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Pros : Stunning looks, smooth drive, great suspension

Cons : Gear shift can be smoother

I have to admit before writing the review that I was very nervous after taking the decision of buying a Fiat Grande Punto as not many people were aware of the on road performance of the car. After 8000 kms covered I am finally relieved with the fact that this car actually drops me to my office every morning. Whether it was in the heavily crowded roads of Agra or on freeways and highways, the car has always performed exceptionally well and made me proud of the decision. Indeed for an average Indian family with 2 adults an 2 kids, there can't be a better option. I feel that this car is a completely value for money option as even the basic model (Active) that i chose has power steering, front power windows, tilt steering, internally adjustable rear view mirrors, and AC vents for the rear passengers under the front seats. In terms of looks I would like to sum up by quoting that its a head turner an charmer. The boot is sufficiently enough with space for a 30 inch suitcase or two 22 inch suitcases along with some handbags. Initially I had to struggle to get the gear shift right as I was driving a Santro before this and the shift it provided was very smooth. But, just in two days of Punto drive I was comfortable with the gear shifts and now I find it very smooth and comfortable. The suspension is good and so is the ground clearance. My entire family is a travelling freak and we all love to explore different places in our own conveyance. On an average I get a mileage of approximately 15kmpl and am very happy with that. On and all its a great car and I feel a good buy.

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  • suresh kanna |30 Aug,2010 03:41:42 PM

    tks for the review. I am planning to buy a GP petrol 1.2 active next month. afer a lot of research i finally settled to Punto. so what color did u buy. I am planning to go for Red and maybe adding on stereo system and central locking as well. that would cost me around 35K or my other option is to go for dynamic where these come in as a package.

  • Raja |31 Aug,2010 05:34:52 PM

    Dear I have GP Diesel Active and driven it for more than 35 k kms. I m telling u that it is one of the best hatch back available in India. No other car can even compare with GP. Please for god sake dont buy petrol. Go for the diesel and u will forget the petrol I also suggest u to go for dynamic this will come with central locking and fog lamps. I have Active and it is very difficult to go for central locking in the car so go for Dynamic. For more details pls feel free to call me. Raja 9422892534

    Murali |03 May,2011 12:27:39 PM

    Hi Raja, I am planning to buy Punto 1.3 active diesel is it worth the buy .feedback about dieel is mixed ......Can you let me know if you have faced any probs in sound,maintenance and other aspects...Is central locking a problem if we install later with stereo...

  • suresh kanna |27 Nov,2010 01:52:17 PM

    Got the GP but the dynamic version. @Raja I am not going for long trips anyways so I got the petrol version. when you do the math the 1 ~ 1.5 Lakh more that you pay for the diesel compensates the fuel mileage and fuel price difference for atleast 4 to 5 yrs. and moreover i heard the diesel engines makes more noise and requires more maintenance. Anyways i got it and I am pretty happy with it :) The dynamic version has more to it than just central locking and rear power windows. The arm rest have a nice feel to them and it also has light regulation for central console. I got it @ 5.15 on road which includes a music system and a cash discount of 20K apart from this there were noting much offered as freebies.

    Jitendra |19 Dec,2010 08:57:42 PM

    Hi, I am planning to purchase this, please suggest what is the mileage u r getting in petrol version.

    suresh kanna |28 Dec,2010 02:44:46 PM

    hi Jitendra I am just a beginner got my driving license recently, but even for me its giving a mil of 12kmph in road. The car is awesome. after using it for almost a month now I should suggest the Punto's strong point is its handling. for the negatives, - ppl have said the bonnet is too far and u dont have a clear view of the road. I am 5.1 but since its my first car i cant really see whats the deal here. i can see the road but even if the bonnet is smaller will it enable me to see the front wheels ? no thats not going to happen. so i dono if its really important. for me the long bonnet might save my life one day on a head on collision, I would take that any day compared to few thousand rupees of hitting my bonnet on some tree. - the width of the car. havent measured it or compared it yet, but had no problems with it either. some one who is going to hit this car will also hit a with a maruti 800, if you are worried about width and length we need to start trying to be better drivers instead. - gears... shifting gears is good but its not like a knife on a butter. check it out, it depends on your taste. - the throttle : for me 10/10 for punto this not for the power. but the way it allows me to play with the car just with my legs. ive seen ppl say they drive with there thumb, well not with a punto u dont. It might means the throttle is not so sensitive and u really have to push it to give it that extra power but it gives u control. - ground clearance : works for me. not bad as in a figo, but do see it for urself - rear passenger space : i got the car mostly to be driven for two. not for a big family. but even then ive not had any complaints yet from ppl who are around 5 5. but if the driver is 6 feeet tall and the passenger sitting directly behind him is also 6 feet.. ur asking for trouble. u might have to worry abt this only if ur a 6 feet tall guy - clutch peddel : talking abt hights the clutch is wayyyy tooo lonnng.. ihave to sligly stretch a bit to depress the clutch fully. for ppl who are tall u might have to really bend ur knees to get to keep ur foot on top of the clutch. the breks are good so is the accelerator ok enuf with the negatives.. now for the the good parts. the drive : amazing control goes where ever u wnt it to go. take a punto for a test drive and see if u can drive it like a snake and do the same on a bus. you might find the other cars are more like a bus :P safety : no airbags but even then a vell built car to prevent ppl from getting any fatal injuries. the drive aspect with the safty thing is enuf for me to buy a car. suspension good. takes in all the potholes. quite inside.. maybe all cars are like this. but do try this, switch on the engines wait for sometime... guesss what u will try to switch it on again bec u wont know that the engine is running. not all the quite with its running but i did find it amazingly quite on the 5th gear. drivers power window : this is worth mentining .. the drivers seat power window closes and opens on one touch. u just press the open and then can take off ur hands and start concentrating on the road. the windows open automatically.. this feature is not there in all the windows its only driver special take me home.. not gona explain it.. but its nice too

    suresh kanna |28 Dec,2010 03:19:22 PM

    lol sorry guys did write them in separate lines, I have put the same review to my other site at its more clear

  • aswin |22 Dec,2010 12:12:09 PM

    i have a desire to buy punto 1.2 emotion petrol.i want to know its performance and also to know the back seat comfort

    suresh kanna |28 Dec,2010 03:42:33 PM

    --1-- performance ... if u mean power, well it is bad. not going to go like a rocket but I am still not complaining.its a 1.2 and with a car body like the punto, a 1.2 is going to give it that daemon pick up.well pick up is bad but the overall ride is good---2---the back seat depends on you and ur family /friends but unless u have a pressing reason to find a car for 5 ppl or take 4 ppl with luxury u wont have any problem. --------one more on buying a emotion. even i had plans but the emotion does not have a emotion pack, it does not have driver seat hight adjustment. and the audio system does not even come with usb or aux input. so i went for a dynamic and invested the difference amount on accesories, got a music system of 20K GPS around 16K seat covers 12K

  • CarDekho Team |22 Dec,2010 03:50:04 PM

    The Punto 1.2 is the smallest engine option available on the car. Its a peppy and efficient engine as compared to the other 2 options on the Punto. Performance is moderate and dont expect the 1.2 to be a race car the USP of this varient is efficiency. Driving pleasure is good and so is the fit and finish. Rear seat comfort is very comfortable for 2 adults and a 3rd one can fit in. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Naresh sharma |25 Dec,2010 12:27:32 PM

    I am a proud owner of Fiat Grand Punto (Diesel) for the last one year. The machine is comfortable, powerful and awesome in looks. Gives mileage above 19 Kms per litre. Wholly satisfied with my decision to go with Fiat.

  • suresh kanna |28 Dec,2010 03:51:17 PM

    why do ppl go for diesel. the price difference for a petrol and diesel version is easily 1 lakh and the mileage diffeence is 13kmpl for petrol and 19kmpl for diesel which makes it 6kmpl. In a month if u travel 1000kms for petrol lets say gives 10kmpl mileage @60Rs per liter its 6000Rs. diesel lets say the mileage is doubled 20kmpl and @40Rs per lit so its 2000Rs. A difference of 4000 per month which makes it roughly 40,000 per year. in 3 years its close to 1 lakh. The 1 lakh more we put in is recovered only afer 3 years and on top of it you have to put up with a noiser and more vibrating engine. check out the same at

  • unniraj vs |30 Jan,2012 09:35:29 PM

    its not a car in disel just like a flight fly in aviation fuel!

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