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Pros : Looks, Mileage, Interiors

Cons : Boot Space, rear leg room

Look and Style: Just can't beat it, only i20 Elite can beat Beat's look in the hatchback segment.

Comfort: Not so comfortable, but for someone like me who is ready to adjust a bit it is good enough and I am from the middle class so it is not at all a problem.

Pickup: Petrol pickup is good, diesel it is okay I can easily manage.

Mileage: Diesel mileage is just mind blowing. 18-19KMPL in Bangalore city(AC Off) and 24-25KMPL on highway(Bangalore-Tumkur).

Best Features: Exteriors, we really need to thank Chevy for such sporty design, rear is not so good but front and side are so good, even Beat haters will like its design. Interiors are best in class but I didn't like green color, I always preferred black interiors.

Needs to improve: Back seat leg room and boot space, it's just 170Ltrs.

Overall Experience: Guys, if you are some other brand fans just go there and write good reviews about your cars why are you guys writing bad reviews here? Beat Diesel is not a powerful car I agree but it is not that underpowered as you guys compare it to Auto and Nano/Alto. Just stop it. I noticed one thing who ever wrote bad reviews here used sedan/luxury cars before and then they chose BEAT. that's their problem.

How about comparing Chevrolet Cruze to Swift Dzire/Ford Ikon? is that right? No, you can't compare.

I've been enjoying 2 years 6 months with my BEAT. I just spent money for Diesel, oil and for music system till date. Completed 17000 KM. No matter its Chevy BEAT or Maruti SWIFT if you don't take care of your engine you will face the issue, just because Chevy is not well established in India compared to Maruti/Hyundai you guys are treating it as cheap. Maruti's influence is so much on us that's why we never tried anything other than Maruti.

Coming back to the engine, it is just 936CC 3 cylinder diesel engine so please do not expect too much of performance but you can easily drive @ 100KMPH with 5 occupants that I can guarantee it any day in my life. I am a family person so for me this engine suits me the best. I just can't complain. I chose this car because I got everything that I needed. When they first launched diesel engine in 2011 I waited for one year you know just to check how this 3 cylinder diesel engine will be. Later found they removed a cylinder for one reason - to get better mileage.

Chevy should have gone with same 4 cylinder Fiat engine which is running in your so called powerful cars(Swift/Ritz/Vista(Quadrajet not TDI) etc) but they opted for 3 cylinders to give better mileage at the cost of little performance I agree.

You wanna race your car? Go for Figo/Polo/Swift/Punto. you guys are comparing 5lac worth car with 7 lac worth cars and giving negative reviews.

The cars I liked the most after BEAT is SWIFT and FIGO but Swift was not in my budget and Figo's mileage made me choose BEAT, and one major thing influenced me the most is LOOK, I just love it. I am not Chevy fan or Maruti/Ford hater. I just like my BEAT not blindly but by going with it for more than 2 years.

I was very honest with my reviews, I am not Chevy dealer. just trust me BEAT IS BUDGET, FAMILY, GOOD LOOKING, LOVEABLE CAR BUT NOT POWERFULL I admit it.

BEAT is for couples/family not for drag racers.

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  • k.R.CHINTAWAR |28 Dec,2014 05:16:38 PM

    please help me to choose a hutchback car in my budget of 5 laks

    vinay |29 Dec,2014 06:20:22 PM

    Are you looking for Petrol or diesel???

  • Gautam Mukherjee |27 Jan,2015 05:39:10 PM

    I bought by Beat two and half years back. It is a diesel one. A 3 cylinder engine does wonder. Almost noiseless. Pick up in the city condition a bit slow but does not matter when I get 22 km/litre mileage. I am so happy about the cat that I can not think of replacing it now, though I need a bigger car for my family.

  • sugesh |07 Apr,2015 04:19:59 PM

    I have bought a beat diesel on dec 2011. The vehicle was shown starting complaints after two years. I have complained this to the GM service the neglected the complaint by some battery voltage problem. After 3 year the vehicle was completed 50000km. Then the warranty over and i purchased extended warranty for Rs.4100/-. Last month the vehicle was breakdown and the mechanic from GM said it was due to engine failure and it is common for these series vehicle. So i given the vehicle for the checking the complaint. After checking the service people given an estimate of 25000/- and i asked about the amount. they said that these are engine parts not covered by the warranty. This not acceptable by me like common people because i have spent 500000k for purchasing the vehicle and before 60000 km the the engine was gone and for maintaining i have to spent again 25000/-. So my humble request is do not by CHEVROLET cars if your money have value.

  • prashant |25 Apr,2015 06:23:20 PM

    GENERAL MOTOR CAR IS SERIOUSLY NOT DESIGNED FOR THE INDIAN ROADS.. Our car was always been properly / regulary serviced by Aravali Automobiles and the last service was in October 2014 , where in they never adviced us that the oil pump was damaged and it needed care / protection at that point of time to avoid any further dents . Also, in the beat cars that were manufactured after 2014 , all had a protection layer / shield on the oil - pump to avoid damage to the said part , but these people did not even tell us that this part was damaged and we need to get a remedy to it , timely , Nor they had provided a shield on the oil - pump to avoid further wear & tear . WAS THIS NOT A RESPONSIBILITY OF THE AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE TO INFORM US , WHUILE THE VEHICLE WAS THEIR FOR A REGULAR SERVICE CHECK UP ? Also , we got our turbo engine checked in the same service ( oct 2014) as we were not getting a proper pick up speed for the car and the employees ( who keep on changing every month - so much attrition ??? ) at aravali told us that the speed was ok and nothing was wrong in the car , on asking for a test drive to be done by the enginerr , they said that the car is working fine and it actually wasn't working upto the mark , we were not told about it to avoid any replacements in the warranty period to save their targets , they only know how to cheat a customer who comes their with faith in mind ) . We now realised that they always say that the car is functioning right so that the customer does not ask for any claims / replacement in the warranty period ( All the problems occur immediately , as and when the warranty finishes so that they dealers can make money out the innocent customers who have faith in the brand General Motor and are treated like shit after the sales / warranty period ends !!! . This is sheer cheating with the clients and we regret to be associated with General Motors . As we know the distance between the oil pump and the road called as Ground cleareance is 175mm , seeing the Indian roads and the ground clearance , the company ( General Motors) have themselves introduced a shield for the oil pump from 2014 ( as we all know ) for all the Beat Cars . What happens to the cars of the same model sold before 2014 ? Are they given for free to the clients as charity ? Is the / any service centre ( so to say authorised ) not suppose to advice the clients to add up a shield / plate to protect the said part , timely to protect a damage , in future ? Is the Chevrolet people waiting for the warranty to end and then churn out the customer's pocket by telling them that they can get out and do whatever they want to with their old cars ?? Now , we are being adviced by the head of after sales namely Mr. Paul that this will not be covered into warranty and this is damaged and the customer needs to pay . Why should the customer / we pay for no fault of our's ? We finish our warranty period in July 2015 and we don't stand liable to pay for the faults for the authorised service centre - M/s Aravali automobiles . The vehicle has been coming to them for all services / queries , then why dint they tell us about the facts of the oil pump and the Turbo engine , when we categorily came to them only for check up's ? We have been given illogical and irrelevant logics for our car issues which make no sense . Everybody knows the scene / condition of the indian roads and keeping that in mind alongwith the ground clearence , it is a mandate that the service centre authorities should advice all the old customers to upgrade their vehicle with new parts / knowledge to keep the vehicle running fine which we dint get at all ( we were never kept informed about any kind of schemes for discounts / promotions going on by general motors in any course of time ) . The customer doesn't care that what the dealers write in their records for their reference ( as he can feed anything in the customer's absence , which suits the centre ) , he only looks for a solution and a right direction and then spends on whatever relevant required . But herein , we were only Cheated Cheated & Cheated . A car is meant for running and if the parts are getting damaged from below due to the less groud clearance , it is a DESIGN defect and NOT OUR FAULT , then why should we get PENALISED ??? Our vehicle has run approx. 50,000 kms and we have faced so many problem so frequently You will be shocked !!!! We ask you ( being your loyal customers ) one thing that if the oil pump body had a small dent initially when the car was brought to the service station , why were we not given a resolution of this problem there and then ? Do they finish off their responsibility after selling a product and think that customers are garbage and can be treated any way they want to ? We have firstly been misguided regarding the oil - pump dent & the turbo engine when the vehicle came for an service in October 2014 and secondly , after the car stopped functioning , we were today asked to pay for all the defects ? Why should we pay a penny for the mistake that has not happened from our end & the car has not got any accident ??? We had purchased vehicle no ( beat - petrol , no being BB5610) in January 2010 and then Beat Diesel ( no being HR26BT5424) . We have been a loyal customer throughout to Aravali Automobiles for any purchase / servicing related concerns and this is what today , we have got in return . , FAULTS IN US ONLY , THEY DONT SEE THERE DESGIN FAULTS HANDING OVER FAULTY PRODUCT FOR THE INDIAN ROADS...we were not at all supported to even listen our genuine problems at your said ( so to say) Authorised dealers . We are writing this issue directly to general motors to seek your support to get the problem resolved for our said vehicle (HR26BT5424) which is still under warranty period till July 2015 and is currently in the service station at M/s Aravali Automolines . We seek a support / intervention from the management at General motors to please take an action for the said concern before any further actions are to be required , to be taken from our end . Please evaluate the concern at your end ( AS WE ARE NOT AT ALL AT FAULT TO BE BLAMED FOR THE CURRENT CONDITION OF THE CAR , IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE CARELESSNESS OF THE AUTHORISED DEALERS / DESIGN FALUT OF THE CAR DUE TO WHICH THE DENT HAS OCCURED ) and get back to us on urgent basis with your advice , so that we can further move ahead with the right actions / movements to be conducted to resolve this serious concern. Please feel free to call me directly on 9911474890 for any discussions or talks that you may like to make . We are highly disappointed / sad to take this experience by using a General Motor Product . Very Very sad and disheartening . We are awaiting to hear from you and your genuine and kind support to resolve our issue and grant us a permanent and a right solution to the concern mentioned . Looking forward towards an acknowledgement on receiving this email , please .

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