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Tell me about Rolls-Royce Wraith interiors?

Rolls-Royce Wraith is Basically a fastback and the designers have taken care of the fact that the people seated inside feel that its a fastback. The interiors are made with a preception that everything starting from the back, takes one concentration towards the direction Wraith is going, that is forward, the side rooflines go forward very dynamically and are done with very rare leather and so are the other elements like seats, handrests and side door panels. The interior like a contemporary Roller, incorporates lot of wood panel. Wraith interiors are done with open pore wood panel without any lacqure. According to designer, this is done so that the occupants feel more connected to the Wraith. The dashboard of Wraith also incorporates leather and it features exclusive crystal work like the scroll control on the central console which is also done with top notch materials.The Rolls-Royce Wraith is made with absolute precision and one dosn't sit but indulge in the interior of this roller. It features a 18 speaker infotainment system and sound is so clear that you can actually distinguish the instrument used in any melody one is playing on the system.

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