How to replace a blown fuse

Published On Sep 11, 2014 07:24 PM By Prithvi

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How to replace a blown fuse

Are you facing start up issues or have a certain electronic part which is non functional? Well this could mean that your car has encountered a blown fuse. Many of the cars sold in the Indian market have either one or two separate fuse boxes, one which is located within the cabin right above the knee of the driver and the other in the engine bay area.

How to replace a blown fuse

For a lay man, this does sound like a tedious task but rest assured it is a relatively simple thing to fix. Having located the box, open the plastic cover and instantly one can find a number of coloured fuses placed very nicely within the compartment. Turn its top cover upside down and automatically you will notice a graphical representation indicating towards different fuses and their respective utility in your vehicle. Normally, the manufacturer provides for a couple of extra fuses that could be used to fix the problems but just in case there aren’t any then you could perhaps go to a nearby mechanic to procure the defective piece at a very nominal price.

How to replace a blown fuse

Steps to change:

Step 1: First things first, as per the instructions identity the fuse that needs to be looked at.

Step 2: Having done that, either use a clip provided or your hand to pull out the fuse from its original position.

Step 3: Once out, look closely the first sign of it being blown would a melted bridge visible right at the centre in between the two blades.

Step 4: If that is the problem then opt for the extra fuse of the same colour and code depending upon its availability thereby replacing it with the fused one by slotting it back into the same position.

Step 5: Make sure that besides the colour and code, one cross checks the right amperage of that particular fuse. Because if it is of a higher or lower denomination then there is a high possibility of it is getting fused again. Therefore to avoid this situation, check the fuse properly.

Step 6: Refer to the element that was giving trouble be it the lights or cabin electronics. See if they functioning properly, if yes then get rid of the defective fuse.

Step 7: To end proceedings, put back the clip to its place and close the cover to seal the compartment properly.

How to replace a blown fuse

In case there is no sign of effect on the respective fuse, then there is high possibility that your vehicle has developed an electrical snag for which we recommend that you refer to an authorised dealer or a known mechanic who could further help resolve the problem.

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