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By for Fiat Grande Punto 2009-2013 from Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir 2010-05-07 21:03:20.0
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Pros : great engine performance, road balance and handling,

Cons : Most Horrible interiors, A/C noise, poor in 1st and 2nd gear

I purchased my Fait Diesal 1.3 Active last month. It was a decision taken after 10 months of market research. I zeroed in on I-20, Fabia and especially Swift LDI. The Car is a master piece on road to drive among all the other available in its segement and even one's slightly over this budget including 1-20. Powerful diesal multijet engine gives great performane. The car balance is the best in the segment. Interiors of this car are the most horrible. Plastic used looks like the most ordinary. A/C makes a lot of noise at the max. Car looks horrible in 1st and 2nd gear untill multijet takes effect. I made a mistake to go for power and external looks. No value for money

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  • amit |07 May,2010 09:07:31 PM

    Thanks for your review i was researching on fiat punto and after reading your review i am convinced i am not going for fiat punto

    jeetu |08 Jan,2011 09:24:49 PM

    don listen to others n use ur brain to create logics.suno apni dilki.

    Narendra |17 Mar,2013 01:01:10 PM

    I would like to say Punto active diesel is an simple and extraordinary car compare to road grip and driving comfort. I am using this car sice from one year and enjoying the driving. A/C and interiors good compare to budget.

  • Sahil |07 May,2010 09:14:37 PM

    very useful info

  • Sahil |07 May,2010 09:28:47 PM

    Amit thanks for the response. Before deciding to buy this car I also relied on this web site. I did not get the proper information which resulted in the purchase of this horrible beauty. I hope others will check my review. One best suggestion: Before buying take a test drive, but not for a short time highway or open road. Try going to a city interior and congested traffic area, you will explore the best of this car. The millage claimed is too high. The car is just giving 11-12 in city and 15 on highway

    mandeep khatak |27 May,2014 08:01:06 PM

    thanks for posting your valuable review my friend.

  • chandu |08 May,2010 07:18:08 AM

    Thanks a lot Sahil. That mileage figure of punto makes it un-useable for regular office drives. Chandu

  • shataksh |08 May,2010 02:42:25 PM

    I disagree on some points of the review.Though 1st and 2nd gear the car is slow but in 3rd gear it gives the optimum drive.one can't simply tag the drive as 'horrible'.The A/c is quite powerful one doesn't need to put it on max.i have owned punto active diesel for a year now and i haven't put it on max simply cause its sufficient on min.For mileage i would recommend that u use instant mileage indicator for optimum gear shifts and c the difference .i easily get 15 km/l in delhi while on the highway its always been 20 .While on interiors it depends on the individual.

  • R.Gupta |12 May,2010 08:08:20 PM

    I too have done mistake of purchasing HORRIBLE the PUNTO petrol 1-4 emotion. It consumes the petrol as it gives not more than 9 to 10km per liter. not much punch in 3 and 4th gear. un-usable in city conditions. Repenting for the purchase. Planing to sue the FIAT india for false claims.

  • Jivan |19 May,2010 02:29:04 PM

    The comments above are hard to digest. I agree to Shataksh. Punto has the best handling, driveability and riding comfort compared to any other car in this segment. The mileage i get on my dynamic diesel is 16 kmpl in city and 19-20 kmpl on highways. I don't think any other car of this size and comfort, gives this mileage. Moreover the cornering and braking is also superb to any others in Maruti's or Hyundai's. Plastics, yes should have to be better for this pricing. Even Palio has got a better one I feel !

    pranoy |15 Jan,2011 08:20:05 PM

    i agree wid your views but the gearbox and the clutch of the punto are not proper. can u plz tell me the reason why

  • Avishek |12 Jun,2010 03:35:26 PM

    plz giv me a valuable advice. should i opt for swift diesel or for pinto dynamic diesel????

  • Avishek |12 Jun,2010 03:36:22 PM

    sry i mean PUNTO dynamic diesel

  • jitesh |15 Jun,2010 07:10:02 PM

    go for punto diesel, if you love driving, go for swift diesel, if you love to get pampered.

  • dj |17 Jun,2010 12:34:54 AM

    You ASS what were u doing in for 10 months, gaadi ka engine kholekar dekh raha tha kya.. If u dont kno how to drive a car than these things are bound to happen. my friends and i am using punto from past 6 months, our ac is working finr and there is no problem at all in 1,2 gear. Also car is giving very good milage of above 20km/l, I think this is ur first car and u are learning how to drive

  • deepak |23 Jul,2010 02:16:32 PM

    Grande Punto is an amazin car..it has one of the best driving comforts as compared to other car in the same segment, I own a 1.3 dynamic how can anyone say it has horrible a/c.. it has one of the best suspension as compared to ny car.... N maruti is using the same fiat engine.. I just wonder if this car would have selled under Maruti instead to TATA... would have broken all the records

  • giridhar |24 Jul,2010 02:06:10 PM

    I want to change my maruthi car . iam planning to change it in the next month , please suggest me which car is best for the local . suggest me immediately , i am very confused of the arieties of the cars launchings. i could not come to a decission to buy a car. Punto or swift or nissan micra or toyota eios or skoda fabia or volkswagon polo or ritz. i need petrol version only and i need fuel efficienccy and better performance and long life and low cost of maintaince. please suggest me-giridhar

  • Dr.ajay kolhe |23 Aug,2010 09:00:48 PM

    I need car wth bttr efficiency,mileage,wth long life and pls give me price,mileage and performance comparision btn volkswagen polo,hyundai getz,maruti swift,alto k10,nissan micra,fiat punto and i20,ford fusion.

  • Shalabh Tyagi |01 Sep,2010 12:44:18 AM

    Saying that the car gives 15km/litre on highway is totally bullshit. Dude, come with me and i am gonna show you how to drive and derive the mileage correctly. The car easily gives 21km/l of average on highway and 14-16 on city roads. The car is just awesome.

  • Avrajit Kar |01 Sep,2010 05:49:22 PM

    I have bought an Emotion Pack Diesel Punto 10 months back. Iself drive the car , my car mostly does city driving and I hit the highway a coupla times a month. I find the car to have excellant driveablity, its really well balanced and waltzes along the drive. At high speeds it has got emmense control, I have touched 160kms/ hr (not recomendable as safty standards) but there is no disbalance or shudder. I have not even experienced this stability even in a Honda City. I quite like the interiors and the blue and me is a great help to me. However inspite of all the praise that I have given. The milegae could be better. I get about 10 to 11 in the city and about 13/14 on the highway at an average speed of about 80-100 Kms/hr. This sucks. Yes the AC makes a sound and the gear could be more synchronised at high speed. Overall its a great buy and I enjoy driving it always. No complaints on the AC.

  • jitesh |14 Sep,2010 05:58:50 PM

    the real cost of ownership of diesel punto is rupee 4.6 per kilometer [ it includes insurance consumables ] when the car is driven in city and it is average 1000 kilometer a month.

  • jitesh |14 Sep,2010 05:59:54 PM

    in the above comment the average consumption of diesel in the city is 13-14 kilometer per liter.

  • suman |15 Sep,2010 02:33:50 AM


  • Peter |04 Oct,2010 12:56:47 AM

    I'm wondering why this section is titled Horrible decision after long research while people out here give such a positive feedback on this car. I just test drived i20 today and thinking to buy it until I come across this section. I think Punto's pricing is also good when compared to i20. Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks. Let me test drive Punto . . .

  • Atul |11 Oct,2010 04:16:55 PM

    i am also thinking to buy i20 but could not get change to test drive puto. Guys just let me know your feelings, Which one is better punto or i20.

    Vikram |15 Mar,2011 03:52:03 PM

    By all means, go for Punto man... whichever one suits your budget and needs... i test drove almost all hatchback from fabia to swift to jazz and the like... But when you take all the positives and shortfalls into consideration. Punto is a clear winner in every case... dont follow these idiots who dunno what and how to drive a car. Punto is simply solidly built, superb handling, wonderful features and fun to drive (including good safety features for the family)... Just take a test ride and go for it... you wont regret it, trust me...

    brijesh |02 May,2011 09:59:09 PM

    i totally agree with vikram being a punto owner i am fully satisfid good aerodynamics,most modern engine,stout body ,good design,good performance by all means punto is ahead of opponents

  • Savio |12 Oct,2010 02:43:18 PM

    I bought a FIAT punto in May'10. I have driven it about 13000kms. I have not faced even a single problem. I have driven it on some of the most horrible roads in Chandigarh-Shimla highway, but the handled all the pot holes with ease. The lag might be a problem but all the diesel cars have them. The handling of the car is amazing and even at speeds of 160kms the car is pretty stable. The car gives an average of 14kms/Lt on delhi roads. The main point is if you buy this car people praise you for the looks of the car. I am a satisfied customer and would definitely recommend this car.

  • Yatinder |29 Oct,2010 10:19:49 PM

    I got my Punto 2 onths back. Its awesome. What an refined engine, ride quality awesom, & suspension is JUST AMAZING. Rode on bad roads & not got any uncomfortable feeling. I agree on little bad interior but at the end as a Whole package its WORHT buying it. IAM just LOVING it each any every mile iam driving it. PLEASE DONT GIVE BAD FEEDBACK ON PUNTO UNTILL AN UNLESS YOU ARE AN CAR ENTHUSIAST. A CAR ENTHUSIAST WILL LOVE PUNTO... Muaah to my beast.....

  • rajeev |09 Nov,2010 09:59:10 PM

    Can anyone suggest if Punto 1.2 Emotion Petrol would be a good buy. I am getting a discount of 55k on a new car, the price is coiming out to be aroung 5.25 on road mumbai with leather seat covers. Please suggest in terms of fuel efficiency and drive stability and power. Please suggest if Polo 1.2 will be a better buy.

    atul patel |22 Feb,2011 12:36:28 PM

    hi rajeev, have you bought punto 1.2 Emotion or not. because i am going to buy it within 2 days so please reply me soon hows it? thanks.

    Mukesh |23 Feb,2011 11:24:50 PM

    Hey Rajeev...u r getting a really good deal..My dealr is quoting aroun 5.5L (Mumbai). Can u tell me which dealer u contacted??

    swarup dutta |30 May,2011 07:16:46 PM

    heh...have u brought punto 1.2 emotion..i planning..really getting 55k discount...plze gimme ur contact no...so dat i can negotiate with dealer in a better way...note my 9097857570

  • Chethan |01 Dec,2010 09:52:39 PM

    Hey guys i too own a punto diesel and i am getting a mileage of above 18 kms/ltr during running in!!. I would say that mileage depends on one's driving style. The first and second gears are short to aid better drive ability in the city that said, you need to learn the car. Up shift at 2000 rpm and the car is a gem to ride. Nothing compares to Punto in its segment. Go for it only if you are a true car lover :)

  • arjun |10 Dec,2010 04:39:14 PM

    Please help!! Confused b/w Punto diesel(emotion), VW Polo diesel(comfortline) and Skoda Fabia diesel.

  • lovleen singh |16 Dec,2010 07:42:19 AM

    Dear please help me finding a car ,i m planing to buy punto,my average running is about 300 km per month.,please suggest me on which car i purchase a diseal version or petrol

    rishi |07 Jan,2011 01:35:45 PM

    you should go through punto disel active its the best choice for those who r searching a car in 5to6 lakhs

  • raman |07 Jan,2011 01:30:19 PM

    punto is a rockstar there is no other car like this i had owened punto 90hp disel and it is giving me a milage of 18/kmpl in city and 20 on highways and i suggest all my friends who all r going to buy a car bet. 6to7 lakhs than u should not think and go through it u all will find pleasure to buy it.

  • SM Imtiaz |07 Jan,2011 05:03:20 PM

    I advice to take a test drive before making any decision.I do have a Fiat Punto 1.2L P. Don't go on my words and feel it's drive,comfort, economy and yes...look too. You will realise the difference which you have noticed and opt.If your office is near to your home then this Punto will force you to take a long route. Coz it's not only economical but lovable too...You will prefer Puno's long drive instead of opting shortest route. But,don't goon my words...GO AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE...Engine is the heart of any vehicle...and yes FIAT share it's heart with TATA and SUZUKI...

  • shijo |25 Jan,2011 10:19:22 AM

    1.PUNTO is overall, the best hatchback in its category.Yes the interiors are less than the i20 but for that the i20 commands a higher price. 2.The most powerful and the only stable hatchback on speeds above 80km/hr now in india at this price point. 3.One advice to Sahil,GO AND LEARN driving from a good driving school.Driving is not just cranking up the engine and then flooring the accelerator without even knowing what engine RPM,Rev counter,shifting gears at the correct speed etc. are.!!!! Having half knowledge is worse than no knowledge.

    Rasnidhi |27 Jan,2011 10:26:42 PM

    yes best hutchback in this category,i have brought my gp 1.3 active in 3rd nov 2010.even without taking test drive,just i serching my gp from web reviews and other detail, got a pleasent driving experience as i drive it for 6363km.with fuel avg 21/km.only lacking is centrol locking at least it should b with key.

    Devinder |04 Mar,2011 11:20:08 PM

    i just bought punto diesel active from tayal motors faridabad they installed the central locking of fiat only made specially by auto copp with three year warranty. the wiring system is installed by fiat people you can check now.

  • Nikhil |29 Jan,2011 03:03:24 PM

    I am not denying with mileage of SWIFT as it also has FIAT diesel Engine. But do SWIFT VDI has all the features I mentioned in Punto Emotion. Also I am not saying that Swift is a bad car I am just saying that my experience with PUNTO is great and I am happy with it since 8 months and driven 18000 Kms. 1. Huge boot space 2. Electronic controlled side mirrors 3. It has 2 trip meters 4. Both trip meters shows Average mileage, Avg. Speed, Instantaneous mileage and trip duration 5. It will display lot of details on the console like: How many kms. you can go with the remaining diesel, Temp, Date, Stereo info, Service reminder 6. It will also display in written Front Right Door Open, if any door including boot is open 7. The folding key has in built center locking. 8. Auto down in all four power window and auto up in driving side. 9. Nice blaupunkt music system with a feature like volume increase & decrease with speed. 10. Driving seat height adjustment. 11. Stearing height adjustment. 12. Rear Wiper with Defogger. 12. Double glove box. 13. Service at 15000 Kms with approx cost of 4500/-. I got my Punto Emotion Diesel on road for 602000/-. I was also confused between Swift VDI(585000), Punto Emotion, Polo but looking at all the features offered in this price range I decided to go with Punto and I do not regret my decision. I gave 15000/- extra for Punto then Swift but I got my car with in 7 days not 4 months waiting time. Also just for info FIAT is parent company of Ferrari. :)

  • Devinder |15 Feb,2011 10:52:24 PM

    excellent car needs to improve brand image

  • VINAY GUPTA |23 Feb,2011 02:53:32 PM

    iam planning to take fiat punto in this week but really confused in polo/punto/i20/fabia.kindly suggest pls which one to go for.

    Sandy |01 Mar,2011 12:29:22 PM

    If you drive around 2000 KMS each month the Car to buy is Punto Diesel. With Emotion Pack you get top end with lot of features next best available only in the high proced Hyundai i20 Diesel.

  • vaibhav |16 Mar,2011 12:31:38 PM

    i am planning to buy fiat punto 1.3 active (diesel) please advice me.

  • Dilipkumar |18 Mar,2011 01:17:56 AM

    Hi guys recently i learnt driving car so i do no much indepth specifications but i got an opportunity to test drive punto it is really good car.

  • dr basith |30 Apr,2011 04:10:06 PM

    iam a professional & want to buy a diesel car in the range of 5-6 lakhs. i drive app 900 km per month, mostly in city in my santro. i want hassle free driving / low maintenace & better mileage. i zeroed on punto active diesel, swift diesel, figo diesel & i20 diesel. i always drove petrol cars & have practically no experence. kindly advised. thanks dr basith

  • parvez khan |30 Jun,2011 06:40:46 PM

    Booked swift vdi abs now want to cancel it and wanna go for punto 90hp diesel without any test drive as i live abroad. Got the quatation from fortune motors andheri (e) and promised to give me within 15-20 days. Suggest shall i stick to swift vdi abs or go for punto 90hp.

  • SASI RAM REDDY |25 Nov,2011 03:14:54 PM

    I got punto active(diesel)recentaly.i want alloy wheels for that.which company alloy wheels will fit to punto. can any one tell me the details of punto alloy wheels other than company wheels

  • aparna |26 Dec,2011 05:52:44 PM

    I got a Punto 1.4 Emotion pack. Its giving me a mileage of 12 in city and 14 in 60% high way 40% city during run in periods at a avg. speed of 33kms(covered 900kms). Well planted even at 120kms. Loves the ride and handling.i think maximum efficiency between 2500 - 3500 rmps at 75 to 100 kms/hr

  • sudharsan P G |09 Jan,2012 03:04:08 PM

    I bought punto 1.4 emotion last week and done almost 650Km but it gives milage of only 10.2 kmpl. Since engine is in run in period i am not crossing even more than 2200 rpm & 80km speed but i dont know how to improve on milage. The car was delivered to me with very less tyre pressure around 20Psi and i came to know this after covering 500Km only. I think this may be the reason for lesser FE. But i want to know the facts on milage from GP 1.4 users. Pls help me.Apart from this its a great car to drive there is no issues noticed so far. In our family we have got polo,Swift dezire & figo TDCI, i rate Punto as no 1 then comes polo, desize & figo.

  • Sriram |05 Mar,2012 06:23:42 PM

    I Took a test drive in chennai for punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP ( clock was reading 13000 KM in that TD vehicle) ,I drove around 15 KM and then all i did was just booking this beautful car, What a built,What pick up in 3 & 4 th gears.Less engine noise in 2012 model,very good ground clearance 185 mm,great AC (The blower at maximum limit felt you like you are in front of a Turbo wind mill,more power),Driving comfort and stability-Amazing,The thud sound on the doors felt me like i am using a rich and safest car,Totally its sturdy and Amazing.As a owner of Swift and Ritz for 5 years,i ask my self how did i miss this car? Sold my RITZ -Waiting for my punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP whity ....I am not even worried about resale value about this car

  • Rajesh |03 Apr,2012 08:32:54 PM

    I am driving my GP Dynamic petrol since last two years and getting milage of 14KMPL in Delhi roads. In two years i didn't get issues releated to service or AC. Every thing working fine and driving this car is fun, very stable even if you cross 100 mark in your speedometer. I don't know how people are complaining. Ofcourse inside interior plastic quality seems to be of inferior quality, but in two years they have done redefined and 2012 model is much better.

  • R S P Singh |09 May,2012 12:51:19 PM

    Good review on Punto i dont feel it worth for city drive

  • Nishanth |12 Jun,2012 11:06:19 PM

    I am planning to my buy my first car and I have to make a choice between Fiat Punto and Nissan Micra...please suggest

  • Sisir |13 Jul,2012 12:28:08 AM

    Hey guys, on d basis of ur reviews i went 4 a punto dynamic diesel. Bt unfortunately i've faced some engine problems ryt ftr 1 month o purchasing. I don hav any complain against its driving comfort & all. All r in top... But for North East buyers, i must tell u, u may face a service problem. As its passed 1 week since my car is in servicing centre & no expert persons 2 determine the disorderness... This is not done nuh !

  • Sisir |13 Jul,2012 12:29:16 AM

    Hey guys, on d basis of ur reviews i went 4 a punto dynamic diesel. Bt unfortunately i've faced some engine problems ryt ftr 1 month o purchasing. I don hav any complain against its driving comfort & all. All r in top... But for North East buyers, i must tell u, u may face a service problem. As its passed 1 week since my car is in servicing centre & no expert persons 2 determine the disorderness... This is not done nuh !

    piyush |18 Oct,2012 12:21:49 PM

    does dynamic comes with steering mounted audio controls

  • vasanth |02 Oct,2013 12:07:19 PM

    iam planning to buy a punto 1.3 ltr Diesel...how is this car....??? is it worth to buy when compare with other cars with same segments...

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