Engine Oil: Facts You Must Know

Published On Nov 04, 2015 09:23 AM By Bala Subramaniam

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Engine oil

Engine oils are of different types for different abilities. But all the engine oils have some general properties that are default. Here are some facts that you must know about engine oils.

· Never overfill. Overfilling of engine oil will lead to excessive oil to be splashed in to the cylinders resulting in unnecessary oil burning and increase the combustion chamber deposits. The excessive heat also causes increased resistance shortening the oil’s life.

· Black oil is not bad oil. If you see your engine oil does not turn black, it means your oil is not doing its duty. Engine oils contain detergent-dispersant additives that keep the internal parts of engine clean by removing carbon deposits and maintaining them in harmless suspension.

· Always use the right type of engine oil. Different engine oils exhibit different characteristics and are made for different purposes. Using the right type of engine oil for your car can make it more economical or more powerful depending on your preference and choice. Going for performance enhancing engine oil is not always good if your car is not capable enough.

· Additives do not offer any additional assistance that the engine oil is already providing you. Modern day engine oils already come added with the necessary additives. So adding more additives to engine oil is like adding sugar to your soft drink. Beliefs like additives reduce oil consumption or enhance engine protection of engine oil are fiction.

· All things good will come to an end and oil too has an expiry date, wearing out after sometime. Engine oil begins to oxidise at high operating temperatures and tend to thicken, leading to excessive carbon soot, water, dust and other particles in the oil. If not changed, it will lead to interference with the lubrication leading to critical problems.

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