Amazing car at amazing prize with solid drive feel

By for Fiat Grande Punto from faridabad 2011-02-15 22:49:56.0
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Pros : very solid ,solid drive feel, 50 month warranty

Cons : bad dealers in the past have spoiled the party for this car

Look and Style : best in class  with polo Comfort : best in class for the value it is available , Polo also good but expensive to maintain. My brother has one got it  hit from behind the dealer says replace the dicky massive bill. Pickup : best in class i had Palio disel which is still has a better drive feel than any other car in the hatchback category. Mileage : getting my delivery tommorow surely let you know Best Features : all feature i wanted are available in punto active 1.3 which is excellent Needs to improve : Brand image Overall Experience : tell you later Note : especially for delhi owners dont ever take your car for service to Vivek Auto they are bad at service

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  • Devinder |15 Feb,2011 11:08:34 PM

    i also test drove figo and polo in polo you have to floor the acc. pedal which is depressing for such a premium car. polo dealer says it is for family i think they should tell a better story. sales guy will force you to believe that it is a good car. Figo a drive feel like 800 maruti very raw in drive feel sluggish pickup. price factor is the only catch for the Indian market. to much red in the dashbord looks very ugly. noisy engine sluggish pickup dealer eats your head by keep on repeating our car is selling like ahot cake.

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 03:35:58 PM

    Polo is a better car in all aspects than Punto...

    devinder |16 Feb,2011 03:55:08 PM

    polo is a three cylinder. if you know this try to push the acc. pedal slightly in standing car and the car will start to wobble. thats a three cylinder for you. its logical that four cylinder is better than a three cylinder three cylinder sounds like alto or 800 maruti apart from this punto is value for money Top end polo has got many features missing compared to emotion pack punto though i dont a top end punto Test drive top end 90 bhp punto and you will have a thought. in my review i have written brand image of fiat which needs improvement.

    shazz |16 Feb,2011 05:56:57 PM

    hey sriram u seem to be on FIAT bashing spree

    sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:03:43 PM

    hello shazz, dont read the information in just Paper and decide yourself... FIAT cars are not best in indian market... Regarding the comparision b/w Punto & Polo, view it in youtube in auto selector or overdrive program...

    shazz |17 Feb,2011 02:14:36 PM

    omg sriram u own a maruti suzuki ????the same maruti that has diesel engine same as FIAT how come you fell in a trap like this sad!!U better put a VW engine into it and save your car from destruction!!! Im not a paper commenter but i own a FIAT car and also im a car enthusiast.btw punto has 5star safety rating u are talking about FIAT cars would break haha.Dude u might own several cars but u're selection is based on perception.Its all about Brand Image.Fiat has been unable to lift there brand image thats the drawback...I rely on Customer satisfaction and in that FIAT stands right up there with the best(source JD power Pacific) and yea i did read paper for this !!

    sriram |18 Feb,2011 07:20:46 PM

    Hello Stup, Maruti Suzuki already cancelled FIAT's deal for diesel engines and now they use Suzuki's Phenomenal K-Series Engine (Which is best of all other engines in this segment including VW)... You are not just Paper Reader... But you are a OLD Paper Reader :-)....

    shazz |19 Feb,2011 06:10:14 PM

    btw FYI suzuki never used FIAT petrol engines it uses the FIAT diesel engine technology huh!!!!

    anuj |15 Jun,2015 11:33:11 AM

    Thats truth even i have punto evo since 2 yrs and to be very honest awesome car it is.

    Umamaheswaran |30 Aug,2011 11:08:14 PM

    I am very disappointed with polo as they are really not bothered to even honor their own commitment in giving a test drive, despite me going to their showroom for three times for a test drive they have not given one. Did you test the rear seating space 3 people can not sit comfortably in the back.I own a Wagon R , I have test driven all cars ,I found punto the best in terms of handling, suspension, features,good pricing, of all better treatment& prompt attention.

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:01:13 PM

    i just dont understand your driving skills... Go and drive Polo and make a race between punto & polo. You will make a conclude. And see the reviews in Youtube and check the punto & polo comparisions.. You can say your car is best than other brand cars but you can not hide the truth. The 3 cylinder unit of Polo does not make the polo down. Yes. Engine of Polo is average. But overall in all aspects, Polo is vast superior than Punto....

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:03:49 PM

    hello shazz, dont read the information in just Paper and decide yourself... FIAT cars are not best in indian market... Regarding the comparision b/w Punto & Polo, view it in youtube in auto selector or overdrive program...

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:04:38 PM

    Hyundai i20, Fiat Punto & Nissan Micra surely can not even stand next to Polo....

    Devinder |16 Feb,2011 08:26:32 PM

    as far as race is concerned i cant say just bought a brand new car today. will behave with my car in a matured way. i support vfm of punto excellent drive feel punto is getting good service support. Polo iam not sure. Polo sure is a better brand but just thinking of a three cyl engine for7.5 lac is a hard to digest fact. which i cant live with being a auto engineer. weer teer in 3 cyl engine will be more compared to a four cyl. and polo has better options but in India they know tech doesnt sell the brand does i can bet that many of the people were not aware at the time of buying that polo has a three cyl. engine the simple reason the sales rep. just hide this fact and will keep eating your head by repeating german tech 100 times. whether the car comes from germany or jupiter i cant pay 7.5 lac for three cyl. engine.

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:12:38 PM

    For all your information, In my family, we own Maruti Swift Zxi, Honda Jazz, Hyundai Accent, TATA Sumo and a 12 years old Maruti 800.... So i believe that i have made a good review of all cars... Unfortunately, Punto is not a great car, not just punto.. Any cars from FIAT in India.... For Class Car - Honda Jazz/VW Polo/Skoda Fabia is best... For Economic & low maintenance - Swift & i20 are better... No other choices in Premium hatchback segment...

    Devinder |16 Feb,2011 08:31:40 PM

    if a five year kid gives a punch to honda you will recieve a bill of 10000 rs. think about it

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:35:00 PM

    Same KID punches on FIAT, TATA, Maruti cars means, the car will be completely broken..

    raghu |27 Feb,2011 01:17:58 AM

    LOL.... oh sriram.... u r such a pill. before u blurt anymore, Please go and get ur facts right... fiat has always produced their cars with great build quality and they are very sturdy.

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:40:57 PM

    the no of cylinders of a engine is not a big factor. The amount of power it generates is more important.... Please read about petrol & diesel engine displacement & bhp informations....

  • devinder |16 Feb,2011 08:50:15 PM

    if this is so why the hell VW has V6,V8 and v12 engine tech. three cylinder farmtrack tractor generates even higher power so is there a possibility your selling your polo and buying a tractor. think about it

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 08:58:00 PM

    For your better understanding only i suggested you to read about engine displacement & bhp information.... If you dont understand technical points clearly, you will compare your cars with tractor only....

  • Devinder |16 Feb,2011 09:03:47 PM

    do you also understand torque punto 1.3 mjd generates 197 nm at 1750 rpm. is that a good fact to compare with your high class three cyl. polo

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 09:17:33 PM

    From this point you have opened your eyes yourself.... Engine performance is based upon the engine litre size (1.2L, 1.3L, 1.4L, 1.6L etc) not no.of cylinders... For the same reason, you need to compare it with Polo 1.6L engine dude.... Come on.. You need to understand many things before conversation.... Polo comes with 1.2L &1.6L in Petrol. 1.6L of Diesel is yet to be announced... Read all VW news in cardehko dude.... With this i stop the conversation... I suggest all New Car buyers to view review about all cars in overdrive & auto selector program. It is available in Youtube... I recommend two categories of cars. If you want a class,comfort & stylinsh car, Honda Jazz (expensive), VW Polo, Skoda Fabia which are high maintenance cars (30 to 40% more than Maruti/Hyundai).... If you want a economic & low maintenance cars, Hyundai i20 (good car), Maruti Swift (Evergreen superstar except interiors)..... Other choices are based upon your wish... Wish you all to have a great & safe car.....

    shazz |17 Feb,2011 01:55:49 PM

    The problem with your reviews is that you are questioning other people ability to judge,if some one is happy and content with his car be it FIAT or Maruti u are unnecessarily biasing there choice by saying urs is bad but mine VW is the best.By the way you are no where a great critic ....please go in VW POLO category and post your review there and not in any other category and start bashing other cars.This is a user review section people who are using FIAT cars there review matters not urs !!! have a sensible drive!!!

  • sriram |16 Feb,2011 09:18:58 PM

    I also hope you all know that i am owning a VW Polo 1.2L Petrol Trendline as well....

  • Devinder |16 Feb,2011 09:23:42 PM

    bhai saab aap great ho apki car bhi great hai apne ghar par VW ka jhanda lehhra do.

    shazz |17 Feb,2011 01:45:32 PM

    rightly said!!!

    sriram |17 Feb,2011 03:41:39 PM

    you too shazz, put your car in iron/steel collection shop and buy Lion Dates and spit the seeds on to FIAT face.... :-).........

    sriram |17 Feb,2011 03:41:12 PM

    you put your car in iron/steel collection shop and buy Lion Dates and spit the seeds on to FIAT face.... :-).........

    Gautham |18 May,2015 01:14:21 PM

    Hey sriram, u r such a is known for solid build quality...volkswagan is shit diesel engine after 20k kms...then the engine sounds like tata ace

  • devinder |17 Feb,2011 07:39:19 PM

    bhai saab aap to bura maan gaye my own dear brother ows a polo 1.2 top end diesel please dont care about a three cyl engine its okay.

    shazz |17 Feb,2011 09:48:36 PM

    ..... :P

  • mangesh |13 Mar,2011 04:49:07 PM

    hey after reading all reviews i'm planning to buy PUNTO ACTIVE DIESEL.But more worried about mileage in normal city with ac and without a.c. but only want clear advice. No advice from promotor of this company or other.please suggest me as too many people from other company are behind to sell their product but we as a customer should not get fooled....i dont have habit of changing vehicles regularly...

  • Devinder |02 May,2011 08:05:44 PM

    Excellent AC works according to the exterior temp.

  • Vikas |07 Jun,2011 04:29:14 PM

    Sriram, you are such an ass. Just spitting out shit from your mouth. No doubt Polo is a good car, with a great brand name. But Punto 1.3 MJD is a great car too. The ride, handling and build is of top notch, no other car is matching it till date and the safe car too. Now compare the performance. Punto can take the shit out of polo any day on highway. I have tried both cars on performance drive. Once punto is in its power band, no other car can match it in same category. So just stop bull shitting. You have questioned the build quality of Fiat. Man just try to head on your polo with any fiat, after that you will not be able to recognise your polo again. And the bill you will get on repair, you will purchase a maruti 800 after that.

    samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:21:33 PM

    hahaha... great.. i hv been planning to sell my figo diesel and buy a new car.. well, guyz tell u one thing.. once you are in a fiat car and have taken a good test drive, believe me it's very very hard to make a decision for any other car..

    samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:25:34 PM

    beyond initial pickup nice buttons brand image etc etc, one should think of highway drivability and behaviour, maintenance, impact safety, manouverability, handling corners etc first.. this is how fiat has made punto.. on these points.

  • samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:30:08 PM

    it should not be 'kitna deti he', but should be 'kitna leti he'.. if u calculate the economy differences with the best fuel efficient car, u will find it makes a diff by around rs 10-15 k only after 40k kms.. which ford takes back as bearings belt shocker

  • samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:33:50 PM

    failure, vw as high cost of servicing and hyundai as clutch plates.. punto does not ask for such things for upto atleast 80k of kms.. gives u safety first.. and mind u safety does means build quality, ride handling, speed sensibility and control and then

  • samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:36:52 PM

    the airbags.. i m not a fiatian yet.. but if we use our all senses while buying a good car then how can we ignore these points which fiat keeps at a top priority.. but the problem is we don't want to ignore the f.e.,auto folding mirrors,brand, after sales

  • samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:39:46 PM

    etc etc.. even vanity mirror.. well, car is our home, even if it is not decorative enough, it should be safe and well built for sure.. sorry, for any offenses.. i hv selected 3 cars for me.. punto evo 90hp, ecosport tdci trend, maruti scross delta..

  • samir khan |18 Feb,2016 11:40:40 PM

    and my heart has bee. shouting only one word... u know... punto, punto, punto...

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