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Maybach 57S is one among the ultra-luxury sedans in its category. When we wright 57S we mean 57 'Special' instead of 'Sport'. Tauter suspension with low ride provides sharper handling to the vehicle. Moreover these suspension also helps in experiencing a sporty ride. Sporty looks to the car has been provided by more aggressive visual enhancements. Re-designed radiator and head-lights, single paint work on the body all provides very attractive featuring to the body of Maybach 57S. Interiors of Maybach 57S are much more modified than the previous models. To give a distinctive look to the car the feature inside are hand-finished. Leather upholstery helps the vehicle in increasing the overall impression over the minds of individuals.

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5980 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 8.47 kmpl
Rs 4.85 Cr

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  • Maybach 57 S
    Jhon on 12 Dec, 2008
    I bought Maybach 57s before three Month.Maybach's latest therapy comes in the form of a sport package, of sorts, although it's not badged an AMG model. It pins a unique nose on the short-wheelbase 57 model and adds 62 horses, 20-inch 11-spoke wheels, 0.6-inch-lower ride height, thicker anti-roll bars, and a stiffened Airmatic suspension. The 57 S also has a perforated leather steering wheel, piano black and carbon-fiber interior accents, available Vesuvius black or Aspen white super-supple leath... 5
  • Maybach 57 S
    Anonymous on 07 Jul, 2008
    car is too costly compared to bentley and rolls royce.a smart guy will go for a bentley continental flying spur.u can also go for a rolls royce phantom.some people r nuts wid dis car.i cant understand y the bloody hell is the car priced too much.ofcourse its big and beautifull but look at is in the luxury range... 2

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Maybach 57 S Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City Overall Mileage Highway Mileage
Petrol Automatic  8.47 kmpl 4.0 kmpl - -

Maybach 57 S review

It was a circle of life for Maybach. The company which was created by Wilhelm Maybach, the man who was hailed as ‘King of constructors’ in France, who was working for Daimler Motor Company had his ‘Maybach’ brand dissolved in the same Mercedes-Benz company years later only to ultimately have its production ceased. Lauded for its innovative design and versatile technological creations, class defining performance, the Maybach remains to be a legend, which unfortunately did not succeed in working out due to no reason concerning its performance or design. The Maybach 57 S, in which the letter S signifies the ‘special’ reassuring the exquisite performance offered by the vehicle. A luxury car in its DNA, the Maybach 57 S is named resembling its size, 57 implies the length which is approximately 5.73 meters. The specialty of the Maybach can be observed not just in terms of performance but also in terms of the design aesthetics. The exteriors feature a very pleasing and authoritative structure oozing out elegance and class. The simple reflecting design helps the vehicle blend in easily, while maintaining the power on roads. The interior of any Maybach is known as a specialized executive class reminiscent of top class limousines. The Maybach, as a company, has always been a source of passion, inspiration and a constant desire trigger in the automobile enthusiasts visions. There could hardly be a passionate car lover who saw the Maybach and did not fall in love with it. The performance of a Maybach is unmatched ruling out the urban rumor regarding ‘good looking cars do not necessarily work good’. The Maybach 57 S was launched at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. One of the unique characteristics of Maybach 57 S is the combined efforts put by two major designing and manufacturing forces in the world, Mercedes Benz and Maybach. Though the Maybach company was merged with Mercedes Benz, the engines and other specifications were initially left intact. Some of the later models, including Maybach 57 S have the power of Mercedes Benz instilled not just in manufacturing, branding and marketing but also in the working. This car has a 6.0-litre version of the V12 engine manufactured by Mercedes AMG. With a long front fascia and an evenly distributed design across the framework and the unforgettable interior comfort as a whole makes Maybach a legend. Though the manufacturing of Maybach was seized by Mercedes Benz due to repeated low sales and high production rates, the present models with the dealers might still be a place where the luxury possession can be procured from. It sure remains one of the most exquisite vehicle designed by man, which has its minute interior features detailed extensively as well. Simple features such as seat position changers, mobile telephone alignment etc. are placed and designed in a manner which reflects a class unmatched by anything else. The top speed of the Maybach 57 S is 275 Kmph, which is more than enough for an average driver. Though exclusive sports cars can probably offer better speed, they fail when it comes to interior comfort and exclusive feel, which Maybach does graciously. Ultimately, be it a bad luck or a predefined destiny, Maybach as a brand is no more. The automobile enthusiasts would sure mention the legends name in explaining what a classic exquisite interior and exterior combination means.


Art has no limit and no constraints. It can be expressed anywhere in anyway which is recognized everywhere only due to the passion which drives their creators in creating them. As years progressed and automobile industry proved to be a major force in transportation, people’s demands reached new levels every other moment. What was limited earlier to performance eventually came to mileage and ultimately ended up with looks. No matter how amazing a vehicle’s performance is, if it does not look the right way, it gets scrapped inevitably. History shows this trend over and over again. Maybach is one car which remained to satisfy the few customers it had with best in class performance and looks in perfect balance. Every car of Maybach has that distinct look and appeal which seems to have come out straight from a Sci-fi flick or the president’s building. No matter how many cars come and go, this distinction is something not every car can recreate. The Maybach 57 S features striking exteriors smoothly and seamlessly flowing across the body design. Though the exterior framework is an aerodynamically designed one, the over curves or additional tweaks are avoided to allow the vehicle have a character decided by ethics rather than requirements. Maybach is like that neighbor of yours who follows ethics and principles but fails to succeed in the competitive world. The rear catches the attention of any eyeball due to its amazingly edgeless design which does not cease to end but flows across the body adding a unifying character to it. The tail lamps are surprisingly connected together across the boot, another attempt to create seamless design.


The red tail lamps have a white color contrast in four synchronized lines. The boot rises from above the blended tail lamps. The brilliantly curvy rear features a dual exhaust which too is artistically in a shape of a hollow cuboid pipe adding to the aesthetics. Minute details such as superimposed M’s, which is the logo of Maybach, can be seen on the head lamps. The front fascia is comparatively long like a traditional automobile. This helps in adjusting the massive V12 engine with ease in the body without cramping the internal machinery. The front door can be opened to reveal a luxuriously placed features. The headlamps in the Maybach 57 S are also ‘special’ in the sense that the company adopted the innovative technology, Bi-xenon headlamps, which produces light in both low and high beam through powerful xenon gas discharge lamps. In addition to this, the integrated active light function can actually enhance the curve illumination on road up to 90% due to the basic swivel mechanism of the bi-xenon modules as a function of car’s steering angle, rate of turn as well as the speed. In order to compensate the pitching movement during drive, the angle of headlamp beams are adjusted based on the dynamic headlamp range adjustment. The cornering light function of the headlamp on the inner side is automatically switched off when the vehicle turns at corners at 30.5 Kmph. This helps the vehicle avoid the glare and reflection which might result in successive accidents and damages. The electric tilting or sliding sunroof made with 0.25 inch laminated glass which is installed on the front cabin on the Maybach 57 S, which is a optional feature.


Exterior Measurement:


The exterior length features an approximate 5734mm along with a total width of 1980mm and the Maybach 57 S has a cargo volume of 605 litres.


‘It is not about doing the things, but it is about doing them in the right way.’ These are the first words of admiration that a person usually utters after experiencing the interiors of Maybach 57 S. The interiors of any luxury segment vehicle play an important role in classifying the vehicle as a luxury segment in the first place. The interiors of Maybach 57 S define executive appeal right from the moment customer steps into it. Best in class build of interiors reflects the efforts Maybach did in maintaining its class. The interior doors feature seat controls and they are embellished with leather finishings which give the Maybach 57 S interiors a classic look, which claims elegance and style. Along with the usual armrests and music system, the Maybach features probably the best accessories in the market. Many thoughtful controls and separate exclusive features for each passenger all in all makes this car, a heaven behind doors. The interiors are equipped with two climate control systems for the front as well as the rear row. Each of these can be independently programmed and operated separately without depending on the other passengers preferences. The variation of temperature is achieved by fitting in a specially designed four zone system, so that the temperature, blower speed and the air distribution settings can be controlled individually without any major technical skills as the system interface is designed to be used comfortably without any hassles. The dust filter and activated charcoal filter with smog sensor and an automatic recirculation control however remain common provisions.


Interior Comfort:


The interiors of the Maybach 57 S feature the best in class space in both front and rear rows. The way several features are clubbed in a vehicle without making it messy and maintaining a classified structure is something Maybach apparently mastered. All the passengers have a provision of seat adjustment controls and seat ventilation controls, which implies warming or cooling the seat, embedded to their respective doors. The beauty of seat adjustment controls remains in the seating shaped mold where the controls are placed making the visual communication perfect for any customer without having the customers go through several buttons to figure out the right one. The armrest in the rear features a provision of optional telephone placement and a mini compartment. Under the telephone compartment in the armrest, a mini fridge is provided to place any soft drinks, trays are provided to keep them aligned instead of clubbing them, which thereby creates a rattling effect. Two glasses are provided beside the headrest and few drawers are placed along the armrest to the headrest zone, which opens up to CD changers and MP3 player. The front seats have screens mounted behind them to provide interior entertainment.


Interior Measurement:


The interiors of the Maybach 57 S feature four doors and the seating capacity is for four passengers.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

With the best in class pick-up of 0 to 100 Kmph in an unbelievable 4.9 seconds, taken its design and comfort, the car ceases to be second to none. The top speed offered by the Maybach 57 S is 275 Kmph, which itself acts as a defining parameter.

Engine and Performance

Matching its striking exteriors, Maybach 57 S comes with an equally amazing engine capacity. The curvy exteriors and their detailing being traced hold a strong and powerful engine underneath. The Maybach 57 S model is essentially a four passenger, high performance sedan has been equipped with a well suited Mercedes AMG engine. The Maybach 57 S features a 12-cylinder bi-turbo engine, which runs on gasoline. The engine transmission is provided as a five speed automatic transmission, which makes sense considering the exclusive class the Maybach 57 S targets as the automatic transmission remains the most comforting drive compared any speed manual transmission and the passengers can enjoy the ride rather than focus on constant change of gears. The incredible output of 603.7bhp along with torque of 1000Nm at 2000rpm, which itself speaks volumes. The engine can be started using the keyless-go technology, which provides the user an option to push the button instead of inserting a key in the ignition. 


The mileage is quite low, but this being a luxury vehicle with a power packed engine can offer about 4 Kmpl on the city roads, while that on highways this car can generate about 8.47 Kmpl.

Power of Maybach 57 S

The power delivered by a vehicle depends upon its engine and the additional components. The Maybach 57 S is aptly equipped with a 12-cylinder bi-turbo V12 engine specially designed by the AMG sources. This engine offers 5980cc displacement which is simply surprising in a car of this class, but the powerful build of the Maybach 57 S justifies the high displacement. The vehicle produces 603.7bhp and an amazing 1000Nm torque at 2000rpm. 

Braking & Handling

Now matter how luxurious and how exquisite the Maybach 57 S is, it would be worthless with a lousy braking system and handling capability. These are the some of the defining factors of a cars performance. Since Maybach 57 S is designed with the latest chassis technology which has independent wishbone suspension in the front and independent multi-link suspension in the rear. But the main defining specialty of the Maybach 57 S remains its AIRMATIC Dual Control suspension. The AIRMATIC DC has air springs which are complemented with additional spring-rate adjustment system and it also includes adaptive damping which itself is integrated with a level control, all of which help the vehicle passengers to have a smooth ride despite the worst paths and terrains passion drives them to go. In addition to the usual specifications and distinctions offered in a Maybach 57, this version offers some really special add ons which improve the overall handling of the vehicle. The additional power received from the Maybach 57 S’s AMG sourced Bi-turbo V12 engine and a height reduction of 15mm, while maintaining a decent ground clearance also helps the it achieve a lower center of gravity with an additional aggressive appeal which still maintains that desire to go wild.


The thicker front and rear stabilizers help in maintaining the stability by reducing the body roll. The reprogrammed AIRMATIC DC suspension offers a sportier handling, which any regular executive luxury vehicle fails to provide. As an upgrade, the wheel and tyre package is also made more appealing and the further reprogramming of the already efficient ESPA and ASR stability and traction control systems enables the Maybach 57 S in having the advantage of higher performance. The braking in the Maybach 57 S is also improved as the company respected the exquisite features of the vehicle and opted the Sensotronic Brake Control, which is an electro-hydraulic system unlike the traditional solely mechanical or hydraulic brake systems. Other than its usual braking function, the Sensotronic Brake Control system enhances the Electronic Stability Program, Anti Brake System and other important safety related dynamic handling systems which are further used for sensing and analyzing the run time performance of the vehicle with regard to the obstacles on the path so that accidents due to skidding can be avoided thereby successively stabilizing the vehicle through several techniques which have automatic intervention as a common root. Needless to mention, the Sensotronic Brake Control makes the braking experience a smoother one.

Safety & Security

Safety is given evidently a special notice in the Maybach 57 S reiterating its ‘special’ stature. The system is fitted with PARKTRONIC, which is used to assist the driver of any obstacles. The technology used ultraviolet waves to detect nearby obstacles at parking speeds so that the driver can be notified and alerted over any unsuspecting obstacle. At run time the driver is alerted about the obstacles proximity and direction with the help of illuminated indicators and audible assistors, which are placed both on the dash as well as at the rear cabin ceiling. The Maybach is also equipped with a two-stage, situation-dependent triggering system for both the driver and front passenger airbags which helps in improving the functionality of the airbags which are essential considering the top speed and amazing engine capacity of the vehicle. A main characteristic of any luxury car is the prominence it gives to every single detail. The safety belts are a common practice in automobiles but very few cars offer the highly secure three point seat belts to rear passengers. But being an exquisite vehicle, the Maybach 57 S offers three point seat belts for all the four seats and are further enhanced by high performance tensioning retractors, comfort lit mechanisms and belt force limiters.


The belt force limiters avoid the internal damage passenger faces during collision impacts as the force seat belts induce on the passengers in sudden movements is reduced. The seat back is equipped with the upper belt sash guide which is built into it. Air bags being included in the front part of the vehicle, dash, is a good practice though all collisions might not occur head first. To solve this problem and to provide versatility in safety measures, Maybach 57 S comes with side airbags and a separate curtain airbags for each passenger so that even the most brutal accident can prove considerably less fatal for the passengers. Safety is pointless if the doors which let the passengers in remain obsolete. The innovative keyless-go in the Maybach allows the Maybach 57 S to be unlocked by touching the door handle, while the passenger carries the electronic key with them.


Compared to other luxury vehicles Maybach 57 S seems to be well thought and well designed in terms of the ground clearance it offers despite its executive class and the amazingly aerodynamic appeal. The vehicle hence has long wheels to handle the performance which the 12-cylinder bi-turbo gasoline engine has to offer. The Maybach 57 S is offered with light alloy wheels of 275/ 45 R 20 and wheel dimension of 8.5 J x 20 ET 67.


Exquisite design (both interiors and exteriors), best in class interior comfort


Price, since the company became dysfunctional since December 2012, the availability of spares and successive support may be compromised.

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Maybach launches XENATEC Coupe at Rs. 4.14 Crore.

XENATEC in colloboration with Maybach has launched a luxurious coupe model priced at Rs. 4.14 Crore. XENATEC wants to be on the same lines with the G-Power Hurricane RR BMW that set the world record of 372 km/hr, becoming the fastest sedan. XENATEC plans to offer the designer coupe to those with the need of speed but with a touch of luxury. XENATEC made by Karosserie Manufacture Weinsberg, a segment of XENATEC Group in collaboration with Maybach is an outstanding, skillful and meritrious coupe. Read Full News

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