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Published On Oct 12, 2012 By Rahul for Ford Fiesta Classic

We all remember and drool over the Fiesta 1.6S. Ford might have discontinued the S, but the old Fiesta is still alive as the Classic. Now, the American automotive giant has Indian-ized the Classic further by increasing the local content on the car to 85%. This has helped Ford reduce the initial cost and even the maintenance and running cost. We drive this version of the Classic to find out how good is the new sedan. 


Classic retains the same design as the old Fiesta. There aren’t any changes on the exterior of the Classic. The headlamp cluster, the front grille, the silhouette and boot, everything remains untouched.

The only difference is that of the badge. Time to bid good bye Fiesta badge on this sedan and it is now only Classic.


Classic’s interiors have been revamped it now features an-all new integrated music system from the Fiesta, along with this it also gets Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB connectivity. Even the steering wheel and the gear knob have been changed. The Classic also gets speed sensitive door locks for added safety. 

Now, the interiors come in beige trim. This makes it look more premium and feels airy and spacious. The interior quality is similar like the old Fiesta and also the space and seats remain unchanged. The front seats are large and are supportive.

There is sufficient head room and leg room even if you are a six-footer. Climb into the rear seats and there is still adequate space for your head and three people can sit abreast with some squeezing. The thigh support could have been better and even the knee room a bit tight. The boot is also spacious, as it can swallow luggage for four, for a weekend trip.

Engine and Transmission

Classic is still available in two engine options, one is the 100bhp 1.6-litre petrol while the other one is the 68bhp 1.4-litre that runs on diesel. The one we drove was the 1.4-litre diesel. This oil burner churns out 68bhp of power at 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 160Nm at 2000rpm. 

This is Ford’s most tried and tested oil burner as it also powered the Ikon, Fusion and still powers the Figo. The noise, vibration and harshness levels on the Fiesta are moderate, and on cold starts there is a typical diesel clatter. It does settle down once the engine warms up. 

There is more than sufficient power for any kind of driving, be it inside the city or cruising on highways. The engine has decent low end and a strong mid-range. This makes it easy to potter in city traffic and you do not feel the turbo lag. 

The diesel engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This box is a joy to use and make driving a truly pleasurable experience. The shifts are positives and the throws are short.

Driving Dynamics

The Fiesta 1.6S was a sedan loved by many. Not only did it have a perky petrol mill, but also the alacrity of the chassis was phenomenal. Ford hasn’t changed the underpinnings of the Fiesta, and not even changed the suspension set-up. The suspension is tuned such that the Fiesta aces in the handling department displaying minimal pitch or body roll as you drive at some pace around bends. The handling prowess of the Classic is good as it presses the tyres for maximum grip even on bad roads. Even the steering wheel is heavy is easy to drive around bends. It actually wants you to drive and enjoy your stint at the steering. 

The ride initially felt a bit stiff but it is well composed at low and even high speeds. The car doesn’t feel jittery and stays planted to the road. When going through a pothole, it just wants the thud noise and the harshness is absorbed by the suspension.


The slashed prices of the Classic makes it good buy in the C segment. Also, the introduction of baby parts brings down the ownership cost, making it as affordable as a Maruti and Tata. The Classic— previously known as the Fiesta— always had stunning looks, spacious interiors, peppy engine and god diving dynamics. Now, it has been made affordable as well.

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