Tata Indica eV2 Reliability Report

Published On Jun 26, 2014 By Kunal Kelkar for Tata Indica eV2

Odometer reading when received: 1432km

Kilometers driven: 1200km

Current Odometer reading: 2630km

Average Mileage: 16.67km/l

Best Mileage: 18.7km/l

Worst Mileage: 9.5km/l

The Tata Indica eV2 is the newest addition to our long-term fleet. Since we love hatchbacks we thought we’d give the cheapest diesel car in India a shot at the city life.

Report I:

At first when you look at it, it looks just like the other Indicas. The lights and grille are slightly different, apart from that the exterior seems to be unchanged. Tata has also added turn signals to the side mirrors as well. This adds a slight premium feel to the vehicle. 

As simple as the exterior is, the interior is as simple as well. There is great headroom and neck room. Making it a very comfortable car to travel in. One of our favorite features of the eV2 is that it comes equipped with an audio system with that has Bluetooth capabilities that allow for easy making and answering of phone calls as well as listening to ones own music.

Driving the eV2 around in the city at first, to be blatant was slightly uncomfortable. The steering wheel is non adjustable and is located pretty high up and the pedals feel horizontally positioned instead of the standard downward sloping ones, this makes it feel quite awkward when driving. The seating style for the driver seems a little cramped. The passengers can sit comfortably on the other hand. The diesel clatter is very loud too as the cabin is not insulated well.

Report II:

After a few days of getting used to, none of the above seems to be as bad as it sounds and the eV2 becomes a great car for a city like Mumbai. There is great space in the cabin and the boot is sufficient as well. The A/C in the eV2 cools better than any other car that I have sat in. I love my A/C to run at the fastest fan and at the coldest temperature and the eV2 did that job really well. It made me reduce my fan speed to the second setting so as to be more comfortable. The A/C works as if it is changing its cabin into a cold storage unit.

Now, the only downside is that the seats aren’t very comfortable for long journeys, as they lack back and side support. Even thigh support is just mediocre. Hence, we believe it needs a bit of adjustment for seats and the location and size of the steering wheel. These are the only few minor complains we have. The location of the power windows too is odd as it at the centre than on the door. But I guess one has to compromise as this is a generation old car and power windows are an after thought in this case.

All in all the first round wih the Tata Indica eV2 was a pretty fun experience. The car is easy to control and drive around the city and at the same time it delivers a good number when it comes to mileage.  We shall be driving this car around for a while and will give you more insights along our journey, especially the power of this engine and the reliability in the long run. 

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