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A write up on why I chose Cruze

for LTZ

I was researching on all the 5 cars in this segment(Laura, Civic, Jetta, Altis Diesel) and have taken test drives on all of the above-mentioned models. Hope someone finds this useful   Jetta - Engine responsiveness is good. The German brand name, quality, performance. But must say that the interiors leave much to be desired(Germans I guess, are not very bothered by this aspect of the car). Come on, the interiors are where you are going to spend 99% of your time and this is one aspect which we should feel comfortable when we are shelling out 15 - 16 lacks of our hard earned money. Drive quality is good, though. I am not sure about the maintenance cost (supposedly high).   Altis - Below par performance. You can compare it with those of a lower segment. The interiors are very spacious though and the wooden interiors though not very classy gives you are luxury car feel. Itz an ideal car to be chauffeur driven in(If you fall in that category). Then you have the Toyota tag and the top notch service quality and reliability associated with it. Indians love the brand value and that accounts for the huge sale numbers for this brand. But if you enjoy long drives, I would least recommend this car as it is below par in performance   Laura - Interiors to die for. These guys know what the Indian consumer class(15-20 lac segment) needs and they have tailored their product accordingly. Performance is similar to the Jetta, but somehow when I test drove this one, the 'power feeling' was more. I have 3 friends who have bought the laura and are having huge maintenance issues. This will definitely burn a hole in your pocket.   Civic - One of Honda's best products in India. Reliable, classy and trouble free(based on a review by my colleague who used it for 2 years). There are people who said ground clearance was a problem. I test drove and took some bumps; didn’t find much of a prob. Would recommend this highly if you are ok the Petrol costs.   Cruze - Ideally, you can’t compare the other four with this. This is a BEAST. Seriously. I test drove this and this blew me away. I started the car(Manual Version) and pressed on the accelerator(nothing happened). I was wondering what’s happening and then suddenly the car lurched forward(That was the turbo lag. Once the rpm crosses around 1800 the turbo kicks in and does it give you a kick. Yes, it does- A real kick in the back. I am not exaggerating here. Prospective buyers of the Cruze, please test drive the Cruze only after you have driven all the other models mentioned above, else you will immediate conjure up the opinion that the others are not good. GM has put some serious thought into this model. The interiors are very sporty and the sunroof is excellent and there are a lot of additional features in the 2011 model(They have changed the color of the leather seats to black). Saying this the turbo lag may be a problem in bumper to bumper traffic; a rather irritating aspect if you were suddenly looking to close some gap in the traffic. The engine is pretty unresponsive at low speeds.  I didn’t find any other issues during the test drive(I took 3 test drives).  So if you are living in a highly congested city and the main reason for your purchase is to commute to the office in bumper to bumper traffic, I would recommend the Civic. But take this Cruze to the highway or a lesser congested place and you will just fall in love with it. It overpowers everything in sight.  GM has done an awesome job with this one and I am sure based on reviews the resale price for this is going to go up(GM models usually have lower resale value). Test drive this one to find the different. This is the No 1.   I hope someone finds this useful. I spend a lot of time researching on the 5 cars in this segment and if this helps someone in making up their mind, it will make my day.   Thanks, Paddy

On: Mar 02, 2011 | 27951 Views
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    CHEVY CRUZE :-it can be termed as one of the best car in its segment . m 20 and it was my dream to purchase this car . As its nick name its truely a DIESEL ROCKET . i hav...Read More

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    Legend Sedan

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    My Favorite Sedan

    The Cruze is a seriously smooth car, from its slippery shape to the way its doors shut. In large part, Cruz's smoothness is derived from its impeccably compliant suspensi...Read More

    Tushar phalswal
    On: Jan 03, 2017 | 56 Views
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    Cruze Up Your Life

    Chevrolet Cruze is the best car, though I have a diesel variant but power is massive. And there are no complaints with its look its just amazing I love this car very much...Read More

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    Awesome And Recommanded To All

    I bought the Chevrolet Cruze 1 year back. I was a little bit confused with the budget but my parents/relatives insist me for this car and I am damn happy now with the per...Read More

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    My dream car which i always loved

    I love Chevrolet car I always look into that in all site of second-hand cars. my first car is Aveo in the year of 2006, which was giving me not less than 18 km per ltr an...Read More

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    Cruze On

    I own the Cruze 2012 model. Power is now up to a substantial 164bhp with the torque swelling to a meaty 38.7kgm. The primary focus of the engine tweak has been to improv...Read More

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    I purchased Cruze in Oct 2011. What they project and what is actual has much difference. I am a smooth driver which drives maximum time in local. I found smooth running ...Read More

    On: Nov 07, 2016 | 117 Views
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