Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel Expert Review

Published On Jun 20, 2014 By Rahul for Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2012-2021

Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel

Pricing is one of the most important factors for any product, and this works for all genres. Clothes, accessories, food, hotels, travel and even cars. Luxury cars too are a part of this. With high taxation for complete body import on cars, luxury car manufacturers have begun with the assembly of their major selling products. One such car is the new-generation S-Class. We witnessed the launch of this flagship sedan at the start of this year as CBU and now the S-Class is available as CKD and also with another engine option S350 CDI. We share our review of this new engine and the offerings on the German flagship variant.


Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel

The new generation S-Class follows the design language like the previous-generation S-Class and the resemblance is visible. The co-efficient of drag has been reduced to 0.24 and this is the first car to not have even a single bulb in it, all LEDs. The new front grille is even larger and grand than the outgoing version. The three-pointed star logo is on the top and isn't embossed in the grille like the Avantgarde grilles. The new headlamp design has been derived from other Mercedes-Benz cars to retain the same DRG (Down-the-Road Graphics). The lower grille is sleek and the hood is crowned. There are two prominent steaks running across and these add to the muscular look. The headlamps are LED with sharply redefined contours making it look meaner.

Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel

The silhouette is unmistakably of a Mercedes-Benz. This is no doubt in that. There is a black panoramic roof, however the alloy wheel design for the diesel doesn't look stylish. There is a crisp swage line that runs across the car and lowers as you move to the rear. The B-pillar is blacked-out and the DLO (Daylight opening) is very much like the outgoing version of the S-Class.

Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel


The interiors of the S 350 CDI are different from the S 500 only in the features offered. Apart from that, the quality of leather and other materials is top notch. The other difference is the rear seat package. The S 350 CDI can seat three people, while the S 500 can seat two as it gets a large centre partition. To begin with the features, it misses out on infrared camera, 3D Surround Sound Burmester system, the rear seat package is optional and even the fridge for the back seat. The massage package is offered as standard for the rear passenger.

Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel

The front seats are large and comfortable. If you think comfort is something you have already experienced, then maybe you need to sit in this new S-Class to experience optimum luxury. The large and soft seats cocoon around you and pamper you with the high-quality leather and also ensure that you do not move much in your seat when going through winding roads.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel

Again, rethink. The front seats are extremely cosy, but once you get into the rear seat, the whoosh of wows will gush out of even the most of dyspeptic personalities. This comfort enhances as the seat also has AC and different types of massages. Mercedes-Benz has designed the perfect throne for its King customer. There is 530 litres of space for mi'lord wishes to carry any luggage. The door has the soft close and you can even open the boot with proximity and without using your hands if they are full.

Engine and Transmission:

The S350 CDI gets the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that produces 258bhp and a peak torque of 620Nm. This is the same engine that powers the GL-Class and the ML-Class. The power ratings do sound less, especially when you realise that the new S-Class is almost two tonnes. Put your foot down and you shall be astonished by the power the S-Class produces. The 620Nm of torque makes all of the difference. The S350 CDI doesn't feel underpowered at any given point of time. The power delivery is linear and the engine is torquey. You also get the feel of getting pushed back in your seat in Sport mode. The S 350 CDI does a good job when it comes to engine power and drivability.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel

This is a 7G-TRONIC self-shifting transmission. Now, the S-Class has been designed for comfort and hence shifts are also smooth when in comfort. Once you move into Sport, the shifts are quicker and even the throttle response is much better.

Driving Dynamics:

The S-Class is gigantic and there is no hiding in this fact. You feel that the moment you get back the wheel. The steering is light and effortless, but it is responsive and the saloon does do a good job around the bends. The response from the chassis is good and you do feel that it is a tad heavier than what it should be, especially when you push it around bends. Else it is an extremely fantastic car to drive, even though most of the things are make for people sitting behind.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel

Mercedes-Benz is known for its comfort and plush ride quality, the ride suppleness on the V222 is just excellent. The S-Class has always been very comfortable and there is no doubt that the current generation is the best of the lot. The thinner tyre profile also doesn't affect the ride to that extent as the suspension absorbs all the road shocks. It feels like you are gliding in a business-class flight. The AIRMATIC suspension does a whimsical job. There is no match for this in the flagship sedan segment yet as Mercedes-Benz has upped its ante and raised the bar extremely high for the competition.


Mercedes-Benz has been the pioneer of this segment and once again the German manufacturer has showcased its innovation by raising the bar with the new S-Class. At Rs 1.07 crore (ex-showroom, Pune), the S350 CDI is certainly a steal and can be called value for each penny, despite being luxurious. The competition doesn't just have to raise their game but also price it aggressively to match the pricing of the new S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel

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