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DB9 highlights

September 4, 2015: Aston Martin has launched a 150 units limited ‘DB9 GT Bond Edition’.This will be the final edition of the DB9 as the car will now be replaced by the upcoming DB11 in 2016. The car has a lot of tweaks to make it a Bond Edition. Features include ‘Spectre Silver’ paint scheme, 007 logo along with numbering of the car engraved onto the brushed aluminium sill plate, a unique ’Bond Edition’ badging on the exterior, new front splitter and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Brushed Aluminium touches can also be seen on the bonnet vents, grille and side stakes. Inside, the car has exquisite embroidery with the 007 logo on the headrest and a special Bond-edition start-up screen for the AMi II touch-sensitive Aston Martin infotainment system. The car rides on 10 spoke, 20-inch black alloy wheels. The DB9 GT Bond Edition also comes with a 21-inch Globe-Trotter trolley case and a special Aston Martin strap hanging to an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M James Bond edition watch. 

Aston Martin DB9 price list (Variants)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price    
6 L V12  (Discontinued)

5935 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 9.8 kmpl
Rs 1.9 Cr
V12 Volante  (Discontinued)

5935 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 9.8 kmpl
Rs 1.9 Cr

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  • k
    kunduru sahith on 29 Jul, 2016
    FIAT Tipo iam expecting this vehicle to be launch in india in the suv segment it is the car with luxury and all the features in the future generation cars, comparing to the prizes compared to all the brands it will be the lowest prize in luxury cars segment the smartest and technology revolution, people who are expecting the best car in beating all the brands backward the latest fresh new look recieves creates sensation in suv segment this is the car i have got in love with this and when i watc... 0
  • Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante
    Jay on 11 Jul, 2016
    aston martin is the world most truely loved car...Various New looks provided are making their money count...The best part is the various outlook designs and engines provided by company....i would prefer to aks buyers to buy these to make their money count.. ... 0

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Aston Martin DB9 Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Petrol Automatic  9.8 kmpl 4.5 kmpl

Aston Martin DB9 review

This brand's name has engraved itself in the halls of automotive excellence. Here is a company that has gathered a blaze of glory around itself over the ages. And another stunning addition to an already renowned fleet of cars is the Aston Martin DB9 . This was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2004, galvanizing instant acclaim from its featured audiences. Here is the exquisite motor craftsmanship refined over 50 years, with this version, which is the latest in DB series that the firm has been known for. It is armed with a massive V12 engine capable of more power than any other model it has unveiled before. This is one of the advanced and cutting edge technology built to equip it. This drive train also aims to cut down carbon dioxide emissions, proving its value in terms of much more than just raw power. The machine is sculpted with state of the art build. Its exteriors are shaped with a foundation in vast research, and the addition of modern components to make one of the expensive machine ever built.

As a result, it is made with a holistic, rigid build that is perfectly suited to tear through the streets with speed and aerodynamics. This is made with a 20% increase in stiffness, and a 15 kg drop in the overall weight. High octane performance goes hand in hand with the exceptional braking and suspension in this revolutionary machine. It is engineered to perfection, gifted with reliable braking system and control like few others could offer. It has a technologically fulfilled body suspension that gives it agility and stability, enabling it to prowl the streets with ease and confidence at high speeds. It has an intoxicating inner atmospheres one could ask for. Its manufacture means to elevate its artistry to whole new levels. It is decorated with plush and elegant upholstery. The cockpit is layered with the finest luxury, with hand made custom leather welts, and control switches made of glass. Its seating is arranged for the highest level of comfort, with only the est, handpicked rich materials.


It is a machine that has been taken to its refined form across years of study and research. This strikes the perfect balance in its outer form, blending elegance for the best sculpted piece of art among automobiles. The outer design of the machine has the 'golden ratio' incorporated on each facet, ensuring that the pinpoint stability is reflected on its exterior. As a result, the simple beauty of nature guides the modeling, settling all of its proportions and ensuring that every line and dimension works in perfect harmony. It is raised for a right balance on sight, and in experience. A lower engine placement and a near perfect weight distribution makes this the excellent ride experience, sealed with supreme stability and agility. It is crafted for the sharpest aerodynamic precision, and exquisite exterior lines together building the most streamlined condition possible for it. As a result, it is given the highest elegance in shape, and gifted with an additional touch of street supremacy gathered from its build. It has a low, athletic profile that helps it grip the roads during high speed cruises, and also adds a gleam to its overall exterior brilliance. It has a large front grille that gives it an assertive look from the front and the rear. It has a pronounced rear boot 'flip', along with a new bonnet structure. This together ensures that the dynamic airflow is smoother. As with its previously set standard, the front lights are slim and angular, exacting the unique feel that only this manufacturer accomplishes. Its lamps are complete with bi-xenon headlamps, integrated with LED side lights and direction indicators. An extruded bonded aluminum VH body structure, magnesium alloy and composite body format together completes the expensive make of the machine, taking it to a height of grandeur. With a low and aesthetic build, the roof line slides down gently to merge with the front bonnet, which is large and prominent. It has large fenders for its well decorated alloy wheels. The flawless metallic skin rides the outer cover with ease and elegance, so that it seems to have been crafted with hands beyond human.

Exterior Measurements:

It stretches for a total length of 4720mm, including the front number plate. It has a width of 2061mm, a height of 1282mm. The wheelbase is 2740mm. With its massive build and immense capacity, the machine carries a weight of 1785 kgs. It has a fuel tank capacity of 78 litres.


The insides are made for the finest of atmospheres possible. It has a cockpit that soaks in an air of elegance and tranquility, freeing its occupants from all restraints and giving them an outstanding drive possible. Only the handpicked materials are selected, meant to be decorated with the highest of passion for its driver and passengers. The seating fabric is top class, designed with human hands and made to surround them with elevated warmth even inside of a machine. The finest upholstery coats the inside, with premium leather sewn and robed for flawlessness on every line. The decorative elements include carbon fiber and a luxuriously designed pinstripe welt. An exquisitely designed carpet aids the passengers, striving to give them the homely air possible. Sitting upfront is a smooth dashboard, integrated with the multimedia feature. It has a radio function, and a sophisticated music system. The steering wheel has the firm's emblem perched prominently at its center. Air conditioning ducts cover it from the front and the sides, making for the well circulated atmosphere inside it.

Interior Comfort:

It is coated with the expensive material, dedicating the tranquil and elegant of atmospheres to its occupants. The seats are covered with premium fabric, and the upholstery that forms a blend of the richest of materials. The high quality leather that layers the interior is crafted and sewn with precision and detail, given the privilege of being made by artistic human hands. The seats and large and comfortable, meant for safety and elegance to go along with the high speed thrills that it offers. It has an advanced multimedia system integrated with the dashboard. A radio system and a music system together make the drive far more holistic, ensuring that they find nothing left behind. A storage compartment is inbuilt into the cockpit, so that spare items can easily be stored without hassle. A storage compartment for other items, such as bottles, and even an umbrella holder is also offered.

Interior Measurements:

It has large, spacious seats that aim to bear the maximum of comfort. It is expansive and spacious, so that tall and lanky people fit into it with comfort and ease. It has a large trunk storage, ensuring that all necessities of the driver are taken care of always.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

It is raised with a promise of dominance on the streets, and it fulfills its promise on every regard. It reaches a top speed just below 300kmph, at around 295kmph. It has the ability to reach 100kmph from scratch in just 4.6 seconds. All put together, this is a machine meant for might on every stride on the road.

Engine and Performance

This series is built on the grounds of revolutionary engineering. The all new AM-11 is the most powerful in its history. It has a 48 valve integration, held together through an all-alloy quad overhead cam. The powerful 6.0-litre, V12 has a displacement capacity of 5935cc. Furthermore, it builds a maximum power of 510bhp, and an exceedingly mashing torque of 620Nm. All of this put together takes this machine to a thumping top speed of 295 Kmph, perhaps a value met by only a handful of them on the road. It can sprint from 0 to 100 Kmph within 4.6 seconds, giving its driver a thrilling hold over the roads.


The high end engineering capacity of a company like this reflects in the sound, all rounded feats that their vehicles achieve. It strives to secure top notch delivery on all facets of the machine's build, and as a result, this ensures that no aspect is left compromised in turn for another. The shaft breaking mechanism is accompanied by a great fuel economy and mileage as well. A mileage value of 13.25 kmpl brings it to a decent front in terms of fuel efficiency.

Power of Aston Martin DB9

The machine's make incorporates the highest speed capabilities. The all new AM-11 power train is a build of a revolutionary capacity, the most powerful motor in this model's history. The massive 6.0-litre V12 mill has a displacement capacity of 5935cc. It roasts the streets with a power of 510bhp, and a torque value of 620Nm. It can go soaring to top speeds of around 295 kmph, making it one of the mightiest road machines to be unleashed. Roaring from 0 to 100kmph takes a mere 4.6 seconds for this machine, and this seals its success in terms of high performance and speed.

Braking & Handling

The front wheels are rigged with ventilated carbon ceramic discs with six-piston monobloc calipers, and four-piston monobloc calipers in the case of the rear brakes. The suspension system is also high grade. A three Stage Adaptive Damping System (ADS) with Normal, Sport and Track modes together welds it with the finest suspension system. The front end of the suspension has independent double wishbone incorporating anti-dive geometry, coil springs, anti-roll bar and monotube adaptive dampers. In the case of the rear suspension, it has independent double wishbones with anti-squat and anti-lift geometry, dual-rate coil springs, anti-roll bar and monotube adaptive dampers. Moreover, it also ventures into the technological frontier to get hold of the best handling for its driver. It has Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with Track mode. Besides these, a standard Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) brings a firmer control for the driver. an Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) system, along with traction control, together top off the advantages thus, ensuring good handling and stability during the drive.

Safety & Security

A machine with this massive of a capacity is not left without the highest protection enforced from all sides. It is fulfilled on all aspects of safety, ensuring that its rib cracking performance is channeled only through the secure means possible. The driver and other occupants are locked down with tight seatbelts. Airbags are distributed throughout the cabin, providing the cushioning and protection for them should times of emergency arise. In addition, this basks in the finest of design innovations. It has extruded aluminum door side impact beams that shield it, should a collision arise. Furthermore, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) system and traction control together safeguards them during the drive, ensuring that hostile situations do not arise at all.


The vehicle is armed with a modern set of wheels possible, meant to mix form and function. It has 20-inch five-spoke cast alloy silver painted wheels. The Pirelli P Zero, a radial tried and tested by time, adorns the wheels of this machine, which performs exceptionally from all facets of its build.



1. Extraordinary performance for a road car.

2. Elegance and comfort suited for the interiors.

3. The best control secured.

4. Amazingly crafted exterior format.

5. Stable drive guaranteed.




1. The fuel economy has room for improvement.

2. The high grade aerodynamic profile leaves the interior design to suffer.

3. It has a low ground clearance.

4. It has a formidable price range.

5. Protective standards can be enhanced.


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Aston Martin DB9 in news

Aston Martin Launches DB9 GT Bond Edition

Aston Martin for a long time has been associated with the British spy, James Bond. Further strengthening the relationship, the British auto manufacturer is now giving its customers a chance to feel like agent 007 with a 150 units limited ‘DB9 GT Bond Edition’. This will be the final feather in the DB9 cap as the car will now be replaced by the upcoming DB11 in 2016. Read Full News

Posted On | September 04, 2015

540 hp Aston Martin DB9 unveiled; 2016 Vantage and Rapide S also announced

Aston Martin has unveiled the most powerful DB9 yet - DB9 GT, with its uprated 6.0-litre V12 engine putting out 540 hp. The DB9 GT will make its public debut at this week's Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. The company has also announced 2016 Vantage and Rapide S model lines with colour, trim and equipment enhancements. Read Full News

Posted On | June 25, 2015

Aston Martin expands its network in Europe

Aston Martin, after being applauded in Veinna in Europe has now opened a brand new showroom in Salzburg, Europe with the courtesy of their dealers British Luxury Cars. British Luxury Cars is expanding the presence of the British sports car brand Aston Martin in Austria through this step. Aston Martin offers a range of sports cars in India also like Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin Rapide and Aston Martin One 77. Read Full News

Posted On | September 29, 2011

Aston Martin emerges as the coolest brand in UK

A recent survey conducted by CoolBrands in UK to identify the coolest automobile brand in the country, revealed that Aston Martin is considered the coolest brand in UK. The theme of the survey is to pick the brand offering the most modern design cars in the era. The sports car brand, Aston Martin is considered to be offering the models with exquisite design, placing it with a marked difference from the rest of the cars. Read Full News

Posted On | September 28, 2011
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