6 Popular Myths about Car Maintenance

Published On Nov 17, 2015 12:40 PM By Konark

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We live in very skeptical world full of myths and mysteries. When it comes to automobiles, here are the 6 most popular/common maintenance myths that you might encounter-

1. Engine Oil Change After every 5000 Kms

One of the biggest myth about engine oil drain interval is that it needs to be changed at every 5000kms. However, the reality is that every car has different oil change interval periods. German-made vehicles usually need an oil change at 15000 kms whereas Japanese/Korean made vehicles have a drain interval of around 10000 kms. The best way to tackle this issue is to stick to your OEM suggested oil change period which is mentioned in your car’s owner manual. Changing engine oil more frequently than necessary would not do any extra good to your engine’s performance. If your car is driven in city stop and go traffic excessively, used as a towing trailer or on hilly roads and dusty conditions, then you should consider an early oil replacement.

Know more about engine oil here- Engine Oil: Facts You Must Know

2. Tyre Alignment/Balancing necessary at every service

Whenever you take your car for a service, your service advisor might suggest you to get your car’s wheel alignment and balancing done. However, alignment and balancing is only required if your car pulls towards either sides and has nothing to do with the kilometer’s covered. Your car might need alignment after just 5000 kms ore might not need it for 30000 kms. These are the factors you should consider while getting your car’s alignment done –

  • When you hit something hard, like a pothole, a kerb etc
  • When you notice uneven wearing of tyres
  • When your car’s steering wheel does not turn easily
  • Your car’s steering wheel remains at an angle even when you’re driving in a straight line
  • When you fit in new tyres
  • When you change components of the suspension

Know all about tyre alignment here- Car wheel alignment explained

3. Engine Decarbonizing

Modern day engines burn fuel completely and efficiently as compared to conventional engine. So complete combustion means less carbon deposits. Decarbonizing can improve performance briefly, but the main reasons for carbon deposits usually are over-fueling, lubricating oil rising to the top of the pistons. As they say that prevention is better than cure, Injector / fuel pump settings need to be adjusted to be prevent carbon deposits and decarbonizing should be considered later.

Know more about Decarbonizing-  Engine decarbonization demystified

4. Winter Ready

Using different engine oil, tyres, battery etc is not at all required before the winters. Modern day cars are equipped with machinery which supports all cold starts. You don’t need to change your car’s oil to suit the weather outside. You should stick to your manufacturer suggested service schedule for proper well-being of your vehicle.

Some tips for Winters- Winters are here! Prepare yourself and your car for tough times

5. Using High Octane/premium fuel for normal cars

Another popular myth about car maintenance is that if you use high octane fuel for your daily/normal car, it will increase its performance. Most modern cars run smoothly with regular quality fuel. Replacing it with premium grade fuel will not harm the car but it won’t contribute to an improvement in performance. Premium fuels with higher octane are preferred for high performance cars and hotter running engines.

6. Car Battery Automatically Recharges post a jump start

If your car’s battery loses its charge, you can push/jump start it to get it moving again. However, it does not mean that your battery is 100 % charged and ready to go again. The interior heater, the music system and other car accessories consume a large amount of power. Therefore, the alternator usually has less power to recharge the battery. You should take your vehicle to a garage and check if the battery is charged enough.

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