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I am very proud of it. First of all i would like to say am not a road tester, before writing this portrait i used to drove 3 or more other brand but same class vehicles . I am using Punto Dynamic 1.3Fiat Punto 1.3 dynamic is very nice both passenger and driver. While driving handling of vehicle is marvellous. It will be a blessing for an owner if we can drive a vehicle with qiet confidence of handling especially in indian, kerala state roads, it was unimaginable for me when i tried to drove the vehicle above speed of 100KM per hour. While turning small curves & pass through on small patches in the road my vehicle was went on it like a flight. So again i tried the same thing in above 100 KM speed in same road of terrain, my eperience was same. I am very proud of it. In less speed vehicle was not vibrating or not shaky. Ac is powerful and getting cool quickly. I used this vehicle little bit off road ( road was there before two or three yrs and off road travelling is quiet good than this road, ) also i was quiet happy about but on off road i used first and second gears only. specially i would like to say never i switched off my ac for getting for more power. Head light is powerful it helps me to get automaticaly dim from my opposite vehicles on the road ( normal case as u know certain drivers are not willing to give us dim light if we give dim too. this head light is best medicine for such drivers. automatically they will respect us)Honda policy man maximum is well adopted here in fiat. sorry to say i dont know who starts to adopt first.Back seat 3 people perfectly can enjoy the ride.door get open widly when enter to the vehicle or exit from vehicle. this is a very advantage of this vehicle bcse old aged passengers or handi capped or sicked can easly get in get out. so amazing this. thanks FIAT On normal road i am getting a milege of almost 20KM / litre. Iif i say about the draw backs1. ground clearance is very poor. when providing vehicle to India always try to care about ground clearance. 2. driver seat adjustment not provided.3. Big shake when switch off the vehicle. 4. while turning curves body roll is comparitively less but if little more to care by fiat this will perfect in that area.

By aji samuel
On: Aug 17, 2016 | 316 Views
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Fiat Grande Punto
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