that engine... its a diesel rocket

  • lalit |20 Aug,2011 07:51:32 PM

    cruze is amazing car..... Mr jolly im sure you r dealing with skoda or volkswagen

  • jayant |21 Aug,2011 11:29:10 PM

    I want purchase cruz automatic top model Olympic White color mera decision sahi hai kya ya or koi option?

  • rajiv |02 Sep,2011 10:27:00 AM

    i am planning to either buy the cruze ltz manual, or the corolla altis GL, can anybody advise me please ? basically i am just worried that after 2-3 years the maintenance of the cruze will really be very high considering the high cost of spare parts and also poor service that sense toyota corolla will probably be a better bet. what say ? also, is the cruze automatic better than its manual version ?

    Vijay |30 Mar,2012 01:45:28 PM

    Hi Rajiv, better go for CRUZE Manual version. it is a great car.

  • G.Ravikumar |02 Oct,2011 08:39:29 PM

    I frds i wnt to buy cruze its better or waste ... plz give a idea

  • Anu |14 Oct,2011 07:51:01 AM

    We have been using the LTZ Automatic variant for the past 10 months. We have absolutely no complaints and find the car a fantastic choice. Its a pleasure to drive it.

    Pradeep Kishnani |10 Jul,2012 12:29:02 PM

    Pls guide me i am planning to buy cruze

  • Vikram Singh |20 Oct,2011 12:54:31 PM

    Hi, I'm planing to buy cruze ltz auto, is it worth while to spend 15l in dis car.pls help me is it a value for money car or waste of money.

  • amit dev |24 Oct,2011 03:55:54 PM

    i have been drying City vtec for the last three years, i am quite satisfied. Now i want to upgrade and i am planning to buy Cruze or Skoda Laura. I have done the test drive of both these cars, but i am in dilema since when i was reading the reveiw, few says Cruze is too good and few says there is maintenance issues

  • G.Ravikumar |27 Oct,2011 10:34:50 PM

    hii frd i wnt to buy cruze wts the problem in it plz tell me

    sam |30 Oct,2011 01:14:02 PM

    hello! Ravikumar i strongly recommend this vehicle....i have done 59000km and it rocks....wonderful vehicle.......... you and your family will love it....driving is fun..........

  • aamir |25 Nov,2011 04:43:47 PM

    Hello All...I am planning to buy newly launched SKODA RAPID bt m scared coz itz recently launched so nt sure abt itz performance so kindly help me out

  • Aditya |17 Dec,2011 01:03:58 PM

    I do not agree with this review at all. I have a cruze and I have covered 30000 kms. Fortunately my car never had a single breakdown.I always get my car serviced after every 3 months.There is no problem. This review says that pickup is average but my cruze tops 0-100 in just 9.5 secs. simply outstanding!!!! cruze has more pickup than that of laura, jetta. I drove my cruze at a speed of 175 kmh on the highway it gave an average of approx 15kmpl its ok for an 150 horsepower engine. In the highway no car less than 20 - 25 lakhs can beat you... this amazing car is a good value for money.

  • udit |03 Jan,2012 09:59:21 PM

    cruze compared with jetta?? which one is better option?? plz help

  • Nikhil |19 Jan,2012 06:28:34 PM

    Hi Folks, I am planning to buy Cruze LTZ upgraded version, the Sales person told me that it will be launched only by April Can someone through some light if its worth buying Cruze existing now or wait for the new one ?

  • steve florence |27 Feb,2012 01:56:45 AM

    wait untill you get about 30,000 miles on it. then you will think different, you will think about running it in the river so you will not lose money on it when you trade it in.

  • Vijay |30 Mar,2012 01:43:46 PM

    Hi all, im planning to sell my CRUZE LTZ in Hyderabad, due to long term plan in Abroad. Pls call me if anyone looking for this car on immd. 8886946222.

    Naresh Reddy |24 Apr,2012 04:26:24 AM

    Hi dude..I just need some details.. HOW many kilometers til now.. which colour

  • Chetan |04 Apr,2012 12:31:51 AM

    I own a Cruze LTZ automatic since 7 months now. I experience a foul odour in the cabin (occassionally) which I feel comes from the AC cos the moment i switch it off..its gone.!! Can anyone pls tell me if they are experiencing the same and if they have figured out where is tht smell coming from.?? (Anti freeze??) u cld msg on 9820675036 Thank u..

  • abhilash |28 Apr,2012 11:55:37 AM

    its ur fate not with the car such a world famous brand and wonderful 2000cc machine created by gm

  • abhilash |28 Apr,2012 06:59:14 PM

    its ur fate not with the car such a world famous brand and wonderful 2000cc machine created by gm

  • varun |04 May,2012 04:19:06 PM

    The car is beautfiful, you just need to drive it with care, like any other car of that segment. It has been built to perform, and perform it does. Yes there are some issues with the vehicle, like any other, but if u drive a car that powerful ignoring the roads you r driving on, then any other car in its place will fall apart. Just coz the car is sooo beautiful and runs so beautifully, we tend to ignore the maintenance part of it. obviously it is bound to give you trouble.

  • anil |31 May,2012 01:12:35 AM

    Surprised no body talks about leg space at rear. Optra magnum has better leg space & overall space is more. hope they r doing some thing about this. Little smaller boot is O.K.mbut legspace is very very poor

    subhash |02 Jul,2012 11:53:20 PM

    Dr suneel jolly is a retard , he needs to learn to cycle first, before posting this rubbish review which is absolutely misleading! Cruze is an amazing value for Money drivers car , am dead sure all the negative remarks out here are from ppl who have been piped by cruze on the highway and have seen the cruze just disappear after it has overtaken them crusifried!! have done abt 23k mostly on highway, now its on the race dynamics wonder kit @ almost 180bhp god help the A4's ,320D ,passat

  • sukhdev singh dhindsa |05 Jul,2012 06:49:47 PM

    Hi Dear, I want to perchase new CRUZE-LTZ or is CRUZE-LT,what is the main differance.What is exact milage on Highway.Which Model should be preffered.

  • Swetabh |10 Jul,2012 01:36:10 PM

    My Name is Swetabh Pareek. We bought a Cruze LTZ model (registration No: DL 04 CAD 7692) from Autovikas, Dwarka , New delhi in Q1 2010 in the name of Mr. Sanjay Pareek. Since we have bought this car, it has been plagued with technical snag and has stalled frequently due to snags pretaining to Clutch and Diesel Pipe (In both cases, the car was in Mumbai with Gian Motors) Two days back, I was traveling from Jaipur to Delhi and the car got stalled again as the clutch stopped working again. Even after calling GM call center for road side assistance and waiting for more then two hours, we did not get any help or useful response. We got the car towed to Aravali Motors, Gurgaon at our own. The car has a history of technical faults and the same has been corrected by the company at no extra cost. This is the same clutch problem which I faced around 18 months back where the whole clutch system was burnt. Now the dealership is asking for approx Rs 60,000

  • Prithviraj Patil |29 Jul,2012 04:51:53 AM

    I was assured from the dealer aswell as the Area Sales Manager of Chevrolet, That there is not going to launch any upgraded version of Chevrolet Cruze for upcoming 1year, So I decided to buy the Car, They had Given me Delivery of Car on 30th April and the Car was having issue of engine oil leakage and having repainted bonnet ,So I decided to file case againts them but they assured Me of Giving Car replacement and then they Delivered, Me New Car on 16th May, But the Tax of RTO was paid on 30th April 2012, They changed the Chassis number an Engine number on the Paper of RTO because, The RTO tax had been increased from the 1st May 2012 by 65000 Rupees, These is the best Example how these Dealer Fool Pepole aswell as RTO Department

  • Vivek |31 Mar,2013 07:12:06 PM

    Is it worth buying cruze after reading so many reviews most of them are in favour of cruze. Are these issues solved in new cruze 2013. They have come up with new features but the problem is post sales service and Chevy commitments 3 years or 1L km. but I know later they will blame only customers rather then accepting manufacturing fault .. Kindly guide me I really wanna buy this car but m in dilemma .

  • karthik |05 Apr,2013 03:27:28 PM

    Hi... to all the respectful cruze owners out there ... can any of you kindly give me some idea bout the cruze LTZ as am buying a 2010 cruze LDZ which is clocked 25k km warranty expires in august 2013..... so pls kindly give me some idea about the problems which can pop up after 25k km.....any ways i like the car in all the aspect......just to have some idea.....thank you for your valuable time.

    Prashant |10 May,2013 05:10:40 AM

    Hello Karthik, You did not mention whether its AT or MANUAL? I own AT (2010) and done about 52000 kms. My front suspension was changed under warranty on 45000 kms so suspension can be a problem if its going out of warranty. I have read all the reviews and i agree Chevrolet has very poor service compared to Honda, Toyota etc. I had to send them a court notice once as they accused me of getting the front right fender repainted from outside when paint started peeling off, instead of accepting that it was their mistake while applying TEFLON they accused me, they eventually apologized and did the repairs with no extra cost. Apart from high maintenance cost and poor service there are no drawbacks. Cruze is a brilliant car like all Chevrolet cars but their service is pathetic.

  • midori |14 Aug,2013 01:14:03 PM

    Doesn't warranty cover any problems? I'm thinking of buying one.

  • saras |15 Jan,2014 11:49:01 PM

    Hi guys ,,, Its time to get a real review of the same ...... I own a Cruze ,,,,, it has already done 60k ,,,,, it is just awesome ,.,,, it has terrific pick up ,, it just hugs the road while it cruzes ,,,,, I had tried upto 215kmph on expressways ,,, and it is cool n composed,,,,,,, at tat speed also it was damn stable ,,,, i didnt feel tat i was driving at tat speed..... i have driven with this rocket almost the 3/4 th GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL.... and till now not a single veh has dared to overtake and stay ahead ,,,, be it merc / BMW / Audi etc etc ,.,,,.. I finally got real company of driving alongwith 2 cruzes right one behind other ,,,, on delhi karnail highway...... and rest all vehicles were just able to see THREE rockets passing right next to them.... This was about ma experience on road .... Now some features of CRUZE ,,,,, 1. Price tag of 15 lkh..... I bet u wont get a better deal thn CRUZE even upto 20 lkhs..... 2. POWER ENGINE n MILEAGE ::: Cruze has no competition in its segment ,.,,.. 166 bhp 330nm torque ,,, 2ltrs engine giving an astounding 17+ kmph average on highways ,,,,, WHAT ELSE U NEED ...... EVEN THIS ROCKET has an mouthshutting answer to TYPICAL kitna deti hey universal question .,...And tat to its diesel... 3. Interiors :: The word is FABULOUS ,,,, even in 20 lkh car bracket 4. Exterior noise ::: specially fr those who are worried abt CABIN noise ..... U dont feel it as a DIESEL engine ,,,, It is as silent as a PETROL one .... Once u are inside and all windows up ..... U are at peace from all traffic noise 5,. SAFETY ,..., U are inside the SAFEST CAR OF 2013 in the segment .... it has been awarded the TOP SAFETY PICK AWARD 2013 .... and ma personal experience .... a Maruti scratched alongside ma rear right bumper .... The maruti bumper went off and the front Fender just got bent inside ,,,,, And guess what happend to THE CRUZE ,,,, ONLY SCRATCHES on the bumper,,,,, IT has bumpers which can withstand bangs upto 5kmph .' 6. SERVICE ::: I myself have a touring job ,,,, and let me tell u ,, till now i have got no complaints against the workshop or the availability of spares ..... Till now i have never experienced a single breakdown ..... NOW SOME CONS WHICH I HAVE OBSERVED 1. Battery ::: short life of batteries --- SOLUTION upgrade to AMARON 60 months warranty battery .... 2. TYRES ;;;; JK vectra just dont suit cruze SOLUTION Use them till they are used up ,, thn upgrade to BRIDGESTONE POTENZA 3. Headlight :::: considerably low light Solution upgrade to philips HALOGEN .... This is just the begining of the review ,,,,, if i sit down to praise it ,,, It will take pages Anyone thinkin of buying one .... HAVE NO DOUBT about it .... It is as far the best car u can get in this segment ..... The features that it has u cant get all of them together in this BUDGET ..... In the end i ll just say that it is rightly said DIESEL ROCKET ...... and really it is a rocket on road ...... even ur fellow co driver will get a feel of ROLLER COASTER cause of its pickup ,, if sitting for the first time ..... And i have heard screams of ma fellow mates who have sat with me fr first time , and challenged it PICK UP ... AND ONCE U DRIVE IT U LL JUST LOVE IT ,,,,,

  • kan |22 Feb,2015 05:41:16 PM

    Hi all.... I m planning to buy a 2nd hand manual cruze LTZ manual diesel, black color... Priced at 7.4 lakhs... Car is 2011 model and driven 65000 km.... Should i go ahead????

  • Cj Singh |19 May,2015 03:15:53 PM

    I bought my Cruze in 2009 and have had a great experience with the car. I've had a few issues in the last 5.5 yrs, but which car come doesn't come with them. Someone who rates Cruze's acceleration as Average has to be outrightly against the car and defies logic. I have had a good experience with the car and would recommend it, but would suggest you go for automatic. The clutch is hard and has a pushback feel to it. Maintenance cost much lower than Laura's and Jettas... Would recommend you upgrade your tyres to Bridgestones as they fit it best. Drove the new Elantra the other day and the engine is a drag. Can't believe Huyndai gave good looks but terrible Engine to the car. Both Verna and Elantra run on the same Diesel engines.

  • gourav dutta |28 Oct,2015 10:47:25 PM

    I have a 2 year old cruze with 6 manual gears. Till date no breakdown. Best pickup but not good for luxury. Want a car which goes to 100 in 9 sec. Definate buy

  • rajeev sharma |17 Mar,2016 02:39:32 AM

    Thanks for this review because I am planning to buy cruze.

  • Khushwant Singh Brar |08 Jun,2016 04:25:40 PM

    Very nice car

  • Arindam Mukherjee |06 Dec,2016 03:30:02 PM

    I plan to buy Cruze however after reading all the negative reviews about GM's after sales service feel a dilemma whether to go for it or leave it.Please do advise

  • nitesh |28 Nov,2017 09:01:49 AM

    am planing to buy used Cruze 2010 is it good for me ?

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